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3-gatsu no Lion 117

The Satsuma Arc (1)

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 25, 2016 07:23 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

-> RTS Page for 3-gatsu no Lion 117

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[3-Gatsu no Lion 117 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Top: The Love Story that advances like the flow of a river
Top Right Flower: TV Anime Adaptation and Live Action Movie Adaptation
Blue Bubble: Greenlit!!
White Text: Check the next page for info on the TV Anime! ☆
Insert Text: Let's go at this year
together, too!
Top Left Flower: '3-Gatsu no Lion' Volumes (1)-(11) are now on sale with great fanfare!!
Bottom Right: Shogi Consultation / Senzaki Manau 9-dan
Cooperation From / Japan Shogi Association
Blue Bar: Umino Chica's Official Twitter☆: @CHICAUMINO

Page 2:
Narration: Kagoshima
---Early morning, 5 AM
Handwritten: EGYEEEEEEEeeeh-
[Don't erase the original, write the handwritten text next to it]

Page 3:
Guy: Oooh, that sound!
must've already gotten started!!
GUy: A'ight, then I'd better get goin!
Like hell he's not gonna
get the jump on me!

Page 4:
Guy: Raidooooou!
You ain't beatin' me eitheeeer!!
Woman: Hey, dear!!
Would ya put a cork in it?!!
Don'cha know what time it is?! Ya woke the baby!!
Woman: Why can't ya act yer age?! How long're you gonna swordfight like that?!!
Guy: I ain't swordfightin'!! This's Jigen-ryuu!
How many times I gotta tell ya?!!
It's all about the warrior spirit 'a Satsuma Province!
Woman: In this day 'n age all ya'll are doin' is swingin' around sharpened sticks! It ain't gonna accomplish a darned thing!!
T/N: Jigen-ryuu (Literally "revealed reality style") is a traditional school of martial arts practiced in what is not Kagoshima which emphasizes the "first strike".

Page 5:
Handwritten: HAAAA....
Woman: I'm gonna have ta go around 'n apologize to the neighbors...
Guy: There ain't nothin' ta apologize fer!
Someone: Grandpa!
Why are you visiting home?!
Grandpa: The title match!! It's a literal war for him!!
Handwriten: We're gonna let 'im swing that with all he's got!!
Grandpa: His wife ran out on 'im, but didn' actually divorce 'im, so she's just leeching money off 'im!
And with him fretting over that, he's had ta defend the one title he's got to his name, 'Kiryuu'.
And his opponent's driven him ta bein' behind 0-2, so now it's make-or-break time for him...
Fan and Shogi Piece: Kiryuu
Grandpa: With his heart about ta explode from all that anxiety
he's gonna probably gotta beat it inta shape with that wooden stake!
Handwritten: KIIEEEE
Gramps He's close ta losin' the Kiryuu title, the cabaret club girl, and his own heart. He's truly hangin' off a cliff!
We've gotten ta have our own dreams, haven't we? It's only right for us to endure this bit 'a noise!!
Handwritten: Kiiii...
So damn noisyyyy

Page 6:
Guys: Raidou!!
He's getting so charged up before the title match he's on fire...
Raidou!! You truly are a man of Satsuma!!
Handwritten: You're pushin yerself too hard!!
That's our Raidou-don all riiiight!
Handwritten: Kuh...
Rai: I can't...
I can't give it up...
Guy: Raidou.
Rai: My title... That is my soul as a player.
Even if these arms of mine catch fire and are burned to ashes...
Text: Kiryuu [Don't redraw this]
Rai: I will never give it up.
And most of allm, 'Fujimoto Kiryuuu', 'Fujimoto Raidou Kiryuu',
what do you think? That beautiful shape. Has quite a ring to it, doesn't it?!!
But what happens if I lose that title?
'Fujimoto 9-dan'...
I cannot let that happen!!

Page 7:
Rai: I'll lose all my popularity!!
Handwritten: Huh? Whoaaaaah! Kiryuuuu? That's so coooool! ☆
Sticker: Raidou Kiryuu
and Mika
Small Text: Mika
Make sure you win, okay? ☆
Otherwise Mika's gonna be mad!
Hey! [Heart]
Is it okay if I call you 'Fujimoto Kiryuu☆'?
Someone: Ah.
Fujimoto Kiryuu!
Fujimoto Kiryuu has just arrived at Hakusan Inn!
Raidou Kiryuu!
A word on how you feel going into the game?!!
Sign: Kiryuu Championship

Page 8:
Rai: Last night
the first 4,000-meter class eruption in quite some time occurred.
To me, that's a signal that Sakurajima has responded
to me, Raidou, returning to my hometown.
This may be make-or-break for me, but I intend to show the challenger
the ferocity of a cornered Satsuma Hayato.
T/N: Hayato (literally falcon-men) are a group of ancient Japanese people that lived in the Satsuma regions of Kyushu (Modern Kagojima).
Guy: Ah,
and moving on... Dobashi 9-dan has just arrived.
Dobashi: Ah,
I'm sorry I'm late...
Guys: No, no,
you're not late at all.
Guy: Dobashi 9-dan, I've heard you're not a fan of taking airplane rides,
so how did you get here today, if you don't mind me asking?
Dobashi: Ah, yes. By shinkansen.
Guy: How many hours did that take?!
Dobashi: Umm...
I went from Tokyo to Fukuoka and transferred,
so I guess 7.5 hours?
Guy: 7 and a half hours?!
Th... That's about enough time to make it all the way to Hawaii.
Handwritten: Not being able to ride planes in this day and age? Don't be a little kid...
....It makes it look like I was being malicious bringing you all the way here to do something like a shogi game...
Raidou: Ah, now that I think of it, Dobashi-kun's been one of those types going way back.
The type that likes trains and stuff, right?
SFX: BUTSU BUTSU (Mumbling) SOWA SOWA.. (Fidgeting)

Page 9:
Dobashi: Ah, yes. It's fine. It was my first time riding a Kyushu shinkansen.
I got to ride 'Tamatebako'.
Rai: Huh?
You got to ride Tamatebako, huh?
T/N: Tamatebako, literally treasure chest or Pandora's box, is a limited express service of the Kyushu railway service that started in 2011. It's half black and half white.
Dobashi: Yes.
And when we got to the station, that smoke came out... It was a lot of fun.
All three of the cars have a different interior.
And there are these sideways-facing seats that let you see the ocean.
It was a really incredible train.
Rai: Oh, was it? That sounds nice.
Dobashi: I was thinking about my match with Raidou Kiryuu the entire ride.
So it felt like it was over in no time.
The Kiryuu's endgame tends to be really forceful and change violently,
so it's a real joy to play with him.
Rai: Uh,
yes, yes, okay,
Dobashi 9-dan, you must be exhausted, so how about we leave the interview off there?
Hnadwritten: Embarassed
We'll need you to get some rest before the night-before party.
Rai: Which room is he in? It's in the new building, right?
Handwritten: Ah, yes.
His bags... Here, I'll carry them for you.
Thank you so much, Raidou Kiryuu.
Someone: Honestly, that Raidou-san,
he's got such a weakness for women and talented people.
Though I'll bet he wishes he got more praise.
Look how happy it made him.

Page 10:
Rai: Whew.
I haven't been in Ibusuki in ages, but it's such a nice place.
I used to come here for vacations a lot when I was a kid, didn't I...?
They've got a new pool...
Momo: Hey, hey! Hurry uuup!
Rai: Wha...?
Akari: Oh!!
Wait up!
Rai: A... goddess?!

Page 11:
Akari: Okay now,
you neeeeed to make sure to put on sunscreen.
Or your skin will really sting later.
Handwritten: Okay.
SFX: NURI NURI... (rub rub)
Rai: ----And
she's a married woman!!
With a child!!
Dammit. Who?! Who could take such a goddess for a wife?!
Handwritten: Broken hearted.
Rei: Akari-saaan!
I just
bought us some juice!
Rai: Kiriyama?!!
It couldn't be... him?!
Could the fiancee he was talking about be...
Handwritten: Momo-chan, you want the grape flavor, right?

Page 12:
Rai: So then she's decisively older than him.
By a fair amount.
Handwritten: Huu...
Rai: Does that mean my intuition
was right on the mark?!
And this... woman with a smile like a holy mother. She's far beyond my expectations.
So then... that four-eyes who's inexperienced in every imaginable sense
got infatuated in an instant, so he of course decided to become 'the father of a young child' at age 19.
But dammit, Kiriyama......
I'll never forgive you!!

Page 13:
Akari: !!
Akari: My hat...!
Rai: And on top of that, there are vultures swarming all oveeeer?!!
Handwritten: HUUUUH?!

Page 14:
Smith: Here you are, miss...
Uh... Hu~~~h?
This was your hat, Akari-san?
Guy: Do be careful.
You don't want it to go flying off again.
Handwritten: I didn't realize.
Akari: Huh?!
Smith-san and Matsumoto-san!!
Rei: Um,
Fujimoto Raidou...
I really want to thank you for inviting us.
Rai: Oh,
Rei: I invited these two to come along with me.
This is Akari-san and her little sister Momo-chan.
Momo: Hi, I'm Momo!
Handwritten: I like pools!
Akari: Nice to meet you.
I'm Akari. Thank you so much for inviting us!!
Rai: Little sister...?
Then, they're sisters?!
So she's not a beauty with an issue?!
She's just an older sister that cares a lot about her little sister?!
---That means...
Dammit, Kiriyama. A tokin four-eyes kid like you...
checked this beautiful oushou?!!

Page 15:
Rai: Switch places with me right now!!
Hina: Onei-chaaan!
I got iiit!
I got them to lend me a ring float!
Huh?! Why are there people wearing clothes in the pool?!
And... there's a bunch of them!!
Handwritten: AWAWA...
Ibusuki sure is nice...
Issa: Nice to meetcha! ☆ The name's Issa!
We're regular customers are auntie Misaki's place. ☆
Akari: Oh my~~! What a coincidence!
Handwritten: We owe a lot to you, Sis.

Page 16:
Rei: ----And, uhh...
I talked to you about here before,
Hina: I'm Kawamoto Hinata.
Thank you so much for inviting us!!
Rai: Huh? That one?!
I see. So it's her, Kiriyama!!
Handwritten: The one that's your fiance in your head!!
Small: Very rude...
Rai: Okay, roger that!!
Welcome to Kagoshima.
If you'd like, feel free to come to the night-before party tonight.
I've got the all-clear☆!!
Handwritten: You're welcome to come as well, miss.
Dobashi: Huh? Why's it so busy out there?
And there's a really pretty woman...
I wonder if there's a TV shoot or something?
time for a quick rest and more studying.
Narr: ------Meanwhile...
Dobashi 9-dan was...
SFX: CHIRA... (Glance) SHAH...
Bottom: Chapter.117 E N D

Page 17:
Top Right Small: An article by Senzaki Manabu
Top Right Big: Senzaki Manabu's Lion Shogi Column
Big Right: On Pro Shogi Players Have Differing Origins
Article: Shogi players are half obligated to announce where their place of origin is. In my case, this is difficult. While I was born in Aomori, I moved from place to place due to my parents' careers (Insurance salesman). We moved just after I was born so I don't think saying I'm from Aomori... rings completely true.
Okay, which places have the titles for origins of shogi players? Let's think about that first. It's easy to imagine how the vast majority are from Tokyo. Then next is Osaka. Then it continues on with Hyougo, Saitama, Kanagawa... Then the next one is probably Hokkaido.
I decided to pick up a shogi magazine to investigate. But given the natural dullness of such a thing made it an exercise in frustration to use it for any kind of research. Man, what a pain. But just when I was considering I might be the one with the problem if I'm finding this to be such a chore, I suddenly noticed my youngest daughter in front of me.
I had this high school girl investigate it for me in exchange for a part-time job fee. So I would like to point out that the below data was found from the Senzaki family's proprietary investigation.
I suppose I should say just as I expected, Tokyo was the winner with 43 pros. Osaka was 2nd with 15. That's pretty good. Even if you compare to the population, it's clear they're strong regions. I suppose the existence of the Shogi Association in Tokyo and Osaka has a big influence. And it must be hard to come from all over to make it through the Shoureikai, too.
Third place, also an expected one, was Kanagawa with 14 pros. Going down the list, there's Saitama with 11, Hyougo with 10, Chiba with 8. Course, these places are kinda close to Tokyo and Osaka. Speaking of which, if we group these places so far into East and West, then East has 76 pros and West has 25.
Okay, I suppose now I'll talk about how many players are in other regions. Let's see, a place where there's a lot... Hm, well in Hokkaidou, there are 6. By the way, I lived in Sapporo for 4 years, so I'm counted in that number.
Next there's Hiroshima and Shizuoka which have 5. I wonder if there's a local concern that their players are being send to Osaka or Tokyo.
In the Northeast, from Aomori to Fukushima, there are 6 pros. Iwate and Fukushima both have zero. When you go to these prefecutes, you get an acute sense of high expectations from the locals that 'We've got good shogi players from our prefecture'.
There are 3 in Shikoku. None in Tokushima. Kyuushuu has 9! That's surprisingly few. For some reason I get the impression that there are more of them. I guess because they have a lot of people with unique personalities, so they stand out. Perhaps the influence of the soon-to-be-established Kyushu Research Society (Something under the Shoureikai) will make it bigger.
By the way, in contrast to Fukuoka (4), Nagasaki (3), and Miyajima (2), all other prefectures have none. Not even in Okinawa.
This is all data on the current male players. If you count female pros and retired pros... then you'll probably get much of the same. Okay, my eldest daughter is taking the money she made on the research and using it to go play, so we're done here.

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