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Spica 1

Winter Giraffe

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 28, 2014 06:59 | Go to Spica

-> RTS Page for Spica 1

Reserved for Blue Flor and Be With You Scans

Ok, before I get back to 3-Gatsu I'm gonna do this collection of one-shots that I said I was gonna do a while ago. This first one's really short, but still touching.

[Spica 1 Translation by Kewl0210]
[All the text on the title is translated except for the little romanized chapter titles. So uh, you can translate those somewhere on here if you want, but I'm gonna translate them in the actual chapters.]

Page 2:
Titles: Winter Giraffe
Green Puppy
Flower Cradle
Sunset Candy
While Waiting for Innocence
Bottom: This is a work of fiction. There is no connection to any existing people, groups, or events whatsoever.

Page 3:
Title: Winter Giraffe
Umino Chica
Narration: Papa and I drove the car along the edge of the sea.
We came to a far-away zoo that the we went to before when it was three of us.
Dad: Uwah. Chilly.
Boy: Today is a birthday.
Boy: It is not mine.
Dad: Did your cold come back?
Boy: It's not mine, either.
Dad: Here, wipe your nose.
Boy: It's Mama's.
Hey, Papa.
Isn't the giraffe cold?
Dad: He must be cold. A lot colder than us.
He's actually from a much hotter country.

Page 4:
Boy: Why did the giraffe come here?
Dad: Well, so he can see the children of countries giraffes can't normally see.
Boy: Then why
isn't anyone coming to see him?
Dad: ............
Mom said the same thing.
Go buy some carrots at the entrance.
Dad: Huh?
It overturned?!
The *caliper broke?
Asterisk: *...A part of the brake.
Dad: You idiot,
don't give up!!

Page 5:
Dad: Listen, some European maker is coming, right?
Go to Works and get one.
The installation hole should be the same size.
Boy: Before I was born, Papa used to ride his bike all over the world.
Dad: This is a UAE Rally.
This is a Malaysian Rally.
Boy: But when I was born
and my Mama that had been in the hospital for a long time died.
And now Papa's friends ride on the bikes in the photos.
Dad: Hey, Souta.
It's a giraffe.

Page 6:
Souta: Pa......
Bars: The white zoo in the evening
was enveloped by the light of the fireflies overflowing from the speakers.

Page 7:
Bars: One slips into my ears and whispered to me.
Souta: Why?
Why is it here?
Dad: For the children.
For the children.
Bars: I realized......... Maybe
the one that sewed them in place was me?
Both my father as well as the giraffes.........

Page 8:
Dad: Time's about up, Souta.
Hurry and give those carrots to......
Bar: from the place they should be
Dad: I see.
It's because it was the three of us here last time, huh............?
I guess I reminded you of that.
Bar: to this place so far away......
Dad: Let's go get something you like to eat, Souta.
What would you like?
Hey, Souta.

Page 9:
Text: <Winter Giraffe>
I saw a winter giraffe at a big park in Izu.
There was a little snow and its breathe was white. I thought a lot when I looked at it.
Probably a little too much, so it appeared in Honey and Clover, too.
The Ferris Wheel in Volume 2 is from the same park.

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