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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

3-gatsu no Lion 35

Water's Surface

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 5, 2014 04:16 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

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And so we keep going... And hopefully it doesn't get too wordy.

[3-Gatsu no Lion 35 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 41:
Sign: Sangatsu Machi San Choume Children's Playground
Title: Chapter 35
Water's Surface

Page 42:
Bars: It was an odd sight.
When he entered the hall
all sound disappeared
Sign: Shishi-Ou Championship First Game [Right, big]
Pre-Event Festival [Top, big]
Shishi-Ou Souya Touji
Shimada Kai 8-Dan [These two are the bottom left]
Bar: and the crowd split in two.

Page 43:
Black Bars: ---At 15 years old, in middle school, he became a pro.
At 21, he became the youngest Meijin. And after that
he overturned shogi history again and again
and became the first to conquer all 7 great titles.
Guy: Ah~~ excuse me everyone, sorry to keep you waiting.
He was in the garden.
Staring at koi like he didn't have a care in the world.
Now, you know you can't be doing things like that right now.
Okay, shall we begin?
C'mon, Souya,
up the stairs.

Page 44:
Black Bars: ----And from there, he has reined on his throne continuously for 10 years time, never changing in appearance,
unfading, untiring, unblemished.
With overwhelming power, he has quietly remained there.

Page 45:
Rei: And next to that man who has been compared to a god
Shimada: ......
It's been a while.
Rei: Someone said
'I'm certain
that the devil has a face like that.'

Page 46:
Rei: When the pre-event festival ended, Shimada-san said
Against that monster of an opponent, he had to gain
two wins.
Or else he wouldn't reach it.
Shimada: The 6th game is in
my hometown.
Paper: Ou Championship Schedule
Game 1
March 3rd-4th Komoriyama Inn (Tokyo) [The dates on these first 2 are cut off]
Game 2
March 10th-11th Matsuki Inn (Nagano Prefecure)
Game 3
March 19th-20th Zenkou Hotel (Tokushima Prefecture)
Game 4
March 25th-26th Kyoto 2nd Hotel (Kyoto)
Game 5
April 2nd-3rd Kyuushuu Hakusen Hotel (Fukuoka Prefecture)
Game 6
April 9th-10th Tendou Ryuuryuu Inn (Yamagata Prefecture)
Game 7
April 17th-18th Hakone Hokubute Hotel (Kangegawa Prefecture)

Page 47:
Rei: Shimada Kai 8-dan in the 7-game Shishi-Ou Championship Match
----resigned the 1st game on move 114.
Kyouko: Rei.
Rei: What do you want?

Page 48:
Kyou: You said something you shouldn't have, didn't you?
Rei: It went just like I replied in my email.
I didn't say anything.
Kyou: Not only did he halt my card, he started bombarding me with questions!!
What am I supposed to do now?!!
This is all your fault, you know!
Rei: I told you, I didn't say anything.
And anyhow, that's all your own fault, isn't it?!
Kyou: What?! My fault?! Are you kidding me?!
What's with that holier-than-thou tone?!
You've been doing nothing but whining about being stressed out playing shogi all day!
Rei: What does that have to do with anything?

Page 49:
Rei: !!
Mo... Mo-chan?!
SFX: GAKU GAKU BURU BURU...... (Trembling)
Rei: !
Handwritten: HAHHH
Kyou: Rei,
who're they?
Rei: Akari-san.
Rei: U-
Akari: Excuse me.
Please, take your ti~~~~me.
Momo: A-
Are you fighting... Rei-chan?
Are you being picked on?
Handwritten: Come now, let's get going.
It's okay.

Page 50:
Akari: It's too bad, but.....
he seems to be in the middle of something.
Oh well.
Let's just eat the Oinari-san ourselves.
Handwritten: A witch? ...Is she a witch?
Hina: ......
Asuka: Still,
Rei-kun has another strong-looking girl...

Page 51:
Kyou: Who are those people?
Rei: They're some neighbors that've
been looking after me.
Kyou: ......
So now you're at that house?
You're acting all poor and needy and they took you in?

Page 52:
Kyou: Are you gonna fuck everything up again?
Entering other people's houses like that?
You're such trash.
Rei: I wonder why.
With my heart pounding with frustration

Page 53:
Bars: and Rei-chan's stone-like white expression
to those profiles we didn't know anything about
to them never once turning towards us

Page 54:
Hina: Rei-chan!
Eat these!!
Big Sister made them.
They've got lots of eggs and sesame seeds.
And they're really sweet and good.
So eat them and feel better, okay?
Please make sure you eat them.

Page 55:
Rei: ......
Thank you.
Hina: Let's go, Big Sister!!
What was with her? She pisses me off!!
I know that woman is no good!
Akari: Hey, Hina.
Hina: And Rei-chan, Rei-chan, he
he didn't say anything no matter how much she talked to him.
Akari: Hiiina.
You shouldn't dooo that.
Bubble: Don't say she pisses you off.
Handwritten: Come now.
Is the witch gone now?
SFX: MOKII PUNSHKA (Harumph) DOKADOKA (stomp stomp)

Page 56:
Hina: ........
you think the same thing, Big Sister. [Star]
In Bubble: A bit, right? [Star]
Akari: Okay, a bit. [Star]
Bottom: Chapter.35 E N D

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