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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Billy Bat 119

Re-emergence (2/8)

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 6, 2014 03:02 | Go to Billy Bat

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Woo. Ok there's that all done. I had lots of fun copying those numbers down... I have no clue what's going to happen. But I think we're nearing the climax.

[Billy Bat 119 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Guy: All those who would like to go to the civic culture center, please gather in the lobby in 15 minutes.
Smith: Kevin.........
Smith2: You can't say you don't know who I mean.
Side: Smith is living a sequestered life in an old folks home. This person that has visited this old man that is active in the underworld... is an inhabitant of the underworld himself?!

Page 2:
Title: Chapter 119 Re-emergence (2/8)

Page 3:
Smith2: He's a cartoonist....... or perhaps I should say
he is the birth father of Billy Bat....... yes?
I expect you're well aware of this, but when you're in this line of work
you learn quite a bit that you soon wish you hadn't.
It was a real shock to me when I learned the truth.
Because ever since I was a child, when I heard the name Billy Bat I thought of Chuck Culkin.
Going to the amusement park Billy Land always made my heart leap......
And I was always glued to the TV when the Billy Bat Hour came on TV every week.

Page 4:
Smith2: So you can imagine my surprise when I learned he was a character created by someone else......
Well, to the world at large the artist was Chuck Culkin,
so when it changed to Kevin Goodman I couldn't help but investigate.
Speaking of which, Kevin Yamagata......
Kevin Goodman.........
They're both Kevins, aren't they?
Smith: I don't know anything past when he went to Dallas.
I heard that later he went to Japan.
Smith2: The year he went to Dallas was '63?

Page 5:
Smith2: I suppose he went to stop the Kennedy assassination then, correct?
Now, why is it that Kevin Yamagata knew of the plan to assassinate Kennedy?
Woman: Mr. Smith, are you going to the civic culture center?
Smith: Yes...... Please.
There is a Japanese comic expo going on at the civic culture center.
They may be an exhibit on the comic you're interested in as well.
even Kennedy was abandoned by this country.

Page 6:
Smith: So it's naturally that somebody like me would get kicked out of an organization like the CIA
when I learned things I didn't need to know......
Woman: Okay, Mr. Smith, hold on.
Smith: Oh, sorry......
Eventually, you'll be abandoned as well.

Page 7:
[Yep. Well I haven't got a fuckin' clue.]

Page 8:
Guy: ......That is the inheritance that you will be receiving from Mr. Chuck Culkin.
There haven't been any problems regarding money.
His total of his assets come to approximately.....
47 billion dollars.
Audrey: I know this is a painful time where people all over the world are mourning the loss of the birth father of their beloved Billy Bat, but............

Page 9:
Audrey: Seeing as he left all of this just for his daughter,
he was awful as a man, but as a father he was quite decent, don't you think?
Guy: I should mention......
After this state of mourning to this king of comics ends, I fear that the value of Chuck Culkin Enterprises will take a violent plunge.
Audrey: I've taken that into consideration.
There should be no problems.
First, the world knows that the authorship of Billy Bat has changed from my father's hands to those of Kevin Goodman.
Kevin's Billy is a strong stock even now.
I have a better head for management than my father had.
Man: That's very reassuring.

Page 10:
Audrey: Good. But there's one thing I'd like to ask.
Man: Yes?
Audrey: What is thiiis?
This contract for the perpetual rights of lease for the 24th level basement of Billy Land.
Man: Ah, that.
Audrey, as you know,
Guy: the theme park of Billy Land above ground is merely the tip of the iceberg of its total area.
Beyond that there is a vast underground facility only accessible to those authorized personnel.

Page 11:
Man: You will be inheriting all of that along with everything else, but there is one place......
only the 24th floor basement. Due to a separate contract with a certain organization, you are not the inheritor.
Audrey: A certain organization?
Man: Yes.
An organization called the "Billy Bat Institute of Historical Research".
Audrey: Billy Bat Institute of Historical Research?
Who's the representative of that company?
Guy: A man called Finny.

Page 12:
[I dunno what the hell's going on...]

Page 13:

Page 14:

Page 15:
T/N: The scroll here is a long sequence of random numbers written in Japanese/Chinese kanji. 682526871483722415 7253829181799682 71483722415145925 831799682796224 2526871468259683 24158255826257152 82515156259483715 8382838272687144 22415262558291817 9682824817996828 14483726825227682 8179961781599253 782715268716837817 91596821817253829 6892383263829185 6622415464827632 379682625838949 799596821751768 838272696821751768 8382726968282481 42551781467149726
Guy: Mister Finny.
Finny: Come in.
Guy: Mister Finny, we finally......
Guy: Using distributed computing to do a brute-force attack, in other words an exhaustive search...
we found a clue to the numbers...... A Japanese style alphabet.
By applying "i ro ha ni ho he to"......
T/N: An old way of arranging the Japanese alphabet was to have the 47 hiragana of the time listed in a way starting with those 7 syllables, largely used until the Meiji era (late 1800's). It originally comes from a poem.

Page 16:
Finny: You don't mean......
Guy: We've finally found a sequence with some possibilities.....
Finny: You found it?!!
After a quarter of a century, after we found this scroll
back in '64, you finally......!!

Page 17:
Guy: Here it is..........
Finny: Wh......
What is this......?!
What are these sequences of numbers......?!
And they both end in the same numbers......
What does this represent?!

Page 18:
SFX: GI...
Someone: Would all of those going to the civic culture center please board the buuuus!
We'll be departing momentarilyyy! Please board the buuuus!
Smith: Isn't the bus over there?

Page 19:
Smith: Y...... You bastard. Wh...... What are you doing......?!!

Page 20:
Guy: Okay, let's go.
Should I use the truth serum?
At his age, a truth serum would be dangerous.
There's a chance he could go into cardiac arrest and die.
I doubt that man's going to give us info on Kevin Yamagata too easily, though.
Smith: ..........
Guy: I guess there's no choice..........

Page 21:
Guys: !?
Wh...... What was that......?
Smith: .........
Guys: GYA......!!

Page 22:
Smith: ..........
Smith: !!
Guy: Your had fell.

Page 23:
Devivie: Are you hurt?
I've come to save you.
My name is Devivie.
Side: With the scroll of time becoming clear, the spy and assassin from long ago appears again......?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 119 / End
Appearing next issue, too!! Look forward to it!!

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