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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Toriko 282

Four Paths!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 25, 2014 07:21 | Go to Toriko

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[Toriko 282 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Branchi: DAHHAHHA!!
So basic'lly...
Title: "Toriko"
Side: What is the path to 'Air'?!
Branchi: So you got roped in by that dirty old Daruma, too, eh?!!
Zebra: Ya mean my Full Course's dessert?
Hmph... All that happened was in exchange for him giving me that ingredient
I listened in to what some female Darumas were saying for him.
Handwritten: DAHHAHHA! Serves ya right!
Zebra: But seriously...
The hell is it with people that have the name "hermit" and being perverts?
Branchi: Dunno.
Hey, there it is.

Page 2-3:
Branchi: The hill where all different sizes of "Meteor Rain" pours down from the sky. [quote big/bold.]
'Stardust Hill".
Title: Gourmet 282 Four Paths!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Insert: This is Gourmet World!!!
Zebra: Huhhuh. Makes air raids look cute in comparison.
Handwritten: So it's not gonna destroy the world, huh?
Branchi: Man, our route's definitely the hardest.
Branchi: But why do I gotta team up with you, Zebra?
This sucks, fer real.
Zebra: Ya took the words right outta my mouth, moron.

Page 4:
Narration: A few hours earlier----
Melk: ...Therefore
you will be splitting into four teams.
Toriko: Hold on, Melk, you had an 'Amplifier Stone' the whole time...?
In Bubble: Why didn't you say so?
Komatsu: Um... Basically, first
we just need to aim for those 'Slow Rain Hills', right?
So why do we need to take four routes, then?
Atashino: To put it simply
to avoid the risk of everyone dying simultaneously.
As you know, when "night" arrives in Gourmet World, the weather of 'Area 8' becomes quite severe.
Even we members of the 0th Biotope cannot be too careless.

Page 5:
Atashino: As you go towards the center of 'Area 8', the rainfall of the region gets heavier.
Maps show an ocean, but in actuality it's a wasteland full of different kinds of torrential rains.
Map: Slow Rain Hills [Top]
Heavy Rain Region [Middle]
Bewitching Food World [Circle]
'Area 8' [Bottom]
Atashino: Honestly, I would prefer to go in with 10 or 20 teams, but...
because we have Four Heavenly Kings, we will split into four teams with one each...
Sani: But if we're on our own, we won't know a lot about the area.
Does telecommunication equipment even work in this heavy rain region?
Mappy: We'll have the 'Three Bewitching Food Beast Warriors' go with yoooou.
Sani: Three Bewitching Food Beast Warriors?
Mappy: The first is "Oniga Village's'" young "Saiseiya"
the Blue Oni, "Dinner".
Dinner: Nice to meet you.
Description: 'Three Bewitching Food Beast Warriors'
Blue Oni Dinner

Page 6:
Mappy: The second is the up-and-coming "Bishokuya" from 'Kappa Vally'
Kappa "Nosh".
Nosh: Just leave it too meee! [Music note]
Box: 'Three Bewitching Food Beast Warriors'
Kappa Nosh
Mappy: And the third is the "chef" with a shady history from the well-known "Mt. Tengu",
Tengu "Branchi".
Branchi: Who're you sayin's got a shady history?!!
Box: 'Three Bewitching Food Beast Warriors'
Tengu Branchi
Mappy: They're the three young warriors that represent the current Bewitching Food World.
I can vouch for their streeength.
Sani: Is this seriously gonna be okay?!
Handwritten: Especially long-nose!

Page 7:
Guy: Though they're not as good as the old era when 'Mappy', 'Takeshi', and 'Nopekichi' were the Three Beast Warriors.
Text: Former Three Beast Warriors
Sani: It used to be you guys?!
Takeshi and Nopekichi were strong?!
Komatsu: Huh? But don't we need one more guide if there are only three Beast Warriors?
Mappy: I'm goiiing.
By the way, I hope the guys that go with me
have prepared themselves a biiiit. ["prepared" in bold.]
Daruma: M... Mappy...
Make sure you don't push yourself too hard...
Daruma: It's good if you can... If you really have a chance, good...
If you just do what you can... you don't have to say it's definite... or that you'll do it no matter what...
it doesn't have to be 100%... but...
I think it's also okay to have the spark of that 'at any cost' sort of feeling, too...
so go get it no matter what it takes!! Go find "Air"!! ["Air" huge]
I've got a really good feeling that if I eat "Air", my illness will go away!!
Branchi: I think dying once would really do that dirty old Daruma some good... Yep...

Page 8:
Sani: No...
Mhm... Definitely wrong...
Nosh: Okaaaay! This-waaay! [Music Note]
Sani: It's not Mommy it's Sani!!
Who the hell is Mommy?!!
That wasn' even close!
Nosh: C'mon, hurry-uuup!
Sani: No...
First off, I'm not going to get "Air" for the sake of that perverted Daruma...
And anyhow, why do I gotta team up with the ugly-lookin' Kappa?
There's a lot wrong here.
'N why do I gotta wear this ugly thing...?
This is also wrong.
Noshi: Don't say-thaaat! [Note]

Page 9:
Nosh: It's called a 'Spectral Feather Robe'.
It's a robe made of the feathers of-the mystery bird-the *'Spectral Noko'.
Asterisk: *Aihime Prefecture's Kouno Taiho-san's work!
Nosh: I've got the best de-fensive abilities in-all of Bewitching Food-Wooorld! [Note]
Sani: Could you do anything about that way you talk?
Nosh: !
Sani: Uh
Sani: !
Sani: Wh... What is that?!
Nosh: That not goood...
Looks like it's started to come dooown...

Page 10:
Nosh: "Laser Rain".
This is the place where a rain made out of lasers pours down.
The 'Beehive Plain'!
Sano: Seriously...?
Hey, Nosh, how do we get through this place?
Nosh: All we can do is dodge and dodge and dodge some more!
Sani: Uh, isn't that sorta impossible?

Page 11:
Dinner: ...Excuse my rudeness, but...
I have to ask...
Dinner: I've heard rumors that you were designated as a dangerous creature...
Coco: Mm... Yes, a long time ago...
Though I suppose I'm even more dangerous now.
Dinner: I have some sense of kinship with you.
Honestly, I feel that we are very similar beings...
Coco: .........
Are any of the 7 civilizations that are said to have flourished in Gourmet World
besides 'Bewitching Food World' still remaining?
Dinner: I don't know.........
I also don't know to what extent they flourished, either...
All of the civilizations are in places that suffered great damage in the past...
The pioneers starved to death...

Page 12:
Dinner: It's the unrelenting cheerfulness of our village that saved us...
But we say that if a time were to come where we could truly, truly, laugh from the bottoms of our hearts
then it would be when we ate the treasure of the continent, "Air" together. ["Air" in white. "treasure of the continent" big/bold.]
Coco: .....
Don't worry.
No matter the cost, we'll get it...
And we'll all eat "Air" together!
I'm certain...!!
Dinner: Right...!
I'm sure I can count on you, Coco-san.
Dinner: These are the 'Poison Rain Meadows'. [quote white]
It looks like it's starting to come down...

Page 13:
Dinner: A rain of lethal poison...!!
Very well then.
Guys: Hey, Mappy.
Mappy: Hmmm?
Toriko: Is there anyone at the village that's ever eaten "Air"?
Mappy: Noooope.
Only the village chief knows how to cook it
which he learned from a particular network of contacts.
Komatsu: Is that so...?

Page 14:
Mappy: "Air" is our village's...
Toriko: I heard that in order to assemble Acacia's Full Course...
there's a proper order and route...
In other words, unless we eat Air, the next continent, 'Area 7', will be hidden.
And we won't be able to obtain Acacia's Soup, 'Pair'. [quote white]
Komatsu: I wonder what kind of effect...
eating Air will have...
Mappy: In Gourmet World, there are tons of places that you can't ever cross normallyyyy.
So even we have only heard rumors...
The mountain range where you can't breathe... The cave where you age at 200,000 times normal speed... A door that only souls can pass through... A valley where your thoughts slip away...
You probably need to clear those things in order to obtain the ingredients of Acacia's Full Coooourse.

Page 15:
Toriko: I guess the main reason is...
because we need to level-up our Gourmet Cells...
I suppose...
Mappy: .........
Ah, just as I'd expect...
You sensed it?
Toriko: M... Mappy, you...
Now that I think of it, you said that for the route you were taking...
we'd have to prepare ourselves, right...?
You don't mean...
the path we're taking is...
Mappy: Yes, that's right.
Oh, looks like all of them are heeeere. ["all of them" in italics.]

Page 16-17:
[Check out those horses.]

Page 18:
Mappy: "Horse King Hill"-------
This is the nest of one of the Eight Kings, "Horse King Heracles"! [quote white.]
Toriko: Wh...
do we have to go through here...?
SFX: GATA GATA (Teeth chattering)
Mappy: The reason we inhabitants of Gourmet World...
were able to create our own unique civilizations was
because of the rulers of the continents, the Eight Kiiiings.
Since ancient times, we have survived by being protected by the Eight Kings.
And each time, we gave a sacrifice to the Eight Kiiings.

Page 19:
Mappy: Across the vast Gourmet World...
one cannot go to capture the "Continent's Food King"... [quote bold]
without getting permission from the "Ruler of the Continent". [quote bold]
Toriko: .........!!
Komatsu: Mappy-san?
Side: The path of resolve...!!!
Mappy: I will die heeere.
It remains to seee
if they will be forgiving with my life alone...
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 282
/ End
Next issue, the curtain raises on a fierce life-or-death battle...?!

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