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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Toriko 271

Ichiryuu's Message!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 26, 2014 07:51 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 271

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Ok, so there's that.

[Toriko 271 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Chichi: First off, I've gotta explain the whole thing to ya...
About my connection to Ichi-boy...
Side: Reciting the past----!!!
Chi: Heh, when was it we first met...
Must 'a been at least 500 years ago...
At the time I'd been in "cryptobiosis" fer a lo~~~~~ng few tens 'a thousands of years.
And the one who woke me up was none other
than Ichi-boy...
Chichi: And.... Ah...
That brings us to the present, I guess.
Coco: What happened in that gap?!
You skipped over way too much!!
We barely learned anything!!
SFX: ZU...
Title: "Toriko"
Chichi: AH, sorry. It was 500 years ago... Er, no, around 490 years ago that we met.
Naw, that ain't right... Was it 480?
Coco: We're okay on that part!!
In Bubble: A rough estimate is fine
Coco: Could you tell us some more details...?

Page 2:
Insert: Sink your teeth into the forbidden Gourmet food!!
Title: Gourmet 271
Ichiryuu's Message!!
Left Insert: ☆A luxurious present will go to the adopters!!
The Toriko Fan Book Reader Project is underway!! Details on page 120!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Page 3:
Chi: Well, anywho...
Chi: I'm guessin' you guys caught onta the fact that I was here when you guys found the treasure chest, but...
I was on standby here the whole time pretendin' ta be in cryptobiosis, plannin' on surprisin' ya.
Komatsu: Toriko-saaan, let's hurry and get goiiiing!
Toriko: Sure.
Chi: E~~~~H?
They're ignorin' me?
Chi: Was really freakin' surprised...
Well, I'm glad ya made it 'n time, anywho... ["Made it in time" in italics.]

Page 4:
Chi: This's a "Chair Leaf", have a seat, would ya? [quote white]
I'll start once everybody's seated.
Komatsu: E... Excuse me...
Toriko: Um... We really didn't have any choice back then...
Our first priority was to complete my old man's Full Course...
And uh... How do I put this..
You seemed like you'd be kind of a pain...
Handwritten: You're so mysterious and all...
Chi: Yeah!! Tha's what I'm sayin'!!
You guys are really makin' too much light of me!!
Ya didn' even bring a single box 'a cakes!
Who do ya think I am!!
Komatsu: Um... sorry about not bringing any confectionaries for you....
Handwritten: Honestly...
Chi: Mu...
Heh... wha...? I smell I female...
You guys met with a female before ya came here, didn' ya?!

Page 5:
Komatsu: Huh... Female? Ah... Yes, I just met with Nono-san at Setsuno's Dining Hall, but...
Chi: What's this...?
Yer clothes are stained with the smell, dangit!!
And it's young!!
This is the smell of a young female, this is!!
Komatsu: Um... Yes... I think Nono-san is pretty young...
Handwritten: I think around 20?
Chi: Could I have those, please?
Those clothes?
Komatsu: Huh?!
Handwritten: What's with that face?
Chi: Well, how 'bout as sorta replacement for the box of cakes?
I think I want that first...
If ya don't give it to me, I don't think I'll be sayin' anything...
Mm... Yeah, tha's what I'm doin'.
Coco: I don't really get it, but take your clothes off, Komatsu-kun!
Komatsu: E~~~~~~~H?!
These sure are nice!!
I feel like I'm a hundred million years younger! [Heart]
Guys: What is up with this guy...?

Page 6:
Chi: Allrighy, on ta business... I've heard all about you guys from Ichi-boy.
Yer gonna be headin' in ta Gourmet World after this, right?
Ichi-Boy asked just one favor of me...
To provide...
a certain ingredient to you five!
Guys: HUh?
An ingredient?
Guys: WAaAA

Page 7:
Guys: ............
M... Man, that was a real surprise~~~
What is this place...?
Chi: This is my house's kitchen.
And the ingredient I'm providing to you is...
Guys: !

Page 8:
Guys: Huh...?
Toriko: !!
Someone: "That" is-----
if I had to liken it so something, I'd call it a refax action!!
Toriko: U...
Komatsu: Huh?!
Someone: No!!

Page 9:
Coco: A
SOmeone: Before you mind could even make a judgement
on the order of stopping a reflex like that---
Sani: A...
Zebra: GUA... U
Komatsu: G... Guys?!!
Someone: Those "Appetite Devils" showed their faces-----!!
Chi: HOHO! So they came right out, eh?!

Page 10:
Chi: Quiet dooooown you monsteeers!!
Guys: !!!
Chi: You can't control those things at all, can ya?!!
You bunch 'a hatchlings!!
That's so cute! The faces came out reflexively!!

Page 11:
Komatsu: ........
Chi... Chichi-san...
Komatsu: Chichi-san!!!
Chichi: Hm?
Komatsu: Wh... What is that?!
What in the world is that ingredient...?
Everyone lost their sense of reason...
just from looking at it...
Chichi: This guy...
Komatsu: Please, tell us...!!!
Chichi: That's...
one of the items of Acacia's Full Course...!!! ["Acacia's Full Course" in white]

Page 12:
Guys: Wh...
WHAAAAAAAT [Text gets all... big and stuff as it goes on.]

Page 13:
Chichi: Ah, sorry. That was a lie, actually...
Toriko: Y...
You bastaaard! There are some things ya just don't joke about...
Chichi: However!
It does have the "scent" on it...
Toriko: Huh...?
Chichi: That's just an ordinary apple...
But the "smell" of one item of Acacia's Full Course...
just a tiny, tiny bit of it is stained into it.
Komatsu: Th... That apple...
has the scent of...
Narration: There wasn't any shadow of a doubt as to the authenticity of those words...
Those five that were glued there, unable to avert their eyes
from this ordinary apple without anything peculiar about it
felt that better than anyone.

Page 14:
Chi: This is just an ordinary apple with the scent on it...!!
The allure "real thing" ain't nothin' like this!
And the place you guys are goin' next...
is a world with tons of ingredients like that...!!
SFX: DOKU DOKU (Heartbeat)
SFX: DOKU DOKU (Heartbeat)
Toriko: I...
I spent a year in Gourmet World, but I never felt a shock like this...
Chi: Huhu... Were you hangin' around nowhere but safe spots in the "daytime"?
Toriko: But you're right... just the "smell" had this much impact...
So this is Acacia's Full Course, huh...? It's in a whole different dimension from other ingredients...!

Page 15:
Chi: How 'bout it?!
For a final dinner before ya head out
why don't we eat this together?!
It is just an apple, though.
Komatsu: Sure, let's eat!!
Chichi: And I'll cut it into little rabbit-shaped slices.
Cococ: P... Please, stop! You can't cut a sacred apple into the shape of rabbits!
Chichi: No, this thing's just a regular apple.
Zebra: I'll eat that thing in one bite.
Sani: Stop, you idiot!
Komatsu: If... If we're going to have a meal and all...
is there anything else I can serve?
Guys: Oh, sounds good, Koamtsu!
Komatsu: Chichi-san! Would it be okay if I used your kitchen and some ingredients?
Chichi: Hm? Sure, fine. Knock yerself out.
Seein' as for the opening of your journey...
you'll be using this place, anyhow... ["this place" in italics.]
Komatsu: Huh?
Ah, right. Chichi-san,
you said you were a "Taste Hermit", right? [quote white]
I haven't understood everything you've said, but...
you are a "chef", isn't that right? Would you like to cook with me, Chichi-san?

Page 16:
Chichi: Hey, you... A "Taste Hermit" is somethin' pretty incredible, ya know. Don't underestimate me...
The only other thing I was asked by Ichi-boy was...
to eat this apple...!
I ain't doin' anything else! It's too much've a pain.
Komatsu: HU~~~H? Oh...
Coco: There's actually quite a lot we'd like to ask you, Chichi-san.
Such as who honestly are you, and quite a few different things...
Chichi: All of the answers are in Gourmet World, ya know.
Komatsu: I gave you my cook clothes, didn't I? The ones with Nono-san's scent on them!
Komatsu: I'll find more, okay?! More clothes with the smell of girls on them...
Chichi: Fer real?
Sultry ones?
Komatsu: For real!!
In Bubble: They'll be sultry.
Toriko: I... I'll ask Rin!
Maybe she's got some pajamas she doesn't need or something.
Some sultry ones!
Coco: I... I'll help, too!
I have lots of women fortune-telling customers, so...
I'll ask them if they have anything sultry like that!
Chichi: ..........

Page 17:
Chi: Y... You guuuuys!
You're really good people, ain'chaaa?!
I'm so glad to be aliiiive!
Okay! Then how bout we rustle up some grub?!!
Komatsu: All right! Let's cook!!
Chichi: This'll be the last supper----!!
Komatsu: Last?!

Page 18-19:
Chichi: A lot like when the five of you...
were out there groping for...
a way into this room
there'll be things ya definitely can't overcome unless ya work together.
The "night" that Gourmet World is about to enter
is that sorta place... [quote White]
The strength of the Wild Beasts ain't the same as the ones in the "daytime". [quote White]
So if you've resolved yerselves, get goin'!!
First, ya depart!! It all starts there!!
To Gourmet World!!!
Guys: OU!!!
Chichi: Oh, it's awake. Perfect timin'.
Insert: Preparations are complete!! The target is "Acacia's Full Course"!!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 271
/ End

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