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3-gatsu no Lion 65

River Scenery

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 11, 2015 05:16 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

-> RTS Page for 3-gatsu no Lion 65

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Okay, that's done. Whew, it's late. Time for bed.

[3-Gatsu no Lion 65 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 25:
Title: Chapter.65
River Scenery

Page 26:
Hina: I thought I was dreaming.
Sitting there all alone in a town I didn't know,
not even knowing where I was,
feeling helpless,
and about to cry,

Page 27:
Hina: I saw you running so fast your hair got messed up
and then stand there
out of breath.

Page 28:
Akari: Kiriyama-kun...
Are you sure about this?
Kiri: Of course!
Please feel free to add
anything you want on it!
SFX: KOKURI... (Nod)
Akari: B-
But today was supposed
to be a celebration of you becoming the Newcomer King, Kiriyama-kun...
I'm not sure...
if we really should.
Kiri: I promise, it's all right!
Please Go right ahead!

Page 29:
Hina: O-Okay then
I'll take you up on that offer!!
Handwritten: HAWAA
Hina: I-I'll have anmitsu
with extra soy beans and fresh cream on it!
Akari: I'll have matcha Bavarian cream with coarse anko on it!!
Hina: A-And
double anzu and also rice flour dumplings!! Three... No, four, on top of that!!
Akari: And condensed milk!!
Some condensed milk as a topping!
Girls: A-Also, on the matcha Bavarian cream
chestnuts and fresh cream with that!!
----And I want anzu beans, too!!
Also, oh, yeah!!
Put a small double scoops of vanilla ice cream and azuki ice cream on that!!
Yeah! Thanks Oneechan.
I forgot the ice cream!! That's important!!
Oh, right, what about you, Momo?!
Momo: The same as Hina-chan!!
Gurls: Okay, but make it a children's size portion.
Handwritten Right: AWAWAWA
Handwritten Rei: C-Can they eat all that?!
Handwritten Top Left: Oh my, I don't seem to have enough room on the slip...

Page 30:
Guys: Oh, right! Ojiichan! What do we get for you?
Oji: Me?
I'm okay with anything... Isobeyaki is fine.
Guys: Isobeyaki?!
Oji: .....
Three, please.
Girls: What about you, Rei-chan?!
What'll you have?
Rei: Um,
Handwritten: Never went to a shop like this.
have udon, I guess. Maybe this...
Power Udon.
Girls: Power Udon?!
Handwritten: AAHHH
Rei: Two...
Three, please...
And two serving dishes.......

Page 31:
Akari: H-
Hold on,
let's rest a bit.
My tummy hu~~~rts!
I can't move.
I ate too mu~~~ch!
My stomach's about to burst...
What do I do! I might not be able to get into my dress for the shop tomorrow...
Handwritten: Hey!! Akarii!
Did you gain weight agaaain?!
Akari: Th-The zipper won't go uuup!
What do I do! Auntie is gonna scold me agai~~n!
But still, I'm happy.
Ojii: Women sure are ferocious, aren't they... Just how much can they eat?
Rei: They just
kept piling more and more on...
SFX: BURU BURU... (Shaking)
Rei: ----By the end they had enough to fill a wash basin... ["wash basin" big/bold.]
It was like...
they had a completely different container from what the other customers had...
Uh... It as probably one of those things...
bowls for chilled Chinese noodles or some...thing...

Page 32:
Akari: It-
It's all your fault Ojii-chan,
b-because you ordered that Isobeyaki.
And Rei-chan
for ordering that Power Udon.
Guys: HUH?!
How's it my fault now?!
Rei: M-Me, too?!
Someone: It's really true, you know?!
'Something sweet'
'something sour'
'sweet, sour', 'sweet, sour'...
---It's all a vicious cycle! (A food chain)!
And on top of that, after our bellies were chilled from the ice cream
the power udon warmed them back up again.
'Cold, hot', 'cold, hot'.
Who knows when it'll e~~~~nd!!
Oji: What is this?
An auditory hallucination?
It's like grandma and Mikako
both said the same thing...
Someone: Yeah.
I think I
heard something like that before, too...
Handwritten: You can't stop when the flavor changes, you know!!
What am I gonna do with this?!

Page 33:
Momo: Hina-chan, Momo is
Hina: Hu~~~h?
Oh~~~~ I told you you should've gone when we were in the shop!
Handwritten: AWAWA...
Momo: Carry me~~~~
I can't walk anymore!
Akari: J... Just a second. I'm sorry, Momo.
If Onei-chan tries to lift her arms right now her tummy might explode...
Actually, does she have that much of an imagination?
I wonder if... Momo understood that..
Handwritten: Seems pretty chipper (Hehe)
Rei: Okay,
well, I've got her.
Hina: Really? Sorry, Kiriyama-kun.
we're almost home, okay?!
Momo: Momo's gonna leak...
Rei: Huh? Really?
Should I run?
Hina: Th-
Then I'm gonna run, too!
Handwritten: Full stomach

Page 34:
Hina: Momo, can you hold it till we get there?
Should we go to a park toilet?
Hina: Nooo!
I wanna go home!!
Hina: Okay, okay!
I guess you're scared of public toilets, huh, Momo?
Omo: Hina-chan's being mean!
Hina: Let's hurry home!
Akari: Ojii-chan,
Oji: Yeh?
Akari: I'm glad...
that Hina
is smiling.
Oji: Mhm.
It's thanks to
the boy...
Hina: I'm back!
Ojii-chan, Onei-chan,
hey, uh!
It was amazing!
What do you think of this?!

Page 35:
Hina: Kiriyama-kun came
all the way to Kyoto!!
he found me near Kamo River.
Akari: Ooh?!!
Hina: And then he gave me medicine and pudding!
Akair: You're kidding!
Handwritten: HUUH?!
Hina: Isn't it amazing that he found me?!
Just because he knew we were in free time and what area we were in!!
We didn't plan to meet up there or anything!
China: It's no good...
I'm getting dizzy...
Rei: Ah, then forget about it.
Don't push yourself too hard.
SFX: NNN... GURUGURU (spinning)
Rei: -----Mm...
If you have that jacket on at least nobody will recognize you even if they pass right by.
Even if they're on their free time, when they see you they'll think you're from a different school and lay off...
Hina: Yeah.
Rei: How's your stomach? Does it hurt?
No, I'm okay right now.
---But... I haven't eaten yet.
Rei: Okay...

Page 36:
Rei: ----I thought that might be the case.
So I bought a few things on the train.
I have some pudding
and peach jelly
and apple juice... and sponge cake and-----
Do you think you can eat any of that?
Hina: Um...
The pudding sounds good.
Rei: Okay.
Now we...
just need a spoon...
Hina: ...
Rei: This medicine says it's supposed to be taken 'between meals'.
So uh,
you should take it around when you're done with the Ginkaku-ji you're going to next.
Hina: How did you knew I was going to the Ginkaku-ji next?
Rei: Huh?
It was on your travel guide.
Hina: But didn't you only see that for like a second?!
Handwritten: KYOTON
Rei: ?
Well, a second's all I need to remember it......
Box: *His Shogi Player memorization skill is no joke

Page 37:
Black Bars: Even though it was the river bank of a city we didn't know,
Hina: And then!
The medicine worked reaaally well!
I even ate
all my dinner!
Black Bars: just by sitting next to me,
Hina: Ah, that's right!!
Rei-chan, how'd your match go?!
Rei: Oh, I won!
Hina: You won?! Really?! That's amazing!!
So you're the Newcomer King now?
Rei: Yeah, I am.
Black Bars: Rei-chan made it feel like a river bank I'd known forever.
And I calmed down like I was somewhere familiar.

Page 38:
Rei: Oh,
so the medicine did the trick, huh...?
I'm glad to hear it,
Hina: Rei-chan,
my tummy huuurts!
Rei: You ate too much...
C'mon, Momo-chan.
Almost. Hang in there.
Bottom: Chapter.65 E N D

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