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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Billy Bat 112

The Bat's Guidepost [3/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jan 14, 2014 05:51 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 112

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Aaand I managed to get the 2nd one done too in the same day. All caught up. Now I've got REAL to go do.

[Billy Bat 112 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Narration: New York
Guy: Ngah
Guy: !!
Side: The Shimoyama Incident. The Kennedy Assasination. A man who holds the key to many of the dark secrets of history.--- And now, he is standing at a crossroads of life?!!

Page 2:
Kurusu: Open it.
Guy: Ah... Y-Yes, sir.
SFX: GI...
Kurusu: You can leave now.
Let me alone today.

Page 3:
Kurusu: Hey...

Page 4:
Kurusu: I'm begging you, please...
talk to me.
Title: Chapter 112
The Bat's Guidepost [3/8]

Page 5:
Kurusu: Kanbei...?
Sign: Inner Kii Province Station
Guy: Huh?

Page 6
Kurusu: Have you seen this man?
Guy: Ah, oh, yes.
He went to Koumori Village.
Kurusu: Koumori Village..........
Guy: Ah... But there aren't going to be any more buses until morning.
Those people went by taxi...
You came by car, did you?

Page 7:
Guy: Did you see?
Kurusu: See what?
Guy: The movie they're showing in that theater.
Sign: Great Monster Gazura
Kurusu: Movie... I have no interest in man-made stories.
Guy: "Gazura", it's a monster movie, ya see.
Without thinking, I screamed when I saw that in the theater.
Kurusu: Is a monster costume that scary?
Guy: No, not that. It's something that was on the screen.
Kurusu: What...?
Guy: It's that bat drawing from the underpass.

Page 8:
Kurusu: Was it on purpose?
Guy: N... No, it wasn't.
It's just that it happened to get in the shot when they filmed in that underpass.
Nobody even noticed it.
Kurusu: Many people would see that, wouldn't they?
That drawing belongs to me and me alone.
Guy: ...........

Page 9:
Guy: What's with the holes?
There's no way we can get through this by car.
Kurusu: You, walk into the town.
Guy: What about you, Kurusu-san?
Kurusu: There is somewhere I'd like to go.

Page 10:
Guy: A place you gotta ago?
Kurusu: It's drawn in this book...
Karama Zofuu's work, "Bat Ninja Arts Book Volume 1".
There is a village where the ninja Kanbei hides...
Koumori Village.........

Page 11:
Guy: Policeman-san?
Pol: Oh, good morning.
Guy: Um, Policeman-san?
Pol: Policeman-"san"...?
Guy: What'd you do with it?
Pol: Do with what?
Guy: The scroll..........
Pol: Who are ya?
Yer not anybody from the village.
Where're ya from?!!

Page 12:
Guy: I'm askin' the questions here.
Where. Is. The. Scrooooooll?
Kurusu: Here?
Koumori Village, the place where the ninja, Kanbei, hid himself...

Page 13:
Kurusu: And...
Jizo statues lined up in a row...
And a hut...

Page 14:
Kurusu: Everything is here...?
It.......... was here?
Please, Bat.
Please talk to me...

Page 15:
Guy: Olympic faces [Music note]
And a totonto totonto... [Note]
Found the cartoooonist!

Page 16:
Guy: I'm, uh, looking for the scroll.
Do ya know where it is?
Don'cha remember? It's me, dude.
You've got a secret you don't want to get out, right?
Then hand over that scroll peacefully.
Kevin: Th...
The yakitori seller...
Guy: Okay, then. I won't say anything unpleasant.
Just hand over that scroll.

Page 17:
Kurusu: !?

Page 18:
Kurusu: Kevin Yamagata!!
Those fools!!
Guys: GUH!!
Kurusu: My precious bat manga drawer I've kept swimming all these years...
Just when that level of ability had awakened in him...!!

Page 19:
Kurusu: The CIA?!

Page 20:
Kurusu: If you won't talk to me, then...

Page 21:
Kurusu: I have to go.
Kurusu: I don't have...
any time to spare.

Page 22:
Sign: Baikonur Cosmodrome
Guy: I'm glad you came all this way.
It is an honor to greet you as comrades...
Kurusu: Never mind the formalities, please let me see what the documents in question.

Page 23:
Guy: Eh?
Kurusu: The unmanned search vehicle you sent to the moon.
I want to see what it sent.
Guy: These are state secrets.
We are showing them to you because were were introduced to you as someone we could trust by Mr. Pears,
but if you were to divulge what is in these documents...
Kurusu: Enough introductions.
Let me see them.

Page 24:
Kurusu: What did I tell you? That search vehicle almost stepped on something vital.
Guy: ...........
Kurusu: I can no longer entrust this to you.
You must quickly bring me to the moon.
Side: The bat has not given any answers since then. In order to learn the answers of his own strange fate, will he really go to the moon?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 112 / End
Running in the next issue as well!! Look forward to it!!

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You Say, Dogonho

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#1. by Dogonho ()
Posted on Jan 17, 2014
God bless you. These chapters are making me so nervous!
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