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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Billy Bat 116

The Fate of the World [7/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Feb 7, 2014 05:30 | Go to Billy Bat

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Ok, caught up again. Next week's the last one in this group of 8. And it should be another big one. I really don't think this series is gonna last much longer, but I've been wrong about that before. I don't think more than 2 more 8-chapter arcs though. Almost every loose end is tied up now. I still wanna know who that one guy, Shirasu Jirou from chapter 9 was. And the dang karate-chop man.
Well, we'll see.

[Billy Bat 116 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
SFX: GI...
Kurusu: This thing is quite something...
To worry about me and wait up like that...
I was never treated so kindly.......
even on Earth.
Side: Since dust became the Earth and the Earth formed the moon, it's been 4.5 billion years.

Page 2:
Kurusu: Ku... Kuhah
Kurusu: Do you know how I was able to come to the moon so easily?
Somebody like me whose days are numbered wanting to go to the moon was a stroke of luck for the Soviet Union Army's space development division.
It's like a guinea pig willingly entering an experiment cage.
In Japan, we'd call that a "kamonegi".
I wonder what the Soviets would call that?
T/N: "Kamonegi" is slang for a double stroke of luck. Literally it means "duck" "green onion".

Page 3:
Kurusu: But...
I'm no duck nor am I a guinea pig.
I am a man that holds the fate of the world in his hands.
SFX: ZA...

Page 4:
Title: Chapter 116
The Fate of the World
Kurusu: Is it much further...?

Page 5:
Disney: This crap...!!
I'll show them!!
Call Kevin Goodman here!!
I won't let him have his way with the Billy Bat Magazine I created any longer!!

Page 6:
Disney: If he won't come to me, I'll come to him!!
I'll teach him what happens when he draws a fake Billy without my permission!!
Audrey: What happens? Are you going to kill him, just like the urban legends say?
Disney: ..........
Audrey: Anyhow, you're really in no position to call other people fakes. Isn't that right, Daddy?
Disney: Audrey, be quiet.

Page 7:
Audrey: I won't be quiet.
Disney: .........
Audrey: I've known ever since I was a kid.
About how you don't draw Billy Bat and how you didn't create him.
You're not even really Chuck Culkin.
Disney: ..........
Audrey: Who are you?
Disney: Shit up.
Audrey: Are you even really my father...?
Disney: Shut up!!

Page 8:
Disney: I'm going to stop Kevin Goodman from drawing!!
Chuck: You can't stop him now!!
Disney: Out of the way!!
Chuck: There are lines forming all across America to read the Billy Bat he's drawing!!
The Kevin Goodman Billy Bat has been accepted by the world.
He can no longer be stopped.

Page 9:
Audrey: Where are you going?!
Chuck: Go ahead and try to raid the editorial department. That's as good as admitting that you're a fake.
Though I actually wouldn't mind that one bit.
Audrey: No.
While I'm not sure how many there are, you're going to sneak off to one of your lover's places, aren't you?
You seduce any aspiring actress you find.
My Mama was one of them...

Page 10:
Audrey: You might have lots of children just like me for all I know.
But I'm the only one who'll inherit your estate.
After all, I've got all the dirt on you.

Page 11:
Woman: What's wrong?
This is the first time I've seen you at such a loss.

Page 12:
Woman: You have nothing to worry about. You're just working too hard.
Hey, hey, forget all that,
how about me being the heroin in your next picture?
I suppose having a bit more of a chest would help, huh?
Why don't you give me the money for another surgery?
Ah... That reminds me,
I saw the new Billy Bat.

Page 13:
Woman: That was good!!
I don't reach comics and all that much, but I could still tell.
Way better than anything before!
It really reminded me about how much talent you've got.
What was that for?!!
Let me know when you guys decide the schedule for the auditions!!

Page 14:
Disney: I have three choices...
I sell the whole company... I accept that kid as the new chief...............
Or I take the kid's life...

Page 15:
Someone: Are you okay?

Page 16:
Disney: !!
Woman: Chuck...?
Disney: Naomi...
Baby: UEEEN!
Disney: It's so strange...

Page 17:
Disney: Meeting you here like this, at this place we used to go on so many dates...
Namoi: It sure is.
You used to say this a lot as we gazed at this view...
"Someday soon, you'll be among those glistening stars..."
Disney: .........
Naomi: But I never gained the right to be among those stars.

Page 18:
Naomi: I gained something more important.
Your child.
Disney: What's his name?
Naomi: Timmy.
Disney: Timmy...

Page 19:
Disney: It's quite something...
So your life has only just begun...
Yes, that's it, smile.
It looks like my life is already over...
Sorry to say this about someone like you that's only just been born...
but I've been wishing all of mankind could end along with me.
...Isn't that right, Fuehrer?

Page 20:
[Back to Kurusu's moon adventure.]

Page 21:
Kurusu: When I die............
I wish it would be the end of this world, too...

Page 22:
Kurusu: Are you leaving me behind...?
Kurusu: So I've finally been abandoned by you, too...?

Page 23:
[There he is.]

Page 24:
Billy: Yo!
Hurry up and say yer wish.
Kevin: Oh no!!
At this rate, the world's going to end...!!
Side: He made it. Just before the flame of that life goes out, will Billy be hearing his wish?! Next chapter, the series climax!! [Series as in this series of 8 chapters, guys.]
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 116 / End
Running next issue, too! Look forward to it!!

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