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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Toriko 288

How to Cook Air!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 6, 2014 08:04 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 288

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[Toriko 288 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Komatsu: Th... This is...
Food King "Air"!!! [quote white]
Insert: They've arrived at the Food King!! --------But?!
Komatsu: ----------!!
This is...
Guys: ?
Bottom: 'Toriko'

Page 2:
Title: Chapter 288 How to Cook Air!!
Insert: Enchant-----! A collaboration between Human World and Bewitching Food World------!!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Page 3:
Bru: Hm?
Sunny and Nosh, eh?

Page 4:
Narration: Sunny had shot hundreds of "Remote Hairs" ahead.
By linking to that hair, he pulled himself, allowing him to move at a high speed.
"Hair Fool"!!
Sun: By pulling with long hair, I can get speed... And with short hair, I can make tight turns, too.
Narration: Sunny had been rather bad when it came to mobility, but was able to conquer that with "Hair Fool".
Sun: That's all well and good but...
You, do something, too, Nosh!!
Nosh: All riiiight! I got some ingredients along the-waaay! [Note]
Sun: It's really not the time!!

Page 5:
Bru: And over there, tha's...
Why's he comin' from a direction like that one?
Bru: .........
Coco: Poison Doll----
Narration: Coco recreated CAReru, with his excellent speed, using Poison Life and then used it to travel.
Bru: Both did friggin' great.
At the pace they're goin' they'll make it in no time.

Page 6:
Zeb: Yer sayin' that the "Air" fruit..........
ain't fully ripe yet?
Koma: Yes...!
too early to cook this Air Fruit...!!
Map: Wh... What do you meaaan?!
Guys: Heeey!
Zeb: !
Looks like the other guys made it.
Komatsu: Ah!
Thank goodness!
Komatsu: Okay, I'll explain.

Page 7:
Sun: Uoh! It's huuuge!
So that's the Air fruit, huh?
Nosh: I've never seen a Food King up close-befooore!
Din: Truly divine...
Coco: It looks to be around 500 meters in diameter.
If that's the case, then what Komatsu-kun is saying is...
Komatsu: That's right...
If I go by the way to cook air that Melk the First-san told me
then I certainly am able to prepare this Air...
But the "taste" will most likely be only 70% at the most.
To bring out Air's proper good taste...
It should be once the fruit is completely ripe and falls... If possible, preparing it the moment it hits the ground would be most desirable...

Page 8:
Din: The moment it hits the ground?
What's your basis for that?
Zeb: That's a dumb question.
Bru: Yep. Tha's because Komatsu can 'ear the ingredient's voice.
Komatsu: If we can cook it that way...
the taste of this Air will go from 70 to its full 100...
No, it'll have 120 percent the good taste!!
Coco: So you're saying that the cooking method that the Nitro are considered to have discovered
was imperfect...?
Sun: This is kid of a "haha, serves them right" sorta thing, ain't it?!!
Nosh: Buuuuut... Then are we just supposed to wait here until the fruit gets fully ripe and falls?
Mappy: We don't have that sort of tiiiime!!
Toriko is.........
Toriko is at death's doooor!

Page 9:
Coco: True...
Time is of the essence...
Bru: And because of the special air here with its high density...
it's not just the rain, everythin' slows down.
So that might cause the ripening of Air
ta slow down, too, ya know.
I've got this kitchen knife Melk made.........
in order to prepare Air...
Its overwhelming sharpness...

Page 10:
Bru: truly...
Bru: even cuts apart air.
Guys: !!

Page 11:
Guys: .........
This is...
Komatsu: Ah!
I can move easily now!!
The air doesn't feel like it's tangling around me anymore!!
Bru: I'll use this knife to prepare the atmosphere around Air!
That might speed up its ripenin' a bit!!
Koma: Um... it might be good to...
give it more nutrients, too!
Zeb: If you need ingredients, I've got some.
These things were among the meteorites on Stardust Hills. *'Kompyang Stars'. [quote white]
Asterisk: *'Kompyang Stars' (Konpen Boshi) are Tochigi Prefecture's 田代優聖-san's work!!
T/N: Kompyang is a kind of Malaysian biscuit.

Page 12:
Din: We gathered some 'Zuccizucchi' from Poison Rain Meadow.
Nosh: We got-looots of 'Sweet Potatsnails' in Beehive Plain.
Sun: Gross! You rounded up all 'a those?!
Coco: So these are the ingredients you all captured in the Heavy Rain Region.
Koma: Those are great! They look like they all have a lot of nutritional value!!
Let's make them into fertilizer and give them to the Giant Air Tree!!
But... I don't think we have quite enough...
Din: I'll revive them.
That should increase the amount of them to some degree.
Nosh: In the small chance that the fruit-faaalls
I'll be at the ground below it to make sure it doesn't-craaaaash!
Asterisk: *Zuccizuccini' is Fukui Prefecture's Foolman-san's work!
*'Sweet Potatsnails' is Okinawa Prefecture's 松島良生-san's work!!
Guys: Okay! Then otherwise we just need to give Komatsu-kun
our full support!!
Mappy: ......Y...
You guys....

Page 13:
Komatsu: Okay, everyone,
let's capture the 120 percent "Air"
Koma: You can help out, too, Mappy.
Map: Of course I wiiiill!!!
Koma: We'll have it cooked in no time, so wait for us!!

Page 14:
Blue: Nn~~~

Page 15:
Blue: I wish I could play around all day...
But Horse King Heracles,
that childish franticness of yours...
At a glance, you look like you're composed as hell, but you can't totally hide it...
I guess this is the desperation of a parent that's protecting a child.
You're pregnant, huh..........?
Narration: Simply being punched...
even if it caused no damage...
was an remarkable situation for the Horse King.
Even searching back 10's of thousands of years into its memory...
the Horse King couldn't remember how long it has been since that had last happened...
Proof of the strength of this blue demon that had shown up out of nowhere was the appearance of a giant Emperor Ring.

Page 16-17:
Narration: And with the fact that is was pregnant with a child----
the 'no damage'-----
referred to the child in its belly.
For the first time in several years
the Horse King inhaled----
Blue: -------!!!
Narration: This was less than one tenth of a normal breath.
It was a very slight thing, but
all of the air around the Horse King disappeared in an instant.
The space around it became a "vacuum"------ ["vacuum" is big/bold.]
The most dangerous creatures in this world
are parents that are protecting their children-------

Page 18:
Narration: A human won't die even if they don't eat for a week...
Even without water, they'll survive for 3~4 days...
But without being able to take in oxygen, they'll only be fine for a few seconds to 10 seconds.
If a person does not "breathe" in a few minutes, they will die.
Breathing is something incomparable to food or water
when it comes to being essential for maintaining life.

Page 19:
Toriko: -------HHA
SFX: PAKU PAKU (Gasping)
Narration: Coming from one of the 'Eight Kings'... [quote big.bold]
this was a result it knew from the beginning----
Most living things in this world...
were opponents that could not even fight it-----
Side: The "King's" trump card...!!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 288
/ End
The Horse King displays its specialty!! Next issue, how will Toriko be saved from this dilemma?!

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