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Billy Bat 114

Ivan [5/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jan 30, 2014 05:16 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 114

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Ok, I had some time so I got this done. I dunno what's even happening.

[Billy Bat 114 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Billy: Fun time sure goes by in a flash, huh?!!
See you next week! Same time, same channel!!
Your host is the artist of hope and dreams, Chuck Culkin!!
Chuck: Okay, come meet me and the bat
again next week!!
Side: The super-popular variety program, the "Billy Bat Hour". Two fakes dance at the center of real entertainment!

Page 2:
Chuck: Okay, cuuuuuut!!
Title: Chapter 114
Ivan [5/8]

Page 3:
Disney: How was that?
Guy: A wonderful take!!
Disney: Still, I'm not sure how well this blue screen will turn out.
Guy: No, it looked just like Billy Bat was flying around you!
Disney: You could see Billy?
Guy: Yes.
Disney: No, you couldn't see him.
Guy: Huh?
Disney: Anyhow, we're entering the age of computer graphics.
In the name of Chuck Culkin Enterprises, go make some images that will stun the whole world.
Images that make it looks like Billy is jumping out at you.
Guys: Y... Yes sir!

Page 4:
Disney: What're you lot grinning about?
Guy: That's certain to make some splendid CG.
Disney: This is a matter for the movie department.
It's no business of people from the publishing department like you.
Guy: No, no. It takes both the wheels of the publishers and the movie makers to make Chuck Culkin Enterprises go.
Though it looks like we'll be stealing the show before that CG does.
Disney: The show...?
[All this stuff's in English]

Page 5:
Disney: .........?!
What is this......?
[Still English]

Page 6:
Guys: He's a big hit,
your new-model Billy Bat.
Disney: N... New
Guys: Reporters have been crowding around the outside of the studio.
The whole country is raving about the new Billy.
We knew we could count on you, Chuck!!
You were waiting for the opportune time for this renewal, eh?
Chuc: Uh.......

Page 7:
Chuck: Sleeping?

Page 8:
Kevin: Naw, I'm not.
I do this when I can't come up with any good ideas.
I'm kinda half asleep
half awake...
When I do that, good ideas come to me...
Chuck: You're just like him in that way, too.
My master, Kevin Yamagata used to develop ideas like that a lot.

Page 9:
Chuck: ......So, do you think you're coming up with anything good?
Kevin: ..........
Chuck: Well, take your time on it.
I just finished up the drawing of the rocket taking off.
Kevin: A rocket took off...
Chuck: Ah, I don't really mind if you throw this picture out.
Kevin: No, it took off.
The rocket is flying higher and higher into space.
And that rocket...

Page 10:
Kevin: Has a wicket man riding in it.
Chuck: This guy, right?
Kevin: He mustn't go to the moon.
Chuck: Then...
how about we have there be a mistake when he's landing on the moon?
Kevin: He's not the sort of man to make mistakes.
Chuck: Hm...
I guess characterization is pretty important.

Page 11:
Audrey: What're you two cartoonists so down in the dumps about?
Hey, you're looking for story ideas, right?
How about you check out this news?
Chuck: News?
Guy: A time for a resumption of service has not yet been established.
Moving on to the next story,
why do you think all these people are lining up here?
If we head to the front
of this line in front of this book stand, we find...

Page 12:
Guy: Billy Bat!!
Kevin: !?
Woman: After a long hiatus from print, "Billy Bat" has finally resumed publication in Billy Bat Magazine.
And a renewed Billy character appears in it.
While the story is warm-hearted and aimed towards children just like it's always been, it's mysteriousness makes it something adults can enjoy as well.
As we've been watching, rumor of it has spread and now lines are forming all across America of people seeking to but the magazine.

Page 13:
Both: .........
Guy: This is no renewal.
They went back to the old character.
When I was all worn out after getting home from the war
this Billy always used to cheer me up.
Woman: And... while old fans approve of it... Small children are entranced with it as well.
Now, thanks to movies, tv programs, and the giant amusement parks, Billy Land, there is a sense that Billy is getting popular all over the world,
but now it looks like the umpteenth Billy Bat boom has begun!!
And in our next story...
Audrey: Whadda ya think?

Page 14:
Chuck: We did it!!
We won!
We did it..........
How about that?!!
TV: A soviet rocket has............
Audrey: And this is all thanks to whom? Just who was it that brought you two together?
Chuck: Audrey! Yes, this is your accomplishment, too!
How can we ever thank you?!!
TV: According to an announcement from NASA...
Audrey: Thank me? Oh, there's no need for that.

Page 15:
Audrey: I just wanted... to expose my daddy... Chuck Culkin.
When I was a kid, I asked him.
Daddy, are you Chuck Culkin?
And this is what he said,
yes, indeed I am.
Did you make Billy Bat, Daddy?
Yes, I sure did.
They were all lies!!
I want to find out who that man really is and...
Kevin: Shh! Quiet down.

Page 16:
TV: I repeat. Five days ago, the Soviet Union seems to have launched a rocket without any preliminary notice.
And one week before that, one more was launched...
Ah... we have just received a call from our reporter, McFee, in Moscow.
GUy: Yes, this is McFee coming to you from Moscow.
This rocket launch is thought not be for military purposes.
However, it is not a man-made satellite.
According to relevant sources, it seems that unmanned probes that had been postponed for some time may have been launched...

Page 17:
Chuck: They went to...
the moon...?
Kevin: My imagination can't keep up!!
Audrey: Huh...? What's going on?
Kevin: Shit!! What do I do...

Page 18:
Billy: Somethin' crummy's happened.
Kevin: Something crummy...?
Billy: Yeah, it's really the pits.
If he goes to the moon, he'll find that guy.
Kevin: That guy...?
Billy: The other me.
Kevin: You're talking about the whole white and black thing, right?
Billy: Well, how do I say this...
You know how there are plusses and minuses with like actions and reactions? This is outside of that..........
Um~~~~... It's simple, but you humans are so much trouble...

Page 19:
Billy: Well, when it comes down to it, it's all me.
But the guy on the moon...
can wind it back.
Kevin: Wind it back...?
Billy: I told this to Einstein.
If it's rewound one more time
it'll be the end of this world.
Kevin: ..........

Page 20:
Kurusu: This is Ivan calling. This is Ivan calling. Respond, Dmitri.
Orbit is currently going smoothly.
I can confirm the signal of Lunokhod Number 3 and Number 4 which landed seven days ago.
Given the good strength of the signals, so I am detaching block D and beginning descent.
Dmitri... Dmitri, come in.

Page 21:
Dmitri: GA... GAAAA Ivan... This is Dmitri. [The "GAA GAAA is handwritten]
Due to... a magnetic storm....
ZAAAAAAAAAA... .......scrambled............ [The "ZAAA" part is handwritten]
Dmitri: Ivan... The landing point is currently 1.5 kilometers northwest off from Lunokhod Number 3 and Number 4.
Kurusu: ..........
Ivan, respond!!
Kurusu: This is Ivan.
Dmitri, do you know why my codename is Ivan, don't you?

Page 22:
Kurusu: It is for "Ivan the Fool",
as I am recklessly trying to land on the moon alone, isn't it?
I am switching to semi-automatic control.
Guy: Ivan!!
Wait, Ivan!!
Come in, Ivan!!
If your landing point is not level ground, you won't be able to make the return trip!!

Page 23:
Kurusu: Level ground? This will be an utterly rocky area.

Page 24:
Kurusu: !!
Side: Ivan the Fool has taken a one-way ticket to the moon......! Will a meeting between the bat and Kurusu lead to the creation of a history that cannot be rewound?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 114 / End
Running next issue, too! Look forward to it!!

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