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3-gatsu no Lion 34

Silver Thread

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 31, 2014 04:25 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

-> RTS Page for 3-gatsu no Lion 34

Only for use by Be With You Scans

Be With You Scans promised they were okay with continuing it at a decent pace so I'm continuing it with them. If something happens and it ends up falling behind like Omoni Naitemasu did (and is) I'll maybe try somewhere else. But they're a really good group and they seem like they're really willing to do it.

[3-Gatsu no Lion 34 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 23:
Title: Chapter. 34
Silver Thread

Page 24:
Sign: 20th Sponsored by Hakuzen Newspaper
Shishi-Ou Championship
Shishi-Ou Souya Touji VS Shimada Kai 8-Dan
Rei: I...
I guess this is the right place.
In Bubble: ...What a huge hotel...
On Page: Feeling Nervous
17 years old
Nikai: Kiriyama!
Rei: Nikaidou.
SFX: Tetete...
Nikai: Anijya is in the waiting room doing interviews right now.
This is the 20th one, so to commemorate it there's a "fan gathering" before the pre-championship event.
The games don't even start until tomorrow. I feel bad for Anijya and everybody.

Page 25:
Nikai: The "fan gathering" starts at 3.
Once it starts, please try to be by my brother's side as much as possible.
Rei: Huh? Are you really sure?
We've got nothing to do with this. You want to be by his side...?
Nikai: Nothing to do with it?!
We're in the same study group, aren't we?!
Handwritten: Plus I'm his little brother disciple, ya know?!
He's gonna be surrounded by a crowd of people he's not used to.
I wanna be next to him so he doesn't strain his nerves and get worn out the day before the match.
If he has a 'familiar face' nearby, he'll be more relaxed, right?
is a person that's more considerate of other people than most...
Rei: ...........
Nikai: What?
Rei: Ah,
Nothing at all.
Handwritten: Nikaidou... you're not actually more mature than I am, are you?
Rei: Got it.
Nikai: ?
Box: Didn't think of that.

Page 26:
Nikai: Also,
savor this atmosphere a little.
You'd better get used to it!
Come now, take this moment to soar!
And let us have no lapse of concentration!
Rei: 'Come now'?
Nikai: For when we eventually appear in the title match. Duh.
Rei: HUUUH?!
Rei: You really came out with that quick!! It was like it's just a matter of course!
In Bubble: We're still C1 and C2 right now, ya know?!
Nikai: We will.
We'll definitely make a bid for the title.
That's a certainty.

Page 27:
Black Bar: ----When I looked at Nikaidou's face as he said that
Nikai: If we don't believe that, what are we doing?
Rei: ......
Black Bar: I was quite shaken.
Guy: !
Rei: 'Kay,
Nikai: We'll come back to the hall at 3 o'clock, okay?
Rei: Yeah.
Bottom: ----While I was wandering around in circles

Page 28:
Rei: he, someone my own age, was already
strengthening his resolve.
Guy: When I saw you
I felt I had to say something.
tournament winnings and fee for playing
besides what you need for living expenses, pretty much all of it
is deposited with us, the Kouda family, right?
Knowing you, you must be thinking
it's 'For all the help you've given me.', but...
you know you don't have to think that way, right?
Rei: ----But I can't...

Page 29:
Guy: It's okay, ain't it, Kouda? For him to just keep giving it to you to hold onto?
I mean, a kid's not gonna use big money for anything good anyhow.
Kouda: Rei isn't that sort of boy.
Rei: !!
Handwritten: GYAH
Pres: Izzat right? And now that you mention it, for a kid
forget what he's using it for, he doesn't even have a way of using all this money yet, does he?!
Stuff in the back: Liquor
Unseemly shops
Pres: Poor kid. Finally making a bit 'a cash
and you've got no way of using it!
I guess all that's left is women?! You could give it to a selfish woman to support her, somethin' like that?!
Handwritten: Eh?! Whadda ya think about that angle, huh?! Kirikama-kyuuuuunnn!!
Kiri: AUH
That hurts
Kouda: President, that's enough.
Please leave us alone for a minute.
Bottom white: You little...
Kouda: Well,
the president is right.
I will hold onto it until you come of age, but...
please call me if you ever need anything.

Page 30:
Kouda: ......
That reminds me.
How is Kyouko?
She seems to be going to your place a lot,
is she bothering you?
Rei: Huh...? What's he mean......?
Kouda: .........
She's not going then, is she?
I thought so.
I really don't know
what she's thinking anymore at all......
Rei: Dad......
Big Sister is......
Guy: Kouda 8-dan, Kiriyama 5-dan,
excuse me,
would you mind taking a picture?

Page 31:
Rei: -----What do I do?
Do I say something?
----But if he finds out about it, father will...
and what will happen to Big Sister?
I guess there's really nothing I can do right now.
What an
amazing garden...
I can't believe there's a place like this
in a hotel in the city...

Page 32:
Rei: There's a pond...
Why did they pass by each other by?
Both Big Sister and Father...
How did their two existences pass by each other
this much...?
I thought they were so
inseparable before...

Page 33:
Rei: A sun shower...

Page 34:
[There's that guy.]

Page 35:
[The champ. The final boss. The evil king.]

Page 36:
Rei: ..........
Someone: Heey!
Pres: Souya!
There you are!
Hey, over here!
Souya, you dang idiot!
Pres: Hey, you're our leading man, dangit!
Where are you disappearing off to?!!
Aaah, geez you're all wet, aren't you?
Handwritten: U-Um...

Page 37:
Pres: Hey, Kiriyama!
I see you over there. Why don't you come, too?
Handwritten: The meet's about to start and the star's out here.
We can't have that now, can we?! Geez.
Pres: C'mon, let's go!
You, too! C'mon!
Rei: Okay...
Rei: -----That took my breath away...
I mean...
he had no presence at all.

Page 38:
Black Bars: The moment I saw him
Kiri: He never looks any different.
It's like time's stopped for him or something...
Black Bars: all sound disappeared from the world.
'This is not a person'
I head someone murmur that deep in my memory.

Page 39:
Black: That moment he disappeared
the sky broke apart
and a heavy rain poured down.
---You're going to fight that man?
Rei: Shimada-san...?

Page 40:
Top Right Small: An article by Senzaki Manabu
Top Right Big: Senzaki Manabu's Lion Shogi Column
Big Right: The title match of many battles played all over the nation
"Shihi-Ou Championship" (Lion King Championship) is a good name, isn't it? There are lots of title matches in shogi with names in kanji like the Meijin Championship (Master), the Ryuu-Ou Championship (Dragon King), and the Kisei Championship (Great Player), and there really aren't any written in Western writing.
Now then, title matches are the finals of a competition which are the flowers of the shogi world. The way the game is handled is incomparable to the battles up to that point which decide the challenger. They're upgraded from a shogi hall in Sendagaya built 30-something years earlier to a first-class hotel and or a traditional Japanese hotel.
To give you a model for the place where the first game of the Shishi-Ou Championship is held would be the bustling Mejiro, Tokyo hotel, 'Chinzanso', I suppose. It's a high-class hotel said to be one of the new big-three, and here is where for the past two years the Meijin Championship's first game has been held.
Not all title matches are played in Tokyo. No, actually it's rare for them to take place in Tokyo. They actually take place all over the country. It would seem that the reason for this is partially because the sponsors are newspapers and they want to increase sales. Sometimes they even take place overseas. They've been held in Paris, London, New York, and other big cities all over the world. Recently they've been in China a lot as well. And as a rare occurrence inside the country, they have occurred in Toudai Temple and Mt. Hiei Enryaku Temple as well.
At the title matches, it's not only shogi players, but also the people who setup the match, players from the Japan Shogi Association, staff, and sponsors. There area also dozens of journalists covering the match, so a lot of people have to be moved for these events. Also, in the Meijin Championship and the Ryuu-ou Championship, they're broadcast live on NHK, so the TV station's staff (there's a lot of them) come, too. Because of this, and because it's so hard to get everyone together, they frequently call shogi fans and celebrities and such that are nearby and put on a magnificent pre-championship event. With all that setup, and in concern for the special situation that is a shogi game, as you might expect there are many staple hotels that are quite used to it.
Also, many competitions end with one side winning overwhelmingly. And when that happens, everything past that gets canceled. This is a pretty harsh condition for wherever accepts this position. Therefore, there are many staple hotels chosen for the latter half of the competitions, and one of them is 'Jinya' in Kanegawa Prefecture. In exchange for the ever-present risk of cancellation, it's always in a serious state when the title matches come, so Jinya gets a lot of famous matches played there.

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