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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Billy Bat 122

Redo (5/8)

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 1, 2014 03:25 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 122

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Ok, the scanlations should supposedly get done soon now.

[Billy Bat 122 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Kevin: If I fail, it's all over.
Side: Why did that assassin appear before Smith in the first place?! And now, our story goes back......?!

Page 2:
[Dang. It was HIM.]

Page 3:
Title: Chapter 122 Redo (5/8)

Page 4:
Momochi: Eh......?
Oh shiiiiit!!
Somebody, come quiiiick!!
Someone's...... someone's falleeeeen!!
Box: 1964----

Page 5:
Momochi: Someooooone!!
Somebody: Hmph.
You're still breathing, huh?
Do ya want help?

Page 6:
Zoufuu: All right, I'll help ya.

Page 7:
Zoufuu: So yer awake, eh? Ya better eat up or you won't get better.
Now say aaaaah.
Yamashita: Sensei, you're all right?!!
Zoufuu: What, ya think I'd drop dead that easily?!!
Yamashita: WA!!
Th...... Th...... This is that assassin foreigner!!

Page 8:
Yamashita: No way we can leave a guy like this alive, Senseeeeei!!
Zoufuu: Then go ahead 'n split his noggin open and end 'is life, Yamashita-kun.
Yama: Okay, got iiiit. How dare you do that to the Village Chief and the Village Elder~~~!!
Aw dang. I can't finish off somebody weak 'n defenseless like this. I'm an ally of justice, dangit~~~...

Page 9:
Zoufuu: Mm. Well said.
And good job protecting my manuscript.
Yama: Ah... This...?
I did just what you said, Sensei, and showed it to Kinji-san.
But....... But Kinji-san, he...........
Zoufuu: He was shot, correct......?
Yama: Yes. How did you know?
Zoufuu: I went to your house to deliver that secret code that would show the location of this mountain hut, Yamashita-kun.
Yama: Right, Sensei. It's a great code that only you and I would understand.
Paper: Go buy cigarettes.
Zoufuu: When I was doin' that, I heard the villagers talkin' to each other.
They said that the mangaka Kevin Yamagata was shot......

Page 10:
Yama: Kinji-san's condition has been Isshin Tasuke.
Zoufuu: I think you mean "isshin ittai".
T/N: Isshin Tasuke is a fictional character. "Isshin ittai" means "switching between doing favorably and unfavorable".
It looks like you weren't the only one after his life.
If you still are after his life, that is.
Yama: What're you crying fer?
Zoufuu: Ya read it, right?

Page 11:
Yama: Ah...... Yes. When he read "The Story of Your Mother" that Kinji-san wrote, he got all funny.
Zoufuu: "The Story of Your Mother", eh......?
It's just as I thought......
Kinji-kun reproduced Shishou's manga, eh......?
Manga: Waaan! Wan wan!
Help me, Mommy!
I don't know what to do!
Say this incantation. [This stuff's from chapter 90]
Cissy: Shishou wrote it for me before he left.
A story of the son I really want......

Page 12:
Devivie: Incantation?
Cissy: Billy Bat, Billy Bat. Billy, Billy Bat [Note]
Grant my wish, Billy Bat [Note]
Devivie: If I say those words,
will the things I did disappear?
That's amazing!! So they're magic words that can change the past?
Cissy: They can't change the past.
They'll correct the future. [All this is from chapter 90]
Zoufuu: Shishou......

Page 13:
Zoufuu: Your mother......
was a wonderful woman.
Devivie: I'll commit harakiri.........
Zoufuu: Don't you get it?!!
Cutting your belly won't bring back the people you killed!!
You damn fool!!

Page 14:
Devivie: Uu.......
Zoufuu: Okay? Listen up!!
Ya can't change the past, but ya can set things right in the future.
There's only one way for you ta redeem yerself.
Protect a certain man.
Yama: A certain man?
Zoufuu: Yamashita-kun, my manuscript.........
Yama: Y...... Yes, sir.

Page 15:
Zoufuu: This is the undersketch of a manga I drew recently.
A certain man goes to the moon
and he finds something incredible there.
A picture of a bat that grants wishes.
This man lived a life much like yours.
And like you, he wished to redo the past.
Devivie: What happened when he said he wanted to redo it......?
Zoufuu: This.

Page 16:
Billy: Oh, dang. It's this late already?
Okay, so long.
A bat can't fly over nothin', but...
Scroll: Then, the lone bat flew.
He flew higher and higher, leaving the earth. And...
Scroll: Then, the lone bat flew.
He flew higher and higher, leaving the earth. And...

Page 17:
[Not all that much here.]

Page 18:
Devivie: This is the Earth......
Zoufuu: That's right.
And I couldn't think of.............
a single good idea to avoid this!!
We mangaka a need to make a collective effort to think of something!
Me, my disciple Kevin Yamagata, and his disciple as well.
This ain't the time to be cutting bellies.
Protect my disciple.

Page 19:
Box: 1990----
Smith: So you risked your life to protect me, but......
haven't you got the wrong person?
Devivie: I also once performed a job that was called "extermination".
The job of disposing of the so-called fake Billy Bats.

Page 20:
Devivie: It's been over 20 years since I retired from it. I haven't done it since.
But suddenly, just one year ago.........
Devivie: The artist of a particularly good bootleg Billy Bat was killed.
The "extermination" had begun again.
Well, I had done it before so I knew better than anyone.
That person would not be the only one "exterminated".
Everyone connected with the production of the comic as well as their families......
would all be "exterminated".
Smith: You have my thanks.
So that's why you came to protect me first.
But the person you really should be protecting is......
Devivie: Yes...... I know.

Page 21:
Devivie: Kevin Goodman.
Kevin: I told you, I don't know how.
I've never known you to be so wimpy.

Page 22:
Billy: I told you, it's because you went and changed the outline.
Kevin: Well that's because you were urging me to do something and that's what I came up with.
Billy: I didn't say that.
Kevin: Oh, there it is again!
As soon as things get inconvenient for you, you always blame the other one.
Are you the black one or the white one?
Billy: Neither. I'm me.
Kevin: This is such a joke.
Billy: That's my line.

Page 23:
Billy: Hey, try drawing.
Kevin: What?
Billy: Try to draw what would've happened before you warped everything.
Kevin: I don' wanna.
Billy: That four-eyes assassin went to the moon.
He was sick of everything and made a wish to the bat drawing.
He said he wanted to redo his life.
So tell me, what happened then?

Page 24:
Side: What happened when that four-eyes assassin originally changed history?! The strory starts there......!!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 122 / End
Appearing next issue, too!! Look forward to it!!

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#1. by superjoy ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2014
-Ok, the scanlations should supposedly get done soon now.-

Sigh, I really hope that... this is an amazing manga, what a pity that the chapters are missing... :/ anyway thank you for your work, I'll wait for the others translations! :D
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