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Toriko 277

Messenger from Bewitching Food World!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 14, 2014 07:15 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 277

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[Toriko 277 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Frog: AAAAAAH, sorryyy!!
I dunno what came over me, I just started speaking "frog-speak"------!!
Toriko: It's yoooou!! You're the frog I saw in the sea!!
I'm sure of it!!
Side: A bizarre creature! A key figure of Area 8 appears?!!
Frog: Yes, yes. It's just as you say.
That will make this quick...
But I suppose I should introduce myself.
Sani: ........
Frog: Ahem...
My name is Gegerogheroge! Gerogerogerorin Geeerogero!
Komatsu: He's speaking frog-speak again!!
Frog: Ah.
Title: "Toriko"

Page 2:
Insert: Seeking Acacia's ingredient, "Air"----
they now set off~~~!!!
Title: Gourmet 277 Messenger from Bewitching Food World!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Page 3:
Frog: I'm a Travel Frog from "Bewitching Food World". ["Travel Frog" white]
My name is "Mappy".
And this is my beloved car, "CAReru".
Nice to meetcha.
Descriptions: *Travel Frog
Name: Mappy
[Apparition Beast]
Capture Level ?
[Amphibian Beast]
Capture Level 455
Asterisk: *"Travel Frog" is Nagano Prefecture's 義家響太-san's work!
*"CAReru" is Osaka's 犬伏出-san's work!
T/N: CAReru is a pun on "kaeru" meaning "frog".
Mappy: I came here to meet you guuuuys
on the "Daruma Hermit's" ordeeeers!
So ba-sic-ally
Komatsu: Frog-speak! Frog-speak!

Page 4:
Zebra: The Daruma Hermit~~~
What the hell's that senile old man of Bewitching Food World want...?
Did he find some tasty ingredient for me to eat or somethin'?
Komatsu: AH!
That reminds me, you have an ingredient of his in your Full Course, right?!
"Daruma Hermit's Tribute"...!!
Coco: Just who is the Daruma Hermit?
You borrowed his horse as well, if I recall, Zebra...
Frog: The Daruma Hermit iiiis the chief of our villaaage.
So ba-sic-ally
Sani: Ah, there it is! Your gero-speak activated!!
Handwritten: Right there!
Mappy: Gero-speak?
SFX: BISHI (Shock)
Komatsu: B-But, Bewitching Food World...
isn't that the village Branchi-san lives in?

Page 5:
Mappy: Aaah, yeees, yeees, that Branchi fellow is waiting there with his nose outstretched!
Komatsu: Oh, it'll be great to see Branchi-san again after so long!!
Zebra: Keh. Like hell I wanna see that idiot.
T/N: Mappy makes a pun on the idiom "neck outstretched" meaning "eager".
Komatsu: But, but... he said he'd guide us there and everything~~~
Let's take him up on his kind offer~~~
And most of all...
we'll be able to have a delicious feast in Bewitching Food World!!
Sani: Does this really look delicious to you?!
Toriko: Okay, let's go!!
Sani: That was quick!
Toriko: You remember what Chichi said, right? When you're lost follow the compass of your appetite!!
Zebra: We ain't really lost...
Mappy: Chichi...?
Sooo, what are you going to dooo? Shall I guide yooou?
Toriko: Yes, please lead the way, Mappy.
Mappy: Rogeeer!
Sani: Are you sure, Toriko?
That frog seems pretty strange, don't you think?
Toriko: We'll be fine.

Page 6:
Toriko: For some reason or other,
I don't smell anything bad from him...
Zani: ...Wha the hell?
So he doesn't stink?
But seriously, that's gross.
Mappy: Okay, let's get goiiing!!
right after "CAReru"!!
Guys: OOOOOH!!

Page 7:
Guys: !!!!
Guys: .........
Hurry, go after it, Octo-channnn!!
Don't lose track of iiiit!!
Handwritten: HURRYYYY

Page 8-9:
Mappy: Yutou Island is---
an island that's like a maze.
Even when the mist clears, it's a real tough place to take ooon.
Especially at "night"---- [quote white]
But for nooow,
I'm relieved you were able to easily defeat the "Tounyuudou".
And you managed to clear the "Thorn Sea", as well, riiight?
So your basic fighting ability is more than enough to make it in Gourmet World.
Sani: This guy sure acts important...
Toriko: But you're really strong, Mappy.
Coco: That's right... To take a coffee break on top of a "Thorn Wave" like that...
We couldn't do such a thing.
Komatsu: Ah... Um, Mappy-san...
Are the nights in Gourmet World... really that dangerous?
Mappy: There's a big difference between the day and night in Gourmet Wooorld.
Because the "night" is wheeen [quote white]
the "Eight Kings" become actiiive. [quote white]
Koamtsu: Th... The "Eight Kings"...
Those are...
the eight species of beast kings that rule over Gourmet World...
isn't that right, Toriko-san?
Toriko: Terry, Kiss, and Quin are their descendants.
The bloods of the kings runs through their veins...
Mappy: Those kids are still kids.
The active Eight Kings are...

Page 10:
Guys: !!
Guys: -----...!!
Guys: O...
What the hell...?!!

Page 11:
Coco: Th...
Sani: This aura...
Zebra: ........
Mappy: Ah.
Oh, that CAReruuuuu...
He crossed through here because it's a shortcuuut.

Page 12-13:
Mappy: One of the "Eight Kings", "Horse King Heracles".
This continent, "Area 8" is the land that "Heracles" rules oveeer.
And that is Heracles' footpriiint
from several thousand years agooo.
Toriko: F-Footprint...?!
A footprint from several thousand years ago...
is giving off this much of an aura...?!!
Coco: I... I can't help but get goose bumps...
This aura is so strong it's like it's there right now...!!
SFX: BIRI (Spark)
Sani: So the actual thing...
is nothing like this, huh...?
Zebra: Look...

Page 14:
Zebra: There ain't a single tree or blade 'a grass growing in this forest...
So even the ground's so scared it's cowering in fear...?
The whole place is desolated...
Mappy: KEKKEKKE! It has the air of the mood Heracles had at the time he made that footpriiint.
He must've been pretty angry, eh?
Depending on which of the Eight Kings it iiiis, as well as their mood at the tiiime...
their footprints can become flower beeeds... or beautiful laaakes...
By riding on the Eight Kings' power, a place where many different kinds of creatures can gather an live may resuuult.
Komatsu: I... In Human World... j... just one of those footprints... would become registered as a "World Gourmet Natural Heritage" site. Without a doubt...!! [quote white]
Toriko: Uh, is that you, Komatsu?!
Handwritten: You're way too shaken by this.
Mappy: The Eight Kings are the apex predators of their respective areas of Gourmet Wooorld.
When all of those guys get moving at once is Gourmet World's "night". [quote white]

Page 15:
Coco: Even in the Human World, when a president moves somewhere, that place has the highest level of security precautions are spread around it...
Right now, all of Gourmet World is in a tense state like a civil defense siren were going off...
Mappy: The wild beasts are stronger at night, toooo. And the environments get harsheeer.
Among them are the travel paths that have formed since ancient times
by many
creatures they avoided the
environments and the Eight Kings known as the "Gourmet
The "Gourmet Highways" are some of the few safety roads in Gourmet World... [quote white]
Of course, they don't cover all of Gourmet World
and there are plenty of dangerous places in them, too.

Page 16:
Toriko: The year and a half Komatsu and I spent in Gourmet World...
was by no means an easy journey, but...
we may have been lucky and entered onto one of those "Gourmet Highways" when we were following along rest spots.
If this were free climbing,
those would be like a pre-established safe route
put in place by an earlier climber, right...?
Mappy: Though without exceptional "Food Luck"--- [quote white]
you would not be able to stumble upon a "Gourmet Highway" by coincidence.
By the way...
The "Gourmet Highways" link to "Seven Civilizations" that once existed in Gourmet Wooorld.
And one of those civilizations still remains here in Area 8...
"Bewitching Food World".

Page 17:
Coco: Chichi-san mentioned...
that the places the items of Acacia's Full Course rest were there were once civilizations...
Sani: It looks like in any event, we're gonna have to go there...
to that gross sounding "Bewitching Food World"...
Mappy: Well, in the meantime...
looks like the "Gold Swamp" is in siiight!
Guys: !!
What the hell?! A golden swamp?!!

Page 18:
Mappy: This is a swamp that links "Yutou Island" to "Area 8's" main islaaand.
Once we pass through this, we'll finally reach the main island where "Bewitching Food World" is locateeed.
Sign: Area 8 [Top]
Bewitching Food World [Bubble]
Yutou Island [Island]
Gold Swamp [Bottom right]
Mappy: The "Gold Swamp" is one of the Gourmet 100 Famous Views, and it's a swamp made out of "gold dust" with a high specific gravityyy.
It has strong boyancy, so you can swim in it and you won't ever siiink.
Komatsu: UWAAA
What a beautiful swamp!
Sani: It... It's too beaut'ful...
Forget Bewitching Food whatever, I wanna live here...
Coco: I never expected to be immersed in such a refined mood in Gourmet World...
And it's an especially relieving spectacle after seeing that Kings' footprint...
Mappy: ......Hm?

Page 19:
Side: Mappy, while unafraid of the Thorn Waves, is now croaking with fear...?!! It's one challenge after another!!
Toriko: Wah?!
What's wrong, Mapp?!
SFX: BIKUH (Surprise)
Komatsu: Mappy-san, you're speaking frog-speak again!!
T/N: Kusoge means "shitty game", "kamige" means "godly game". As in video game.
Mappy: S-Steel Clouds...
are descendiiing...!!
Guys: Huh?
Guys: S... Steel Clouds...?!
You mean those black clouds...?!
Somebody: This is baaad! We need to dive into the "Gold Swaaamp"! [quote white]
Mappy: If that happens, we...
are guaranteed to die.
Guys: HU~~~~H?!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 277
/ End

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