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3-gatsu no Lion 120

The Satsuma Arc (4)

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 25, 2016 07:25 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

-> RTS Page for 3-gatsu no Lion 120

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[3-Gatsu no Lion 120 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: After galloping across the battlefield----
Title: Chapter.120 The Satsuma Arc (4)

Page 2:
Hina: Huuu... Huoo~~~~
Hina: M-My whole body
is going badump-badump!
Is that my blood pumping?!
Hina: It's going all around my body!
I'm scared!! And hot!!
sweat is getting in my eyes and my hands... I can't move my hands!
Akari: I guess this is
a bit more of a juicy kind of heat than I imagined...
And we literally can't move a muscle...
Hina: Rei-chan?
How much longer do we have to keep this up?
Rei: Uh, I'm still
HIna: Wah! I, I think I'd better...
I think I'd betterrr
Akari: I-I think I'd better, too.
Handwritten: Right now I have this awful cameraman next to me...
MomoooO! Pleaaase stoooop!
Both: Okay, let's get out!!
Yes, let's get out!!

Page 3:
Handwritten: HUWAA~~
Akari: My body feels so heavyyy!
Sooo hot.
The sweat...
and the sand...
Handwritten: KYAAA
Hina: Uhh...
I can't get up?!
Rei: Darn, that's hot.
Hina-chan, your hands. Start by taking them out.
Handwritten: ...Then use your hands to get the sand off your body...
....I kinda feel like a zombie rising from the grave...
Akari: Whew!
The sand...
got in my robe!
Handwritten: HO~~~~T
OW! So hot!
SFX GOSHORI... (Soaking)
Handwritten: Awwww geez!!
looking like this
if I were with a boy I liked or something I'd be soooo embarrassed! ☆

Page 4:
Hona: Ue~~~h! I wanna just jump straight into the ocean!
Handwritten: I feel a~~ll sandy.
Handwritten: C'mo~~~n, let's go!
SFX: JITA JITA (jittery)
AKari: Ummm... Okay,
Kiriyama-kun, we're going on ahead, okay? ☆
Handwritten: ...I think I can sense what's going on in your head...
Hina: PWAAH!
Hina: What a nice breeze...
It feels so~~~ good!

Page 5:
Both: I'm so glad
Raidou-san told us about this.
Handwritten: KYAAAH
Akari: He said people who live around here like to come here, right?
Rei: ---As for the Kiryuu Championship,
Dobashi-san took the title
and so 'Dobashi Kiryuu' was born.
Newspaer: Kagoshima News [cut off]
Dobashi, the new Kiryuu [Cut off]
Ibusuki Kiryuu Championship
Game 3
Hina: Raidou-san has... kind of a scary face, but
the way he got his hooks into everyone and taught us all about this place,
he really seems like a good person to me.
Handwritten: This is for your mom!! Karukan and hyourokumochi.... And if you come to Satsuma, of course you've gotta have some brown cane sugar!!
T/N: Karukan is a kind of local rice cake confectionary sometimes filled with red bean paste and hyourokumochi is a kind of rice cake candy.
Hey, hey, wait a minute!!
You're going for a sand batgh?! That's fine, just hold up a minute!! I know six good places!!!
For your dad, here's this yakushima cedar shoehorn!
Yakushima cedar... I'd really like to get a comb made of that for my mom..,,,,

Page 6:
Phone: Mika
Sorry I had to leave during your match! ☆
I'm shopping in Fukuoka right no~~~~w [3 hearts]
Raidou: .......
Girtl: Uuugh.
Dad's so slo~~~w!!
Rai: Wh... Why?
You haven't forgiven me.......?!
----You all just left the house without saying a word...
----Though I guess we never officially separated...
Ah, is it that... you came to... deliver divorce papers or something to me...?
Handwritten: I was sure you got so sick of everything that that you just left...
SFX: ORO ORO... (Flustered)
Woman: No reason other than because you're an idiot.

Page 7:
Mom: I know you're infatuated right now,
but I know for a certainty that you won't spend your life with that woman.
Rai: !!
Handwritten: BINGO
Handwritten (LEft): Hmmm. Mom, you might want to candy-coat it a little more...
Handwritten: Well... you might not believe it, but...
Rai: She's infatuated with me...
Handwritten: I'm sorry everyone... but this is where we are...
Rai: Also
she's said some very brave things...
Handwritten: Like 'I don't mind if we just date'...
She's a very good girl...!!
Texts: Bu~~~t Kiryuu, you have a wife, don't you?
If you leave your wife, Mika might think about i~~~~t. ☆
But just having you come to the shop is plenty for Mika! [Heart]
Ah, but
if you accompany me, we might have some mooore fun! [Heart]
Handwritten: Hey, uh, these are just totally normal cabaret girl messages, aren't they......?!!
did he
not realize?!
This is beyond simple!
Girl: Dad'd being totally suckered, isn't it?!
Mom: ......
Even if by some chance it goes well and you started going out
it'll last maybe 1 year...
---And in the end, if no one's happy,
what would be the point of a divorce?

Page 8:
Mom: I love you.
If there's a woman that can make you happier than me, I'm prepared to step aside,
but for someone who's only going to bring you temporary happiness...
I haven't the slightest intention of leaving you!!
Girl: Dad...
So you know, if there's a next time, I'm not gonna forgive you.
Rai: Sakurako...
Handwritten: Make sure you consider Mom's feelings, okay?!
GIrl: Okay, how 'bout we get going? To grandma's house.
Handwritten: Mariko... It's okay. If it happens again
Girl: We brought lots of Grandma's favorites.
Like Chocolate bon bons
and tender jerky, and chirimen zansho!!
Handwritten: I'll forcibly move him to a certain country and have a certain reconstructive surgery done on him... Actually next time he makes your mother cry, you can be sure I'll chase him all the way to hell. I promise you that...
T/N: Chirimen zansho is a dish of dried small fish and green berries of Japanese pepper tree.

Page 9:
Hina: Ya know, Onei-chan...
there sure are lots of different kinds of families, aren't there...?
Akari: ...Yeah.
Narr: ---Even now, sometimes
Handwritten: Dad, you carry this.
And this, too.
And thiis!
Hina: What happened with them was pretty similar,
but how it ended was really different...
Akari: ...
the question
'What is it I really should've done?'
---crosses our minds with a twinge of pain.
Akari: Okay,
Kiriyama-kun, I think it's about time we got going.
What should we have for dinner today?
Handwritten: I want another ooone!
Nooope! Then you won't have room for dinner, will you?

Page 10:
Narr: ---But either way,
all we can do is swim on,
seeking an ending where we can think
'This is what I chose and I was right!!'
And until the day that we approach the smug-looking face of 'destiny'
and while pretend to do a crawl stroke
we ball up our fist and shower it with punches......!!!
Bottom: Chapter.120 E N D

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