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3-gatsu no Lion 114

Gentle Song

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 17, 2016 02:30 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

-> RTS Page for 3-gatsu no Lion 114

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[3-Gatsu no Lion 114 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 125:
Title: Chapter.114
Gentle Song

Page 126:
[And another little spacer page.]

Page 127:
Rei: That was it for their Dad.
He never came back again.
health deteriorated
and whenever she moved around even a little
----her fever would go up in the evening.

Page 128:
Oji: -----
yer tellin' me all that stuff went on
while I was sleepin' here, not knowin' a thing about it...?!
Aunt: Ojii-chan...
Sorry... but we were worried about your health...
Ojii: I had a mountain 'a stuff I wanted to say ta that guy, ya know?!!!
Ojii: If I were there, I wouldda split his head open with a rusty hatchet!!
Aunt: Yep, looks like I was right on the money... ---I am so glad I didn't tell you.
Ojii: Dammiiiiiit!!
Rei: ---But
I really
don't think he's going to come back.
We'll stay on alert, though...
Someone: I agree.

Page 129:
Aunt: Not that I know what his thought process was
that made it end up that way.
Ah, thank you very muuch.
Handwritten: Kawamoto-saaan! It's lunch tiiiime!
Aunt: I mean, with men, even when they're cruelly thrown away, for some reason they still believe that women (including daughters) 'Should still a~~~lways love me☆'...
Handwritten: Now why they hell would they think that???
Handwritten (Left): ...I mean, that really makes no sense...
Handwritten (Bottom Left): Ah, thank you...
Aunt: But
getting 'never for the rest of our lives' from two daughters worked pretty well... Or rather, ['quote bold']
I think he's not going to approach anymore purely out of shock.
Akari... seems pretty beaten down...
Probably because
she doesn't live by the idea of 'keeping steady', she lives by 'I have to keep steady.'
So having to stay in bed for so long...
must be really taxing for her.
Ojii: ---So,
about where things are going from here,

Page 130:
Ojii: I heard what happened.
So, you proposed to my granddaughter, did ya?
Rei: I-I'm sorry for
taking so long to report it.
I know I brought it up very suddenly,
but I had been thinking about it for some time before then, so I did not say that with any sort of half-hearted feelings!
Ojii: I fergive ya.
Rei: I've been saved mentally and emotionally by Hina a ton of times up to this point!
Ojii: Yeah, so like I said, you're forgiven.
Rei: A-And
Wait... huh?
Ojii: Actually, forgive ain't the right word,
I actually think that's pretty good.
You're always
being such a source of strength fer Hina.
With me, when I was a kid,
both my parents and my little brother died in the confusion after the war.
----This might not resonate much with you all in Japan the way it is today,
But the whole ryougoku area... was a pretty awful place.
I still dream about it sometimes.

Page 131:
Oji: ----All I'd do was feverishly search for a way ta keep living...
---So when I met you
it reminded me of me when I was a kid.
We grew up in different eras, but for some reason I just thought of you
as a kind 'a comrade in arms...
I imagine you
always working hard, never throwing in the towel no matter how tough it gets.
You went from havin' nothing,
to being one of the only 160 pro shogi players in all of Japan.
that tendency 'a yours to obsess about things
will be a big help to my granddaughter.
That's how I feel.

Page 132:
Oji: No matter how hard I try, I ain't gonna be around to watch over my granddaughter for her whole life.
So if I can entrust that to you,
----I'd be thankful.
Oji: Yeah, so now
it just depends on whether or not Hina says 'yes'. [quote bold/wiggly font]
Handwritten (In Bubble): UKYAHOOOH
(RIght): Uhh...
I'll need you to consider Hina's feelings first and foremost.......
(Big center): You're right...
Well, I thought it would be nice if I can communicate it to her by the time I'm 20......
Rei: ...Okay...
Aunt: He's right.
I mean, that girl may be in high school, but on the inside she's kind of like an elementary schooler...
Handwritten (Far Left): It could take another 4 to 5 years, though... .........To persuade her...
People: ----So then,
the one who has a problem is Akari.
Akari's suffering is different from the kind you or me have...
She cared for her mother and grandmother on their deathbed
and then raised two younger sisters.
The pain of having to carry others.

Page 133:
Aunt: And she managed to push forward and do just that.
So her little sisters wouldn't be lonely,
she started dressing and talking like a mother.
Rei: Why...
Why would she go that far...?
Aunt: Well, see, that's because Akari
felt it was her fault.
Akari: They say that 'children are a bond between husband and wife'
but I couldn't do anything.
I let Mom die all alone...
Aunt: I mean, none of any of that was Akari's fault...
But no matter how much I told her that, she was so convinced of it she wouldn't budge.
----It was so sad.
Because that girl loved her mom and dad.

Page 134:
Aunt: So while girls her age were doing things like going to college,
dating, and traveling
Akari constantly had Momo on her back
and putting all her time into helping out at Mikazuki Temple.
Handwritten: HOWAAAAAA~
WAWAAAHH! Hold on! Hold on, just a second!
Aunt: One day, when there was a class reunion and Akari said 'It's okay, I don't have to go to that.'
I told her 'Just go outside once in a while!' and forced her to go.
Handwritten: Enjoy yourself! It's okay if you're back laaate!
Akari: Thank you, Auntie!
Bye byyye!
Dressing up
Girls: Ah!!
Handwritten: I haven't seen you in forever!!
Girls: You've
been having problems at home, right?
Handwritten: Is everything okay?
People: Kawamoto-san sure seems like she's way more adult... Or like...
she's kind of worn out... Like the life she's living now kinda shows through.
Sign: Sangatsu Middle
Poeple: That Kawamoto...
I really had a thing for her, but...
Yeah, me, too...
----But she always brings her two little sisters along, right?
I know, right...?
It makes her feel kind of... 'heavy'.
Handwritten: HAHA...

Page 135:
Akari: ---So because of that, it was kinda hard to stay there.
Handwritten (Hina): Onei-chan, you look so cute!
(Akari) Sooo, I came home!
(Momo): Akari-chan, that dress makes you look like a princess!
Aunt: Akari~~~~
Handwritten: Aaa...
Ojii: When she came to let me know that you were 'thinking about marrying Hina'
Akari was really happy.
Akari: Waaaah, what do we do?
I never imagined that Kiriyama-kun thought of her that way.
Ojii: ---But at the same time
she was also probably thinking about herself
if Hina left with you after Hina had relied on her for so long.
this is what she said...
Akari: I still have a long road of hard work ahead of me. -----At least
until Momo goes off to college and gets a job.

Page 136:
Ojii: I couldn't say anythin' ta that.
I thought about how old Akar would be when that happened...
She'd be 40...
Rei: What should I do?!
What's the right move to make here?!
Smith: That Kiriyama... It looks like he's seriously concentrating...
Handwritten: It looks like he's about to head-butt the board!!
Guy: The top of B1, Doi-san, is getting devoured!!
Rei: What? What?
What do I do?
Doi: Kuh.
Rei: What do I do so everyone can go to somewhere brighter?!

Page 137:
ReI: What do I do?!
What I can do
I need money
I need to win
rank-deciding matches
2-4 Kaku
First I need to win!!
Same Kin
Same Hi
Title Matches
2-2 Fu
3rd Group Preliminaries
The whole Kawamoto family
Number of matches
Smith: Woah. I an tell his brain is going into overdrive. His head is firing on all cylinders!!
Asterisk: *(Explanation)
Kiriyama's brain's hard disk isn't partitioned, so when one part thinks of something, he starts to think about everything will develop on everything he's thinking about at the same time. (See diagram 1)
*(Diagram 1)
Handwritten: WAA
Gears: Friends

Page 138:
Mizu: ...Hey, Smith...
----I'm really interested in what's going on with his match right now, but...
---But I'm even more interested
in the tons of catalogs and pamphlet-looking things
that look like they're bursting out from his bag...
Covers: Easy to understand! 2-Family Residences
Reform [Cut off]
Small-Sized Residences
Smith: Mm... I'm quite concerned about that as well...
'2-Family Residence Quick-Understanding Guide', A Small Plot of Land is Okay! ☆ 3-Story Building Special Edition'
'Renovation to make your home just like a new building' Q & A
Handwritten: What... is going on with him...? He's renovating? Uh, wasn't he renting? Or maybe he got caught up in the moment and bought a secondhand house? And didn't tell us about it...? When he's only 19 years old??
Rei: Thank you very much.
Handwritten (Top): Deep bow.
(Bottom Right): Won
Guys: Ah, looks like he won.
Handwritten: By the way, Kiriyama-kun, are you renovating? How much money do you have to spend on it? Are you getting a loan from the bank? Which is your main back?
Guys: That was quick. It's like 4 o'clock, right?
--Uh, Doi-san, don't you think you're getting a bit too into his renovation thing?!!
Rei: I see.
I get how 'building-to-land ratio' works!!
---So then under current circumstances, there's a limit to how many expansions of the buildings we can make, huh....?
----In that case, getting a bigger secondhand house nearby would be better than making expansions...
----So then if I get a secondhand house, then loan amount from the bank will go down, so then income will be a problem...
I guess then just focusing purely on the title match preliminaries won't work, I'll need to study everything...!!
Asterisk: *He's 19 years old

Page 139:
Rei: But... What was that?! I've been sensing something for a while now...
Like something about to click into place...
Like a door is about to open...
I've just got this fuzzy sensation...
5-6 Ryuu
That's right! 5-6 Ryuu!!
Rei: With 5-6 Ryuu, there'd be a discovered check, through which I could force a 5-5 fu ratio!! Then I'd just need to corner them at the edge...
----For some reason, I just couldn't solve that one problem. Ingenious Shogi Problems #99 Smoke Mate, 117-move mate, finally!!!!
Asterisk: *His brain is having a fever!!
Handwritten: I first started on that problem in elementary school and now, 8 years later, I finally solved it?!!!
Step-Dad, I did it!!!
SFX: BORO BORO (Crumpling)
T/N: Ingenious Shogi Problems (Shougi Zukoo) is a famous shogi book written by Kanju Itou in 1756 said to be the most prominent collection of mating shogi puzzles in the Edo era.

Page 140:
Rei: I've got it.
What the Kawamoto Family...
what Akari-san needs.
----Just an environment where I'm living close by everyone...
Just what we're living in isn't it!!
What Akari-san needs
is someone to be there with her, someone to support her,
a life partner!!!! [Big]

Page 141:
Rei: -----I see it now......
I see what I have to do...!!
Box: The next day at the Shogi Association Building
SOmeone: Is Kiriyama 6-dan here? He forgot something in the copy machine.
Smith: Oh, I guess I can give it to him.
Handwritten: Morning coffee
Smith: Huh?
What is all this?
Paper: Name [Top]
Date of Birth
Place of Birth [Top Left]
Blood Type
Last Year of Completed School
A lot [Next to arrows]
A little
Kindness [On the wheel, going clockwise from the top]
Future Prospects
[This one's not readable because it's cut off]
Domestic Skills
Smoking and Alcohol
Notes [Bottom left]
Smith: Parameters? And this is all hand-written... That guy sure is analog, ain't he?
Handwritten (Smith): Reliability?
My name's here, too...
Ah, Shimada-san, you're here, too?
Shimada: What is that? A research memo for match opponents?
Handwritten (Shima): 'Kindness'? What's with that? That shouldn't matter...... I really can't make heads or tails of him...
Bottom: Chapter 114 E N D

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