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Billy Bat 113

Too Late [4/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jan 18, 2014 07:20 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 113

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Ok, I'm all caught up for a bit now. Also we're half way done through this group already somehow. MOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNN

[Billy Bat 113 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Guy: HAH
Insert: Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Moscau---
Side: Ever since that day in his youth, this man has been trying to get his hands on the "bat". He has little time left. And now, to the moon...

Page 2:
Kurusu: HAA
Title: Chapter 113
Too Late [4/8]

Page 3:
Phone: RRR
Kurusu: HAA
Guy: Hey there, Mister Kurusu.
Kurusu: What do you want?
Guy: I don't want anything. I just called you up because I was worried.

Page 4:
Kurusu: Mr. Pears, I have a new magazine here with you on the cover.
I daresay you don't really look like the type of person that worries about others.
Pears: Hahhahhah.. I don't think anybody can look like a good person on the cover of an economics magazine.
Anyhow, your voice sounds awful
Kurusu: That's because of the awful training.
I had tons of G-forces put on my by a centrifuge.
Then I was placed into a pool to experience weightlessness...
Pears: You're seriously going?
Kurusu: If I weren't serious, I wouldn't have come to Moscow and gone through all of this.

Page 5:
Pears: And this is all because that drawing of the bat you ripped off the wall didn't say anything to you?
I honestly don't understand you...
Of course, seeing as my company has been secretly selling rockets to the soviet union, it doesn't really matter.
By the way, the kid that drew the pictures on those walls...
He's being kept at Chuck Culkin Enterprises at the moment,
is that okay?
Kurusu: So the fake Billy Bat and the real Billy Bat are together... are they?
Pears: Eh?
Kurusu: Nothing... Just talking to myself.

Page 6:
Pears: Well, it's about the right time for Billy Bat, isn't it?
It's been half a year since the newest release already, it seems.
There's even a theory going around the public that Culkin is dead.
Kurusu: Billy Bat............
I will no longer rely on the bats they draw.
I will go see for myself.
I'll go to the moon...

Page 7:
Disney: Death theory?
So Elvis might be alive, but Chuck Culkin is dead...... Is that right?
Guys: .........

Page 8:
Guys: We can no longer re-run old publications.
With that happening, sales of "Billy Bat Magazine" have been decreasing.
Is the newest manuscript ready yet?
Chuck: Ya can't do what ya can't do.
Guy: In that case, we must unfortunately we must drastically overhaul the face of the magazine.
Disney: Overhaul...?
Guy: We will end the serialization of Billy Bat.

Page 9:
Chuck: Hah!
"Billy Bat Magazine" without Billy Bat? That's absurd.
Guys: Therefore we will be reinventing it as a new magazine.
We will make the main work "Curtis the Stray Cat", a comic that has recently gotten popular.
Disney: Hey, Jimmy.
Jim: Yes, sir.
Disney: How many years has it been since you became editor-in-chief of "Billy Bat Magazine".

Page 10:
Jim: Six years.
Disney: And since you became editor-in-chief, "Billy Bat Magazine" has gotten extraordinarily good results.
And the current umpteenth boom for Billy Bat is largely because of your services.
Jim: Thank you very much.
Disney: So let me ask, who was it that selected you for the position of editor-in-chief?
Jim: ..........
Disney: And whose compant is "Billy Bat Magazine Co."?
Jim: ..........
Disney: No matter what resolution you try to hand down, the board of directors will vote it down.

Page 11:
Disney: "Billy Bat Magazine Co." is my company.
If you cut me out,
you'll be dismissed.
Get out.
Guy: What should we do...?

Page 12:
Jim: No matter what we do............
we have no choice but to continue rerunning old publications of "Billy Bat"...
Well, I suppose even Billy Bat is a candle flickering in the wind now..........
Guy: Hm?
Chuck: Um...
Uhh... I'm...

Page 13:
Chuck: I'm Chuck Culkin's chief assistant.
Jim: Ah. I'd like to say thanks for your constant efforts, but recently you haven't had much work, I suppose.
Chuck: Ah... Um...
Chuck: Th... This is
a new work....
Guys: What?
Chuck: This is the new Billy Bat piece.

Page 14:
Guy: A new.... piece?
Chuck: Mister Culkin drew a new "Billy Bat" work.
Guy: Uh... But we just met him by the pool and...
Chuck: This is only his first one since his comeback, so even he's not to secure about it, I expect.
And there are only 16 pages, too, but...
Guys: Th... This is...

Page 15:
Chuck: It's a detective story. It's short, but it's well made.
Jim: But these drawings.........
Chuck: Yes. We've remodeled the characters as well.
That's also part of why Mister Culkin was so unwilling to hand the manuscript over.
Mister Culkin things these characters are great,
but he's not sure if everyone will be receptive to them..........
Jim: N... No, it's utterly fine!
It's a magnificent manuscript!!
I must go say something to Mister Culkin...
Chuck: There is really no need for that.

Page 16:
Chuck: Mister Culkin is quite nervous about finishing that new work.
You'd best print it before he changes his mind.
Guy: W... We understand.
Jim: We do hope you can keep this up for next time, too.
Chuck: HAAA....

Page 17:
Chuck: I finally did it.
I handed the Billy Bat you drew..................
over to the editors.

Page 18:
Chuck: That fraud. I bet he'll be surprised
when a Billy with a totally different design appears in print...
But now, a new era of Billy will begin.
Or no... rather, we'll return to the original Billy.
The bat that my master, Kevin Yamagata, drew.
And the Billy Bat that you, his successor... Kevin Goodman...
Am I being too loud...?
Kevin: No...

Page 19:
Chuck: I was surprised when you said the next Billy Bat you were starting on was story of "exploring the surface of the moon".
Kevin Yamagata also said he'd wanted to start a "Billy Goes to the Moon" volume, you see.
Those are some nice drawings. Looks like it's coming along pretty smoothly.
Kevin: An interfering man is going to the moon...
Chuck: Huh?
Kevin: The way this story is unfolding isn't good.

Page 20:
Chuck: What do you mean?
Kevin: I'm not entirely sure... but
that man going to the moon is really bad.
Chuck: I see.
Then you've got to come up with a way to stop that man from going to the moon.
Kevin: I don't think there's any way of stopping him now.
Chuck: That can't be.
You're the author. You can stop him just by thinking, can't you?
Kevin: I wish I could.
But the more I draw, the more it look like this man is going to the moon.
If I don't do something, as things stand...

Page 21:
Kevin: The final chapter
is gonna end up coming early.
Chuck: The final chapter...
will be early...?
Narr: Baikonur Cosmodrome---

Page 22:
Kevin: What do I do....?

Page 23:
Kevin: Is it already too late..........?

Page 24:
Side: Kurusu goes to the moon faster than Kevin can draw!! 380,000 kilometers away, no one can stop him...!!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 113 / End
Running next issue, to!! Look forward to it!!

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