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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Billy Bat 117

Last Scene [8/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Feb 12, 2014 03:36 | Go to Billy Bat

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OOooOKOKSADFDSFOOOOK. And so, this arc and series of 8 ends. WOO! Very interesting conclusion to this character and this part of the story. It looks like there's still more to come though. Dunno how much, but we'll see.
See you in May.

[Billy Bat 117 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Billy: Geez.
The hell're you doin'?
Ya haven't been drawin' fer a while now!!
Ya gotta hurry up er the world's gonna end!!
Insert: An encounter with Kurusu and the moon Billy. That tale is the world's demise......?! The series climax!!
Title: Chapter 117 Last Scene [8/8]

Page 2:
Kevin: Shut up!!
Quit whining like you've got nothing to do with it?!!
I'm the one who has to think here!!
Ever since I was a kid, I never hit a wall in writing a comic's story.
I've never had to deal with something like this. Man, I dunno what to do...!!
BIlly: ...Geez. I thought I could count on this Kevin,
but looks like he's another coward...
Kevin: Huh?
Billy: N-Nothing...
Anyhow, we've got no time. Lemme give you the skinny on what's going on.
That guy's finally got to the moon.

Page 3:
Billy: If you walk on the moon and reach that specific spot, then you can get any wish granted.
If he makes a wish there, the world's over.
That's the long short of it.
Kevin: Okay... And all of the earths in parallel dimensions have already ended.
There are no more substitute earths.
If he makes a wish to try to change the past, this earth will end, too...
And earth will disappear from all the universe...............
Billy: Yeah... That's the setup.
You're thinkin' now.
Kevin: .........
So what kinda setup is that place where you can get any wish granted, exactly?
BIlly: Like I've been sayin'...!!
It's the bat drawing on the moon!!

Page 4:
Billy: He was originally me.
A long long time ago, a giant meteorite hit the earth...
Yeah. And the force of that thing brought part of the earth along with me into space, and that made the moon.
And cause 'a that, part of me ended up all alone on the moon.
Meanwhile, while I've been having a hard time out here on earth with humanity moving forward.
It's really even more than I can handle.
Kevin: Well, that's one screwed up story...
Billy: You came up with it when you were a kid. Don't act like this is somebody else's problem.
Kevin: Did I really come up with it...?
I kinda think you made me draw it...
Billy: Anyhow,
the moon me's been all alone for a long time, and now he's finally got a visitor.
Uhauha. Sure, I'll gladly grant all yer wishes!!

Page 5:
Kevin: HA~~~~~...
How do I get it so the world doesn't end...?
BIlly: Coming up with that is your job.
Kevin: Maybe appealing to this guy's humanity...?
Naw. This guy's whole life...
is basically all about ending the world.

Page 6:
Billy: Yo.
So we finally meet, eh?

Page 7:
Billy: So, what do you wanna do?
Should we go with this drawing or...
go with this?
Kurusu: Either one is fine.
Billy: Hahah. That's because you've got no artistic talent anyhow.
If you were an utter "simpleton" that had artistic talent
you wouldn't have had to come all the way here. We could've met on earth.
Kurusu: On earth...?
Billy: Yeah, there's a cave like that.

Page 8:
Billy: Well, whatever.
Anyhow, I've been watching you from the moon. You've had a pretty awful life.
And on top of that, you haven't got much time left.
I know. So you wanna redo it, right?
There's a life you wanted to have, right?
Okay, okay, let's redo it.
All of history will be rewritten just like that!!

Page 9:
Kurusu: Can you really let me redo it?
Billy: Don't be stupid.
There ain't nothin' I can't do.
I'll make your life go the way you want!
And I'll make it so it's like none of this ever happened!!
Kids: YAAAAI YAAAI unpatriotic kid!
Red kiiiiid!!

Page 10:
Kurusu: I hate everyone.
I hate everyone.
I hate everyone!!
Guys: Someoooone!!
Lend us a haaand!!
The children, the children..........!!
We have to help the childreeen!!

Page 11:
Kurusu: Dad, I...
got revenge.

Page 12:
Kevin: UWAAAA, it's no good...!!
No matter how I search............
I have no way to save the world from this man.
He's a devil...

Page 13:
If... I do that, what will happen...?
Billy: Huh?
Kurusu: If I say I want to redo everything, what will happen?
Billy: Ah,
The earth will be kaput.
Kurusu: Kaput...?

Page 14:
Billy: The truth is, there aren't any spare earths left.
So that'll be the end of the earth.
But it's okay.
Just for you, I'll have something good happen to you just for a moment.
You won't have an awful life,
you'll be the you you wanted to be.
Kurusu: The me I...
wanted to be...?

Page 15:
Kurusu: I took many lives.
I toyed with many people's fates.
I wanted to hold the world's fate in these hands.
That's what I wanted!!
So if I make a wish now, the world will end?!!
Well that's exactly what I want!!
I'm the worst!! My life is shit!!
It's all your fault!!

Page 16:
Kurusu: Make the damn world end!!
Kevin: I see..........!!
This is it!!

Page 17:
Dad: Strange, isn't it, Kiyoshi?
This world is really full of mysteries.
So you've gotta study hard.
Kurusu: Yeah.
Dad: Work very, very hard, study, and go to college.
Then maybe you can even go to the moon.
Kurusu: Really?
Shishou: Yeah, really.

Page 18:
Shishou: Everything depends on you.
Kurusu: Dad, I...
I got to the moon.
It may have not been the life you wanted, but...
Answer me one thing.
Why did you manipulate my life that way?
Billy: I didn' manipulate anythin'.
That's just how ya chose to interpret it.

Page 19:
Kurusu: Was my interpretation wrong?
Billy: Whether it was wrong or not
is for you to decide.

Page 20:
SFX: GI...
Chuck: Hey, how's it going? Are you done?
Kevin: Yeah...
The manuscript's on that table.
Whadda ya think?

Page 21:
Chuck: It's a good ending.
Kevin: No... it's not an ending.
I worked really hard to make sure it wasn't the final chapter.
Chuck: I see... If this man had made a wish, the world would've ended.
And it would've been Billy Bat's final chapter.
Kevin: Somehow, I managed to come up with a great idea for how to get out of it.
But in the end, he got out of it himself...
Chuck: No...
Kevin, you got him to realize it.
Kevin: .........
Chuck: But..........

Page 22:
Chuck: The man left alone on the moon...
How about something like this for the end...?
Looking at the blue earth from the moon and saying this...

Page 23:
Kurusu: I'm not making a wish anymore...
But I wanted Dad to see this...
To see how beautiful the earth is from the moon..........
Side: And now, the story will enter the 1990's... Serialization resumes in May!! Major developments will be abound!!!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 117 / End
Serialization resumes in May!! Major developments will be abound!!!

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