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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Billy Bat 110

Prologue [1/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Dec 13, 2013 21:08 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 110

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Aaaand we're back. Schedule should be back to normal for the scanlators now. 109 got really delayed. 8 more issues of this. Maybe it'll actually end this time, who knows?

[Billy Bat 110 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Girl: Wait, Billy!!
I want to go with you!!
Billy: I don't love you anymore.
Girl: No!!
That can't be true, Billy!!
Billy: Lionette.
You and that archaologist should get away from this land as fast as possible.
Side: From the editorial department - "Kevin Yamagata and the editorial department are seeking letters from you, the fans. Let us here all of your impressions, criticisms, whatever you 'd like to tell us!!"

Page 2:
Lio: No, no!!
I'd rather die than leave you!!
Billy: You can't go with me.
You know that full well.
Lio: Billy.........
Billy: Don't cry. You'll spoil the vibrant beauty of your eyes and of that moon.
Guy: Okay, it's time.
BIlly: Right. Sorry I kept you waiting.

Page 3:
Guy: Come, Lionette. Let's go.
Lio: Billy...
Guy: Are you sure about this, Billy?
Billy: It's a gloomy night, dernit...
Guy: Sure is.
Paper: With the pharoah's curse still not lifted, he begins his next adventure. Just what is the secret of the Nazi's Fourth Reich? What is the meaning of the painting the fuhrer drew?!
Side: To our dear readers > Did you enjoy this issue of the the hugely popular artist, Kevin Yamagata's "Billy Bat and the Pharaoh's Curse"?
> What kind of adventure will Billy face next time?! What sort of foes?!! What unpredictable tricks?!! Beautiful clients?!! New love......?! I hope you're all looking forward to the next issue, everyone!! See you soon!!

Page 4:
Disney: Painting the fuhrer drew......?
Title: Chapter 110

Page 5:
Guys: Talking to someone......?
Maybe he's just had some guests over.
Woman: No, there's only one person talking.
Guy: Then maybe he's just talking on the phone or something?
Woman: Oh, you two just don't get it, do you?!!
The he normally talks in a Kansas accent or something like that, but that was a foreigner speaking!!
Guys: Foreigner?
You didn't know that when he signed his lease?
Woman: He'd mentioned he was an ex-serviceman that had come back from a front in Europe.
Though there were no problems with his paperwork...... But anyhow, he's suspicious.

Page 6:
Guy: What is suspicious exactly?
Woman: I never see hide nor hair of him in the afternoons, and come night time I can hear him pacing around in his room!!
All night long!! And you can see this creepy silhouette through the curtains all night!
Sometimes he whispers a lot, too.
He's not talking to himself. There's definitely someone else he's talking with!

Page 7:
Guy: ......Misses Crawford, what exactly do you suggest is going on?
Craw: I'm trying to tell you that the man on the 4th floor of the next building over
is a Soviet spy!
Guy: Heh......
His lights are off right now, though.
Woman: That's because he caught onto the fact that you two were coming.
Guy: Heh...
Woman: Anyhow, there's one more suspicious person in my apartments.

Page 8:
Guy: Another one?
Woman: Yes. He's got the lights on in his room aaaaaall night, too.
Woman: When I meet him once in a while, he has vacant eyes, a pale face, and he's completely spaced out.....
Guys: Isn't that a lot more suspicious?
Woman: Though I know that one is a cartoonist.
Guys: Cartoonist?
Woman: Right above here.
He's actually just across from that Soviet spy's room.........

Page 9:
Kevin: Yes, who is it......?
Guys: Mr. Kevin Yamagata?
Kevin: P....li......?
Guys: I'm Chief Inspector Reynolds, and this is Officer Hoffman.
Excuse us!
Kevin: Wa... Wa... Wait...
Don't just barge into someone's work space!!

Page 10:
Chuck: !!
Guys: This really is the best position.
Kevin: Best position...?
Guy: We're going to have to use this room for a little while.
Kevin: What? Says who......
GUy: Don't worry. We've received permission from your landlord.
Kevin: Even if the landlord gives you permission, I...!!
Guy: Take a look at that room over there.
Kevin: Eh...?
Guy: The person living in that room is extremely suspicious.

Page 11:
Guy: He's supposedly a Soviet spy.

Page 12:
Kevin: Even if you do stake him out from here, how can you figure out whether he's a spy or not anyway?
Guy: WOrk...?
Kevin: Ahhh! Hey, don't touch my manuscripts without permission!!
Guy: Oh?!
Hey, isn't this that "Billy Bat" comic?!
Kevin: Yes......
Guy: Ah... So you're the one who draws this...!!
Kevin: Well... Yes...
Guy: I always read it!!
Is this the end of the Billy Detective Series?
Kevin: Ah... Well, uh, thanks. It's probably better if you just read it in print.

Page 13:
Guy: Heh... This comic's really that popular...?
Kevin: Ahh, hey...!!
Guy: Hm?
Kevin: What? I haven't drawn anything that policemen should have anything to complain about.
Guy: No...
I've seen this before..........
Kevin: Eh?
Guy: This bat character..
Kevin: Wh... What are you talking about?
That's a character I thought up...
Guy: Ah... I remember now!! That's right. It was from the post I had just a little while ago...
Kevin: ?

Page 14:
Guy: I get it. You're translating it and redrawing it, right?
Kevin: What are you talking about?
This is an original creation I worked really hard to come up with!!
Guy: But it looks exactly the same.
Kevin: As what...?
Guy: As a Jap comic.
Kevin: A Japanese...?
Guy: I saw it. A comic exactly the same as this.
In Japan...
Kevin: .........
Chuck: Wh... What?
Excuse me, what are you talking about?!!
Are you saying Mr. Kevin ripped off another person's comic!!

Page 15:
Guy: No... I'm just saying
I definitely saw this in Japan. That's all.
Chuck: How could you say such a thing?!!
I've been at Mr. Kevin's side the whole time and saw him create Billy Bat!!
I saw him groaning day after day, putting his whole life into it
and drawing Billy non-stop!!
If you lay any more false accusations on him, I'll....
Kevin: Where did you see it?
Chuck: Huh...?
Guy: I believe it was on the black market.
A comic book mixed in with a lot of old books.

Page 16:
Kevin: A comic book...?
Chuck: Mr. Kevin...
There's no need to be concerned about any of this.
Billy is your creation.
Kevin: A comic book...
I never had time to look at any comic books when I was stationed in Japan...
Chuck: Mr. Kevin...
Kevin: Ugh...
Chuck: Are you all right?
Kevin: No... All of a sudden don't feel too good...

Page 17:
Kevin: Uh...
Chuck: Are you okay?
Maybe you should lie down for a bit?
Guy: Um...
We're gonna be using this place for a stakeout.

Page 18:
Guy: Good work. It's time to switch off.
Chuck: !
Guy: Okay.
Guy: Huh? That comic writer's taking a break?
Chuck: It's your fault. You told him that there was an identical comic to his in Japan.
Mr. Kevin ended up saying all these things about going to Japan after that.
Guy: It's nothing to be concerned about. Even if a Japanese made it, when we win the war, it'll belong to us.

Page 17:
Chuck: Mr. Kevin would always say...
"You can't steal other people's stuff"!! Like it was his catchphrase.
Guys: Hahhahhah.
What is it?
Chuck: Don't laugh!! That's so rude!
Guy: The weather's good today, and our little man's got his window open.
I saw inside for a second when the wind blew the curtain open.
Guy: What'd you see?
Guy: He's a maniac.
Chuck: A maniac...?

Page 18:
Guy: Just a Billy Bat maniac.
Guy: Huh?
Disney: Seriously, you've gotta be kidding me.
I come all this way to America, and a comic with the bat as the protagonist is already getting popular?
I've gotta win over that cartoonist next door...
Man, what did he mean "Go to America and spread this picture"...?
Guy: Get moving!!

Page 19:
Disney: Ow!!
Guy: We've put postcards in your bag!!
And this is a photo of the fuhrer!! Cherish it on your journey!!
Disney: Right...
Guy: And these paintings!!
They are immensely valuable!!

Page 20:
Chuck: What are these exactly...?
Guy: The Fuhrer's paintings! You should feel honored!!
The Fuhrer's final painting is in there, as well!!
Disney: Heh...
My Fuhrer...
I know you gave me those paintings...

Page 21:
Disney: But for something that was so hard to transport,
they're not really all that good.
I guess this's gotta be the last one he drew...
His last painting huh...?
kids and adults alike would get spooked by a painting like this.

Page 22:
Side: A painting resembling the drawing Kevin Goodman would draw over 30 years in the future. And Billy stands in the center?! Is this humanity's final hour?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 110 / End
This will be appearing for 8 issues in a row!! See you next issue!!

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