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Toriko 396

Yet-Unseen Ingredients!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jan 10, 2017 02:20 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 396

Only for use by HWMN

Did I forget to put this here? Ok well here it is. I also did the bonus stuff from volume 43.

[Toriko 396 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Top: ★With thanks to all ingredients---- It's been a feast of a color page!!
Title: Gourmet 396 Yet-Unseen Ingredients!!
Big Insert: Now where
will we go next-----?
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Page 2:
Insert: Squeezed among glistening ingredients, a meeting
between Toriko and his appetites---

Page 3:
Narr: Since Toriko and Rin's wedding reception
a few years have gone by----
Koma: UWAAAAA! SO this is your new 'Fairy Tale Castle'?!!
It's like a fairy tale come to life! [Heart]
Sign: Fairy Tale Castle (Otogi no Shiro)
Koma: "An orphanage where you can eat God"!!
Your dream's finally been realized, huh, Take-chan?!!
Take: Thank you, Komacchan.
Thanks to help from the IGO and the Saiseiya Association,
we're able to selectively breed and artificially cultivate God. I wouldn't have been able to make this castle without them.
Now, outside our original goal of child care, we're getting tons of requests for staying for kindergarten.
Koma: Well what do you expect when you can eat God there.......
Even adults would love to go there.
It's famous for how the kids that leave here go on to live their lives vigorously with their heads held high.
Take: Yeah... And if they ever stumble, they're always welcome back...

Page 4:
Take: After all, warm cooking and the king of ingredients...
will always bring one back to a fairy tail world.
By the way, what's Ume-chan doing?
Koma: Ume-chan is teaching cooking at the Nakaume Cooking School.
Apparently they've been flooded with students
hoping to get the teacher who cooked God.
Oo: Hahah! I hope his hair doesn't go white again!
Komacchan, I'm guessing you're
going on another journey with your legendary combo partner?
Koma: AH!
That's right!!

Page 5:
Koma: Toriko-san called me!!
And it's about time to go!!
I'd better get moving!!
Okay, see you later, Take-chan!!
Take: Woah, why such a rush...?
Where are you going this time, Komacchan?
Koma: ......
Outer space!!
Take: Huh......?
Well... Be careful...

Page 6-7:
[And here we are again]

Page 8:
Koma: Toriko-saaan!
Toriko: Oooooh! You're late, Komatsu!
Koma: Sorry, I was just stopping by Take-chan's place.
Anyhow, the weather sure is nice.
Somewhere along the line...
the sun went back to normal...
Handwritten: So bright...
Tori: Oh, right! I figured out the secrets of the Gourmet Solar Eclipse, Komatsu!!
Koma: Huh? Really?!
Torko: Yeah, it wasn't too hard...
Apparently these invisible gigantic "Gourmet Satellites" were blocking out the sun like pot lids. [quote bold]
Koma: Gourmet Satellites?! Uh, what are those exactly?!!

Page 9:
Tori: They're manmade cooking satellites made of Gourmet Matter.
Apparently they were originally made by the Nitro to cook the planet.
Koma: Cooking satellites?! Wait...... So they're giant cooking implements?!
Toriko: Well, yeah. Basically.
Koma: Hueeh... I can't even grasp something on a huge scale like that...
There aren't any giant frying pans or pots used for cooking planets out there, are there...?
Toriko: Apparently, yes.
Komatsu: There are?!
Toriko: There are fiary tales that a long, long time ago, the giant demon kinds that used them
would take bites out of suns.
But those might not just be stories.
Komatsu: Wh... What do you mean?
Tori: A team of Gourmet Astronomy researchers
have observed Gourmet Energy from directly after the Gourmet Big Bang.
Through Acacia's Full Course, we're able to capture electromagnetic waves we weren't able to before, and that's what let us find out all this.
But the really shocking thing is that image...

Page 10:
Toriko: It looked like a harmonious family gathered around a dining table
having a meal.
Komatsu: Hu~~~~H?! Are you serious?!
Giant creatures sitting around the stars, eating?!
Tori: Not stars.
What they were sitting around was a "galaxy" 10 light-years in diameter. [quote bold]
KOma: Galaxies?!!
Just how big are these creatures?!
Toriko: About that...
I asked a few questions
to the appetites inside of me...
Koma: Your...

Page 11:
Toriko: And they told me...
quite a bit...
Long ago in a place called 'The Farthest Land', a world where Gourmet Gods lived,
where an appetite inflation took place, causing Gourmet Energy to explode all at once.
That was 13.7 billion years ago, the Gourmet Big Bang. ["Gourmet Big Bang" bold]
Along with the expansion of space, from the multitude of ingredients that were scattering at a tremendous speed
were ingredients that a certain family of gods brought out with them and protected...
the "planetary Full Course".

Page 12:
Toriko: But that family was also scattered by the force of the Big Bang.
Before long, the Gourmet Energy had expanded for many years and formed several spaces as it turned the colors of each family member's favorite ingredients...
Sign: Red [Right, going clockwise]
Tori: Still, the gods are said to have continued to protect the Full Course in their own spaces...
Because even if their food preferences differed, the Full Course would someday bring them all back together...
The colors of the family were the father was "black", the mother was "white",
the eldest son was "red", the second son was "green", and the third son was "blue", apparently... [colors all bold]
Koma: Heeeeh. That kinda
sound like Acacia-san and the others' family.
Acacia-san's Gourmet Cells... Neo's were black...
So maybe Frohze-san's were white...
That appetite that felt like it would envelope anything that didn't have a spec of dirtiness in it...
Tori: Hahah! Then was my old man red and Jirou green?
Uh, did Jirou even have a demon?
Maybe Teppei had green hair because the color skips a generation.
I dunno if Midora was blue, but...
that might've been the case...
By the way, the buddha-lookin' guy in me is white, apparently...

Page 13:
Koma: Do you think maybe the word the initials of the Full Course spells, "PANGAEA"... [quote bold]
means that 'Farthest Land' where the gods lived?
Toriko: The fragmented Gourmet Energy of those crazy gigantic Gourmet Gods...
is the true identity of "Food Luck"... [quote bold]
They may have led us to that land...
And because of the effects of "Atom" of the Full Course... [quote bold]
Gourmet Matter has been gradually becoming visible for me.
Now that I can see it clearly, outer space looks like a gourmet food paradise...
Koma: Ah!
Koma: Toriko-san!!
You've got a bite!!
Tori: Oh!

Page 14:
Toriko: All right! I hooked it!!
Koma: WUAAAAH! What is thaaat?!!
Koma: Huh? This is...
A shell fish...?
It looks so familiar...
AAAAH! Wait, is this the same as the one from Blue Grill in Area 6?!
A Giant Shell?!!
Tori: Yeah. But it's just a baby. I think I'll call it a Minimum Shell. ["minimum shell" in bold.]
Koma: This is a baby?!

Page 15:
Toriko: The team of Gourmet Astronomers remodeled this shell into a space ship for me.
KOma: HUUUUH?! Then this is a Space Camping Monster?!
Toriko: Yeah! I've been raising it in this lake.
Okay, what do you say we get going, Komatsu?!!
KOma: Wha- We're going already?!
Toriko-san, you did tell Rin-san about this, right?
Toriko: Yeah, I told her I'm going out for a little hunt.
KOma: A little hunt? We're going to space in this thing. Space!!
We don't even know when we'll get back!
Tori: Relax. Minimum Shell can pass light speed and slip through gaps in space-time.
In other words, it's a 'Back Channel'. [quote bold]
Even if we're traveling for years, the "reverse-Urashima effect" will let us get back to earth in just a few days.
T/N: Urashima Tarou, the legend mentioned earlier that's similar to Rip Van Winkle.
Koma: Buuut... Is anybody coming with us? Like Coco-san, Sunny-san, or Zebra-san...?
Ah, yeah, what about Terry?
Tori: Terry went back to his pack.
Koma: Huh?

Page 16:
Toriko: That fight with Neo drove all of the then-active Eight Kings into retirement...
Handwritten: Though all of their wounds ended up healing.
Tori: Any king that's suffered even one loss is no longer a king.
Now in Gourmet World, there's a battle of warlords to capture the titles of the next Eight Kings going on.
And Terry's a part of it.
Speaking of which, apparently a lot of wild bests from Human World have tossed their hats into the ring.
The Troll Kong, Devil Orochi, and Regal Mammoth. They've all gotten way stronger. [Troll Kong, Devil Orochi, and Regal Mammoth bold]

Page 17:
Tori: By the way, Komatsu.
Coco and the others are already traveling through space.
Koma: HUh? Really?!
Tori: Coco and Zebra said they're looking in space for the last item on their Full Courses!
Koma: Huh? You mean with Space Ingredients?!
Toriko: We've gotta get moving, too,
or Zebra's gonna eat it all!
let's depart, Komatsu!!
Koma: Okay,
Narr: Someone once said----

Page 18:
Narr: that somewhere in this universe
there are swee~~t stars that are just like flour dumplings.
'Flour Dumping Stars'----
That in giant planetary craters,
there is fizzy sherbert endlessly bubbling out----
Narr: That there is a pack of delicious elephants each as big as an entire star,
Cosmos Mammoths, that form a nebula---

Page 19:
Narr: That there is a space food repository that only appetites can enter, a 'Space Pantry', [quote bold]
within which many yet-undiscovered ingredients rest...
and new ingredients are always being born and growing---
That sometimes Gourmet Gods
pilfer those ingredients---
That the Gourmet Paradise where those gods once lived
the 'Farthest Land' exists-----
That there...... god ingredients beyond imagination
flood out endlessly-----
The people of the world thought

Page 20-21:
Narr: that they wanted to eat those things-----
Tori: Look, Komatsu!! Mitarashi Dango Planets!!
Handwritten: They look sooo good!
Tori: Let's get those dangos first!!
Koma: Uh, they're way too big!!
GYA~~~~! Something just popped out, Toriko-saaan!!
Tori: It's a Space Taipan!! Okay, let's fight!!
Koma: You want to fight tha~~~~t?!
T/N: Mitarashi Dango are a kind of dumpling skewered with sticks and glazed with sweet soy sauce.
Big Insert: As long as they live, their stomachs will rumble.
So the adventure does not end!!
Thank you all so much for 8 years of readership!!
Check further reports for the remaining volumes and the author's next work!!
Bottom: Toriko
Next issue, Moue Takamasa-sensei's new series, 'Oregorasso' starts!!

[Toriko Volume 43 Extras Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 28:
Top: Animal and Ingredient List
Vol. 423
Kanzou (End Mammoth)
(Mammal Beast)
Capture Level: 1200
Habitat: Extinct Species
Body Length: Maximum of 7,000 meters
Body Height: Maximum of 6,000 meters
Body Weight: Maximum of 1 trillion tons
Cost: Unknown

Toriko: The tasty meat smell I smelled coming from inside Neo!!
That's what it really was!!
I'm sure of it!! Neo's flesh I ate came from this guy!!
[This is from 394]

Box: Size

Bottom: As its name suggests, it is an elephant with the be-all-end-all of strength, physique, ferocity, power, speed, and flavor. Specifically, its meat is said to be so perfectly delicious it put an end to the careers of Bishokuya that ate it, giving it the nickname the End Mammoth. Toriko added this remarkable ingredient to his full course as its last item, the meat dish.

Page 50:
Top: Animal and Ingredient List
Vol. 424
Mitarashi Dango Planets
(Planet Dumplings)
T/N: Mitarashi Dango are skewered rice dumplings in soy sauce
Capture Level: 60,000
Habitat: Outer Space
Body Length: 6,500,000 km
Body Height: ----
Body Weight: Unknown
Cost: Unknown

Look, Komatsu!! Mitarashi Dango Planets!!
Handwritten: They look sooo good!

Box: Size

Bottom: A multi-planet system ingredient each 150,000 kilometers in diameter. Because of its mysterious nature as a space ingredient, few details are known about it. But it is said that they are drifting in space because they were lost from a 'Planet Dango Shop' which exists somewhere in space. There also exists soy flour planet dumplings, mugwort planet dumplings, and bamboo grass (sasa) planet dumplings, among others.

Page 70:
Top: Animal and Ingredient List
Vol. 425
Space Taipan
(Space Beast)
Capture Level: 530,000
Habitat: Outer Space
Body Length: 8,000,000 km
Body Height: ----
Body Weight: Unknown
Cost: Unknown

GYA~~~~! Something just popped out, Toriko-saaan!!
Tori: It's a Space Taipan!! Okay, let's fight!!

Box: Size

Bottom: A super-giant snake that drifts through space. It loves delicious gourmet planets and will swallow them whole. Because it is a docile creature that does not have a strong appetite, it is said to be able to live comfortable for 1,0000 years after eating one planet. Its meat is delicious and if you manage to defeat it, you may be able to obtain that meat. But do keep in mind its Capture Level of 530,000.

Page 90:
Title: Character PRofile
Graph: Power
Special Abilities
Name: Pair

Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Star Sign: Unknown
Height: 255cm
Weight: 8 tons
Sight: 30.0
Foot Size: 75cm
Special Techniques: ●Cooking, Taste Change

Bottom: One of the surviving Blue Nitro. Ate Acacia's body and Acacia ate its, allowing it to discover the existence of Neo and at the same time, the presence of its brethren inside Acacia. In conflict with Acacia over whether to seal Neo or save his friends, he entered the final battle.

Page 152:
Top: Shimabuu's Story
Text: Hello, it's Shimabukuro! This is the final volume of "Toriko"!! I'm writing this in the early morning at a family restaurant. Since I finished my 'Is this seriously a job a human can physically do?' weekly serialization, 3 weeks have passed. My personal landscape hasn't changed much, but my mysterious cough that went on for 2 months is gone. Mmmhm. Besides feeling better, little old me who hasn't got anything too special about him went into the finale of "Toriko" where he found stress and pressure even he didn't foresee, I guess. Though now my throat feels really good and the feeling of having beer go down it is pretty great!! Booze is so good!! 'Course, it tasted good even while the series was still going.
It's been 15 years now since I drew the first one-shot for Toriko. 6 years after that, the serialization started and "Toriko" ended up being a super-long series going for 8 and a half years. Not only that, but it got adapted into an anime, something I can't even express how thankful I am for. I original went into drawing "Toriko' with all sorts of feelings, now that it's all done, my honest feeling is one of relief. Though I was all too aware of my own immaturity as an author and felt frustrated knowing that not everyone would be satisfied. I've gotta stay diligent! But that's not to say that getting to draw Toriko and the others wasn't an incredible experience! To everyone that allowed me to draw Toriko, Komatsu, Coco, Sunny, Zebra, and the many, many other characters running all over the pages, thank you so much!! While I drew it every week, there was no greater joy to me than knowing I was bringing happiness into people's lives. Though I killed off a lot of characters in the second half. I hope you forgive me for that! (Hey!)

Continued on page 207 ~

Page 206:
Toriko: We'll make this Space Taipan our first ingredient.
Koma: But isn't it dozens of times stronger than any of the Eight Kings?!!
Toriko: WIth thanks----
to all of the ingredients in this universe...
Bottom: End
[43] Yet-Unseen Ingredients!! (End)

Page 208:
Top: Shimabuu's Story
Text: Okay, well while I said serialization's all done with, I've actually been doing touch-ups on this book, volume 43, up till just recently. So actually, today's the day that my work on Toriko truly ends. I've drawn Toriko a load of times, but the Toriko I just added on the page before this one is truly the last one. Mm. It's really emotional! Though I don't think my art improved at all since volume 1...
This is the end now, but to my family that supported me throughout my nonsensically busy weekly serialization, to my friends that drank with me to help brighten my mood in the hard times, to my assistants that worked hard pulling all-nighters so I could just barely make my deadlines, to my editor that was my closest supporter through 8 and a half years of sweating brains doing "Toriko", to everyone else involved in the creation of "Toriko", and most of all every last fan that read "Toriko" every week and stuck with us to the last volume, thank you so, so much for these past 8 and a half years! I'm still revved and ready to draw more manga, so I'll work hard so we can someday meet again in the pages of a magazine!! This has been Shimabuu, the guy that still opens bags of splittable chopsticks from the convenience store, pricks his finger and shouts 'Ouch!' on the toothpick inside! See ya later!!

Author Flap:
This is the final volume of "Toriko"!! Now that this long 8 and a half years of serializaiton has ended, I feel so emotional!! I just have to thank my family, the staff, the editors, and every one of my readers!! Thank you all for sticking with me to the final volume!! I worked really hard on this, never thinking a whole lot about the end, but even so I think it turned out to be a great experience. Drawing manga is really tough, but also, ya know, it's really fun! I would love to draw another, new manga with this right hand of mine soon! I'll be working at it!!
Okay then, the results of my diet... 69 kg!! I didn't make it to my goal!! (Cries) I guess that's one battle that's still ongoing... Er, probably for my whole life, in fact...

Edit: Here's those two pages with Pair from a couple chapters earlier.

Page 1:
Don't go spouting idealisms like this is no big deal, Acacia!!
The appetite in you is no laughing matter!!
He devoured the entirety of our home, the 'Blue Space'!!
Can you even imagine how much that is?!
An astronomical number of stars and galaxies disappeared!!
There is no limit to Neo...!!
If he's revived, you can bet this 'Red Space' won't be here for long!!
That's the unlimited appetite
of the "Black Gourmet Cells" Neo possesses...!!
Aca: So what?
Even if Neo does devour this universe,
it's just a meal, right?
You're the one that said he has no ill will behind it, isn't that right, Pair?
Pair: And do you have any evidence at all...
that your method can possibly succeed?!!

Page 2:
Aca: None at all...
But there's value in trying...
Even after chasing Neo for hundreds of millions of years...
you all haven't so much as found feces left by him, right?
Of course. That's because Neo doesn't even have excretions.
Do you think there are any creatures in this world that don't have a metabolism?
He has to be storing it all up somewhere...
All the things he's eaten...
That includes the Blue Nitro, the Blue Ingredients...
and everything else...
Pair: ......
Do you...
really believe that?
Aca: They're there...
And I'd like you to believe that as well...
Pair: Everyone...
But... No.....
It's too much of a risk...
What... is this?
I'm sorry... I'm drooling from my eyes...

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