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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

3-gatsu no Lion 36

Bottom of a Blue Night

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 16, 2014 04:00 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

-> RTS Page for 3-gatsu no Lion 36

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Ok, I managed to get this done despite so many super-low-context lines. Uh... after the next chapter I'll be half way through this volume.

[3-Gatsu no Lion 36 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 58-59:
Title: Chapter 36
Bottom of a Blue Night

Page 60:

Page 61:
Kyouko: What is this?
Man, that's sweet.
This oage is too sweet.
It's not supposed to be candy, for crying out loud.
---But this one has minced wasabizuke in it...
T/N: Oage is the thin deep fried tofu that wraps inarizushi. Wasabizukeis wasabi fermented and pickled with the white lees of Japanese sake.
Kyouko: Geez! With all these different flavors, I can't stop!
What'll happen if I get fat?!
Rei: There's really nothing to gain from saying that...
Handwritten (Kyouko): Kyah
Handwritten (Rei): You decided to come with me on your own and you started eating on your own, but you're complaining...? Really......?

Page 62:
Kyouko: Hmm.
the second layer is vegetable stuff...
Chikuzenni? It's like something an old granny makes.
T/N: Chikuzenni is a dish made of braised chicken and vegetables usually eaten around new years.
Kyouko: She's really trying to be appealing. This screams 'Look how family-oriented I am! ☆', doesn't it?
Like 'Oh, a young boy living alone must be starving for things like this'?
----Next we got okra and broccoli...
Boiled in sesame seeds and salt...
Namul style, huh?
T/N: Namul is a general term for a Korean seasoned vegetable dish.
Kyouko: .........
Kyouko: .............................
Rei: Big Sister, shouldn't you be getting home soon?
Mother is going to have dinner waiting...

Page 63:
Kyouko: I can't mo~~~ve...
My skirt's so tight.
Uh... U~~~gh.
Handwritten: S... So painful...
Kyouko: Ooh,
being so full's kinda made
me sleepy.
Rei, lend me some clothes, would ya? Do you have a jersey or something I could wear?
Ah, I'm just gonna sleep.
Rei: Wasn't Dad just mad at you a little while ago?!
Won't you just go home?!
Kyou: Oh, lay off, geez.
I'll just call him later.
Rei: Hey, what're you doing?!!
Please don't open that!
Aaaah, geeez!

Page 64:
Rei: Haaaah.
She finally calmed down.
Kyou: Hey,
who was she?
Rei: Huh?
Kyouko: That middle schooler.
Or wait, don't tell me...
Not that married woman, right?
Rei: What are you talking about?!
Handwritten: What?

Page 65:
Rei: Married woman...? Oh,
do you mean Akari-san?
Kyouko: So her name's Akari, huuuuh?
Well, not that it matters.
Rei: Uh, the girl she was carrying was her little sister.
Kyouko: Huh?
Rei: Those three are siblings.
Kyou: HUUUH?
Rei: -----Also, it's worth mentioning that I don't think Akari-san
is much older than you, Big Sister...
You're kidding, right?!
Then... whic his it?!
The middle school kid or that old la...... that young woman.
Rei: Which...?
Why do you think that?
In Bubble: ...And did you say "old la"... just not?
Kyou: No way, then it's that kindergartner?!
You perv!!!
Rei: Seriously, go hoooooome!
Kyou: I tooold yooou,
I'm at Rei's place.
It really is his place, so there's nothing wrong, right?!
You can keep saying that, but the last train's already left.

Page 66:
Kyou: Rei,
talk to Dad, would you?
Handwritten: WAAAAHHHH
Kyou: Geez.
What the hell?
Why can't he trust his own daughter?!
Dad: I just don't understand Kyouko anymore!!
Rei: Yeah, me, too.
Handwritten: *Hint -> You've never done anything to merit being tru... (omitted) [The "hint ->" part is white with black outline.]
Handwritten (Rei): We really have a good connection, don't we, Dad...
Rei: Big Sister,
what are you gonna do from here?
Dad's worried.
Kyou: I dunno.
Dad's always out of it.
'They're doing you a favor, so I'll go greet them.'
'Bring your boyfriend along', stuff like that.

Page 67:
Kyouko: He's 20 years older than me,
he's married,
plus the guy is his former pupil.
Like hell I'm gonna bring him with me!
Rei: Why would
you pick somebody like that?
Kyou: I dunno.
Honestly, I wish I did.
That little runt.
She called a person a 'witch'.
----If I really were a witch
I would've be going through miserable bullshit like this...

Page 68:
Kyou: Hey,
what do
I do?
This is scary.

Page 69:
Rei: ----Over the course of that night
the little light of her phone's screen
kept lighting up again and again.
And I just stared
at her palely lit outline.
The whole room was dyed in blue,
us two were as the bottom of a deep pool of water.

Page 70:
Rei: That night
it was like we were just sinking......
'Well, see you later'
to those words
I just responded with 'Yeah.' and closed my mouth.
Even though that day
she left that house
with those torn up feelings.

Page 71:
Rei: Big sister and I both
----like this,
without anything changing
or without being able to change anything
...without really being
siblings or strangers......
Somebody: Ah, sorry,
I know I'm late.
Ah, it's fine, no problem.
Did you run here?

Page 72:
Rei: Sorry, it was cleanup duty for me and it took a while.
Shimada: 'Cleanup duty'?
It's been quite some time since I've heard that. That word really brings back memories.
I guess you really
are still a student.
Shimada: Come on in. Nikaidou's been waiting impatiently for you.
Nikai: Oooh, Kiriyama's heeere?!
Shigeta: ...........
Nikai: I won my last game!!
Now next term, I'll be in C1 just like you!!

Page 73:
Shigeta: Keep your voice down, man.
And your attitude could use some downsizing, too.
Handwritten: You really push people's buttons.
Nikai: Shigeta-saaan, congrats on it being decided you'll be in the same place---- Ah, I'm just so excited! ☆
I keep thinking about how pretty soon we're gonna be in the same class! ☆
Shigeta: What? Where did you see that? What shogi circle did you get that info from?
I mean, it was an easy season, but what?
Shimada: Mmm, but, hey,
what's most important is that there's no real bad news.
Also it was decided that I would be staying in A-class this term...
Well, though you could say I was 'on thin ice' or rather
the margin was a 'hair away'.
Handwritten: Hm? What's wrong? Everyone's dabbing their eyes?
Guys Handwritten: A hair away...
Hearing you say that, anijya, makes it feel so......
I truly want to congratulate you.....
Nikai: I finally caught up to you, Kiriyama.
I'll be looking forward to going head-to-head with you.
Okay, rival?

Page 74:
Rei: Yeah,
I guess so.
----That's what I said.
The expression on Nikaidou's face was so bright I had to squint my eyes.
and the morning river's surface
passed by my eyelids.
This month, I'll be 18.
Since I'm one year behind, I'll be in 2nd year of high school.
So without being able to change anything
a new spring
has come again.
Bottom: Chapter. 36 E N D

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