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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Billy Bat 120

Last Numbers (3/6)

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 18, 2014 01:13 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 120

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The numbers end in 20010911 by the way. You guys knew this was coming, right? It's all coming to a head.

[Billy Bat 120 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Disney: Is everyone gathered in front of the TV?
As always, your host is
Chuck Culkin!!
All I ever want is to see the smiles of children.
Nothing more.
Side: No child doesn't know that man. A great man that brought a happy time and fun dreams to children every week......!!

Page 2:
Disney: I'm bringing everyone to a world of dreams and fantasy this week as well!
As always, your host has been the father of Billy Bat,
Chuck Culkin!!
Okay everyone, next week
we'll meet with the bat again!!

Page 3:
Disney: All I ever want is to see the smiles of...
As always, your host is Chuck Culkin!!
Here we gooooo!
Okay, see you again next week!!
Leave it to Billy!!
Okay, let's sing along with Billy!!
Children all over the world are awaiting Billy!
Everyone's friend, Billy Bat.

Page 4-5:
Title: Last Numbers (3/6)

Page 6:
SFX: GI...
Disney: Is the door shut tight......?
Tight enough that not a single microorganism will be able to get through......?
Guy: Yes.
It's shut.
Disney: Okay...... Who are you again......?

Page 7:
Morehouse: Morehouse.
Charles: Ah...... That's right......
The star from Stanford U. The one from that crazy project......
My head isn't gone yet............
But...... once in a while I confuse the order things happen in......
Don't worry, though.
I found a good doctor in Mexico.
More: That's good to hear.
Disney: The reason I called you here............
is that I have one job I'd like you to undertake......
All of the Billy Bat artists besides the real one......
kill them......
That book over there......
is a book by a Singaporean comic artist.
Eliminate them all, starting with that one.
More: "If you draw a fake Billy Bat, then you'll be killed by Chuck Culkin Enterprises."
So that urban legend is true, is it?

Page 8:
Chuck: Up until '64......
Until then, I relied entirely on one man for that matter......
But in 64, I suddenly lost contact with that man......
He probably died.
Ever since then, the job's been unfilled.
More: And now, you're giving it to us?
Disney: That's because your project was followed by the bat ever since the war ended......
I don't think I need to explain at this point......
but if that project enters the 90's
then the budget will be reduced and closing doors won't be far off......

Page 9:
More: You've donated so much to it.......
I cannot turn down a request from you, no matter how absurd.
DIsney: And that's money the IRS has no knowledge of.
Guy: ......So then, to what extent should we eliminate?
Disney: Extent......?
More: Well, I mean to say that Kevin Goodman, the one currently drawing Billy Bat is a fake as well, yes?
Disney: Everyone besides me is a fake.
More: Isn't he your successor?

Page 10:
Disney: That is my will
as well as the will of the Fuhrer.
More: Fuhrer?
Disney: It's okay. Don't worry.
I'll be better soon......
I found a good doctor in Mexico............

Page 11:
Narration: 1990-----
Smith: Those guys are pros......
And you beat them in the blink of an eye, all on your own.....

Page 12:
Smith: Who are you:
Dev: I am the person who will protect you.
Smith: Why? Why would you put yourself in such danger to protect me......?
Ah...... What's your name......?
Dev: I am Devivie.
Please call me Henry.
Smith: Henry, the ones you just beat were a pretty troublesome lot.
I don't know who hired you or how much they're paying, but this won't do you any good.
Devivie: You see, I am a person that has once died.
Smith: Once...... died......?

Page 13:
Devivie: Yes...... And I was given life once again by the bat.
And through a new employer, I now understand for the first time.
My previous employer was terrible.
No, actually......
my whole life was terrible.

Page 14:
Smith: And who is your new employer?
Devivie: The one that protects the righteous bat.
Smith: The righteous bat?
Devivie: Yes.
He is now setting about on a new comic.
Smith: A comic......!! A new one......?!!
Devivie: The title is still pending, but....
It's called "The Billy Bat Version of World History".
It seems it is a story that will be a compilation on that grand a scale.

Page 15:
Smith: And where is that cartoonist now......?
Devivie: A safe place.
He is writing non-stop with intense focus.
At the latest, it has to be fully drawn by the end of the current century......
Smith: And what is that cartoonist's name?
Devivie: I believe it's a name you'll recognize.

Page 16:
Devivie: So, what do you think?
Smith: I'll really be able to read it......
I'll be able to read the continuation of Kevin Yamagata's magnum opus......

Page 17:
Devivie: Yes.

Page 18:
Guy: Gu...
Scientist: Jeffery is sleeping like a rock.
When I received word from him, I couldn't believe it myself.
Finny: But it's finally solved.

Page 19:
Scientist: Yes. The last riddle of this scroll......
This code-like number......
Using distributed computing, we applied the Japanese alphabet to an exhaustive search..........
I've also inspected Jeffrey's calculations. And no matter how many times I check them.....
I invariably end up at those numbers.

Page 20:
Scientist: Mister Finny.
As a scientist, I do not approve of uncertain remarks.
Nor do I like to say anything that sounds superstitious, but...
over my long experience as a scientist, I have developed something I would call intuition.
Mister Finny, these numbers are certainly not a code that indicated the location of some treasure.
I have an inkling that these numbers are not something that should only be known to use few in this cramped basement.
This is something that should be known to all of humanity......
Finny: What are you trying to say, Doctor Copland?

Page 21:
Copland: I can't find a good way to express it, but I'm concerned about the last numbers of those two rows.
The identical numbers they both end in......
FInny: I see. That is a remark that's rather uncharacteristic for a scientist.
Though I'm not actually sure if...... you are a scientist.
Copland: ......
Finny: That Star-whatever project at Stanford University you were part of......
you investigated supernatural phenomena and extrasensory perception, did you not?
And ever since the war ended, you've been doing research regarding the bat, haven't you?
Copland: What are you talking about?

Page 22:
Finny: Just that there's a possibility your are not a scientist......
but rather, a spy.
Cop: Really, I have no idea what you're going on about.........
Finny: Then why don't you take out that gun you're planning to shoot me with?

Page 23:
Finny: Jeffrey, which side are you on?
Jeff: Y...... Y......
your side, of course, Mister Finny.
Finny: Then hurry up and solve this.
Jeffrey: HIH......
Finny: What do these two sequences mean?
And why do the end in the same numbers?!!
Side: The secret last numbers of the scroll of time. Do those numbers indicate chaos for mankind?! The year is 1990.
Bottom: "Billy Bat" 120 / End
Running next issue, too!! Look forward to it!!

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