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3-gatsu no Lion 115

Party Invitation

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 25, 2016 07:22 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

-> RTS Page for 3-gatsu no Lion 115

Only for use by HWMN

I'll stick these here now that the volume is out. I didn't post them before in fear somebody would use them without permission like they have before.

[3-Gatsu no Lion 115 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1-2:
Big Insert Text: An anime
and a live action movie
have been greenlit!!
Small center insert: With smiles looking towards the future.
Blue Cirlce: The newest, volume 11
goes on sale September 25th (Fri.)!!
The limited edition with a free notebook and frixon ball pen
is also on sale!!
For details, turn the page ☆
Bottom Right: Umino Chica
Umino Chica's Official Twitter☆: @CHICAUMINO
Small text: Shogi Consultation / Senzaki Manau 9-dan
Cooperation From / Japan Shogi Association
White /Blue Circle: With this
on the cover
White bubble: Details will be in the next Young Animal and on the website homepage.
Blue circle: The tender love story flows like a river

Page 3:
[Spacer page]

Page 4:
Rei: Oookay.
So I've got all the copies I need...
Yes, so to start off...
I'll investigate people I'm familiar with.
Handwritten: I have to throw away all preconceived perceptions and check each one individually.
-----Akari-san's future depends on it, so I have to go at this with the utmost care!!
Hm... Yeah, this should be about right.
From among the people I know...
Is there anybody else...?
Was Kumakura-san married? I forget...
Paper: School [Top right circle]
Shogi [Top left circle]
No [Bottom right circle]
T/N: 2KD is an abbreviation of Nikaidou. The "ni" being the kanji for 2.

Page 5:
Rei: The people here I'm probably closest to would be...
Sensei... and Noguchi-senpai...
---Speaking of which... Those two were at Akari-san's house the other day.
---So then,
they ended up seeing some pretty embarrassing stuff...
but a few days ago they were a huge help to the Kawamoto family.
Girls: Thank you sooo much!!
Handwritten: 'EEERS!☆
Thank yooou!
Akari: Okay, don't be bashful, please dig it!
Handwritten: There's still plenty to go around!
Haya: Ah, okay!!
Well, I'll dig in!
Noguchi: Ooh...
This tuna yukhoe is splendid!
Aunt: Isn't it?! The garlic, salt, and sesame oil really do the trick, don't they?!
Handwritten: FOFOOOH...

Page 6:
Rei: ----And...
Akari-san and the others' reaction was...
Someone: Hm, well, I suppose that's one way to think about it.
Noguchi: No!! It's really easy to understand!!
Handwritten: Uh, hmmm...
Noguchi: The phrase 'cheap yen' has 'yen' in it so people can be easily confused as to what it means.
Think of it in terms of dollars.
Banner: How much yen can you buy with 1 dollar? ★
Handwritten: Mhm. Mhm.
So... Take 100 yen for example.
Handwritten: Yen sure is expensiiive.
Noguchi: ----And that's a 'strong yen'.
Then with 300 yen
Handwritten: Yen sure is cheap!
Noguchi: ----That's a 'cheap yen'.
Handwritten: And that's all there is to it.
Aunt: When I went to America 30 years ago, 1 dollar was 300 yen, I think!
----And now it's 120 yen!!
So that means something that cost 30,000 yen then, I could buy for 10,000 yen now?
Handwritten: Demin jackets were in fashion back then, but I couldn't buy one because they were over 100 dollars each. (Since that was 30,000 yen) ---But if I wanted to buy one now, it would only cost 10,000 yen, right? That's a nice deal.
Noguchi: ----And because of that, it is advantageous to import when the yen is strong.
Handwritten: Waaah! That was when you were in your 20's, wasn't it, Auntie?! I'd really love to travel overseas someday, toooo!
Aunt: Hey... isn't he wonderful?
I can't believe he's only 19 years old!!
And he said he's going to Teito Institute of Technology?! He's got some great prospects!
He's so great at explaining things!! I found out so much talking to him!!
Stuff like quantitative and qualitative monetary easing and reduction of official discount rates...
Honestly, it's not hard to say 'I don't understand' to him.
Rei: Noguchi-senpai is a very reliable person.
Handwritten (Bottom): I'm so glad he can translate it all for me!
Handwritten (Left): Feels proud for some reason

Page 7:
Aunt: How do I say this...? Something about him makes him seem to give off an aura of 'virtuousness' despite being so young...
Like he sort of exudes 'human ability'...
Like someone who is loved by those above him when he's young
and will be adored by his subordinates once he gets older.
He's a person that will go down the best possible route.
Handwritten (Right): Hahaha...
Thank you, Momo-kun...
Here you aaare!
Handwritten (Middle): You know when someone's 'already aged' from when they're still young, they stay the same as they get older!!
I'm sure he'll still look fresh as a daisy at age 60!!
Aunt: That boy's gonna be big one day...
Handwritten (Top Left): I just know it....
Call it women's intuition.
Rei: I know, isn't he great?!
Handwritten (Left): Happy to hear his Senpai he likes getting praised
Mhm Mhm
Rei: Auntie really loved Noguchi-senpai.
Handwritten: I've gotta hand it to Noguchi-senpai!! He's just so cool!
Rei: I'd better mark the 'future prospects' part really high!!
HandwritteN: Mhm. Mhm
Rei: Uhhh,
---So let's see,
how about Sensei?

Page 8:
Aunt: Hey, Sensei, would you like another g lass?
By the way, what subject do you teach, Hayashida-sensei?
Haya: Ah,
I, um,
teach modern Japanese.
AUnt: Modern Japanese...
I... see...
Aunt: Hey, didn't Soujirou-san teach Japanese
at that cram school he worked at...?
Akari: In those love letters Dad sent to Mom before they got married
they were always super-long and reaaaally sentimental and dramatic...
Haya: Wait, what?! What sorta damage has been done to my reputation?!
Don't lump me in with that guuuuy!
You're gonna make Japanese teachers all over the country get teary eyed!
Handwritten: Also, I'm more of a 'reader' than a 'writer' when it comes to books!!
Akari: Yeah, didn't he say something about 'becoming a novelist' when he quit the cram school...?
Handwritten: ...Though I don't think he ever wrote a single page.

Page 9:
Rei: Sensei.... is a good person,
----but when I think of him with Akari-san... I get a sense of 'lack of reliability'. I wonder why that is...?
Someone who can 'Wrap around Akari-san and allow her to relax' would be ideal, but right now Sensei seems really stiff, so he doesn't come across how we'd want I guess...
Like he lacked 'a man's capaciousness'...
---But it's not like he's a 'bad guy', right? Yeah. I've got to concede the point that he lacks the qualities of 'being a reliable man', but he's not a bad guy... I can say that definitively as a former student of his.
---Then how do I describe him?
'Kindness'? I can definitely say he has that. In fact he's got a lot of it.
Potentially speaking, he probably has a very large capacity for it.
Yes, 'kindness'. That's important.
Ah, but on the other hand, I don't think life's so convenient that you can live on 'kindness' alone...
But maybe if you're not kind, then you don't deserve to live... I feel like I used to hear that all over the place a long time ago. Cause I remember thinking 'That makes sense.' Hm, yeah, so maybe that's a good point...
---And then there's that line Sensei said when he was leaving...
Asterisk: Image of what's going on inside Kiriyama's head

Page 10:
Haya: ---Ya know, I've always thought how this area
is really pretty. Like those lights...
They're really
the way they just quietly flicker...
Rei: It was like he was saying
hey, Akari-san
is kind of like this, isn't she?
Haya: ---And it's also got
a kind of loneliness to it...
Rei: Like how she's just shimmering
and swaying.
Haya: Oh, yeah.
It's just the sisters living together, right...?
And I'm still worried about the Dad.
I wonder if there's anything I can give to them...?
say for example...
what do you think about this?

Page 11:
Haya: I could maybe live with them in that house...
---or something.
Rei: That reaaally surprised me!
Just, like, 'no way'.
---I mean, how did he get that idea after how awful he looked at the hand-crafted food party?
How can he be so positive when he didn't show off anything good to them?
I just don't get that former teacher of mine...
Well, 'positivity' is important,
but what can do you if he's 'positive in the wrong direction'?
In fact that's really just a hair's breadth away from a lot of pretty bad stuff.
---So for right now, I'll mark my Kiriyama memo like this.
Paper: Name
Hayashida Takashi
Top Right: Age
Date of Birth
Top Left: Place of Birth
Blood Type
Last Year of Completed School
Future Prospects
Domestic Skills
Smoking and Alcohol
Arrows: A lot [Left one]
A little
Bottom: Next Issue To Be Continued

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