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Billy Bat 124


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 26, 2014 03:23 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 124

Only for use by Mangabandits

Ok, so Mangabandits is scanlating this manga. I just got the raw of 125 so I'll translate that soon, and that'll end this series of chapters. Doesn't look like the actual manga is gonna end this series, though. It DOES look like it's heading towards the end, however. For real this time. Not like the other 20 times I said it might end soon.

[Billy Bat 124 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Kevin: This is...... the real history............
Title: Chapter 124 Escape [7/8]
Side: On the moon, Kurusu wished to redo his life and human history ended..... or at least it was supposed to!!

Page 2:
Billy: Anyways......
Kevin: !!
Billy: that man went to the moon and made a wish on the moon bat picture,
then mankind ended.
And you just did whatever you wanted and rewrote it.
Kevin: Hold on a sec. So you're saying that man really existed
and really went to the moon?

Page 3:
Billy: You're talkin' about that now? You drew the friggin' fall of the Berlin Wall in a comic.
Kevin: I just drew an interesting comic that came to mind.
I'm no prophet!!
I'm just a cartoonist!!
Billy: Hey,
quit trying to distort it like that.
Kevin: ..........
Billy: You rescued the world from danger.
That was a good job. You really did somethin' big.

Page 4:
Billy: You rewrote too much.
It's at the point where there's nothing i can do anymore.
For the rest, you've got to handle it on your own.
Kevin: H...... Handle it......?
What do I do?
Billy: Ya got me!
There's only thing I know right now.
Kevin: .........

Page 5:
Billy: That after the two towers fall......
things are gonna start to get crazy chaotic.....
Kevin: What......? What's that mean?
Hey, say somethi.....

Page 6:
Kevin: A comic I drew when I was little.....
There's an assassin in front of the house.....
and I'm his target.....
Diane: There's been a strange car parked nearby the house a lot recently.
Kevin: ..........
And this is the method for escaping the house I drew back then.....

Page 7:
Diane: Hey, Kevin,
Kevin: !!
Diane: You can take it easy today, right? How about dinner......?
Kevin: Mom, call everyone back.
Diane: Huh?
Kevin: The security people and the help. Including the butler, Arnold.
Diane: O...... Okay, what about you?
Kevin: I've got to go.
Diane: Then I'll have Arnold drive you when he gets here.
Kevin: ......No.
I'll call a taxi.
Diane: Why would you go out of your for a taxi......?
Kevin: Because that's the sorta thing that's going on.

Page 8:
Kevin: At least, that's the sort of thing going on now.
But past here, it's like you said, mom.
We don't know what's gonna happen.
Women: young master, it's so good to see you again!
If I knew you were coming I never would've taken off.
Kevin: Miss Maureen, Miss Kate, you're both looking well.
I'll stay longer next time.

Page 9:
Kevin: I'm leaving mom to you, Arnold.
Arnold: She's in good hands.
Kevin: She's the sorta person that goes after suspicious people with a bat anyhow.
Diane: What're you whispering about?
You should take care of yourself before you start worrying about others.
Kevin: See ya, mom.
Diane: Take care.
You never know what's going to happen in life, but......
whichever path you take, you're the one that decides your destination.
Kevin: I know.
Whenever you're unsure of something, you always go for the words of Reverend King...... right?

Page 10:
Diane: Yes.
"I have a dream."

Page 11:
Guy: He's on the move.
He's passing me now.
Once he's somewhere where you won't be seen, dispose of him.
Guy: Roger.
Kevin: Driver,
are you from around here?

Page 12:
Guy: Yep. Born and bred. I know these roads like the back of my hand.
Kevin: Then could you step on it?
Guy: Well, we've got quite some time before the next plane.
Kevin: When I was a kid, I used to have this crazy idea in my head
that the car behind me was some bad guy that was after my life.
Guy: Hohoh. Well, if you're in my hands, we'll lose him in no time.
Kevin: Then please lose him.
Guy: Hahhahhah! By the way, there sure are a lot of patrol cares around here, ain't there?
Kevin: In that thing I pretended when I was a kid
the taxi driver was also their accomplice.

Page 13:
Kevin: The idea was he would stop in some place where there'd be nobody around to witness anything and the car behind me would catch up.
I don't know how much he was paid to do that, but...
in the end, the taxi driver would get killed, too.
Guy: ........
Kevin: I mean, makes sense, right? It's not like the guy in the car following me would just graciously hand over the money to somebody who's seen his face.
Even though I was just a kid, I think that's a really adult-ish idea to have.
Ah, that left curve up ahead.
Try speeding up a little.
Guy: ......!!

Page 14:
Kevin: It'd be best if you just went all the way to the airport.
You know there are police in front of the airport, right? If you can make it, maybe try stopping there.
Guy: Ah.....
U..... Um...
Kevin: Okay, let's both be as careful as we can.
Guy: Ah......

Page 15:
Kevin: Huuuu.....
Kevin: There's a swamp in the thicket over there, so I've gotta be careful.
Man, I can't believe that memory of being soaking wet became useful for me at this age.

Page 16:
Kevin: It's really drawn well.
......Okay, next is......

Page 17:
Kevin: Woah......
It really came......
And cars don't come down this road that often......
It's just like in the comic......

Page 18:
Kevin: !?

Page 19:

Page 20:
Devivie: That was naive.
Quite an amateur move, that was......
That car you tried to hitch a ride with
was also an enemy.

Page 21:
Devivie: My name is Devivie.
Please get in.
Kevin: O...... Okay.
Devivie: Why aren't you wary of me?

Page 22:
Kevin: I had drawn everything up until you came when I was a kid.....
It all went according to the comic.
Devivie: Wonderful..........
Kevin: What......?
Devivie: I was thinking that you look just like the glimpse I caught of you previously.
Kevin: You caught a glimpse of me?
Devivie: I saw a large number of bats swarming together and I saw you.
Kevin: ......?

Page 23:
Devivie: I was told to protect you.
Kevin: By the bats?
Devivie: By Mr. Smith.
Kevin: Smith......
Devivie: Now then, what shall we do from here?
Kevin: From here........
Yeah...... I've done it like this up till now.

Page 24:
Kevin: The problem is what to do past here.
There's a job I need to do.
Devivie: I'm looking forward to it.
Kevin: Yes...... to readers
drawing is a big job.
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 124 / End
Appearing next issue, too!! Look forward to it!!
Side: Past here is a "future" that even Billy cannot predict. What can Kevin do......?!

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