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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

3-gatsu no Lion 40

Kyoto (1)

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 3, 2014 04:37 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

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Ok, got this one done. I think there's 2 chapters left in this vol.

[3-Gatsu no Lion 40 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 123:
Title: Chapter.40
Kyoto (1)
[These should actually be those circle with a number in them. I'm just putting it in parentheses for convince's sake.]

Page 124:
Rei: Okay there
-----we go...
Here, a blanket------ and
there's some warm tea if you want...
I'm putting it in the pocket in front of you.
Intercom: Line #12. Departing at 8:05.
Nozomi #○○ [I dunno if you wanna explain what Nozomi trains are. That's not really important.]
Shima: Ah,
thanks, Kiriyama...
Intercom: We are now departing.

Page 125:
Rei: It should be 2 hours and change, huh?
I'll wake you up when we get there,
so please get some rest.
Shima: Mm.
Rei: Okay.
----Since then, I...
Shima: It's make-or-break time already.
Straight losses, huh?
That's one thing I really don't...
Rei: Because of that pressure from Shimada-san, I've been sticking around with him to study.
I think I'll go with you after all.
You can't do this alone.
Shima: Sorry.
Rei: ----But

Page 126:
Rei: ----After seeing Shimada-san's pale face while he slept
I felt a torrent of anxiety and regret that I should've just refused regardless of what he said
and got him to rest......
Intercome: Kyoto
Rei: Umm...
let's see, where's the place to get taxis...
Shima: To the right.
It's towards Kyouto Tower...
Rei: Ah,
To the 2nd Kyoto Hotel, please.
Driver: Yes, sir.

Page 127:
Pres: There they are.
He~~~~y! Shimadahh!
Sign: Shishi-Ou Championship Game 4
Sponsored by [Scribbles]
In association with [Scribbles]
Pres: Oh, Kiriyamahh, good work.
Shima: President,
sorry for worrying you.
Pres: What, the stomach again?
Man, you sure are weak. Have been since the old days.
In Bubble: RighT?
Shima: ...I'm sorry.
Pres: Can't you get a transplant of your stomach or wahtever?
At this rate you'll go your whole life without getting a title.
Rei: President, please don't go that far!
Pres: Well, whatever. Go sleep in your room until the eve festival.
Hey, guide 'im to his room.

Page 128:
Rei: I'll call you when it's a good time.
I left you some water, some tea,
and a cell phone right near your pillow, so...
please call me right away if anything happens.
Shima: Haha.
Rei: Huh?
Shima: You sound sorta like my mom.
Rei: Huh? Ah
I'm sorry, am I being too insistent?
Shima: No, no, not like that.
Rei: Ooo...kay.
What should I do now?
Hmm. Yeah. Maybe I'll go to a convenience store and find something to drink and a book...
Pres: Hm...
This is quite the surprise.

Page 129:
Pres: I thought you were more of a modern,
cool sorta kid.
Rei: ......
Pres: You really helped my out by bringing the challenger here.
Sign: 20th Shishi-Ou
Game 4 Eve
Pres: All righty...
I'd better go find the title holder...
He didn't show, yet again.
That 'lil rascal. I let my guard down because this one's nearby.
Rei: Nearby?
Pres: Yeah, sure is.
Next to Ginkaku-ji. [I dunno if you wanna translate that either. Most don't. The translation is The Temple of the Silver Pavilion.]
Rei: It's in an incredible place like that? Right in the middle of a sightseeing area?
Pres: No.
It's crazy quiet, ya know?
Rei: Is there anyone at his house?
Or does he have a phone... or something...?
Pres: He won't pick up.
Ah he's living with his grandma right now, but she's a taaad hard of hearing.
I'm gonna have to go look around.

Page 130:
Rei: Heh...
Kyoto, huh...?
I haven't been here since my field trip in Middle School...
Maybe if I bought a souvenir or something
that'd make Hina-chan and the others happy......
Kids: Huuh? Where's Kiriyama?
Dunno. Doesn't really matter, does it?
He's gone off on his own.
Handwritten: He's just moving around on his own, right?
Book: 5-Move 7-Move Mate Handbook [It says that on the cover and the same on the spine except for the "handbook" part.]
Rei: .........
Maybe I'll just
head back after all.
I don't really know
anywhere I wanna go after all......

Page 131:
Rei: And then night fell
and the Shishi-Ou Championship Game 4 Eve Festival began.
Sign: Eve Festival Hall
Rei: With everyone surrounding Shimada-san
he's replying to everyone with a smile.
----But he barely took anything to eat since last night.
He was straining himself so much until just a little while ago, but...
'I knew it, this is too much.
If it affects you tomorrow, it'll ruin everything, don't you think?'
Shima: Naw.
Or, well, I'm well aware of that.

Page 132:
Shima: 'My most important job is to show them a good game.'
'----But showing up for the people that prepared this 'location' is also an important job.'
Rei: I don't really get it... but
----I felt a pain in my chest every time a camera flashed.
I have the feeling that every one of those
sent a twinge to Shimada-san's stomach.
Sign: 20th Shishi-Ou Championship Game 4
Eve Festival
Rei: Hm?
Are they
talking about something?

Page 133:
Rei: Shimada-san?
Shima: ......
Let's go.
Rei: Why all of a sudden......?
Are you sure?
Shima: It's okay.
Looks like my mission's accomplished.

Page 134:
Shima: He said 'Leave the rest to me.'
He's showing humanity to his enemy.
Pres: Yo! ☆ Great job.
Shima: Sorry.
To be ready for tomorrow, tonight I...
Pres: It's fine, it's fine.
They'll never notice if you make a qui☆et exit.
And the one everyone came to see is Souya, after all. ☆ ["Souya" big.]
Handwritten: Don' worry about it! ☆
Shima: President?!
In Bubble: KYAAAH
Pres: ......Am I right? ☆
After the greetings area all done, it pretty much becomes a 'Souya Photo Shoot ☆', after all.
Always does.
I mean, since the old days
you've had a pretty thin presence. And, well, that's not all that's thin.
Handwritten: President...
President, really...
I, I think that's enough...
Pres: He reaaally must piss you off, huh? He's always so lively. Or rather airy, or something...
Rigt? You're the same age and all, right?
Handwritten: I mean if it's one or the other, you look more like you're Gotou's age, ya know?
Shima: Ah, right. Kiriyama.

Page 135:
Shima: Kiriyama, about your room.
I asked Smith about it so you can go to his place.
Handwritten: He came as a vice-observer.
Rei: Huh?
It's okay. I can just go to a net cafe or something.
Shima: You idiot, you can't do that.
Okay? Smith'll be at the venue, so get his attention.
Good night.
Rei: Thanks for doing all that!
Handwritten: He's thinking about other people even at a time like this...
Handwritten (Shima): Bye...
Pres: Ya know, you could hurt your stomach that way, too.
Smith: Aw man. I thought I was finally gonna get some comfortable time alone.
Rei: Waaah! I'm sorry, I'll be okay. I'll just go to a net cafe!
In Bubble: WAAAA...
Smith: Don't take that seriously. Man, you really can be a pain.
Handwritten: C'mon!
Smith: Hm?
Hold on a sec.
Ah, yes?

Page 136:
Smith: Hey.
How's it going?
Me? I was about ta go ta bed.
What, are you lonely without me around?
You okay?
Ah... You've got an appetite?
You ate that all up?
Rei: Is...
Is that his girlfriend?
And she's with another person? Is it a love triangle?!
Handwritten: Should I be here for this...?
Smith: Huh? What? That voice just now...
I... Ichigo-chan?
What? You're speaking so sweetly to someone besides me...
His lap?!
You're on their lap?!
Handwritten: What's goin' on?! But you hate being held and you won't even sit on my lap!
Rei: U... Umm?
Smith: Kiriyama...
go drink for a bit...
Handwritten: Mind if I take the key?
Aah... My kitten-chan...
Rei: H...
Have a nice time...
[If you didn't get it, Ichigo-chan is the cat he found before.]

Page 137:
Rei: ----And
the night passed quietly as if nothing had happened.
And the curtain rose on Shishi-Ou Championship Game 4.
Someone: ----Well, it's 9 o'clock, so
please begin with Souya Shishi-Ou as sente.
Both: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
Rei: Shimada-san.
I wonder if he got any sleep last night...

Page 138:
Rei: ----His expression is stern...
I wonder if his stomach is still bothering him?
Shima: It took me so long to get the right to be the challenger.
So for it to end in an unsightly final scene...
that's something I really...
Rei: What should I do?
Should I have declined his offer to help him practice and forced him to rest......?
Even if I stress over it,
The curtain on the battle has risen now.
no one's hands can reach him.
Bottom: Chapter.40 E N D

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