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Billy Bat 123

Kiyoshi's Life [6/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 13, 2014 08:07 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 123

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Okay, this one's done. I'm STILL trying to figure out why the scanlations aren't done it looks like...

[Billy Bat 123 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Kevin: This man's true life............
His real history......
Side: What was the world Kurusu was... was supposed to want?!
Title: Chapter 123 Kiyoshi's Life [6/8]

Page 2:
[Look at little Kiyoshi go.]

Page 3:
Kids: Ooh!!
Kids: WoaH! It really looks like he's moving!!
Kids: You drew that flippy manga all on your own?
I knew you were a genius at drawing, KiyoshI!

Page 4:
Kurusu: Hehe......
It's not a flippy manga, it's called an animation.
Kid: Ani......?
Kurusu: Haven't you heard of it?
Kiyayama Seitarou-sensei from Kitayama Movie Productions
and also Shimokawa Outen-sensei are making animated movies.
Kids: HAAH......
Kurusu: It's a kind of motion picture.
The era of animated movies is coming!!
Kids:HA~~~H. I'm not sure I get it, but that sounds pretty big.
You're too smart, Kiyoshi. I can barely understand what you're saying.

Page 5:
Kiyoshi: I'm baaaack!!
Mom: Welcome back, Kiyoshi!! Um.....
Dad: Oh, Kiyoshi, you're back! I was just about to pour a Calpis.
Kurusu: Waa! Calpis!!
Mom: Hey!! Wash your hands first!!
Kurusu: Okaaaay!
Huh? Were you about to say something, Mom?
Mom: Ah, well.........
Dad: Here, I poured it. Let's make a toast!
Kurusu: Did something good happen?

Page 6:
Mom: Well, Kiyoshi, your father has become chief clerk.
Kiyoshi: Chief clerk?!! So you're a big-shot at the factory now, huh?
Dad: Well, I dunno about big-shot, but I'm doing all right.
You're smart Kiyoshi, so you've gotta become even more of a big-shot.
Kiyoshi: But, Dad, I.....
I want to become an animator!!
Mom: Oh, this boy, he's using more of those difficult words...
Kiyoshi: It's not a difficult word! It's a kind of motion picture.....
Dad: It sounds good.
You're great at drawing, Kiyoshi!!
There's nothing better than having a dream!!

Page 7:
Kurusu: Dad!!

Page 8:
Kurusu: HAA
Dad: Kiyoshi!!

Page 9:
Dad: You're okay, Kiyoshiiii?!!
Kurusu: Dad. The house...... The house.....
Dad: It's okay if the house is gone.
As long as we have our lives, we'll manage somehow.
As long as we're alive, we can build as many houses as we need!

Page 10:
Dad: I see.
A machine drawing technical skill diploma......
Well done, Kiyoshi.
Kurusu: I thought I could draw plans for a secret weapon for the army.
Dad: What an honorable choice.
You've graduated top of your class from the Tokyo industrial arts school...... and I heard you had the best grades out of the history of anyone who graduated, right?
Kurusu: Y......Yes. But
all of my friends have been dispatched to the war, and I'm the only one on the mainland facing a desk......
Dad: That's okay.

Page 11:
Dad: Going to the battlefield isn't the one way to serve one's country.
Live, Kiyoshi.

Page 12:
Kurusu: Hold on, Mom!! Dad should definitely be fine at Tsukudajima!!
Mom: Kiyoshiiii!!
Kurusu: Dammit!! Ther've been over 100 air-raids, enough already!!
Like hell I'm gonna diiiie!!
Mom: Kiyoshi~~~~!!

Page 13:
Mom: Is Dad...... Okay?
Kurusu: Yeah...... He's fine.
Mom: Kiyoshi......

Page 14:
Mom: There's nothing left, is there......?
Kurusu: No......
As long as we have our lives, we'll manage somehow.
Mom: Huh......?
Kurusu: I'm.....
going to draw manga.

Page 15:
Bat: TOOH!
People call me
Silver Bat!!
Text: Silver Bat
Guy: Whatever, just hurry up. You're keeping the printer waiting!!
Kurusu: The ones waiting the most aren't the printers!

Page 16:
Kurusu: They're the readers all over the country!!
Okay, fo all the fill-in inking and do the finishing touches!!
Guy: Yes, sir!!
Heeew! Anyhow, 'Silver Bat' sure is popular, isn't it?!!
Paper: Manga Award Winner
Guys: When you talk about Mangakas these days, you're talking about Karama, Tezuka, and Kurusu!!
Ah, Kurusu-sensei, please give me your autograaaaph!!
Woman: KYAAAA!!
Kurusu: I'm already thinking about my next move.

Page 17:
Guys: Next move, you say......?
Kurusu: The production of the country's first TV anime!!
Kids: OooH! So cool!!
Silver Bat is moving!!
Guy: A press conference is now being held about Silver Bat;s all-American launch!!

Page 18:
Somebody: This year's movie award for outstanding animation goes to......
Director Kurusu Kiyoshi for 'Silver Bat'!!
Mom: I'm doing very well today.
Kurusu: Yes...... That's good.
Mom: Sorry, I know you're busy, Kiyoshi......
Kurusu: What are you talking about, Mom......?

Page 19:
Mom: Thanks to you, I led a truly fun life.........
Kurusu: Yes, hello?
Ah, Shimane-san from Koudankan, huh? Hold on one moment, would you?
Have the manuscript done right away?
All right, understood. I'll be heading home in just a bit.
What a beautiful sunset.

Page 20:
Girl: Um.....
You're Kurusu Kiyoshi-sensei, aren't you? Would you mind signing this?
Kurusu: Yes, of course.
What's your name?
Girl: It's Yumiko.
It's the "yu" from "freedom" and the "mi" from "beautiful".
Kurusu: Huh?

Page 21:
Kurusu: Huh?
do I draw him again......?
Ah...... Um......
I...... I'm sorry, I......

Page 22:
[Dang. I hate when that happens.]

Page 23:
Billy: Geez. This even happened ta you, eh......?
Oh, dang. It's this late already?
Okay, so long.
A bat can't fly over nothin', but...
Scroll: Then, the lone bat flew.
He flew higher and higher, leaving the earth...

Page 24:
Kevin: And then......
Kevin: This is his real life............
The real history......
Humanity was supposed to end......
And I......
I rewrote it.
Side: Human history will not continue forever...... No, it really ended. What as shock!!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 123 / End
Appearing next issue, too!! Look forward to it!!

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#1. by superjoy ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2014
Thank you; anyway from Issue 33 Billy Bat will be in hiatus so I hope scan will restart in the meanwhile.
#2. by kewl0210 ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2014
The last 2 of the previous group of 8 still haven't been released. The guys working on it promised me several times it was all almost done and gonna come out at once, and it hasn't. It's been a really long time now. So I'm really kinda annoyed. Especially when I've been putting in the effort to get these done every week.
#3. by alquimistafm ()
Posted on Jul 21, 2014
Anyway we can read the manga every week, this is the most important thing.
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