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Toriko 273

Harbor of Evil Spirits!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 9, 2014 06:47 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 273

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We're off to the 2nd half of the Grand Line!

[Toriko 273 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Title: Gourmet 273 The Harbor of Evil Spirits!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Guys: Heeeey, everyone,
take a look at this.
What is this?
A tray?
Side: Traveling by sea to Gourmet World! Their trip takes them on the most difficult route into the World!!

Page 2:
Komatsu: Yes! It's a tablet computer terminal that doubles as a food tray.
Apparently this is the new "Capture Level Measuring Device" that the IGO invented. [quote white]
Sani: This thing?!
Toriko: How do you measure with it?
Komatsu: First I need everyone to put on these wristbands.
Then you hit the ingredient with the laser pointer that comes out of it.
The data for that ingredient will be transmitted to this "tray".
It's setup to display the Capture Level and other information here.
Tray: Crab Pig
(Mammal Beast)
Capture Level 8

Page 3:
Sani: Hey, hey, we're about to head into "Gourmet World", ya know! [quote white]
Why does that tray know about Gourmet World's ingredient data?!
Komatsu: It looks like this was manufactured based on certain "ID Cards". [quote white]
Toriko: ID Cards?
Komatsu: Yes.
"Gourmet ID Cards". [quote White]
It seems they were just next to President Mansam's pillow when he woke up one day...
He didn't seem to know who it was that left them there.
Mansam: Santa?
Komatsu: And when he checked those cards
Komatsu: They of course had the approximately 300,000 species of Human World,
but they also contained data of many ingredients of Gourmet World.
And there was an astounding several million species of them. ["Several million species" in white.]

Page 4:
Toriko: Several million species...?
Who the hell's data is that?!
There should be only a few people in this world that've eaten that many ingredients...
Komatsu: W... Well it seems that... we still don't know who the data belonged to...
Coco: Personal data that even the IGO didn't have...?
Sani: Hmph. I'll bet our old man's behind it again, righ?
Komatsu: Looks like there are still plenty of mysteries out there, including Gourmet World's ingredients...
It seems the name of this measuring device is "Riddle Chapter". [quote White]
Zebra: Who gives a shit about that?!
A few million ain't nearly enough to cover all 'a Gourmet World...
I wonder how long we'll be able to use that thing...
Well, let's start by testing it...
Oh, there's one.
A perfect opponent to test it on.

Page 5:
Komatsu: UWAaAA
I've never seen that wild beast before!!
Komatsu: Unlike the "Measure Tongs", "Riddle Chapter" isn't limited by an attack range. [quotes White]
As long as the laser reaches, it can measure from any location!!
The snap on the wrist is the switch!
Toriko: Okay, well let's get crackin'!!
What's his Capture Level?!!
Asterisk: *Tochigi Prefecture's 高橋怜真-san's work!!
Komatsu: We got it!!
"Raliengler Fish". It's a hybrid fish beast of a Ray and an Angler Fish! [quote White]
Its Capture Level is...

Page 6:
Komatsu: T......
Wh-WHAAAAT?! 299?!
We're still supposed to be in Human World, aren't we?! There's seriously something over 100 here?!
Coco: No... "Yutou Island" is right in front of our eyes!! [quote White]
So we're right nearby Gourmet World!
It's likely that some beasts from made it past the Poison Tide and slipped into Human World.
The problem is----
that means it's stronger than the "Octopusuika" we're ridiiing!
It found us! It's going to attack!!
Sani: No choice. I guess we're fighting?!!
Zebra: I was plannin' ta fight from the beginning.

Page 7:
Sani: Eh...?
The Raliengler Fish...!!
Toriko: It was stabbed by a wave?!
Coco: Th...
This is bad...
This is the "Thorn Sea". [quote White]

Page 8-9:
Guy: The waves have spiiiiikes!!!!

Page 10:
Komatsu: Th...
Those over-level-200 Wild Beasts were...
killed by waves...!!
Toriko: Yeah, that's what nature's like in Gourmet World!!
Handwritten: You knew that, right?
Toriko: Get in the house, Komatsu!!
Komatsu: I'm already in!!
Zebra: Looks like the first opponent of our journey ain't a wild beast...
it's these waves!!

Page 11:
Zebra: "Voice Missile"!!
Sani: "Super Fry GaeshI"!!
Coco: "Netsu Dokuhou"!!
T/N: Netsu Dokuhou = Heat Poison Cannon
Toriko: ORAA!!

Page 12:

Page 13:
Toriko: ORAaA

Page 14:
Komatsu: We... We managed to make it through that "Thorn Ocean" somehow.
Handwritten: Thank you so much, everyone.
Sani: Geez. This is what the entrances to Gourmet World are like?
Makes me wonder what's coming after this.
Zebra: KAKKAKKA! That was fun, wasn' it? A great warm up.
Toriko: ..........
I know I saw it...
What the hell was that frog...
Komatsu: What's wrong, Toriko-san?
Toriko: Hm...?
Ah, nothing...

Page 15:
Coco: There it is!
The harbor.
Toriko: !
Coco: That's the third entrance to Gourmet World.
Yutou Island.
The place said to be the most dangerous route into Gourmet World...
"The Harbor of Evil Spirits".

Page 16:
Komatsu: Wh...
What an amazing number of shipwrecks...
Coco: Yutou Island is a continent of mist that deceives all invaders.
They say that even ships equipped with the latest machinery and tools will run aground without ever even finding land, if they lose their way...
Komatsu: Aground...? They kinda look like they're just floating there...
Toriko: Hahah, look!
There really are some evil spirits waving!
Komatsu: HUH?!

Page 17:
Komatsu: UeeeEeE
Toriko: If only they were just ghosts... ["just" in italics]
That's Gourmet World...
In Gourmet World, there exist a total of 8 major continents----
And according to Chichi, they're divided into different areas.
First, through Yutou Island, we're entering...
"Area 8"!!
Map: Area 8 [Top Center]
Yutou Island [Small]
Box: Gourmet World [Top]
Human World [Bottom]
Line: Poison Tide
Bottom: Harbor of Evil Spirits

Page 18:
Toriko: It is the place Acacia's "Salad",
"Air" is said to rest---- ["Air" big/white]
Coco: This is... Yutou Island.
What incredibly dense fog...
Even my eyes can't see through them clearly.
Zebra: Whatever path we take...
what we're headin' for is an unseen world.
Sani: And there are still tons of paths
that nobody's ever walked, right?
Toriko: Let's take the first step all together!!
We may not be able to see where we're stepping, but...
Komatsu: We know for a fact that it's there...
the land of gourmet food!!

Page 19:
Guys: Landfall!!!
Oct: !!
Guys: Huh?!
Komatsu: WAaAAaA
There's no laaand!!
Handwritten: HUUUUH?!
Side: Big trouble already?!!
Menu: Gourmet World Menu 1
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 273
/ End
The grand adventure in Gourmet World has finally begun!!
What fate will Toriko and the others meet...?!!

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