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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Gintama 504

A Shogun's Duty and a Shinobi's Duty

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 2, 2014 22:18 | Go to Gintama

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[Gintama 504 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Somebody: The Honnouji Incident.
Insert: Time is turned back----
Title: Lesson 504
A Shogun's Duty and a Shinobi's Duty
Author: Sorachi Hideaki
Somebody: As a result of Akechi Mitsuhide's treason, Oda Nobunaga's dream of uniting all of Japan vanished into flames.
With him at the time was the man who would later become known as Shinkun, Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu,
T/N: Shinkun (God Ruler) was a nickname to Tokugawa, the first Shogun, after he died. Kinai is the name of some of the ancient provinces of Japan.
Somebody: had been isolated within the Kinai and had falled into the worst dilemma of his life.
Mitsuhide's hunters of fleeing soldiers were approaching
but the ones that assisted Lord Ieyasu and protected him until he got to Mikawa
were us,
the ones called the Iganin.

Page 2:
Somebody: It became known to the world as 'Shinkun's Crossing of Iga'.
That deed is what caused Lord Ieyasu to employ the Iganin.
And in the present day they continue to serve the Shogun's family
as the Imperial Oniwabanshuu.
Guy: As you seek this position as well,
you must cultivate a spirit of loyalty tantamount to theirs.
Guy: Yes, whatever happens, the Oniwaban
would never doze off when during a story of Shinkun's Crossing of Iga.
Guy: Zenzou,
go stand in the hall.
Sacchan: Sensei.

Page 3:
Sa: The idiot has been standing out there for a while now.
Hattori: ...Geez. I'm sick of hearing about the crossing of Iga and all that.
Who cars about loyalty? Save the lectures for the samurai. We'll be reading Jump.
We just need to polish our techniques and we'll...
Guy: Your techniques are soft, too!!
Guy: Zenzoou!! It looks like the hallway won't cool the head of a wretch like you!!
Guy: Go stand in the Sanzu River!!
Hattori: Now this is interesting...
T/N: The Sanzu River (River of Three Crossings) is the river you cross to get to the afterlife in Buddhism.

Page 4:
Hattori: I knew a ninja's techniques were way more important
than listening to lectures!!
Sa: ............
Hattori: Sensei, I'm tired of that lecture, too.
Handwritten: Geez, that parent and child do this every day...
Sacchan: How ironic.
The shinobi that once protected the Shogun as he headed East
is now protecting a Shogun that was displaced from Edo
and is moving back West.
Woman: Yeah, I wish it were the Shogun.
We've got that thing to protect.
Gin: Heeey! What're you guys standing around for?!!

Page 5:
Gin: I toldja ta bring me all of this place's dumplings!!
Shin: Are you angering a Shogun?
Kagura: If you are too disrespectful, we will decapitate every last one of you! Got that, servants?!!
Gin: Geez. Standing above others is such a pain in the neck. Hey, pay this useless servant 360 yen an hour.
Handwritten: Tea!!
Hiji: Just wait a little longer...
Gin: Man, the annoyances never end. The Sankin-kodai system makes those annoyances just keep coming like a stampede.
I mean, I'm a shogun walking out in the open like this
and there ain't a single enemy trap.
Handwritten: Man, I'm stuffed.
Hiji: In what world is there a shogun like this?
Gin: Do those enemies seriously even want to assassinate the shogun? If they're not into this I'm just gonna go home.
Gin: Come on out already, assassins!!
The shogun's right friggin' heeeere!! Feel free to attack me at any time!!
Someone: Hey, hey, quit it!! You're gonna ruin the plan!
Woman: The Oniwabanshuu sure has fallen, hasn't it...?

Page 6:
Someone: Well, it's just us, isn't it...?
After Lord Ieyasu survived the Crossing of Iga
he later created the Bakufu and the Iganin rid on his coattails,
but even if this plan succeeds and Shigeshige-sama makes it to Kyou,
I wonder if he'll seek to get his authority back after he's lost all this power.
I wonder if both the Shogun and us
will have... a future on this path.
Zenzou knew that and that's why he didn't come, right?
He used to say it all the time, right?
The Iga's started off as paid mercenaries for lords during the Warring States Era. They haven't changed at all from when they'd switch masters willy-nilly.
The shogun is simply the one that pays the most for the Oniwaban's skills.
We're creatures that never had some great devotion to our masters in the first place.

Page 7:
Sa: ..........
He's... different.
He may not have
some loyal heart or anything, but...
Guys: Sarutobi!!
Shuge: The duty of the Oniwabanshuu is not to protect the Shogun
it is to protect the Shogun's duty.
And a shogun's duty
is to protect his people and his country even if he must risk his life to do it.

Page 8:
Shige: If a day comes where you
become part of the Oniwabanshuu,
and if a day comes where I
become Shogun
perhaps we can fight together for the sake of this country.
I look forward to that day.

Page 9:
Mai: Shi...
Mai: Shige... Shi...
sa... ma
Hattori: Sorry.

Page 10:
Hattori: You cannot protect
this country as the Shogun.
By giving your life, you've accomplished your duty as a Shogun.
And I have fulfilled my duty as a shinobi.

Page 11:
Mai: Ze...
Hattori: You won't be able to move for a while.
Though I guess your eyes can move.
Burn the image of what happened here into your eyes
and let future generations know.
I'm the culprit that has assassinated a shogun, the greatest crime that can be committed,
Hattori Zenzou.
I'm prepared
to carry that crime for all eternity.

Page 12:
Hattori: Aw, geez.
I'm really... not a fan of rough jobs.
This is why I hate teaming up with people.
Guy: It... It can't be, this is...!!
Guy: Where did this fleet come from...?!!
I'm sure there wasn't anything on radar!!
What happened to the escort vessels?!!
There's no response!
It... It can't be.
the hell are they?!

Page 13:
Guys: Wh-What
in the world is happening?!
Guy: The rear escort boats are suddenly firing this way...
N... No!
Guys: And in front of us
there's an unknown fleet!!
It... It couldn't be. Our comrades betrayed us...?!!
Impossible! Only the most loyal of loyal retainers of the Shogun factions's retainers were selected to participate in this!
There's no way there could be any betra-

Page 14:
Someone: Two scouts
and three patrollers
were attacked from behind.
Woman: They escaped the Oniwaban's search and attacked from behind?!
Could that mean there's a traitor?
Guy: There is a high possibility.
Regardless, it's dangerous to continue West.
We should gather the units together and check everyone.
Sa: ...We don't need to do something as bothersome as that.
There are no traitors here.
All that's here

Page 15:
Sa: are some fakes that hide their faces
but can't hide their intent to kill.

Gin: Aw, geez.
Well, I guess I should say we've finally fallen into their trap.
Or maybe we're the ones that've trapped them.
Sa: Both sides are trying to outfox each other.
We prepared shadows disguised as the shogun,
but it seems the other side snuck shadows disguised as our comrades into our group.
Sa: In other words
the enemy
is using shinobi as well.

Page 17:
Kamui: Yeah, yeah!
These 'Shinobi' guys are awesome!
Kamui: Just by sending in a few of them on each ship
they've overrun those escort vessels and boats like crazy! It's like they're pubic lice!
Abu: What sorta simile is that?
Kamui: I'm so hyped that there are people besides the Samurai that're that strong!
Abu: Don't get too hyped. They're our comrades. Don't get any more weird ideas, Captain.

Page 18:
Kamui: I know, I know. This time I've got a contest goin' with Shinsuke
to see who can take the real Shogun's head.
But it looks like we're not even gonna get a chance.
Those shinobi guys look like they're gonna take care of things on their own, look.
I'm pretty sure that brat there was the Shogun's little sister or something.
A VIP like that already doesn't have a single guard with her.
It won't be long now until for that main vessel
it's the end.

Page 19:
Okita: Hime-sama~~, look!
That's offal,
that's a liver, and that's...
Soyo: KYAAAA! Please, stop!!
Okita: Now then,
shall we have hearts or rumen next?
Insert: The total sadist saviooor!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 504
/ End

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