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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

3-gatsu no Lion 33

On a Hill

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 23, 2014 03:24 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

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Welp, let's continue.

[3 Gatsu no Lion 33 Translation by Kewl0210]
Contents: Chapter. 33 On a Hill
Chapter. 34 Silver Thread
Chapter. 35 Water's Surface
Chapter. 36 Bottom of a Blue Night
Chapter. 37 Torrent
Chapter. 38 Passing Time
Chapter. 39 Through the Night
Chapter. 40 Kyoto (1)
Chapter. 41 Kyoto (2)
Chapter. 42 Kyoto (3)
Bottom: This is a work of fiction. There is no connection to any actual people, groups, or events.

Page 7:
Title: Chapter. 33 On a Hill

Page 8:
Guy: Heeey,
how's it going?
Hina: Ah, stop! Grandpa, don't let the Nyaas in right now!!
Guy: Oohh, sorry!!
Akari: Ah, here.
These are dry!!
(Handwritten) Hina: KYAAH
(Handwritten) Cats: Waa, papeeer!
I wanna run on top of that paper-nyaa!
Someone: Thank goodness, we're gonna make it!! Now we can also fill all those additional orders!!
Handwritten: Hina deluxe potato stamp wrapping paper ☆
And this time was also the first try using a stencil for part of it!!
Someone: And you did such a beautiful job on these, again, Hina!!

Page 9:
Akari: We've had so many additional orders. Isn't it amazing?
I'm so happy.
Guy: How many boxes should we order for the "multi-tiered assorted food boxes" for Doll's Day Festival?
When I went to look in the place we store them, I thought we might not have enough...
Hina: Plain boxes are fine!! I'll make more using Hina-sama's special colorful wrapping paper with potato stamps and stencils!!
And if there are any leftover, we can use them for other seasons, right?
Akari: I'm glad we got so many orders for boxes.
Thanks to your idea, they're a big hit, Hina!
Hina: And getting plain boxes lowers makes them cheaper, right?
I've gotten pretty used to using stencils now, too.
I think I'll be able to do an even cuter print next time...☆
Someone: The Doll Festival sweets really are cute, aren't they?
I know how often people give those multi-tiered assorted food boxes.
Everyone will love getting these.
[If you wanna put a note about what the Doll Festival (Hinamatsuri) is, go ahead. It's not plot-pertinent though.]

Page 10:
Akari: Okay then,
What should we do for this year's "Doll Festival" at our house?☆
Momo: Inarizushi!
T/N: Inarizushi is fried tofu filled with sushi rice.
Handwritten: HAF HAFH MUHAAA
Akari: What was that...?
Now, when we hear the words "Doll Festival", you think of chirashizushi, don't you?
In Bubble: Not things like chakin-zushi...
T/N: Chirashizushi (scattered sushi) is sushi rice topped with a variety of vegetables and raw fish. Chakin-zushi is a kind of inarizushi with the sushi wrapped in a thin omelette.
Hina: Hina wants... to eat inarizushi, too...
Akari: Oh, I see...
Ah, oh well. ☆
I want some, too. ☆
How about I make a big plate of them and some clam soup on the side?
why is it inaruzushi is so delicious?
You boil it in swe~~t oil, fill them with crunchy, minced lotus root,
then you put looots of egg soboro and sesame seeds inside...
Handwritten: If you're not careful, you might lose control and eat way too much...
Momo Handwritten: Make the inarizushi right awaaay! I want it, I want it!
I love sesame seeds to much! Please put lots and lots in it! Inarizushi!!
SFX: Spellbound HAF HAF HAF

Page 11:
Hina: I want to give Rei-chan some to eat, too!
I wonder how he's doing...
Guy: You'll wanna wait a smidge longer.
He may be a kid, but he's still a man.
He's got pride, ya know?
Hina: Oh, I just
don't get i~~~t!
Handwritten: Hold up.
Handwritten Hina: But he won't be happy if he's hungry~~~
Is it really okay for him to be hungry because of his priiiiide?
SFX: BASA BASA (fwip fwip)
Hina: I don't care anymore
if he never comes back.
Cause I'm gonna go talk to him myself.
I'm gonna cram his mouth
with inarizushi!
Rei: Uh...

Page 12:
Rei: Now I go down this hill...
I think.
Shimada: The house is on the way down a hill in an old street
in a spot with a wonderful view.
Black Bar: Starting today, I'll be joining Shimada-san's study group.
Shimada: Hey, glad you made it. I was about to give you a call.
I know this area's pretty hard to navigate.
Rei: Sorry for being late.
Nikkaidou: Oh!
You're late, Kiriyama!
Black Bar: The meeting place is Shimada-san's house.

Page 13:
Black Bar: I knew that meetings like this existed, but
Shimada: Ah, lemme introduce you.
Guy: ...........
Shimada: This is Shigeta Morio-kun. He was in the Shoureikai at the same time as me and we've been buddies ever since.
He's kind of quiet, and he has an unpleasant look in his eyes, but he's not actually angry.
-----And once he gets used to you, he'll start making digs at you, so don't worry about that.
Also, he'll only say about three things that don't have to do with shogi an hour, but it's not like he doesn't wanna be here! ☆
Handwritten: Hey, Shigeta-kun, it's Kiriyama-kun~~☆
You know him, riiight?
Rei: It's good... to meet you.
SFX: Anxious...
Black Bar: this is my first time participating. so I'm a little nervous.
Shimada: Okay then, how about we ease ourselves into it?
Available time is 1 hour.
If that runs out, you have a 30 second countdown for each move.
Once both games end, we'll be analyzing them...
got that?
Guys: Yes.
let's begin.

Page 14:
Rei: For pro shogi players, study groups are held once a month and made up of 4~6 people in order to study and get actual practice in.
So often each person will have 30 minutes to an hour of available time
and then have 30 seconds to 1 seconds per move if that runs out.
They will frequently play 2~3 games a day.
And once the game is over, all participating players analyze and reflect on their games.
By doing this
though the eyes and hands of another human being, a completely new path will open up on the very same game board.
A study group is a place where people come together to look for that.
Shimada: Okay then,
let's get started on analysis.
Um, Nikaidou was sente and led off with a static hisha.
Gote was Shigeta-kun, and he had a spirited central hisha.

Page 15:
Nikai: I-
I guess.
A spirited central hisha is one of the manliest tactics among the ranging hisha strategy.......
If I have to say it.
Shigeta: What... exactly does that mean, Nikaidou-kun...?
Floating Text: *Looks like he lost
SFX: GIRIGIRIGIRI (Grinding) Hu...... Huhahahaha
Nikai: Well......
I'm just sain' that 'ranging hisha' is a pretty passive counter, so it becomes a war of attrition... is all I'm saying.
I feel it's a pretty un-manly move.
Shigeta: ...
why don't you tell us about the 'static rook anaguma'?
I'd say that's an ideal move if you're going for a drawn-out battle, right?
'Also, wouldn't you say that the spirited central hisha that is, as if it wasn't obvious enough, "manliest among ranging hisha", doesn't quite add up with what you propose?'
Box: *Neither one looking each other in the eye at all.
Nikai: 'I'm just saying that generally 'stop the kaku's diagonal' is sort of a "How about this?" passive move. ---Like this way I can go for a counter without taking the initiative, that sorta thing----...'
Shimada: Hey, guys, c'mon now,
maybe you should stop? I think you could continue that conversation to the ends of the galaxy
and still never reach a conclusion, right? ☆

Page 16:
Rei: Yes. How about we start?
We finally have everyone together after all.
Shimada: Thank yooou, Kiriyamaa!
Rei: ...I mean,
either one of those tactics, it really doesn't matter, does it...?
Shigeta: AahN?
Nikai: Hey, Kiriyama, what'd you just say?!
Shimada: Aah...
Top Box: *all-rounder ☆
Bottom Box: *Many shogi players are quiet people, but they all really independant!! They get really passionate about shogi!!
Handwritten: KIRI KIRI KIRI... (*stomach)
Narration: ----And so
1 hour later (still analyzing)
3-6 Fu 7-2 Gyoku
----And here
I think it should be 3-7 Gin.
Box: Stomach Medicine
Shigta: .......How shallow.
Kiriyama, Nikaidou, just as you guys said
if it were 3-7 Gin, then that would lead to 5-4 Gin and 5-6 Fu, and then it's really no good.

Page 17:
Somebody: Huh? Then don't go up with 5-8 Kin right, use 3-7 Gin!
if you get the Kei away from the two Gin you'll have control over the center, won't you?
Exactly!! Kiriyama just came up with a good one!! ----But from 4-7 Gin
to 3-6 gin, that sorta old style is more noble and superior in a static hisha sorta way!!
Noble?! What're you talkin' about?! So you'd seriously use that in a real match?!
In Bubble: Huh?!
How 'bout it? If you're gonna praise it that much, why don't you use it? I guarantee you'll lose, though!
Somebody: U-
I'm really sorry to bother you
when you're all getting so heated, but...
Guys: YES?
Box *In a frenzy
Shimada: Could you
pause for a second? ☆

Page 18:
Nikai: Are you okay, Anijya...?
What's wrong? Your stomach suddenly hurts...?
It's pretty rare for Anjiya to not be feeling well...
He really takes care of himself. He's not the type to get into a bad state of health like that...
I really... wonder what happened...
Rei: The title match is close. Maybe the pressure's getting to him.
I really hope he gets better soon...
Nikai: But
4-7 Gin to 3-6 Gin,
that's one move I could never forgive.
Rei: Man, you're persistent!
You're still talking about that?!

Page 19:
Nikai: Liiike I saaid! 4-7 Gin is way better than 3-7 Gin!
You'd totally seal off the opponent from development!!
Rei: I told you, didn't I?! You don't always have to come at them gently!
Nikai: Still, 4-7 Gin isn't wrong!!
It's a clear-cut proper shogi shape!!
Nikai: Dammit. If only we had a board here...
I could correct that superficial thinking of yours!
Nikai: I know! Kiriyama! Why don't we go talk it over at your house?!!
Handwritten: Huh?! Now wait a sec...
Rei: Hold on---- Er, actually...
we're already right in front of my house, aren't we?!
You've been following me home!
I never said that was ok!

Page 20:
SFX: SHI....N...
Rei: From 4-6 Gin, 3-7 Kei...
Nikai: ......
Even so, I'm really thinking 4-7 Gin to 3-6 Gin.
Both: ......
Birds: KAA...

Page 21:
Both: ....................................
Birds: KAAA
Rei: -----Say, uh, that bird that was there,
it hasn't come back up, has it?!
Nikai: Yeah, it hasn't come back!
The bird that dove down before...
Rei: HUuHHH? Just how long can birds dive for?!
Nikai: D-Don't you wanna take a breather! Hey?! Are you okay?!
Rei: How?!
Nikai: Scaryyy!
Rei: You don't think a fish go it?!!
In BUbble: Like, eaten...?!
Rei: Ah! There it is!!
I knew it was there. Right in front of the register!!
I knew I could count on the bookstore next to the river!!
There'd be a need for it.
Book: Waterside Bird

Page 22:
Somebody: Dammit!
There are really this many types?!
Which one is the one from before?!!
Ain't it this one?
Rei: You idiot, it was black, right?! The one before!
Handwrtten: And look closely,
A wingspan of 92-105cm?!! It wasn't that big, right?!
Guys: Okay!!
Let's go back to that spot by the water one more time!!
We'll check with our eyes!!
roger, Kiriyama!!
Rei: Shiit! We're gonna figure out that thing's identity no matter what it takes!
Nikai: All riiight!
Bottom: Chapter 33 E N D

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