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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

3-gatsu no Lion 39

Through the Night

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 2, 2014 00:10 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

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I'm gonna try to finish up this volume.

[3-Gatsu no Lion 39 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 107:
Title: Chapter. 39
Through the Night

Page 108:
Shimada: Ever since I was a baby
there was always a shogi board in front of me like it was perfectly natural.
The place I grew up in was a village in the northeast where it always snowed.
There were more cows and chickens than there were humans,
and on top of that most of those humans were elderly.
So with me not having any kids my age to play with, I didn't grow up playing baseball or soccer (due to not having enough people).
Whenever I was playing, I would catch bugs on my own, play a video game, or read a book.
---But on one winter day when I was getting into that stuff...
Some old grandpas from the neighborhood taught me how to play shogi.
'This is the Ou-sama and
this is Kin.'
Shima: Games, manga and novels would always end really fast,
but in shogi
no matter how far I went, it never ended.
No matter how long I played, it always entranced me.

Page 109:
Shima: At my 2nd year of elementary school, I was able to defeat all of the adults in the village.
Once I was in my 3rd year of elementary, I started taking a shaky bus to a small shogi hall inside the city.
Sign: Tendou
Shogi Hall and Hot Spring
And even there, I would steadily rise in classes.
Guy: Amazing.
This boy is incredible.
Shima: I was introduced to the dojo's sensei, Oouchi-sensei, became his student, and entered Tokyo's Shoureikai.
[I forget if we said what the Shoureikai is before, I think we did, but if not put a note.]
As a middle schooler, Tokyo seemed like a far-away place.
I would go to the Shoureikai twice a month.
To cover my bus fare
I would pick apples and peaches all over the village and help out with rice harvesting in autumn.
And in the winter, I would look after all the cows.
People: Isn't Kai incredible?
We may end up with a meijin from out village.
Shima: The old men from the village cheered me on from the bottoms of their hearts.
With those old grandpas
that paid me part-time and cheered me on
and the people from my home town shogi club's support
I continued to go to the Shoureikai.
-----on the shaky nighttime bus...

Page 110:
Shima: Ever since those days, my stomach's been like this.
The 3-dan league was a den of onis, just as everyone had told me.
I was stuck there for years.
Even a kids that was called 'genius' in the country would be just 'some brat' there.
Still, the grandpas from my hometown always, always, cheered me on.
Sign: Express Bus
-----On that creaky nighttime bus seat
I traveled endlessly on that night road.
And eventually
I couldn't tell if it what was creaking was my seat,
my stomach
----or my heart.
I had nightmares that no matter how far I went,
I could never make it anywhere.
I couldn't let everyone's hopes and favors go to waste.
----I didn't want them to go to waste.

Page 111:
Shima: I'm probably
still carrying
----that pain.
Shima: Yo,
Rei: Ah, don't mind me.
Please, you can stay seated.
I went out and bought a bunch of stuff. I'll just put them in the refrigerator.
Shima: Sorry.
Rei: No, it's no problem.
This is my Spring Break.
Did you eat lunch?
Shima: Aah,
Just a little tofu...

Page 112:
Rei: I got some udon, mind if I cook it?
If it's really tender it won't be too hard on your stomach.
Shima: Ah, I might be able to eat that.
Rei: My Dad would get stomachaches...
and I remembered that somehow.
Just sit tight for a little bit.
Shima: Hm? Huh?
Kouda-san got stomach aches......?
Rei: Do you mind if I put in some eggs?
Shima: ...Ah...
Shima: Oh wait, that's right...
He means his real father...
Yeah, sure.
that looks great.
Yeah, I should be able to eat this.
Rei: That's good.

Page 113:
Rei: Um, Shimada-san.
I think I'll be heading home for today.
Shima: He~~h? Why?
Rei: The 4th game is in 5 days
Don't you think you should be giving your physical health your undivided attention? I think pushing yourself any more than you have would be...
Shima: Umm...
I actually think I'm okay though?
I mean, my stomach's always like this.
And believe it or not, it never hurts during games.
Rei: Uh, really?
Shima: Yeah...
Still though, in that third game...
I really was worried.
I didn't want to be the one doing the sealed move, but, well, that's just how it turned out.
The thought 'this can work' came to mind, so I chose that as the sealing move.
T/N: A sealing move is the last move done before a break in gameplay.
Shima: ----and in the middle of the night
4-6 Kakuhhh?!!

Page 114:
Shima: Not 6-6 Gin, Same Gin!!
I'd gotten worn out from 6-5 Fu. I thought I'd go with Same Gin, then for 5-5 Hi, 6-6 Kou,
but I overlooked the 4-6 Kakuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
This ain't good!! ...In fact, now...
I'm gonna be mated before lunch, aren't I?!
Shima: And well, after that... I pretty much... just couldn't stop thinking about 'Is there any way I can still hold out?'...
And my stomach was pounding like crazy...
I ended up writhing in bed until morning and then it was...
Shima: Uh... Huh?
What was I trying to say again?
Handwritten: Huuuh?
Rei: Um, ya know,
that's why I think you're really better off getting rest...
Shima: Mm.
Yeah... I guess so.
All right.
Um... I'll be going with static hisha so could you range your hisha?
Rei: Were you not listening at all?

Page 115:
Rei: .....
Shima: Hmm?
Rei: Are you okay with this?
I am serving a purpose by doing this with you, right?
I'm the only one getting anything here, right?
I'm in C1. So playing with you, someone in A-class, is a great learning experience for me.
I'm giving something back, right?
Shima: .........
say the same things, ya know?
Some of the time, anyhow.
Rei: Huh?
Shima: Remember? When you said it 'felt bad'.
[THe bubbles in the back are from a few chapters back.]

Page 116:
Shima: When he say that 3-7 Gin, he said the same thing in the waiting room.
Souya: The 3-7 Gin...
feels bad.
Shima: ----he said that.
Rei: .........
Shima: I thought you were kinda similar.
I couldn't say exactly how...
If I had to pick something, maybe perspective?
And you're both all-rounders of course, but...
There's stuff like the ability to switch easily between attack and defense
and knowing the good time for pressing on someone...
I thought that by having you sit across from me and playing how you wanted
I thought I could get somewhat of a feel for a viewpoint similar to Souya's.
I know it's a pretty hasty form of preparation,
but I think I'm better off than I am not doing it.

Page 117:
Rei: What sort of person
is Souya-Meijin?
Shima: Hm?
Oh, right.
I guess since he's got all those titles
he doesn't really show up at the Shogi Association anymore.
He's only around for signing diplomas.
I'd say...
He's like a bird.
Rei: A bird?
Shima: Yeah.
He's got this quiet, white, gentle feeling to him.
Like a heron or a crane.
He's a slender, tall guy.

Page 118:
Shima: You know the 'tortoise and the hare' story?
The thing that would be above 'hare'....
would be a 'bird'.
----And when you look at Souya, you get the feeling you're a 'turtle' or a 'bug crawling on the ground.'
I'm not trying to belittle myself, I'm just conveying the image, okay?
what's really killer
is that while the 'hare' was overconfident and sabotaged himself,
as is common with people that are called 'geniuses'
doesn't slack off.

Page 119:
Black Bar: I've been watching the whole time.
Shima: No matter how much he climbs, he never lets his guard down.
He's never overconfident.
That's why the gap between us never shrinks no matter how far I go.
Black Bar: Souya, someone the same age as me, running through the Shoureikai like the wind
----becoming a pro, and rising through the ranks......
Shima: But
even if the 'gap never shrank'
is not a reason for me to not move forward.

Page 120:
Shima: Just because 'it's clear I can't overtake him'
that doesn't mean 'there's no reason for me to work hard'
Rei: Shimada-san?!
Seriously, I think for today...
a doctor... let's go to a doctor!!
Shima: No...
It's okay, I see a doctor.
Rei: But Shimada-san...
Shima: And I've got medicine and all that.
I've been going since I was in my teens. This stomach of mine acting up is an everyday thing at this point.
Geez, I'm sick of it.
But my internal organs are one thing I can't strengthen.
Kiriyama, could you get me some water?
Rei: Ah,
Shima: Sorry, I called you out here and I'm in this state...
Rei: Please, stop.
I don't mind it one bit.
Shima: Okay... then
could you hang around
just a little longer?

Page 121:
Shima: It took me so long to get the right to be the challenger.
So for it to end in an unsightly final scene...
that's something I really...
That would be inexcusable.
----I mean... They've got it up.
Right now, I'll bet there a huge banner at my hometown's train station.
Banner: Tendou City - Japanese Shogi Association [Small, on top]
The Meijin from the Shogi City Tendou

Page 122:
Shima: And what really gets me...
Is there's nobody else
besides me
that's from Yamagata and is in B-class or above.
So I've
gotta do it.
I can't let
that banner
just hang there
to get covered in soot.
[Same banner]
Bottom: Chapter.39 E N D

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