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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Toriko 281

The Daruma Hermit!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 11, 2014 06:02 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 281

Only for use by HWMN

Looks like we're off next week.

[Toriko 281 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Branchi: HAA
Guys: Ah.
Komatsu: B...
Side: HMM?!! Well this is a little awkward...
Title: 'Toriko'
Komatsu: I really wanted to see yoooou...
Branch: WUAAAAH! What're ya doin'?!!
Yer drunk off yer ass, ain'cha?! Komatsu, ya really drank too much!
Coco: I... I think the Ghost Ole I drank had a bit of alcohol in... o... o...
Handwritten: Oe...
Bra: UoO! Coco, not you!! If you throw up, that ain't no joke!!
In Bubble: That'd be poison vomit!

Page 2-3:
Insert: What is the "key" to capturing Air?!! Now we head to Branchi's grand castle!!!
Title: Gourmet 281 The Daruma Hermit!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Bra: ------Geez, fer real...
You guys really partied way too hard...
If ya drink some hot, hot
*'Ie Tea' then ya'll be okay. [quote White]
Thing: Ieee
Asterisk: *Oosaka 犬伏出-san's work!!
Bra: That should sober ya'll up.
In Bubble: Ya morons.
Thing: HOOOT
Sani: Just lookin' at that thing's sobered me up!!
What the hell is that drink?!
Komatsu: Heeeh. So this is your restaurant, Branchi-san?
'Tengu Castle'.
I've never been here before. I'm so mo~~ved!
Bra: Well, that's cause we don't got any branch shops in Human World.
Plus all the ingredients're from Gourmet World.
Once in a while during the Bewitching Food product exhibition
you can eat 'Tengu Castle's' cooking in an extremely limited showroom.
On the tastes of that alone, Branchi-san was able to get into the ranking and become a major chef, right...?
There are tons of humans that would love to come to this restaurant.
Zebra: Hmph. Well the taste might be all right,
but you'll wanna forget about the character of the chef...
Branchi: I'm seriously fer really gonna beat the shit outta you, Zebra.
And you sure are one ta talk about character.
Toriko: I heard that when Human World was in trouble
you brought tons of ingredients from here, right...?
I gotta thank you for that, Branchi.

Page 4:
Branchi: Well, thanks ta that fer a while all the ingredients in Bewitching Food World...
were these 'takoyakintama'.... [quote white]
Toriko: That's seriously not-good.
T/N: Takoyakintama is a pun on Takiyaki (The octopus balls) and kintama (testicles).
Branchi: Well, it ain't you guys' fault...
It was that 'Bishokuaki' Boss... [quote white]
What he did was downright nasty...
When I find him, I swear I'm gonna split his skull right in half.
Toriko: Well, if you can do it, it'll be a load of my back.
Branchi: Ah?
Toriko: Komatsu and I met him in person...

Page 5:
Toriko: He's probably strong enough to destroy this whole world if he felt like it...
He's probably the strongest one out there right now...
and he's also a man...
with a stomach more empty than anyone else's...
Komatsu: ..........
Bra: Keh.
Like I care.
And I say I'm hungrier.
Zebra: You idiot, my stomach's way more empty.
Now hurry up and bring me some food, Tengu.
Coco: Hey, Branchi...
Branchi: Didn' you guys just stuff yerselves to death?!
Coco: There is plenty to talk about...
regarding the situation with Human World after that and its present condition, but we cannot stay long.
We're here to see a man called the Daruma Hermit. ["Daruma Hermit" white.]

Page 6:
Branchi: Yeah, I know. Ya mean old man Daruma, right?
I'm glad ya made it in time.
The old man's sick and he looks like he's gonna die.
Guys: Huh?!!
Branchi: I think he was just takin' a cure bath in the "Kappa Hot Spring". [quote white]
He's got a "noted physician" from Human World lookin' after 'im, so.... Well, ya can rest easy, but...
T/N: Kappa's are lake monsters with plates on their heads.
Sani: A noted physician...
from Human World...?
Mappy: T... There's big troublllle!!
Branchi: Hm?
Wha's goin' on, Mappy?!

Page 7:
Mappy: Th... The Village Chief...
The Daruma Hermit's condition, it...
Guys: Wh...
Narration: Bizarre Valley
"Kappa Hot Spring"-----
Branchi: Old maaaan!!
Are ya okay?! Old man Darumaaa!!

Page 8:
People: HAA HAA

Page 9:
Daruma: HAA
Branchi: O...
Old man!!
Toriko: He...
He's huge!!
This is the Daruma Hermit?!
Daruma: HAA
Branchi: Old man!!
Are ya okay, Old Man?!!
Daruma: HAA
SFX: FURU FURU (Trembling)
Daruma: -------...
Branchi: !!

Page 10:
Branchi: O...
Old maaaaan!!!
Old man!!
Are you okay, ols man?!!!
Daruma: HAA
Branchi: What is it?!!
What, old man?!
Daruma: Br...
Branchi: !!
Old maaan!!
Old man!! Old man!! Old man!!

Page 11:
Branchi: HAH
Old man!!
Are you okay, old man?! Hm?
Daruma: HAA
Branchi: O...!!!
Old maaaaaaaan!!!!
Geez, what is it with you?!!
Are ya gonna die or ain'cha?! Make up yer mind!!
Daruma: Br...
Branchi: Ah? What is it?
Daruma: Brocken...
Branchi: Who the hell's that?!!
Have ya already lost it?! Geez!
Atashi: It's all right.

Page 12:
Branchi: Hm?
Atashino: He just peeked into the kappas' "female bath" ...
He should just be excited...
Branchi: Female...
Daruma: M... My heart...
is still pounding...
Branchi: .........
Branchi: Just die already!!
Daruma: GUHAH
Branchi: Hurry up 'n die, you perverted Daruma!!
Guys: ......

Page 13:
Komatsu: M... Might...
you be...
Atashino: ......
The "Gourmet Surgeon"!!
Sani: S... Seriously...?
The genius surgeon said to be able to cure any illness or wound with a single kitchen knife?
And also one of the strongest Bishokuya in Human World...!!
Coco: I believe I heard she was a member of the IGO's 0th Biotope...
She was one of the people that was allied with President Ichiryuu a year and a half ago...
that was targeting Acacia's Full Course.
So you survived...?
Atashino: I was not the only one
that was saved.
Guys: !!
Toriko: Ah!

Page 14:
Toriko: Melk!!
Melk the First!!!
Komatsu: I...
I knew it!!
This person is...
Melk the Second's master!!
Handwritten: He's huge!
[Melk's text is tiny and unreadable. Make sure it isn't erased.]
Guys: His voice is so quiet!!!

Page 15:
Zebra: He says he'll tell you...
Komatsu: Zebra-san!!
Zebra: what happened a year and a half ago...
how to capture Acacia's Salad----
Side: The adventure finally heads to its focal point----!!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 281
/ End
Next issue, this manga will be on hiatus.
It will resume the following issue, issue 31.

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