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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Billy Bat 125

Must Not Touch [8/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 26, 2014 06:29 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 125

Only for use by Mangabandits

Ok. There we have it, this group of 8's all done. I'm hoping Mangabandits gets through them relatively quickly, I think they are. Uh... so the series continues in October. I guess I'll be back at this for another 2 months then. Who knows, maybe the story will end this time? I have no clue.

[Billy Bat 125 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Somebody: Hm......? Where do you think this is?
Maybe Europe...... This is...... East, I think.
It's Eastern Europe, right?
There's a church. I can see a church.
Mmmm. Well, despite there being a church here, this is.....
Side: The Billy Bat History Laboratory. In order to decipher the "scroll", Finny has gathered the wisdom of mankind......?!

Page 2:
Guy 1: It's a different religion..........
Guy 2: Yeah, this is a different religion than ours.....
Guy 1: Hold on a sec.....
Guy 2: Yeah?
Guy 1: Try looking at it a little more from an overhead view.
Guy 2: I see.
Guy 1: Now pull a bit back.
Guy 2: I see, I see.
Guy 1: Hm?
I can smell it.
Guy 2: What kind of smell is it?

Page 3:
Finny: How long do you intend to let them do this?
Jeffrey: Shh! We're just getting to the good part.
Finny: There's no good part to this. Aren't they just doing that thing that they reported on CNN yesterday?
Title: Chapter 125 Must Not Touch [8/8]

Page 4:
Jeffrey: What're you talking about?
The Soviet Union's been promoting research on ESP since before the war..
And in the 70's, even America scouted around for soldiers that seemd to have ESP during the Vietnam War.
Understand, Mister Finny?
That sequence of numbers you had us research,
it's sure to be connected to a random number generator that made use of quantum mechanics.
In those devices, they have walls with a 1 in 2 chance of a particles passing through it or not.
It'll have a system where if the particles goes through, that's a "1" and if it doesn't that's a "0". So as a result, 0 and 1 have an equal probability.

Page 5:
Jeffrey: By the way, do you know about "quantum entanglement"?
It's the phenomenon of when two particles collide and no matter how far apart they go, they eternally affect each other.
......So in current mainstream supernatural research, they think that those particles may extend to affect human emotions.
A random number generator was used to create that data collection.
Actually, it's been reported that just before and after a major incident occurs in the world, random number generators show abnormal deviations.
In other words, the connection to people with ESP and the scroll is the connection between quantum entanglement and random number generators.
Finny: That was quite a scientist-like speech, but....
I know there's no other way of describing it.

Page 6:
Finny: The old me would probably have discarded this as a waste of time.
Jeffrey: It's certainly not a waste of time. Verifying one thing at a time like that is what science is all about.
Finny: I know. That is what we average people must do.
After all, we......
cannot become like those "simpletons".
Guy: Mister Finny, your spirit really has weakened quite a bit, too, hasn't it?
Finny: !!
It's you.........

Page 7:
Finny: Morehouse............
So you started again, didn't you?
More: Started what?
Finny: Disposing of the authors of fake Billy Bats all over the world. Isn't that right?

Page 8:
Morehouse: Where did you hear that? I wouldn't expect someone like you to be manipulated by such dubious information.
Finny: Only "simpletons" can see the bat.
Do not dispose of any more "simpletons".
More: Leaving them alone causes unsavory things to happen.
Such as the Kennedy assassination......
Incidentally, Mister Finny,
have you seen it?
Finny: Seen what?
More: The bat.

Page 9:
Finny: And what will you do once you learn that information?
More: Oh, nothing. Ever since the war was still going on
even before the OSS or CIA were formed
you've been assigned to this job.
As it were, you've been given the go-ahead from successive generations of presidents.
I've been wondering why it is only you have such a position.
Finny: I don't know, really.
But one thing I can say.
All those in power have interest in that bat.
More: Well, that's to be expected.
Finny: Why do you say that?
More: I mean, it can manipulate time, can't it?

Page 10:
Finny: And what happens when you do manipulate time?
You end up dead.
More: Is that the conclusion you came to after chasing the bat for all these years?
Finny: I'm still not sure if that's the conclusion yet, but either way, the road of research has been long and harsh.
The project at your place seems quite trying, too, isn't it?
Anyhow, the government has washed its hands of this organization.
Though fortunately, thanks to my ties with Culkin Enterprises, I have been able to make a smooth transition to the private sector.
It's all being done at his own expense.
More: Wonderful............
Mister Finny......

Page 11:
More: I would like you to vacate this research laboratory.
Finny: I told you, didn't I? Thanks to Culkin, we moved into the private sector.
More: Those are all mine.
This is the contract I made with Chuck Culkin when he was still alive.
Everything in this facility now belongs to me.

Page 12:
More: We'll immediately be going through the procedure of your vacating...
Finny: Leave.
More: That's how you killed Doctor Sinclair as well, isn't it?
Do you intend to be a grave keeper guarding a treasure?

Page 13:
Finny: No.
This is no treasure.
More: What's that.........?
Finny: It is something that humans must not touch.

Page 14:

Page 15:
Jeff: What're you doing?
Finny: Ah, Jeffrey, please give me a hand.
Grab all of the materials you can carry. We're getting out of here as soon as possible.
Jeff: I can't let you do that.
Finny: ?
Jeff: What do you think you're doing?

Page 16:
SFX: PAN PAN PAN [This is the top, big one. It's gunshots so it's important, even if it's not in a bubble.]

Page 17:
Somebody: Let's go to "Billy Bat's Mystery World" next!!
I'm gonna get on fiiiirst!
Hey, slow down, you'll trip!!
Hey, is that Mystery World, too?

Page 18:
Guy: Hih......
Finny: Two...
Two towers...... disappear.....
What was the point......
of knowing...... that......?

Page 19:
Billy: This scroll sorta document......
I'll be holding onto it, 'kay?
See ya.

Page 20:
Guy: Someone, hurry!!
Hurry, we need an ambulaaaance!!
Somebody: KYA KYA KYA
Jackie: Huh?

Page 21:
Girl: What's wrong, Mom?
Jackie: N...... Nothing. N... Nothing at all...
Girl: Did we pass by an old boyfriend of yours or something?
Jackie: CLose!!
Girl: No way, seriously?
Jackie: No...... Well, a long time ago before this building was made, I had a date around here.
Girl: Heeeh. And? What happened with that boyfriend?
Jackie: No-thing!! He was an ass. I lent him some money and he never came back since then. So it was goodbye with that date.
Girl: You've really never had an eye for guys.
Jackie: Hey, what's with your tone, Maggie?
Girl: Even dad got into debt and ran out.
Jackie: That's different.....
Your dad liked people too much, so he took on other people's debts.
He ended up with no way out, so his only choice was to run.

Page 22:
Maggie: That's what I meant by you don't have an eye.
Jackie: Hey, it depends on your way of thinking.
There are always good times and bad......
Jackie: !!
No way.....
Again, after all this time......?
Maggie: What is it, Mom?
Billy: Jackie, it's been a while.
What I'm about to say is real important so make sure ya memorize it.

Page 23:
Jackie: It started again........
I'm normal. I'm normal. I'm normal.
Maggie: Mom, what's wrong?!!
Jackie: I'm normal......
Billy: 42.95939399218842...... -1.079035982403531......
Jackie: Huh?!
Maggie: Mom?!
Billy: I'll say it one more time.
42.9593939921884200109 -1.0790359824035311200109 [Right side cut off]
Jackie: There's no way I could remember something like that!!
Billy: It's 20010911. Make sure you remember that!! Otherwise............

Page 24:
Jackie: O...... Otherwise, what..........?
Side: 42.95939399218842...... -1.079035982403531......?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 125 / End
The newest volume which will contain up to this chapter will be volume 15 and will goes on sale in September!!
Insert: Next serialization will begin in October!!
The era is the year 2000..... To the moment where the way the world works suddenly changes......!!

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