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3-gatsu no Lion 119

The Satsuma Arc (3)

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 25, 2016 07:24 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

-> RTS Page for 3-gatsu no Lion 119

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[3-Gatsu no Lion 119 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Title: Chapter.119 The Satsuma Arc (3)
Insert: The battle is now at Kagoshima------

Page 2:
Black Bars: Now, dive on in, Dobashi!!
Banners: Raidou
Bars: Jump in and I'll turn you into a beehive!!
Rai: Now come!! You want to play 5-5 Kaku, don't you?!!
----However, I will not be making an exchange of any sort!!

Page 3:
Dobashi: An Anaguma, eh?
Raidou-san sure has built it up real solid...
Rei: Huh? But he's down a fu here, isn't he? Even if he made a solid Anaguma to do it, it doesn't really mean any-
Handwritten: Hey, hey, c'mon now, Kiriyama
Doro: Different people have different preferences.
Handwritten: Ya know?!
Banners: Raidou
Dobashi: ----So basically
he's saying 'I can play for a long time', eh? ☆
I'm getting the feeling I'll be able to sit back and carefully study all sorts of stuff!!
SMith: So then!! How will Dobashi 9-dan respond?!!
Dobashi: Oookay!! I'll make an Anaguma, too, and make the fight even longer☆!!!
Insert Bottom: 3,000 points to the interesting way
Smith: And he's on board once again!! That's our Doabshi 9-dan for ya!!
T/N: This phrase is a catchphrase used on a game show called "QuiZ Derby".

Page 4:
Smith: That's our Paisen!!
Handwritten: AAAA
He's really the man who was born with 'his own treasure island'!!
Smith: He's sooo straightforward like that!!
Woah! That's quite a face Fujimoto Kiryuu's making!!
I can't say I've ever seen a face like that befooooore!!
Rai: The hell'd he just do?!
Wait, hold on, huh? You're supposed to charge straight in here, aren't you?!
Handwritten: Oookay!! I got a major vanguard fu, and now I'm gonna build a huge Anaguma...
Rai: You don't need to be on board that part, too!!
Rai: What the hell? You're up a fu!
And now you're going out of your way to make an Anaguma, too?!

Page 5:
Raidou: I can see them... The forms of those two great forces staring at the monitors...!!
Banners: Kitashinchi
Cabaret Club
Legal Wife
Girl: Heh... I'm kinda... disappointed...
I dunno... maybe I'll just leave before it even ends.
Rai: What do I do?!
Wife: I'm disappointed in you.
All that screwing around and now this...?
Rai: What are you gonna do, Fujimoto Raidou?!
Bar: ----When they're winning, they're quiet,
but as soon as they're losing, they go on a rampage...
That's how women are!!!
I won't let it happen!!
Ride, Raidou!!
This is men's Sekigahara!!
T/N: Sekigahara was a decisive battle in the Warring States Era of Japan.

Page 6:
Doro: Now,
after that sequence of moves...
both sides have established
a solid formation.
Sign: Kiryuu Championship Game 3
Doro: For example,
the sente, Raidou Kiryuu, is using the ironclad Ueda Castle.
Dobachi 9-dan is using the huge.... Odawara Castle, it would appear.
From the way the game is flowing
I would say things that the way things are shaping up, Dobashi 9-dan has gone in a completely different direction
from where Raidou-san had researched...
Here, I would like to have one of our other big board commentators,
Matusmoto Issa 5-dan to predict for us what might happen from here...
Want to have a go at it, Matsumoto 5-dan?
It seems he's not quite ready....
Handwritten: Aaa...
Issa: ........
Doro: Yeees. I'm getting very negative signals from the people around him.
And Issa-kun's complection is still the color of mud.

Page 7:
Doro: ----Well, for those of you that were at the night-before party and participated in the fan gathering
may already be aware of what went on,
but to put it plainly, at the festivities last night, Issa-kun was crushed by the heavy-drinker of Satsuma, Fujimoto Kiryuu...
The people of Kagoshima sure can hold their liquor!!
Handwritten: Presentation master.
Yeaaah, I saw it!
Fans of Raidou, since he's local
Can't say I blame 'im!!
Issa-don, ya fought bravely!!
And those drinks tasted great!!
I loved every one of the shochus, didn't you? What types were they?!
Doro: Though... nevertheless
last night's party took a toll on him...
Smith: To be honest... we really didn't have a choice about drinking...
Handwritten: Uuuh...
I've never seen such ferocious batting...........
Top: Brought to you through a series of images
Handwritten: Raidou-saan!
He's so amaaaazing!
And so coooool!
Flag: Cabaret Girls
Handwritten (SMith): Issa, we're sorry...... We couldn't help you......
You lived a great life...
Left Flag: Wife * Daughters' gaze
Handwritten (Top LEft): What a nice night!
Cheers, to Sakurajimaaaa!
Nice booze!
Nice partyyyyy
Handwritten (Bottom): Issa

Page 8:
Doro: Well, it's a bit earlier than we'd planned,
but Kiriyama 6-dan, could I ask you to take the stage?
Rei: Ah, okay. No problem.
Handwritten: OOh!
Ooooh!! It's Kiriyama 6-dan!!
Momo: Why'd Rei-chan get called up?
Akari: He has work to do. Let's cheer him on, okay?
Rei: Uhh... It's great to see you all here in Ibusuki. I'm Kiriyama Rei.
I hope you enjoy my commentary.
Handwritten: Welcome to Ibusuki!!
Doro: So then, what's your opinion on the state of the game at the present moment?
Rei: Yes,
well to start with, there was a scene where Dobashi 9-dan was able to skillfully dodge several of Raidou Kiryuu's strategies,
but both Sente and Gote have made solid formations so I suppose you could say we're just now getting into the nitty-gritty.
Doro: One thing I'm worried about is Raidou Kiryuu's big illusion. After those maneuvers in the midgame...
Raidou Kiryuu is incredibly conscious of Dobashi 9-dan. So I feel that when he gets fired up, it's easy for that sort of thing to come out.
Rei: Um, well I'm not sure I'd say that...
Doro: You played a match against Raidou Kiryuu a few days ago in Osaka, isn't that right?
Rei: Honestly, he really kind of cornered me...
HIna: ...

Page 9:
Hina: Rei-chan is doing his job...
Handwritten: A... Awawawa
Akari: Yeah.
HIna: He looks... like an adult!!
But I know he's a high school student, like me!
Handwritten: The first time either of them have seen Kiriyama performing his job.
Narr: And from there
the two of them continued their precise contorting and maneuvering.
With both of them having a firm hold on each other
the game finally approached the endgame.
---And that evening...
Rai: I've got to hand it to Dobashi......
He's braved every variation that's come at him.
----But with how it's turning out
I can go with my original plan!!
I'll fortify my castle even more
and then overwhelm Dobashi!!

Page 10:
Rai: --Step one, 'hole'.
Step two, 'stone wall'.
Rai: ----And on top of that...
an anti-cavalry fence!!!
Rai: That was fast!!
This is
an iron wall!!
Dobashi: Same Kou Promote.
Rai: !!

Page 11:
Rai: Hey, uh?!
Dobashi: 8-8 Kin Drop.
Handwritten: EIH!
Rai: What?!
You're moving my anti-cavalry fence to your territory?!
HandwritteN: WHAAAAT?!
Doro: Ooooh!! Dobashi-9dan!! That was... merciless!!
He just fortifiedh is own camp with the kin he peeled away from Raidou!!
Handwritten: PAISENN!
Doro: What a development!! That must really sting!!
Did Raidou Kiryuu not read that 8-8 Kin drop...?!
Rai: That was... A hear-breaking attack...

Page 12:
Rai: I've held the Kiryuu title for 5 years straight.
And for a total of 8 years.
I've got 2 more to reach Eternal Kiryuu.
I'm 54 years old.
If I lose my crown...
----Will I have
the strength
to return here again?

Page 13:
Rai: Kiryuu....
Please, you must gallop!!!
Right now
in this battlefield
with all your strength!!
Until the very end
I will be with you, Kiryuu!!

Page 14-15
People: [White] 2-6 Uma
[White] 7-1 Kou
[White] 6-2 Uma
Doro: Fujimoto Kiryuu,
he's adding an uma to his camp to fortify his ou's defense!!
People: [White] 7-3 Gin
[White] Same Gin
Doro: He's still going!!
He's throwing in every piece he has on hand to keep his ou alive...
Someone: [White] Same Kin
Someone: Hey, he~~y...
Aren't you being a bit too persistent?
You're already mated.
How can someone who claims to be a title holder go so far in dirtying the game record?!!
[White] 7-2 Gin
Is your plan to wait for your opponent to make a mistake?
That's pretty rude to Dobashi 9-dan, don't you think?
[White] 6-3 Gin
[White] Same Kaku
How pathetic.
You're just fighting the inevitable!!
Smith: Can he stop it with his kei...?
Or no?
Rei: The ryuu will work.
An interposed piece won't!!
Someone: [White] Same Gin Vertical.
This is thoughtless.
Doro: Raidou-san!!
Someone: [White] 8-1 Gin Drop

Page 16:
Girl: ......
What should we do?
Mom: Please sit down,
until the end.
Your father
is fighting.
Narr: Fujimoto Raidou Kiryuu
----on move 145, resigned...
Bottom: Chapter.119 E N D

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