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Translations: Gintama 651 (2) , One Piece 877 by cnet128

3-gatsu no Lion 38

Passing Time

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 27, 2014 07:46 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

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This chapter hits home for me a bit. Reminds me of a lot of people I know.

[3-Gatsu no Lion 38 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 91:
Title: Chapter.38
Passing Time

Page 92:
Paper: Report Card
Guy: Looks like
you juuuuuust
made it, eh?
Rei: Sensei...

Page 93:
Snesei: Apparently everybody's going to Rat Land the day after tomorrow for a farewell party.
Have ya heard about that? ☆
In Bubble: Though of course, I wasn't invited. ☆
Rei: Seriously, why are you going out of your way to let me know? You've said it several times over the course of this year.
Handwritten: I honestly think you're in bullying territory now. ["bullying" white.]
Paper: Year 1 Class 3 [Numbers white]
Farewell Part [Small/thin]
Create memories at Rat Land [Bottom right]
Rei: ......
I just barely made it on attendance,
I didn't join any clubs,
I've stagnated in rank-deciding competitions,
I didn't produce any result, but...

Page 94:
Rei: But
the fact that I advanced to the next grade was...
was thanks to you, Sensei.
Thank you very much.
Sensei: ......
Quit it.
You 'Didn't produce any results'...?
Don't say stuff like that..........

Page 95:
Sensei: As you've been working,
you've been going to school
making your own food
doing your own cleaning and taking out trash,
earning money and paying your rent...
-----When I was 17
I'd think 'Maybe I'll turn out to be somebody pretty awesome?'
Totally baseless dreams like that,
while I'd be going to game centers and reading manga,
hanging out with friends and watching TV...
I'd worry about the rent
and I'd never save any money.
I didn't prepare food or clean, either.
Handwritten: Excuse me, Takashi, I'm going to be vacuuming!
SFX: Huuh?

Page 96:
Sensei: Don't say you didn't produce any result.
You worked hard.
I saw you do it.
Rei: -----Please stop.
This person's always been like that.
I really wish he'd stop
being so insensitive and straightforward.

Page 97:
Rei: When he's like this all of a sudden
it really
bothers me.
Sensei: -----Hey, don't start acting chilly yet.
How about we go get some oden to eat?
I'll treat you. How 'bout that? To celebrate your advancing.
Rei: ......
That's fine.
You don't have to...
Sensei: Then how about we go to Rat Land?!
Just us guys?!!
Why don't we go right now?!
Rei: ......No.
Let's go with the oden.
just oden.
[I'm fairly sure we've put a note about what oden is in this manga before but I could be wrong. If not, put a note.]

Page 98:
Rei: ----And then, March.
My short spring break began.
Rei: The Shishi-Ou Championship Game 3, day 2.......
Phone: Shishi-Ou Championship
Live [Box]
6-6 Gin
6-5 Fu
Same Gin
5-5 Hi
6-6 Kou
4-6 Kaku [Make sure the black/white symbols are there.]
Rei: Shimada-san.... it looks tough. All you can do is stay persistent, I guess...
Though Shimada-san has more used time...
Rei: So if you lose one more game, it's make-or-break time already, huh...?
Shima: -----Straight losses, huh?
That's one thing I really don't...

Page 99:
Rei: Shimada-san,
please, somehow you've got to...
Rei: Ah.
In Bubble: Who is it?
Rei: Hina-chan.
Momo-chan, too...
Momo: .........
Hina: Um,
I came to
get the multi-tiered food box back. [Or you could write Ojyuubako if you want. Whatever we decided on that.]

Page 100:
SFX: Chimahh... Kitokito...
Rei: Umm...
Hold on a minute.
Do you want anything to drink...?
What are you supposed to give guests?
Handwritten: Green tea or something is fine for adults, but...... These are a middle schooler and a kindergartner, so what do I offer?
Handwritten (Kyouko): You drink hot green tea with oinari-san, right?!
Do you have any cola?!
Are you out of chocolate?! Gimme something sweet!
Handwritten (Bottom): In some ways, a pretty easygoing person. ["easygoing" white.]
Handwritten (Middle): Hmmm
Right carton: Super-delicious Milk
Middle Jar: Coffee
Left: Green Tea
Rei: Um,
thank you so much for...
the multi-tiered food box. It was all delicious.
Hina: Kiriyama-kun,
have you been eating well?
Rei: Most of it was eaten by
but I managed to get three of them...
Rei: I-
I ate.
the wasabi ones were great.

Page 101:
Hina: Oh really......?
I'm glad.
Big Sister and I made them together.
We made them for Ohina Matsuri and they were so good we thought you would like some...
Handwritten: We put in the wasabi-flavored ones because Grandpa likes those.
Handwritten: PUHAAA
Hina: .........
who was that...
woman from the other day?

Page 102:
Rei: Huh?
The one from
the other day?
Handwritten: Milk
Hina: Umm
......It's just uh...
I was wondering if you were okay, Rei-chan...
U... Umm, it... it looked like you two were fighting...
Handwritten: ...Or rather... it kinda looked like she was just yelling at you, s... so I was wondering if everything was okay...... So, um...
Momo: ......
Was she a witch?
Kyouko: If I really were a witch
I would've be going through miserable bullshit like this...

Page 103:
Rei: ......
She wasn't a witch or anything.
older sister.
Momo: Sister?
Rei: Yeah.
We're siblings. And siblings fight, right?
But it's okay, since we're family after all.
That happens with you, too, right Momo-chan?

Page 104:
Momo: Now that you mention it, Big Sis Akari and Hina-chan
both fight a lot. Like they call each other stupid and start crying!!
Handwritten: Hey, Momo! Kyaaa! ["Hey" white/bold.]
Momo: But they make up!
Rei: Yeah.
That's right.
Hina: I'm baaaack.
I found out. That girl, she's his big sister.
She was Rei-chan's sister!
Hina: Ah, that's such a relief! I was so worried! ☆
It was just a little fight between siblings.
In Bubble: Geez ☆ all that worry for nothing. ☆
Above Cats: Luxuriantly ☆
Right: Aah... So warm...
Left: This is the best...
Momo: Wanna watch Risupokke-sensei?
TV: Rispokke
Handwritten (Hina): Ookay, let's watch Risupokke-sensei!
Akari: ...Heh, is that so?
Handwritten (Hina): I'm hungry!! I think some squirrel would be good, or maybe some squirrel instead. Feed meee! ["squirrel" white.]
Asterisk: *Do not eat squirrels.

Page 105:
Hina: ----Um, Hinaa
wouldn't that taste pretty bad?
Akari: We've lived under the same roof for 10 years.......
---and yet
with those two back then, I didn't get the sense that they were siblings one bit.
I see.
----So that's why
Akari: you left that house, huh......?

Page 106:
Rei: The Shishi-Ou Championship 3rd Round
On move 113 Shimada Kai 8-dan resigned.
---And at 5 o'clock
a distant, nostalgic some played across the town.
Today, for the first time
I realized that that song
is my
Bottom: Chapter 38 E N D

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