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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Toriko 270

The Final Key!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 12, 2014 08:04 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 270

Only for use by HWMN

Now let's go see this dude.

[Toriko 270 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Mansam: Are the five of you
all ready?!!
Side: The time of departure draws near---!!
Mansam: Ready to enter the hell that is "Gourmet World"?!!
Guys: Yeah!!
Title: "Toriko"
Mansam: Okay, get going, then.
Handwritten: Go on, now.
Guys: Man, he's taking this lightly!!
Why are you in a bath tub?!
Seems kinda overly-snazzy!!

Page 2:
Insert: The final trial that awaits the five of them in Human World----!!!
Title: Gourmet 270 The Final Key!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Page 3:
Mansam: Yeah...
I'm sayin' that if you have any questions you need to ask anybody
then hurry up and go ask them...
Toriko: For all of the previous treasure chests in all of the other Biotopes
there was always a wild beast protecting them...
And we always had to defeat them or we couldn't get the Full Course ingredient...
Komatsu: Huh? But there wasn't anyone here in the 1st, right?
Toriko: ...No.

PAge 4:
Toriko: There is...
In here...
Zebra: What a pain in the ass...
Let's get this over with quick.
Someone: Hey! What do you think you're doing, Zebra?!
Zebra: Voice Cutter!

Page 5:
Zebra: What?!
There ain't a scratch on it!!

Page 6:
Zebra: A tree that my Voice Cutter can't cut?
Toriko: This is a Gourmet World Tree.
That's the only place you'll find a tree this hard.
Sani: Ya don't gotta do crazy stuff like that. There's a door.
Coco: Seems entrance is on the third floor.
Coco: Pardon the intrusion.
Toriko: Oh, awesome!
Heh. The whole house is made of leaves.

Page 7:
Komatsu: Even this refrigerator is made of leaves.
Amazing. It even works as a Gourmet Case.
Coco: Is this a library?
Coco: Hm...
What's with all the obscene books...?
Books: The Mania, Erocchi
Komatsu: We can head down through here!
Coco: Just what sort of person lives here...?
Toriko: Ah, so the 2nd floor is a bedroom, huh?
Komatsu: Nobody's here...
Maybe in the next floor down?
Coco: There are porno mags here, too... Ah... And there are also some cook books.

Page 8:
Toriko: Huh...?
There's no stairway down...
Komatsu: Hey, you're right. I don't see anything...
Toriko: I mean, it's pretty likely that right below here
is where he is... ["he" in italics.]
Oh well.
I guess we'll have to get a little rough...
I'm opening this up...
Toriko: Nail Gun!

Page 9:
Guys: OWAA
Toriko: Ah?
No good. It didn't even make a dent.
And I hit it pretty hard, too...
Zebra: Outta the way.
Toriko: Ah, no, Zebra, don't...

Page 10:
Zebra: Sound Bazooka!!
Guys: Wh...
Guys: WHat a sturdy tree...
How the hell do we get in there...?
Toriko: There's no doubt he's in the first floor section...
That's what my nose is telling me...

Page 11:
Guys: !
Sani: This is probably another one our old man's tricks.
Don't underestimate us!
Dining Kitchen---
There's gotta be a way inside somewhere...
I can search every nook and cranny of a mansion this size.
SFX: WASA WASA (Rustling)
Sani: Hmmmmmm?
There was...
a suspicious explosion in that well.
Komatsu: Aaaah! There's a passageway in the well!!
Sani: Bingo!!

Page 12:
Guys: Ooh...
I see...
So this links to the first floor of the house, huh...?
Toriko: A hidden route...
Sani: The old man seems to like those...
Komatsu: Ah!
This is...
a bath?!
It's a bath, everyone!!
Sign: Sauna

Page 13:
GUys: Ooh, awesome. There's a large public bath in a basement like this...
And is this an onsen?!
Wanna go in?!!
Yeah, let's!!
Coco: Um, this isn't
what we came for.
From the electromagnetic waves I picked up
this pond is suspect.
It links somewhere.
I guess I'll go for a little swim.

Page 14:

Page 15:
Zebra: The pond is connected to the well...
I figured that out with my Echolocation.
Coco: Couldn't you have said that earlier, Zebra?
TOriko: Uwa~~~ Coco's electromagnetic waves were kinda crappy.
Sani: Kinda off your game, huh?
Komatsu: Huh?
The first-floor window over here opens normally.
Komatsu: Looks like it was right under our nose...
Zebra: Stupid thing!!
TOriko: Okay, well, let's head in.

Page 16:
Guys: ---------!!

Page 17:
Toriko: ...........
A GT Robo?!
No, this is a living creature!!
...That means...
it's a Nitro?!! ["Nitro" white]
It's undergoing "cryptobiosis"!! [quote white]
Somebody go get some water!!
Nitro: ......
Nitro: I'm AWAAAAAKE!!!
Toriko: HUh...?

Page 18:
Nitro: Sit down, you guys!!!
No, first, line up!! At attention!!!
Guys: HUh?
Nitro: I'm real mad!! I'm blowin' my lid!!
First, you take too long to get here!!
Then you slam my window and make my head bleed!
Okay I've got about a hundred things I wanna tell you guys, so would ya sit down?!!
First I'm gonna hit ya!!
I'm gonna friggin' deck the lot of you!!!
We're not startin' nothin' till I get a nice shot!!!
Komatsu: H-H-H...
Hold on a second, please...!
Ah... Um...
Who exactly are you?!
Nitro: AAaaah?!
Who am I?!!
Didja just ask who I am...?
Don't tell me you guys...

Page 19:
Nitro: haven't heard anything about me?
Komatsu: Correct.
Nitro: I told Ichi-boy to tell ya!!!
Okay, guess I've gotta tell ya that first!
Komatsu: Ichi-boy?
SFX: AA...
Chichi: Nn... Yeah... Ya know, Ichiryuu.
I'm the Taste Hermit "Chichi"...!! [quote White]
Ichiryuu's Combo Partner!!
Guys: HU~~~~~H?!!!!
Chichi: Ah, the combo thing was a lie.
Guys: HU~~~~~H?!!!!
Side: The final key is a mysterious Nitro that can manipulate human speech?!!

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