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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

3-gatsu no Lion 37


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 25, 2014 03:43 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

-> RTS Page for 3-gatsu no Lion 37

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Ok, I got this one done. Man I love this series but it takes some real concentration to translate.

[3-Gatsu no Lion 37 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 75:
Title: Chapter.37

Page 76:
Shim: Ookay, now that Kiriyama's here, too,
I'll go over the continuation from before one more time.
Right now, here's the board.
Someone: Hey, is this...
Shima: Yes.
It's the board from a game I played in last year's Shishi-Ou Champtionship
in the challenger-deciding tournament in which I lost.
----I've been a bit interested in it all of a sudden.
Somebody: Hm.
I guess it's because I'll be in Tokushima from this weekend.
It makes me wanna delve into my own lost battles.
Okay, let's resume...

Page 77:
Nikai: Liiike I saaaid,
sente does 6-1 kaku, gote does 5-2 fu,
and then sente's fine with 7-4 fu.
Shige: Wrong.
The sente just does 7-4 fu.
What the hell's the point of dropping a kaku there?
Or is it you're
the type that makes pointless moves on the battlefield and dies really quick?
Nikai: Huh? What're you goin' on about?
What type are you, Shigeta-san? The type that plunks into position
and then gets so fixated on verifying the situation that before he knows it he's surrounded, The☆End?
Handwritten: Like in the battle of Sekigahara, you'd be Shimazu. [I guess put some sorta note on this if you want.]
Nikai: Wouldn't sente 6-1 kaku and gote 5-2 Fu be pretty rough?
6-1 Kaku would gain a drop☆!!
Shige: The kaku that's dropped first is the dumber one.
I'm tellin' you, simply going with 7-4 Fu is the logical move for sente.
Shige: With sente 7-4 fu and gote 6-4 kin then sente 6-1 kaku would be totally absurd.....
sente 3-5 fu then gote 7-1 kaku would be far better.
Nikai: Huuh?
If gote drops 5-2 fu, then the future would be pretty bright for sente coming around with 5-8 hi, don'cha thiiink?
Cats: Team Black Cat
Team White Cat-san
Black Cat: FUUU
White Cat: Nyaakoo nyaakooo

Page 78:
Shige: Okay, then what if gote follows up 6-1 kaku with 6-4 kin?!
Nikai: Huh? Sente hasn't even pushed with 7-4 fu, and you're closing in with the kin?
I don't think so.
Asterisk: *This conversation's too long so I'm delivering it to you with an image.
Nikai: If gote has to defend with 5-2 fu, then it's a guaranteed victory!!
What if sente did 7-4 fu and then 4-7 kaku? Then what, huuuuh?
Shige: Sente can just drop with 5-6 fu, don'cha think?
What? Could you not even come up with that?
In Bubble: Maybe you should go back to 1-dan?

Page 79:
Paper: Mate at 45th move
In-Hand Pieces Gin
Shimada: Haaa, it's finally quieted down.
I guess that old trick still works.
Asterisk: *A technique for when kids in a classroom are rowdy and nothing seems to work. ☆
Above paper: Put up a mating problem on the wall.
Paper: Mate in 7
Kids: Once you've figured it out, please take your seats.
Kids: Hm.
6-3 kei
same uma
same gin
same gyoku
8-3 to
same gyoku
7-2 kaku
7-4 gyoku
Shima: -----So.
Rei: Yes?
Shima: What do you think, Kiriyama?
About this.
Would you drop 6-1 kaku? Or would keep it simple and go with 7-4 fu?
Rei: Well...
I was thinking that
at the point the board got in this state,
it's really not good, don't you think...?

Page 80:
Shima: Huh?
Don't try to undermine the conditions of the problem. That would defeat the whole purpose of stufying, Kiriyama.
Rei: But if you don't visualize what this would be like in a real game, there's really no point in the studying......
In that case, you'd have to have done something before you got to this board......
Shige: Could you be a little more specific?
What's your reasoning for why this line is so bad?
Rei: Uh,
so you want me to explain it......
Hm... well...
it just feels bad?
I guess?
Shimada: .....
It feels bad?
Nikai: 'It feels bad'?! Kiriyama, you bastard.
'If I keep it extract I'll look like a genius.'
is that what you thought so you just spat out anything?
Shige: Be clear about it!!
Or does the speech center of your brain need a little coaxing?
Shima: Hey,
get your hands off my cactus.

Page 81:
Shima: I'm sorry, Kiriyama,
but this is a 'study group' so please put it into words.
I know up until this point you've been studying on your own so you've left it simplified like that, but...
please try,
Now go ahead.
Rei: Um,
With the 3-7 gin still there
it's sort of um... just feels bad, like...
Shima: Mhm. Mhm. ----And in what way?
Rei: well,
it just sorta seems like the sente's 7-4 fu move is gonna be pretty detrimental...
Handwritten: A...
SFX: Moji moji (Fidgeting)
Nikai: Detrimental?!
No it won't. What're you talking about?
Shige: Yeah. On that point I'm in accordance with that Xiaolongbao over there.
In Bubble: Kukuku...
Nikai: Xiaolongbao?! What was that, you bastard?!
T/N: A Xiaolongbao is a kind of steamed bun.
Shige: Wanna take this outside?! I've got not problem with that!
Shima: Ah, please, would the two of you quiet down?
In Bubble: Don't make me get rough.
Shima: ----I see.
It feels bad.........
I get you.

Page 82:
Someone: Okay,
I'm gonna get goiiing.
For next time I'll check my schedule again and contact you.
Shima: -----Ah,
Kiri: Yes?
Shima: Are you
free tomorrow?
Rei: Yes.
Once school lets out I don't really have anything...
'Would you mind coming back again?'
'This time on your own.'
----That's what Shimada-san told me.

Page 83:
Rei: ---And the next day
Shima: Hey.
Sorry for making it two days in a row.
SFX: FURAAA (Uneasy)
Rei: Did you not get any sleep?
Shima: No, I did.
Or rather, I conked out.
Right on top of the board.
Do you want something to drink, Kiriyama?
Rei: Ah,
I'll get it.
What would you like?
Shima: Well... some hot coffee.
I only have instant, though.
Rei: Okay, here you go.
Shima: Mm...

Page 84:
Rei: So if you lose one more game, it's make-or-break time already, huh...?
Shima: -----Straight losses, huh?
That's one thing I really don't...
It really wasn't the time to be talking about my hometown...
I guess...
Shimada: First I need two wins...
The 6th game is in my hometown.
Rei: Um,
your hometown-----?
Shima: Yeah, it's Yamagata.
Rei: Yamagata... What sort of place is that?
Shima: Well... it's all snow.
Rei: What about when there isn't any snow?
Shima: There's mountains and rivers and paddy fields and...
yeah, not much of anything.
Rei: Well, if there's paddy fields, that's something.
Shima: Yeah, but the crop sizes are being reduced.
So now those paddy fields are...

Page 85:
Rei: ......Um,
I hear what you're sating, but, you know.
I don't really understand it.
Shima: ----It's a place where everything is really disappearing.
That includes the people, the paddy fields, the schools
and the houses
Rei: Huh?...
I couldn't really heard the end, but...
Shima: Okay,
shall we get started?
Rei: I get the feeling that he
said 'so that's why.'
Shima: Do a regular yagura.
You remember the board from yesterday, right? Something like that.
Here we go.

Page 86:
Guys: 8-8 Ou
9-5 Fu
3-8 Hi
Rei: Huh?
Rei: ----They're pouring into me...
to Shimada-san's
Guys: 7-3 Kei
1-6 Fu
3-7 Gin
5-3 Gin
4-2 Kaku
3-5 Fu
Same Fu
Same Kaku
Rei: It's like a dam has started to drain...
all this...
it's got so much pressure

Page 87:
Guys: 3-5 upper Hi
5-4 Gin
Same Kin
3-5 Kaku
Same Kaku
4-3 Fu
Rei: KUH
Handwritten: HAHHH
Rei: ----If I think about it,
this is the first time
I've been at the receiving end of an A-Class player's thoughts for this long...
It's like a muddy stream.
Aw man.
I dozed off...
Oh yeah.
I came back.
Rei: Ow...
My shoulders and... my eyes and...
What's going on?
I sure am tired...
But I couldn't get swept up in it or shrink away from it,
so I desperately braced myself.

Page 88:
Rei: I, no, we, are pros.
It's not a relationship where only one of us gets anything good out of it.
----Back then
the reason Shimada-san invited me was because he thought 'There's something I can gain from him.'
And in turn, I,
though it may have been small, thought that 'I have something to offer',
so I said I would like to join his study group.
That's why

Page 89:
Rei: on that day, a thought seemed to be pieced into me,
'I have something I want to ask this person.'
Rei: Until I can grasp that
Black Bars: -----The next day, Shimada-san traveled to Tokushima
and the curtain rose on the third game of the Shishi-Ou Championship.
Rei: I absolutely
must hold on.
Bottom: Chapter.37 E N D

Page 90:
Top Right Small: An article by Senzaki Manabu
Top Right Big: Senzaki Manabu's Lion Shogi Column
Big Right: Study? Real matches? The Reality of Study Groups.
Article: There are lots of ways to study shogi. There's going over completed games called "Reviewing Game Records", and "Checkmate Problems" you can do to strengthen your endgame skills. These two are standard practices, but the most used one would have to be 'real matches'. Playing actual games is important. Playing lots of practice games improves your intuition.
But if you want to be a pro, then you can't say anything as fine as long as you're playing. Unless you play against high level opponents and really concentrate, you won't really be studying.
So now we turn to 'study groups'. These are places where several shogi players gather to do practice games. While the word study is in the name, it's really more of a meeting for playing shogi rather than do research. There are different sorts of locations the members could meet in depending on the situation, but you can generally count on the fact that there will be an even number of people. You can see why, right? It's pretty common to have four people so two can play each other in what's called 'VS'. VS is a name that comes from when you would jot down predictions in a notebook and write VS "whomever" on it.
There are quite a few young people that participate in study groups, so it's pretty common for young people to meet 10 days a month. Though I've heard that as their rank rises and they reach the peak of their play, there is a natural tendency for that number to dwindle. Seeing as private events increase, there's no real helping that.
Also there are some shogi players that don't do study groups at all. There are many players that are just incompatible with the idea and are quite excellent. The world of shogi is a world of self-management, so there are quite a few types of players.
Okay, so because there are these meets there are names. Generally speaking, the name of the highest ranking member of a group will be put in the name as a crown (as in the Senzaki Study and such), but there are some pretty hilarious names that show up sometimes, too. Like a group that meets on Mondays called Monday Study, or a group that prefers Ranging Hisha called Ranging Hisha Study. And there's still more after that. There are players with blogs called Blog Study, a group that gets its name from the beer called Heine Study, a group of Fukumoto Nobuyuki-sensei fans called 'Kaiji Study', all sorts.
Study groups aren't very formal or strict things. A lot of them start from just talking back and forth, and frequently they naturally dissolve. It's also common practice for any members whom are interested to go get a drink afterwards---- and at times they can get intensely immersed in shogi and like Kiriyama-kun and Nikaidou-kun they can talk pretty vehemently...... Though usually the conversations are dumb and pretty childish.

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