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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Toriko 283

The Horse King's Sacrifice!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 2, 2014 05:23 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 283

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[Toriko 283 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Toriko: Th......
The air...
feels heavy...
Side: An overwhelming presence!! Who does it belong to...?!
Toriko: Riddle Chapter
I don't even care if its data...
is in it at all......!!

Page 2-3:
I don't think that a "Capture Level".........
could measure this...
Title: Gourmet 283 The Horse King's Sacrifice!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Insert: The reigning absolute ruler!!!!

Page 4:

Page 5:
Toriko: HAH
SFX: GULP... GAKU GAKU (Trembling)
Toriko: ..........
Th... This is...
One of the Eight Kings......?!!
Mappy: There are other "Phantom Beast Heracs", keep in miiind.
But only he, the member of the "Eight Kings" is called "Heracles". ["Eight Kings" bold, "Heracles" white.]
Toriko: M... Mappy...
What the hell is this place's... what's with the weight of the air around here......?!
This air feels like friggin' clay.
It's hard to breathe...
Mappy: That's because the air is thin in 'Horse King Hiiill'.
We've gotta plant more "Air Trees".
Toriko: Air Trees?
That tree...
I know that tree...

Page 6:
Toriko: There were ones like it from the first time I entered Gourmet World in the "Underground Forest".
A tree that produces air----!!
Now that I stop and look...
there are a lot of Air Trees around here.........
The Horse King wants aiiir.
Yeeep... Those big Air Trees must be pretty good.
Torikooo, Komatsuuu,
I'm now going to diiie.
and become fertilizer for the Air Treees.
Toriko: Huh?

Page 7:
Mappy: If they have something with a strong life force as their nutrients...
the Air Trees will be able to make more good-quality aiiir.
Mappy: CAR-eru.
Car: Gero...
Mappy: Cheer up,
Toriko: H... Hold on a sec, Mappy.
Mappy: Heracles-----
Would the sacrifice of my life be enough...
to allow us to capture "Air"---?
Please... if you can, allow it with just my one life...

Page 8:
Toriko: Mappy!!
Wh-What do I do...?!
Is my only choice to right...?!
With that monster----
Komatsu: .........
These trees........

Page 9:
Narration: Eastern Bewitching Food World. A bit a ways from the village, 'Atmosphere Garden'----
A fertile land which fosters the growth of many plans with its nutrient-rich "Fertilizer Rain" and its localized "sunlight".
As a result of the abundance of oxygen that the plants produce by photosynthesis, it is one of the few gardens of healing even Bewitching Food World.

Page 10:
Daruma: Ah, sorry.
But comin' here calms me down.
Atashino: Some of the symptoms of your illness resemble attitude sickness, Village Chief.
This place with its high levels of oxygen should be optimal for your treatment as well.
Daruma: It must be because I've been in places with unstable atmospheres for so long,
but the air here feels quite delicious.

Page 11:
Daruma: Those ones are the same way...
Melk: They're Phantom Beast Herac children, yes...?
Horses who have the blood of the "Horse King" running through their veins...
Atashino: There are even juvenille Demon Beast Daruma Horses and Janis Unicorns... ["Demon Beast Daruma Horses" and "Janis Unicorns" are bold/white.]
Daruma: There are many types of food preferences like "herbivores" and "carnivores", but the giant horses that live on "Horse King Hill" all eat "air", they're "Aerovores". ["Aerovores" white]
Of course, there are species that eat plants, fruits, and meat as well,
but most of them only enjoy "air"...
To them, "breathing" is like "eating".

Page 12:
Daruma: And for Horse King Heracles, one breath (one meal) is enough for him to keep moving for about a month's time.
In other words, even without eating anything, if he just "takes a breath" he can run around the world hundreds of times...
It's said that it can fight non-stop at full-strength for a month.
And on the other hand, if it doesn't do anything, than it can easily live for one year on a single breath.
Atashino: A normal human can only maintain full-strength movement without oxygen for about 8 seconds...
And even if they're not doing anything, they can only hold their breath for a few minutes.
Melk: It's incredible to think that the air itself is its only source of energy...
Is that why the Horse King is called call the ageless, immortal horse?
Daruma: The key is its outstanding "lung capacity"
and the "amount" of air it exhales.

Page 13:
Daruma: The amount of air Horse King Herac inhales in one breath is approximately 360 billion tons. ["360 billion tons" bold]
In volume, that is in fact *300 million cubic kilometers.
Asterisk: *Approximately the volume of the sea water of the Atlantic ocean.
Daruma: But because he only exhales 10% of the air he takes in, the air pressure of 'Area 8' is always low.
The discharge from those exhalations is air that contain toxins. And through updrafts, it becomes various forms of torrential rain that pours down over the continent.
That is why 'Area 8' is called the "Rain Continent". ["Rain Continent" white]
Still, the Herac's breath is about only once a year...
so there is still plenty of air for the great variety of Gourmet World's plants, animals, and microbes to replenish it.
there is one event, where it "gives birth".........
which requires nearly 100 times the normal level of fresh air...
And the only thing that can provide all that at once is none other than...

Page 14-15:
Daruma: The "Air Fruit" which grows on the 'Giant Air Tree', ['Giant Air Tree' white, 'Air Fruit' bold]
Food King "Air".
Only one "Air" grows every several hundred years.
And one fruit has enough air condensed into it to provide an atmosphere to blanket an entire planet.
It is said that once Air has matured that the moment it hits the earth, the air that bursts out from it
blows away all of the clouds on the continent
bathing the ground in a shower of light and rainbows with 100 colors form.
For that moment only, light passes through the water and air
and the continent that was sealed away with incredibly thick clouds is connected to the other continents.
The Horse King targets that moment to give birth.
Then, the newborn child runs up a rainbow bridge
and while letting out a sonorous neigh, it is said to head towards another continent.------
In ancient times, those on other continents that heard that cry and were awed by it called it...

Page 16:
Daruma: Herac's Response---------
Though still a child, it crossed the continents and made the Horse King's power known. And it is said that at some point, across the world
it became called and feared as "Heracles"...
Melk: That small, unreliable Herac child...
that immature baby...
Daruma: Exactly.
Atashino: So that one was born without enough air to breath, huh...?
At the very lease, in the last few tens of thousands of years, there hasn't been...
any record of a Herac foals crossing a rainbow...
Melk: The "Nitro" discovered a technology to harvest a ripe "Air" before it falls. [quote white]
So I suppose Air has been carried off every time it ripens...

Page 17:
Daruma: We've taken the technology for preparing "Air", but...
we cannot win against the "Blue Nitro"...
Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to harvest "Air"...
However, if Heracles himself goes after it, then the delicate "Air Fruit" will likely rot in an instant.
The decline of the member of the Eight Kings, the Horse King...
signifies the end of this continent...
What we...
What we even now can only do...
is to become fertilizer for Air Trees...
it is a meager offering, but that way we can at least...
become part of the air that is the Horse King's food...
Melk: Hermit...
I think that Toriko and Komatsu...
might be able to do it.

Page 18:
Daruma: Hm?
What do ya mean?
What wazzat?!
Atashino: The rock fell...
Mappy: -------...
What do you think you're doiiiing?!
Why would you take out a kitchen kniiife...?
SFX: SU...
Toriko: ......
Komatsu: A voice...

Page 19:
Komatsu: I can hear a voice...
The voice of the "ingredient"...!!
Mappy: .........
Toriko: Komatsu...
Side: What is Komatsu's plan?!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 283
/ End
Next issue, Horse King Heracles and Toriko clash----...?!

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