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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Gintama 504

The job of a Shogun and the job of a Shinobi.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jul 31, 2014 03:07 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 504

Ugh, I would start suffering from depression when this arc is getting awesome. I'm going to try my best to keep TLing, but the bad thoughts are really overwhelming.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also, this is relevant to your interests.

???: The incident at Honnouji.
Akechi Mitsuhide’s rebellion reduced Oda Nobunaga’s dreams of creating the strongest union in the world into embers and flames.
Lesson 504: The job of a Shogun and the job of a Shinobi.
(Side text- Time slips backward…)
???: And it was then that the Shinkun that followed after Nobunaga lead by Tokugawa Ieyasu..
Found themselves isolated in the lands near Kyoto in the greatest crisis of their lives.
(TN- ‘Shinkun’ is a nickname given to Tokugawa after he died.)
???: Mitsuhide’s troops closed in and went hunting for the already fallen soldiers…
However the back up that Lord Ieyasu employed protected him all the way from Mikawa.
And that was us…
The ones known as the Iga-nin.
(TN- These ninjas are from families who lived in the Iga and Koka province. You could say that villages dedicated to training ninja came from these areas.)

???: The world would call us the ‘Shinkun Igagoe’.
(TN- Igagoe is a pass within the territories in the immediate vicinity of Kyoto.)
From then on the Iga-nin were employed as Lord Ieyasu’s mercenary troops.
Even in the present as the Oniwaban group…
We protect the family and household of the Shogun.
All of you should aim for this as well.
You mustn’t give in to them, maintaining your loyalty and heart.
(Sfx- Dosu *thok*)
???: That’s right…the Oniwaban…
There’s no mistake…falling asleep during the story of the Shinkun Igagoe isn’t allowed.
(Sfx- Bushiii *bloorsh*)
???: Zenzou…
Go stand in the hallway.
Ayame: Sensei.

Ayame: That idiot’s been in the hall the whole time.
Hattori: Geez. I’m sick and friggin’ tired of hearing Igagoe this and that.
Leave that loyalty crap to the Samurai. Us shinobi will just read jump.
After all, as long as we polish our moves…
(Sfx- Dodododdo *thumpthumpthump*)
???: Your moves are naiieve!!
(Sfx- Dokaaaah *thooom*)
(Sfx- Zazaaah *sssshhh*)
???: Zenzouu!! A hoodlum like you won’t learn anything from standing in the hall!!
Go stand in the river styx!!
(Sfx- Shann *shift*)
Hattori: Ooh? Interesting…

Hattori: What a ninja needs isn’t lectures…
But actual application of his moves!!
(Sfx- Gakikikiki *clang clang clang*)
(Sfx- Gakkikiii *clannng*)
(Sfx- Gokiiiinn *Thoom*)
Ayame: Sensei, we’re tired of this passage of events too.
(Handwritten- That son and father do this EVERY day.)
???: How ironic.
At one time the Shinobi protected the Shogun by taking him west…
But now that the Shogun is being pursued from Edo and in order to protect him..
We’re doing the opposite and returning west.
Kaoru: The Shogun should be fine…
What we’re protecting is that.
Gintoki: Heey!! Quit messing around over there!

Gintoki: I said to bring me every single dumpling this shop has!!
Shinpachi: Do not anger the Shogun.
Kagura: If you guys dare underestimate us then you’ll all lose your heads filthy manservents!
Gintoki: Damn. It sure is hard work standing above others. Retainers like these don’t even deserve an hourly wage of 360 yen.
(Handwritten- Tea time.)
Hijikata: Just a little longer….
Gintoki: It’s really irritating to look at you y’know? I can’t stop being irritated. All of the damiyo’s alternating houses are overwhelmed by irriation.
I mean c’mon man. You’ve got me, the shogun walking out in the open like this..
And the enemy hasn’t even attempted to spring a trap.
(Sfx- Man that was good eats.)
(Sfx- Chi chi)
Hijikata: On what world would there be a Shogun like this?
Gintoki: Is the enemy shogun even in the mood to spring a trap and assassinate me? Cause if he’s not then Imma just go home.
Hurry up and bring yer asses out here assassins!!
The Shogun is right here and ready to go whenever you are!!
???: Hey! Stop that!! You’re going to cause our whole strategy to go to waste!!
(Sfx- Haaa~)
Kaoru: The Oniwaban has fallen a long way too…

Kaoru: Though it isn’t just us…
Even the Igagoe who saved Lord Ieyasu’s life…
And the other Iga-nin Were simply puppets after that and the Bakfu opened it’s doors.
Even if the plan to help Shigeshige-sama escape to the capital is a success…
The power and authority he has will be lost. It makes me wonder if he’d even want it back at this point.
The Shogun…and us, the Oniwaban…
I wonder if we have a future beyond this point?
You said it best…
The Iga were simply dogs collared by the princes of the warring states era, rolling from one master to the next. Even in the current era things haven’t changed.
The Oniwaban are simply hired hands working for the Shogun who’s the highest bidder.
Working hard to serve one’s master with loyalty….maybe that’s something we never had to begin with.

Ayame: He’s…different.
It’s true….
His heart knows nothing of loyalty..
But he’s…
(Sfx- Zazaaah *sffft*)
Ninja: Sarutobi!!
{The Oniwaban’s job isn’t to protect the Shogun…}
{But to protect the Shogun’s job.}
{And the Shogun’s job is…}
{To risk his life to protect the citizens of his country.}

{If the time where…}
{You all become members of the Oniwaban group comes…}
{If the time where…}
{I become Shogun comes…}
{I look forward to the day where…}
{We will fight together for this country’s sake.}

Maizou: Shi..
Hattori: Sorry about this…

Hattori: You weren’t able to protect this country…
As a Shogun.
And since you weren’t able to fulfil your life’s duty and carry out the work of the Shogun..
I have to do my job as a shinobi.

Maizou: Ze…
Hattori: You ain’t gonna be able to move for a while…
But your eyes still see well enough, yeah?
(Sfx- Zatshh *sffft*)
Hattori: Burn this image in your eyes.
And convey this to a life yet to come.
I am public enemy number one…the criminal who assassinated the Shogun…
Hattori Zenzou.
My crime…
Is one I’m prepared to shoulder for all of eternity.
(Sfx- Dooon *thooom*)
(Sfx- Gogogogogo *rmmmmmble*)

Hattori: Well damn.
Rough jobs like this aren’t my thing.
This is why I hate hanging out where lots of people gather.
(Sfx- Pipipipiip *beepbeepbeep*)
Someone: I—impossible!! This is…!!
Where on earth did this armada come from..?
There was nothing reflected on the radar…!!
Where the hell is the guardian envoy?!
I’m not getting a response!!
N—no way…
Just who…
The hell are they?!

(Sfx- Dodooon *booom*)
(Sfx- Gogogogo *rmmmble*)
Guy: Wh—what….
What’s going on?! What is this?
The guardian envoy ship suddenly fired an attack at us from behind…
(Sfx- Dooon dooon *thooom thooom*)
Guy: It’s from the front too…
It’s a mysterious armada…!!
No—no way…that our allies would betray us…
It’s ridiculous!! This plan was formed by hand selected vassals of the Shogun’s party!! It’s Literally the most loyal of retainers we have!
There’s no way they could betray…
(Sfx- Dosahaaah *thuuud*)

???: Two spies…
Three watchmen…
It appears they were all done in by a single attack from behind.
Kaoru(?): Are you saying that the enemy the Oniwaban had been looking for managed to escape and attack from behind?
Ninja: The possibility of traitors in our ranks…
Is quite high.
In any case continuing west at this rate is dangerous.
We’ll need to gather all of the units together and revise our strategy.
Ayame: Even assuming we go through that trouble…
There are no traitors here.
What’s here is…

(Sfx- Dothh *thook*)
Ayame: Fakers who can hide their face…
But can’t hide their killing intent.
(Sfx- Mekiih *throb*)

Gintoki: Well damn.
Are you saying we’re in the midst of a trap?
(Sfx- Dosahaah *Thuud*)
Gintoki(?): Or what, that we’ve been had?
Ayame: It seems we’ve been deceived…
We intended to use a double of the shogun to fool the enemy…
(Sfx- Biriiii *riiip*)
Ayame: While they’ve used doubles of our allies to sneak into our group.
In short…
The enemy…
Has shinobi on their side as well.

(Sfx- Kuwaaah *roaaaar*)
Kamui: Lookit ‘em go!!
These ‘Shinobi’ are awesome!
(Sfx- Gogogo *rmmmble*)
Kamui: Only a hand full of ‘em snuck onboard the ship…
But they’ve completely overrun this ship and are doing what they please. They’re like lice man!
Abuto: …What’s with that crappy comparison?
Kamui: To think that there are stronger guys than Samurai gets me all pumped!
Abuto: Yeah…please don’t get pumped. Those are our allies. We don’t need anything weird to happen, boss.
(TN- I want an icon of Kamui’s face. Also further proof that Yato= Saiyan.)

Kamui: Yeah I get it. This time we’re fighting with Shinsuke.
To see who will take the head of the real Shogun.
There’s not really a reason for us to get involved.
Those shinobi guys can clean this up. See?
Abuto(?): That kid…isn’t she that Shogun’ guy’s little sister?
And a VIP like her doesn’t have a single guard to protect her.
Soon the inner workings too…
Will meet their end.
(Sfx- Dotsuhh *thud*)

(Sfx- Dooon *thooom*)
Okita: Princess~ Have a look at that.
Those are hormones…
That’s a liver…oh and there’s a…
Soyo: Kyaaaaah!! Please just stop!!
Okita: Now then…
What’s next? A heart? A rumen maybe?
(Side text- The savior is a sadist!!)

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#1. by moubou ()
Posted on Jul 31, 2014
Thank you:)
Taka is the the best, when he appears the fun begins. The sad thing in this chapter is : Sougo will die :'(
#2. by kewl0210 ()
Posted on Jul 31, 2014
I hope Shou-chan is okay. Take care of yourself, Shou-chan. I hope you feel better, Shou-chan.
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