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3-gatsu no Lion 121

The Path Lit by the Paper Lanterns (1)

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 25, 2016 07:25 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

-> RTS Page for 3-gatsu no Lion 121

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[3-Gatsu no Lion 121 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Title: Chapter.121 The Path Lit by the Paper Lanterns (1)

Page 2:
Box: Hydrangea macrophylla
Ojiii: ........
'Ere we go.

Page 3:
Ojii: Guess it's time to open up shop!
Akari: Have some cold barley tea.
Wait just a little longer for your packed box.
Woman: Oh, thank you.
I'm glad you opened the shop back up again.
Life seemed so dull without being able to eat your bean mochi.
But Someji-san, make sure you don't get too eaget
and end up collapsing again, okay?
Ojii: Right! ☆
I'll take it little by little!
Handwritten: Count on it!

Page 4:
Handwritten: WHHEEEEW
Ojii: Darn, I'm pretty bushed.
Your first day at work after a long break really is a killer.
Akari: Good work out there.
It was a pretty busy day today, huh?
Ojii: Ma~~~n, a whole lot of 'em showed up.
I was really surprised by how many showed up.
Akari: They were worried about you!
Everyone always comes
to buy your sweets, after all, Ojiichan!
Oji: Huooh.
Havin' a golden drink
after a long day's work really is somethin' else.

Page 5:
OJii: Oookay, you drink up, too, Akari!
Thanks for all yer hard work today.
Handwritten: I boiled some edamame~~~~!
They're all hot and steamy!
Ojii: So, how was it?
Handwritten: We love the green slurp-slurps, so please give us some slurp-slurps!!
Ojii: you did the sand baths, right? How'd that go?
You go in?
Hina: ......
The sand baths...
They were hot...
And heavy, I guess?
Handwritten: How do I describe it...
HIna: Like... for example...
Like if you had a soaking wet comforter
and heated it up in a giant microwave.
Guy: 900 watts for 25 minutes should do it!!

Page 6:
Hina: And then, like...
it just gets sorta plunked on you... covering your entire body...
Akari: Yeah!!
It's just like a microwaved wet futon!!
That's just like how it felt!!
Handwritten :Hmm...
Ojii: Sounds like really something...
...So did it feel good?
Girls: Yeah!
Ojii: I...
I see.
Well, that's good!!!
Hina: ----So,
did you decide on what you're gonna sell at the Mikazuki Temple stand for this year's Summer Festival?
Him: Well... I want to do chilled rice flour dumpling syrup again,
I got the process down and we're getting good numbers.

Page 7:
Hina: It's just the 'tapioca'!
Those little devils...
the price went up on the~~m!
Akari: But they're so chewy and deliciou~~~s!
Hina: So I thought for this time
we could half the amount of tapioca, then use black-tea agar cut into cubes
so we can give the ingredients more volume.
Ojii: Hohoh. Now that's an idea.
Hina: Using ager, it's easy enough for Onei-chan and I working by hand to do it all ourselves
and we'll also cut down on ingredient costs.
Plus if we use both milk and black-tea agar cubes
the two colors could look really cute together!!
Plus there's the rice flour dumplings, the bits of ice,
and the cold, sweet milk tea.

Page 8:
Hina: And two more items!!
It just arrived today, wanna try it?
Chiho-chan and her family sent these from their farm.
They're 'plumb syrup'
and this year's new item, 'ginger syrup'!
I sent them photos of the festival stand last year
and the impressions we got from the customers.
And then
they sent a reply saying 'We made this, too, this year. So why don't you have some?'

Page 9:
Handwritten: WAWAWAHH
Akari: It's so spicy it tingles and it's got a rich sweetness!!
Handwritten: KYAAA Spicy!
Akari: Yum!
Handwritten: UPHH!
Dang, this ginger!!
Handwritten: Now that's spicy!!
Ojii: This ginger doesn't quit!!
Hina: And for this year's plumb syrup
I thought we'd put lemon jelly and ice
scooped up with a big spoon floating on it
and sprinkle it with red goji berries.
that've been reconstituted in some sweet syrup.
Banner: Plumb Syrup Lemon Jelly
Akari: Lemon jelly and plumb syrup!!!
That's a can't-miss combination!
Oji: Hooh. Ya know,
that's kinda like Yanaka's aiyu jelly.
Handwritten: It's a Taiwanese dessert apparently.
Grandma loved that.
Hina: And then for the last item
I want to put the same lemon jelly on the 'ginger syrup',
so then I was thinking about what I should do for the toppings.
Handwritten: If I use the gogji berries for this, too, then it'd look to visually similar to the plumb syrup, after all.

Page 10:
Akari: Then some thin and flaky young ginger slices
boiled to be ni~~ce and sweet and fluffy on top?
Hina: That could be good!!
Having it all flakey with the pale pink could be really pritty!
Ojii: Mmm. This is pretty tasty.
Your grandpa;s taken a liking to it.
Even if you added warm water to it for the winter, I think it'd still be good.
Hina: Really?
Handwrittten: I've gotta let Chiho-chan know!
Hina: They said they decided on having it sold at the roadside station! ☆
She even included an introduction pamphlet.
Text: This is the super-thick ginger syrup we all made together!!
Ojii: .........
Looks like they're putting their all into it......
Mhm. Mhm...

Page 11:
Ojii: Mm...
Sounds reliable...
Handwritten (Cat): I wuv you! Play with meee!
(Hina): Mmm...
How much lemon jelly should we make...?
(Akari): Before we get to that, we might not even have enough trays?
Maybe for the refrigerated items, if we're allowed to use the ones from the shop.......
(Cat): Pet meee!
Ojii: Oh yeah, where's the kid?
I wanted to thank him for the whole Ibusuki think.
Hina: Ah!
Rei-chan said he's got a match tomorrow
so he went home to study.
Ojii: A match...
Oh, a rank-deciding match, eh?

Page 12:
Ojii: He just rose to class B2, after all...
I'll bet he wants ta build momentum here if he can
so he can play in B1.
Yeah... If I remember right...
in the kid's next rank-deciding match, he's up against...

Page 13:
Nameri: I want to see yo~~~u
I miss yo~~~u
I just can't sto~~p
this fee~~li~~~~~ng...
what do~~
I do~~?
Ojii: Namerikawa 7-dan.
Guy: Excuse me, sir!
Lane 3 is a 'swimming-only lane'!
Please refrain from floating in place and keep moviiing!
Thank yoooou!

Page 14:
Nameri: .........
Name: Ooh, I'm sooo looking forward
to tomorrow's match...
Bottom: Chapter.121 E N D

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