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3-gatsu no Lion 48


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 4, 2015 07:30 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

-> RTS Page for 3-gatsu no Lion 48

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Ooookay. I finally got this done. Really hard chapter.

[3-Gatsu no Lion 48 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 87:
Title: Chapter.48

Page 88:
Squirrel: Gotta break open this chestnut!
Handwritten: Risuzawa-san (Ono-san)
Hare-chan [Island]
Emily [Far right bird]
Betsy [Snake]
Macchan [Black cat]
Principal [Dog in the center with the hat]
Umino [Center old guy]
Bun-chan [Cat thing]
Chiyo-chan [Panda]
Oo-chan [Bunny underwater]
Kurosawa R-chan [Mermaid]
Banner: My lovely friends that helped create voluem 5
Bottom: The Umino Village filled with strong people.
Having you all here is so encouraging! Thank you!!

Page 89:
Nikai: What is thiiis?
I don't understannnd!
I've been spending every day preparing my mind for the day I face you in a game,
and I made it to C1, the same class as you...
So why am I not going up against you here, either?!
Nikai: So then...
did you get cold feet, Kiriyamaaa?!
Handwritten: Aah... So loud......
Rei: I wonder how that happened...

Page 90:
Nikai: Wee had way more matches elementary school kids shogi tournaments, don't you think?!
Becoming pros was totally pointless!!
Nikai: Now seriously no matter what we do, unless you and I become the champions of A Block and B Block so we go up against each other in the finals, the year will end without us going up against each other a single time!!
Nikai: This was just a thought, but Kiriyama,
you're not thinking something stupid like 'It's the newcomer championship so all my opponents are just gonna be newcomers anyhow', right?!
Don't sell it short just because it's a newcomer championship!!
Rei: I'm not selling it short.
Nikai: You need to take this seriously, Kiriyama!
Extravagance leads to ruin!
Rei: Pardon the intrusion.
Guy: 'Sup.
Smith: Hey, Kiriyama.
Laptop Guy: ----...The move's been made.
Kumakura 9-dan, 2-7 Fu.
Left guy: Yanagihara Kishou, which would you rather go up against, Souya Meijin or Kumakura 9-dan...?
Yanagi: Hmm?
Wellll... I'd really not go up against either of them...

Page 91:
Nikai: 'No, you're being extravagant!"
'---In fact, I'd say you're already flaunting your success.'
Above Arrow: Kiri
Rei: 'What have I done that could make you say that?'
Nikai: 'Everything!!'
'The prodigy that debuted in middle school destined to become a Meijin'
'----You've been relying on that sort of reputation!'
Yanagi: Well, in a word,
it's 'disorder'.
Right now I can't tell which one's better.
Guy: Isn't there anything you can do about that?
We can't put an answer like that on the web!
Yanagi: Uh... Then how 'bout...
'The final game of the Meijin Championship will be one for the record books! ☆'
Reporter: Yanagihara-sensei~~
Yanagi: Geez, you two are noisy.
Issa, Smith,
would you
send them off? ☆
Smith: Yes!
Handwritten Smith: Understood, sir!
Issa: Right away!
Handwritten Issa: Yes sir!
Handwritten Rei: Huuh? Me, too?!
Handwritten Nikai: KYah!

Page 92:
Handwritten: The corner...
Yanagi: ----Geez.
Youngsters are always whining.
Don't fight with your mouths!
Do it with shogi!!
Handwritten: Honestly......
Souya played 3-7 Hi, eh...?
Guy: Hey now,
it's good to see some enthusiasm, isn't it?
I wish he'd share some of that enthusiasm
with his senior.
Guy: Ah, Shimada-san, right?
He's really had no ambition lately.
Just sort of wandering.
Kinda makes you wonder what's going on with him.
In the Kishou Championship preliminaries, he was doing these moves that just seemed so unlike him.
Ya think Souya-san sucked out his soul?
It even kinda seems like his shadow's thinning out---- [This is an idiom, meaning he stands out less, but they're using it in the literal manner. I don't think it's really worth putting a note in since you can kinda tell what it means from context, like he's becoming less-there.]

Page 93:
Guys: ----Actually,
I'd say it's not just his shadow
that's thinning.
In Bubble: Haha
Guy: Hey,
c'mon now!
In BUbble: SHH!
Nikai: Kuhh...
Gotou: Hmph.
Must be nice to be so easygoing
when you have nothing to do with title matches.
Rei: Gotou......
Rather than worrying about other people's mental health,
a shogi player worries about the possibility that he'll never be in another title match.
Try being more concerned about your own lives.

Page 94:
Yanagi: Gotou,
now you're going too far.
Kumakura went with 3-6 Gin.
In Bubble: Thought so... An attack here makes sense.
Yanagi: That one's another good move.
Guy: Shit...
----Just let it go.......
We're going.
Smith: ..........
Yanagi: Now look what you did. They left!
Gotou: What do I care.
Maybe they're going to the bathroom?
Yanagi: What's going on with the atmosphere in here?
Everything suddenly got so cold.
Handwritten: ...Honestly,
Yanagi: Whenever anybody gets in a title match,
they'll be in rough shape for a while.
Someone: Well,
of course.

Page 95:
Yanagi: You can bet that 'The way I've been doing things hasn't been good.'
is what they're thinking between matches.
they go to pieces for a little while
because they're trying to build themselves back up
from square one.
It's the same for everyone.
by everyone
I mean 'experienced people'
Gotou: Hmph.
You can just leave Shimada alone.
He'll start winning again on his own.
I just...

Page 96:
Gotou: get disgusted
just looking at people who never actually get in the ring
and do nothing but heckle on the sidelines.
Yanagi: Honestly, you're always---...
being as sharp as a knife.
Handwritten: Be more of an adult, won't you...!!!
Ahh... Geez...
Yanagi: Hurting everything that touches you...
Sheesh, always acting so jagged.
Handwritten: Sorry...... we've still... never been in a title match......
Gotou: So?
How are they doing on time? Is this one Souya's?
Yanagi: Geez,
you really don't listen to people when they talk do you?
Kuma just crossed the 1-hour mark.
Gotou: ........

Page 97:
Kyouko: ...
Rei: Don't go...
my big sister anymore.
You're married, aren't you?
What are you thinking?
Anybody that can't cherish their family...
is trash.

Page 98:
Gotou: 'Trash', huh?
-----so you're saying I'm 'unforgivable'?
are you?
This is good,
this is bad.
Do you get to decide all of it?

Page 99:
Rei: ----I don't understand.
To me...
humans are disorder incarnate.
The Gotou that got pissed off for Shimada-san
and the Gotou that is causing my big sister all that pain
are living in the same body.
I don't know whether...
Yanagi: Oh, he moved.
Smith: Souya 3-9 Fu promotion.
Yanagi: What?
Can he make it in time with that?
Rei: I should hate him
Gotou: Then
if he comes in with 8-3 kaku...
then he...
Rei: Or...

Page 100:
Yanagi: What? You going, Gotou?
Gotou: I have a game tomorrow.
Yanagi: Please don't make
Kouda cry too much.
SFX: ZU...

Page 101:
Gotou: Why are you always standing like a 'Niou'?
Kyouko: A Niou?
You mean like a demon or something?
Gotou: Ah, so you're aware of it?
T/N: Niou are wrath-filled and muscular guardians of the Buddha that frequently appearing as pairs of statues that guard the entrances of Buddhist temples.

Page 102:
Rei: .........
Smith: Something wrong, Kiriyama?
Rei: Suddenly, I just got the feeling
It's nothing.
That Kyouko was right by my side.
The last time we met was in March......
Though I did think about calling her cell phone,

Page 103:
Rei: ----when I reached my hand down to pick it up, I stopped.
What would I talk about?
-----And regarding what was actually right by my side, what was there was...
Yanagi: It looks like it can come apart easily,
and it also looks like it can get incredibly mixed up.
Well, in a word...
Rei: ----And then
Yanagihara-san paused for a second and then muttered...
Yanagi: it's disorder.
Bottom: Chapter.48 E N D

Page 104:
Top Right Small: An article by Senzaki Manabu
Top Right Big: Senzaki Manabu's Lion Shogi Column
Big Right: Sparks fly between rivals...... The fated showdown!!
Article: The world of shogi is a society where a limited number of people do battle with each other again and again. So inevitably, people frequently end up in rival relationships. The unique thing about rivals in this world is if you're in the same generation, then you can be rivals all the way from childhood. Kiriyama-kun and Nikaidou-kun's relationship is certainly not a rare one.
And so, being a kind of profound relationship, it is common to worry about your rival and not say anything too extreme about them. The comments before matches have a strong tendency to become innocuous ones. In a way, it may be something unavoidable.
Back in the days when things were rougher, it was a bit different. This was in the era of disorder after the war when Masuda Kouzou 8-dan (at the time) challenged Kimura Yoshio Meijin. Masuda-sensei is associated with the rivalry he had with Ooyama Yasuharu, the 15th Lifetime Meijin. But actually, Kimura Meijin was who he considered his greatest rival. On his way to the battlefield, gunning to take down Kimura, he is said to have looked at the moon and muttered 'I want to use that moon as a mirror to play shogi with Kimura Yoshio.'
Now, in this peaceful era, those two clashed. An incident occurred before the series began when the two of them appeared on a radio program.
At first, it was said to be quite a mild atmosphere. Which makes sense. The two of them weren't children. But as the discussion went on, things got heated, and they started to speak more openly. Masuda 8-dan's mouth slipped. 'The title of Meijin is just a piece of trash.'
Ah, quite powerful words. This is the sort of declaration that can make your body and mind freeze up. But Kimura Meijin's response of 'If Meijin is trash, then what are you?' made a prominent smile appear on Masuda 8-dan's face. 'Well, something like a fly that hovers around garbage.'
To this, as you might expect, Kimura Meijin recoiled, and recommended that he not say any more odd things and to hurry to get his health in order before running out. This is the famous trash and fly incident. Old stories sure can be interesting, can't they?
If we go back to the present, we have Habu Yoshiharu Meijin and Watanabe Akira Ryuuou as players that represent the era. But while they are both from considerably different eras, they feel that everyone from their generation is their rival. There is no rivalry like that one from the old days. Compared to all the way back then, you could say that today's players are more like rival barons in their several strongholds.

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