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3-gatsu no Lion 125

The Path Lit by the Paper Lanterns (5)

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 25, 2016 07:27 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

-> RTS Page for 3-gatsu no Lion 125

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[3-Gatsu no Lion 125 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Rei: 4-7 Kin...
3-6 Fu.
3-7 Kei
4-5 Kei...
5-7 Kei Promote. Same Kin.
5-5... Fu...
Rei: ...THAT was close!!
This person hasn't let his guard down one bit!
He's just pulling all kinds of things nonchalantly...

Page 2:
Bar: This person's dangerous.
Rei: If my kei is jumped and check is called,
I couldn't have defended capture of either my kaku or my kei...
He's throwing quick, sharp pitches...
and they're all hard to get a grasp on.
Bar: ----He's insanely good.
Nameri: AAh...
So nice......
Kiriyama-kun... You are far, far more wonderful than I imagined......

Page 3:
Nameri: I want to keep playing with you like this
Handwritten: Scary~~~
Handwritten: He's looking straight at the camera!!
Rei: ----He's withdrawing lots of pieces he's moved forward.
And there are traps all over,
yet it also gives off a strong smell like he's got no plan.
---And on top of that
there's another feint smell welling up.
This is......
the smell of a draw by repetition...
Title: Chapter.125 The Path Lit by the Paper Lanterns ⑤

Page 4:
Rei: I don't like this.
If he made me climb all the way here, sticking with him with no plan,
Handwritten: That mountain over there
Ah, here he is!
Hey, things've become kind of a mess up here,
so let's redo this on that mountain over there!
Is he saying that because this board's gotten too chaotic,
'Let's just start back from square one'......?!
Rei: What the hell?! I REAALLLY don't want to do that!!
I'm not restarting!!
I'm gonna push my way through!!

Page 5:
Nameri: If we'd started back from square one, we could've had lots more fun together...
Handwritten: HMPH
Nameri: -What's more,
my, my...
Not only has he avoided draw be repetition,
with this kin
it would seem he's intending to bully my hisha...
What an incredible game!!
He may look like an honor student,
but he's quite the sadistic rascal!

Page 6:
Nameri: ----Aah...
So much fun!
Rei: 9-6 Hi
Someone: 5-8 Kaku
Someone: 5-9 Hi Promote

Page 7:
Nameri: ........
What a disgrace!!
Me, of all people,
was too cheap at a vital point...
Normally, I see frugality as a virtue.
So what have I done, and at a time like this?!
I've gone and done it now, haven't I?
---Ah, well...
I'll give this cheap bill
to honor-student Kiriyama-kun

Page 8:
Nameri: and have him pay it at a high price.
Rei: ---Now what brought this on?
Since just a little while ago, he's been playing a lot looser.
I have the upper hand in this game now.
Nameri: ......
Rei: THere...
I should have mate now......

Page 9:
Rei: Ah,
With this board...
if I just carelessly do a check and approach,
and he escapes through the upper area, he could turn the whole game... around.
----That was cloooose!!
I started saying dumb things like 'having the upper hand'.
Just now I almost
made an utterly careless losing move!!

Page 10:
Nameri: -----Darn...
Looks like I've been found out.
Handwritten: Operation piece gain - fail★ure...
I have lost.

Page 11:
Both: HOooo~~~~
Narration: *Game Record Keeping Broadcast Room
Guy: And now, after 172 moves,
sente Kiriyama 6-dan has emerged victorious!!
Smith: Maaan, wrong-diagonal kakus. This crazy game
is getting into the 100 most bizarre games, no questions asked!!
--And what's more, they twisted and twisted each other until the very end!!
Honestly me and Tanaka-san both couldn't help but pay attention to it!!
Tanaka: ...Yeah,
I guess so.
Handwritten: Aah, that sure was something.
*Still a voice in his head.
Smith: Man, I wanna hear the post mortem.
Yoko: I get how you feel,
but how about we get going?
I've got nothing but the golden color of beer filling my head!
Tanaka: Mind if I come, too?
Smith: Of course you can come!!
Handwritten: Er, do you think you could please just talk to me out loud like a normal person...? Like, not 'directly into my mind'?
Guys: That place in Ueno, right?
We should just make it, I think.
Wanna go by taxi?
---Ah, but can we catch one fast enough?

Page 12:
Nameri: Everyone...
I'm so sorry for making you wait until our match ended...
Waiting in that cramped broadcast room
must've been quite a trial, yes?
I've called a taxi for you.
Go on,
right this way.

Page 13:
Nameri: Please, step right in.
Guys: ----Later, these 3
said this...
'I have never before or since
seen a seen anything as terrifying
as when normal owner-driven taxi
that was painted black.'
【From the Japan Shogi Folk Tales】
Bottom: Chapter.125 E N D
ens all that often in general.

Page 14:
Top Right Small: An article by Senzaki Manabu
Top Right Big: Senzaki Manabu's Lion Shogi Column
Big Right: Surprise Attack Strategies ②
Article: A-san, the classicist player, has heavily studied yagura and side fu for his match against me. But what did I do in the meantime? I buried myself in books on Fujii 9-dan's Fujii System. Even the books aimed towards amateurs have dense content inside. So if you think about it in an arranged manner, then they can be great for overnight cramming.
And now, finally, the match. I start off immediately with 4th file hisha which should make alarm bells go off in my opponent's head. I barely ever move my hisha. So then naturally he starts to make an Anaguma. Now then, it's finally to put my surprise attack underway. I start attacking like crazy as per the Fujii System.
You barely ever see the Fujii system used anymore. But it has no major defects. And it's pretty fast form when you make your formation to when you start fighting.
It's perfect. It perfectly contains all the elements for a good surprise attack.
But, if your opponent is a pro, they'll probably remember about it while you're using it. Also, a crucial aspect of it is the match's available time. Of course, a shorter match is preferable. The less time your opponent has to think about what you're doing, the better. You must not give them time to reconfigure their posture. Finish the job while they're in a panic---. And then hope all goes well.
It can easily go not so well. A re-tempered dull sword breaks easily. Established tactics can fall out easily. When you use them, you need to know the exact rhythm of that particular strategy. So of course, they're not something you could learn by pulling an all-nighter.
But there does seem to be value in trying.
Not just the Fujii System. The super-fast battle form of side fu, the kaku exchange partial transformation, and various others come to mind. (For those that want to know more, please consult your nearest shogi junkie.)
Also there's a genre called rightside gyoku. Only the real active-type players use it, so it is a great way to surprise your opponent. By the way, I barely ever play these either. I'd say in the thousands of games I've played since I became a pro, I've only played these in 10 or so of them.
However, there's one real drawback to the rightside gyoku, and that's that it's a defensive strategy. Because it has no attack, it can't make your opponent's posture completely collapse. That's a pretty big defect as a surprise attack.
On that point, rising silver is good. It's a great offensive strategy, but it has no popularity among pro players. I think that covers about every situation.
Why not give all of them a spin and threaten your opponents with them? I'm thinking about it, but I'm actually pretty gutless. Those surprise attacks all have one common destiny. And that is 'the king has thin protection'. That's because you launch an attack right from the opening, they're all very structural, so there's really no way around that. And saying this might be brutally honest, but trying to have fun winning isn't something that happens all that often in general.

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