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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Billy Bat 111

The Truth of the Beginning [2/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jan 14, 2014 04:29 | Go to Billy Bat

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Ok, I finished one other thing and I've gotta get these two chapters done now.

[Billy Bat 111 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Disney: Hm......
Looks like Mr. Assistant is hard at work drawing as always.
The author's been slacking off recently, but you've still been giving it your all.
Side: Carrying the Fuhrer's secret, this man is dead set on staking out Kevin Yamagata's studio. But what are these movements within that studio?!

Page 2:
Disney: Oh?!
The cartoonist's got a suitcase. He going on a trip?
Disney: ..........

Page 3:
Disney: Ah!
That's the editor that comes to pick up manuscripts all the time.
Ummmm, excuse me, I know you must be busy and all...
Guy: ?
Disney: My son is a really big fan of that comic...... what's it called again?
Guy: Huh?
Dinsey: Ah, right, right, "Billy Bat".
See, my son told me that there are rumors that the cartoonist that draws it lives around here......
And you came from that way. Remember, I talked to you about half a year ago at a bar............
You said you were an editor at Marble Publishing......

Page 4:
Disney: So I was thinking, if you were the editor for BIlly Bat,
you could maybe get an autograph for my son from Mr. Kevin?
Guy: Kevin went to Japan.
Disney: Japan?
Why would he go to Japan? It' so far away......
Guy: That's what I wanna know!!
He was sayin' somethin' about the inspiration for Billy Bat being in Japan or something.
The guy's causing me loads of trouble!!
Disney: ..........?
So while he's gone, what about Billy Bat's serialization?

Page 5:
Guy: Like I said, I'd really like to know myself!!
Disney: Billy Bat's author went to Japan!!
Title: Chapter 111
The Truth of the Beginning

Page 6:
Sign: Tokyo
Sign: East Asian Industries

Page 7:
Sign: Bar
Guy: Annoying job...?
Isn't your work always a bit of a pain, Mr. Kurusu?

Page 8:
Kurusu: It seems my target is the president.
Guy: President?
The president of the Japanese national railways, Shimoyama.
Guy: Shimoyama......?!

Page 9:
SFX: KA...

Page 10:
Kurusu: ..........
Someone: It's now or never!
Kurusu: !!
Bat: Yeah.
Your job's always a pain, right?
Kurusu: KUHA!!
Kurusu: There's no turning back now!

Page 11:
Kurusu: .........!!
Bat: C'mon, do it!
Kurusu: Again......

Page 12:
Kurusu: You, again......?
Billy: Forget about that......
I'm telling you somethin' good here.

Page 13:
Sign: Mitsukoshi
Sign: Mitsokoshi Underground Market
Subway Entrance

Page 14:
Kurusu: Shimoyama-san?
Shi: I withdrew the money from the bank.
Here is a down payment for now. I don't suppose you could hand over that list to avoid the massive layoffs of national railway personnel?
Kurusu: Shimoyama-san.
You had best not take out money at a place like this.

Page 15:
Kurusu: I'll ask you at another location.

Page 16:
Kurusu: Hey, that's quite enough.
Kurusu: Who told you to go that far?
Honestly, I take my eyes off of you for one minute and this is what you do? Stand back.
Are you all right, Shimoyama-san?

Page 17:
Kurusu: Aaaah, looks like you've had a tough time.
Kurusu: Those two sure can act irrationally, can't they...?
Why, a few days ago they killed someone and left their body on the train tracks
in order to fool people into thinking it was a suicide.
It's okay. As long as I'm here, I won't let anything like that happen.
Anyhow, let's hurry and get this little chat over with.
Could you transfer the title deeds to me?

Page 18:
Kurusu: You understand, don't you?
The land certificates to the Japanese National Railways and the South Manchurian Railway.
I don't personally have any interest in such things.
I honestly don't have a care in the world regarding whether the national railways fall into America's possession or not.
It's just that they want that, so there's nothing I can do.
They... you understand, don't you?
If they just have those papers, they said they wouldn't mind limiting the firings of railway personnel to half.

Page 19:
Kurusu: However......
Even if you listen to these demands....
you'll still surely be killed.
Right now, the only one that can save you
is me.
So this is a rather personal conversation.
You are the president of the national railways.
I said this already, but you are the one that owns all of the land of the Japanese National Railways and South Manchurian Railway.
And so I have a request.

Page 20:
Kurusu: Could you just give me the land in this vicinity?
Look, right over here. The land on the Kisei main line from Shima to Wakayama.
Nothing...? I'm just looking for a little something.
I got my hands on this a few days ago......
I went through quite a bit of trouble to obtain it......

Page 21:
Kurusu: Even if one looks inside, nothing happens.
I'm rather not artistically inclined. I haven't got the faintest idea what's wrong with it.
But the fact that this guy doesn't say anything
means it's a fake.
The cover has "manuscript" written on it, but......
the fellow I mentioned before was killed because of this fake, I'm afraid.
Kurusu: What I am searching for is the genuine article.

Page 22:
Kurusu: I am looking for the scroll in which the real bat is written.
And that is in this region.
I don't care if the tracks are laid out ineptly.
You're wondering where I heard about this from, right?
The bat told me.
You want the list of soviet spies inside the organization,
but I'm not interested in the right or the left.

Page 23:
Kurusu: All I have an interest in
is black or white.
If I find the real scroll, I'll understand everything.
The bat says some absurd things.
Apparently if I don't find it, I'll have to go a great distance.
To the moon.
Shimo: I...... know.
About that......
Kurusu: ......?
Shimo: There's a... legend in Kii Province...
That there is a bat on the moon...........
But they say that bat is...

Page 24:
Shimo: A demon that will... drive this world...
Just like you...
So... even if it kills me...
I will not...
hand that land over to you...
Side: A few hours later, President Shimoyama's corpse was found cut in two by a steam train. The whole country shook. "The Shimoyama Incident"--- Its principal offender was the bat?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 111 / End
Running in the next issue as well!! Look forward to it!!

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