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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Toriko 266

The Final Treasure Chest!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Feb 13, 2014 03:57 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 266

Only for use by HWMN

Things didn't go that well next week so we'll try again next week.
Here ya go, this chapter. PRetty interesting, lotta talking.

[Toriko 266 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: Having returned to Human World, where will those two head next?!
Description: IGO
"1st Biotope"
Narration: Inside the Laboratory "Chief's Room"----
Mansam: I've been waiting for you, Toriko!
Toriko: Hold on a sec... Was the one that called us here to the First Biotope...
you, Chief...?
Title: "Toriko"
Mansam: It's not Chief anymore...
Now I'm
IGO's handsome president [Cut off]
Komatsu: AAAah, you guys!
It's been so long!!

Page 2:
Coco: Hey there, Komatsu-kun.
I'm glad you got back safely.
Sani: Geez, what took you guys so long...?
Zebra: Kid~~~
Insert: The Four Gourmet Heavenly Kings have gathered here!!!
Title: Gourmet 266 The Final Treasure Chest!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Page 3:
Zebra: If you'd gotten yourself killed in Gourmet World,
I was plannin' ta chase you all the way ta hell to crush ya into twisted minced meat.
Komatsu: G... Good thing I didn't get myself killed, then...
Twisted minced meat... that sounds really scary...
Sani: Huuuuh? Matsu, has your face gotten kinda more dignified?
In Bubble: Like with your nose?
Komatsu: H... Has it?
I knew it... So much has happened...
in this year and a half...
Sani: Izzat right? Yeah, looks like a lot's happened...
Toriko: But with Human World, really nothing's happen, right?
From what I've seen of it...
Coco: Well, about that...
Someone: Over there, "Chief"!
Toriko-sama is here!
Toriko: Hm?

Page 4:
Rin: Torikooooooooon! [Heart]
Description: IGO
Gourmet Laboratory Chief
Rin: I'm soooooo glad you're okaaaay! [Heart]
I was so so worried about yoooou!
Toriko: W-Woah there...

Page 5:
Rin: But, but you know, I always believe in you, Toriko!
I knew you'd come back alive and well!!
Toriko: Ah... Thanks, Rin.
And when I was moping...
you were worrying about me the whole time, weren't you...?
The one...
The one that gathered everyone together to cheer me up was Rin...
It was you, wasn't it?
Thanks, Rin.
Rin: Hey, hey, Toriko~~!
I can't take it anymore, so is it okay if I just let the sparks of my emotions from all that waiting fly?
TOriko: Huh? Whadda ya mean?
Rin: Marry me!
Sani: What're you sayin' now? Geez, you...
Toriko: Marry? Uh, okay.
Rin: I'm not the sorta woman that does nothing but wait...

Page 6:
Rin: HUH?
Toriko: ......
Guys: Hm?

Page 7:
Rin: Toriko, let's go back and do that one more time.
Handwritten: Rewind and replay, okay?
Toriko: Hm?
Rin: Would you marry me?
Toriko: Sure.
R... Really, Toriko-san?!
Sani: Rin and Toriko are getting married?!
Wait, what do you mean?!
Toriko: Uh... Mean?
Someone: Y... You can really decide to get married that easily?!
Sani: Yeah, Toriko!! You're already in a combo with Komatsu, aren't you?!!
Toriko: What's that got to do with it?
Sani: Well, nothing really, but...
Toriko: Nothing?!
Sani: Yeah, nothing.
In Bubble: Probably
Someone: What's everyone saying? Calm down!!
What do you think, Chief Mansam?!
Mansam: I'm not Chief now... I'm the new IGO handsome President [Cut off]
Sani: So, what? Is Toriko my little brother now?!
SOmeone: Yes, I suppose so.
Sani: That's so gross!!
Zebra: I guess that means the kid's combo is canceled, eh?
Komatsu: Why would it be?! Everyone, please calm down!

Page 8-9:
Toriko: I have business in this First Biotope...
From what I saw of how the Human World is right now...
Our old man's "Full Course"...
You said you didn't find the "Main Dish" yet, right...? [quote white]
Coco: Exactly...
Sani: For us, that's pretty disgraceful...
Zebra: Keh. Is it even really in this damn garden...?
Guys: We searched a ton.
Yeah, you can tell by how the garden looks now...
Anyhow, you're the one that did it, Zebra.
You and your unrefined search methods...
Zebra: The old man's full Course is said to create an ingredient that can be eaten limitlessly once it's all gathered. ["an ingredient that can be eaten limitlessly" white]
Menu: Ichiryuu's Full Course Menu
Million Seed
Eboshi Tear
Mitarashi Kelp
Nihil Bug
Princess Straw Seed
Dry Meloron
Lord Hail
T/N: An Eboshi is a kind of black-lacquered headgear from ancient Japan. Mitarashi is a font of purifying water placed at the entrance of a shrine where people wash their hands.
Zebra: There's supposed to be one hidden in each 'a the Biotopes, right?
I used my echolocation to search the whole island, but I didn't find anythin' like that.

Page 10:
Coco: I didn't see anything conspicuous electromagnetic waves with my eyes, either...
Sani: I searched the whole island with my Dining Kitchen, too...
Toriko: Well, anyhow, we'd better hurry up and fight it...
Even the souvenir ingredients Komatsu and I brought back from Gourmet World...
is just a drop in the bucket for Human World right now...
The place's been blown to bits...
Well, there's a little
of the original ground left here...

Page 11:
Toriko: Kucolsaurus.
The last thing that passed here
was a Kucolsaurus.
Sani: There's a smell left over...?
Toriko: ANd before the Kucolsaurus...
a Rockdrum walked here...
Sani: The smell of the thing before it's even still there?
Toriko: And before that, an Accordion Snake.
Before that, a Pig Baboon.
And before that a Namagorogon.
And before that...
T/N: Namagorogon is a pun on "Half-dead" (Namagoro).

Page 12-13:
Toriko: There.
No doubt about it...
It's quite a while back but...
The old man definitely walked here.
Sani: F... For real...?!
You can tell that?
Toriko: I'll try to follow this scent...
It goes that way...

Page 14:
Coco: ..........
Even my eyes can't go back and see electromagnetic waves of the distant past...
Toriko's always had a specialized sense of smell, but...
I suppose this is a sign that his cells became even more active in Gourmet World...
Komatsu: Even in Gourmet World...
Toriko-san did that sort of thing...
Coco: !
Komatsu: He used the little of my scent that remained as a compass
and found me...
Toriko-san said
that every single day...
he sensed my presence...

Page 15:
Coco: ..........
Is that so...?
It's not just Toriko...
Even Komatsu-kun...
has grown more than we expected...
Toriko: In Gourmet World...
everywhere is like what we call Danger Zones in Human World...
But among them there are extremely rare relatively safe "spots"...
I decided to name them the "Gourmet World Restrooms".
They're temporary safe places created by peculiar climates and unique ecosystems.
Trees and rocks like disappearing sea of trees or the "Invisibility Trees" that "Disappearing Cuisine" is made of....
And there's even cowardly "air" that creates invisible space in Gourmet World.

Page 16:
Toriko: Those places become blind spots to wild beasts...
And it's only temporary, but it also makes the environment calm...
Sani: Heh.
So even Gourmet World has those sorta places, eh...?
Toriko: Those places..
feel like they're in a separate space-time...
It's a space that's completely quarantined.
Toriko: Though over time, in Gourmet WOrld, those places...
are pushed on and eventually crushed by their surrounding environments...
Maybe those also exist in Human World...
That old man was a mischievous guy...
Maybe it's just a coincidence, but...

Page 17:
Toriko: Why is only that place....
completely unscathed?
Even though the rest of the island is in ruins after Zebra destroyed it...
Zebra: Hm?
Sani: Now that you mention it...
You have a point...
Toriko: Coco's eyes can't see it...
Zebra's ears can't hear it...
and even Sani's hair can't touch it...
But my nose...
Can smell that spot a mile away...
Toriko: The restrooms always have an "entrance"...
We can't get in until we find that.
Toriko: Bingo.

Page 18:
Sani: HUh?!
Guys: What??
He disa...
TOriko: I found it, guys!
C'mon! The treasure hunt is over!!
Komatsu: All right!
Let's go, everyone!!
Guys: ......
Sani: Uoh! Incredible!!
You really can go in it!!
It kinda feels like... there's a thick layer of air...
Oo~~~~~~... Man, I never thought
there was space like this in the 1st Biotope...

Page 19:
Coco: From inside, you can see the outside world normally,
but from the outside, you can't see in at all...
A place you can't even sense electromagnetic waves from...?
So that's why I didn't find it...
there it is!!
The final treasure chest!! This is the President's Full Course's
Main Dish!!
Handwritten: The treasure chest is found! What is there waiting for them...?!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 266
/ End

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