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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gintama 627

Peace and Destruction are Two Sides of the Same Coin

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 18, 2017 23:29 | Go to Gintama

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[Gintama 627 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: At last, at least...!!
Title: Lesson 627
Peace and Destruction are Two Sides of the Same Coin
Author: Sorachi Hideaki

Page 2:
Guys: The Liberation Army is

Page 3:
Guys: We've
Guy: ...We did it.
We finally did it.
We got the Liberation Army to retreaaaat!
Kagu: Gin-chaaaan! We did it, yes?!!
Now peace has been restored to Kabuki-

Page 4:
Gin: ...........
Hedoro: Yorozuya-san?
What is it you are doing there?
It seems the whole Liberation Army has gone off somewhere.
Still, I was quite relieved to see you all safe.
I'd been worried sick.
I thought with Edo being in the state it's in, someone might've gotten hurt.
But I had faith that everyone would be all right.
After all,
you humans
are destined to be slaughtered by my hand.

Page 5:
Hedoro: I almost feel bad for you humans.
But now you shall begin to know true fear!!
Would you like to know the details of my horrifying plan?!
Well to begin with...
Hedoro: It's not just the flowers and plants,
I want to continue to protect the flowers I've found on this planet known as 'humans'.
Hedoro: That is my one desire as a florist...
Hedoro: Which means that this planet
is a flower bed created for the sole purpose of being crushed under my feet.
You humans continue to survive simply because I allow it.
You are nothing but pathetic flowers!!
One flower may not take long to wilt on its own,
but as a bouquet, they will not dry out too easily.
And as one of the flowers of this planet,
I would like to bloom along with everyone else.
Handwritten: Kuh. Is gonna stay now?

Page 6:
Handwritten: I... can't get my hands off.
HEdoro: And when those flowers go into full bloom...
this planet will be a flower garden of pea-
Hedoro: Y-You bastaaaard!!
What did you dooooo?!!
It can't be... THat seal...!!
Wh-What have you done...
Hedoro: It's oveeer!!
You humans along with me...
and the universe itself
are all-

Page 7:
Sign: Transvestite PUB '1/2'
Happy Grand Opening
Chris Matsunosuke
Gin: .........
Hedoro: ......That was close.
A little longer and all would have ended. I promise to repay this debt, humans.
I will not let you. As long as I am here, you will not be allowed to do as you please, Hedora!
Hedora: Huhuhu. You're wasting your time, Hedoro. Half of the body is already in my hands. Soon, this body along with the whole universe will be dyed the color of darkness.

Page 8:
Hedoro: I shall protect the earth and all mankind.
Gin: Oh god, he's half-and-half now.
Hedora: I shall destroy the earth along with mankind.
Shin: .........Uh, Gin-san, what're you doing over there?
Kagura: I cannot tell what you are doing exactly but it looks fun.
Kagura: It sure has been a while, yes?
Since everyone's smiled like this?
Peace really is
the best, yes?
Shin: Yeah.
It sure is.

Page 9:
Jiro: Damn, I never thought I'd see the day
when Kabuki-Chou was lit up with moonlight and bonfires instead of neon.
It's a town that's noisy all year round. Not that I'm complaining. Nights like this are okay once in a while.
Otose: Still, it's good the town made it to night time at all.
Jiro: Yeah. Now we need the morning sun to shine on it again and we'll call it a job well done.
Otose: Sheesh. Who thought that getting to tomorrow would be such a big job.
Tomorrow always used to come even if we just sat around and did nothing. Now, unless we grab it by the lapels and threaten it, we might not make it through the entrance curtain.
They did so well. Is that still not gonna be enough to make it to tomorrow?
Jiro: We ain't the ones who ain't got enough. It's just the enemy's got too much.
We did manage to bring them to a retreat, but we didn't defeat the enemy.
We've just deluded them into a temporary loss.
We broke through their elites and managed to shave down their foot soldier units a bit, but looking the scope of their full force, we've only just put a crack in it.

Page 10:
Guys: On the other hand, we totally exhausted ourselves taking on a huge army.
If that enemy we just sent fleeing in a panic regroup and attack again, we won't stand a chance.
The Bakufu Army is pursuing the enemy and trying to hinder the enemy from regrouping,
but who can say how long that'll last.
Unless sonny's friends up in space can stop the headquarters somehow,
Taking tomorrow might be our limit.
Otose: ...The limit, eh?
Never thought I'd hear whining that comin' outta your mouth.
Jiro: Did that sound like whining to you? Man, your hearing sure is shot.
Otose: Whining isn't such a bad thing, Jirochou.
'Cause the only ones that whine
had people they can rely on.
Jiro: ..........
Otose: You've grown up, too, Jirochou.
Jiro: Keh. I'd rather you say I was senile any day 'a the week.
Handwritten: HYAHAHA

Page 11:
Saigou: Well, well, well.
Sai: Us Four Devas barely ever meet face-to-face and when we do it's usually all snarling at each other.
But tonight looks like to be a hell of a good time.
Ah, sorry. Was I interrupting?
Otose: It's no problem, Saigou. I was just thinkin' I wouldn't mind having a drink with you, too.
Anyhow, you two contraries could never sit quietly at a meeting unless there was an imminent threat of the end of the world.
That's why we never have meetings like this anymore.
So in a way, I'm almost thankful for the situation we're in.
There's been a whole lot we never would've seen
and a whole lot we never would've felt if it weren't a time like this.
'Cause a that
I think it's made me like humans a bit.

Page 12:
Otose: It even makes me think
that if a night like this were the last night of this life,
it wouldn't be so bad.
Jiro: .........
I still haven't drank enough.
Kagura: I suppose...
even though we managed to chase the Liberation Army away somehow,
the marks they left were big ones, yes?

Page 13:
Shin: I can't say I'm too surprised. It feels like a miracle we were able to stave off that massive army at all.
Honestly, the very fact that everyone was able to fight with everything looking so bleak is a miracle, too.
It's not just the people of Kabuki-Chou.
People from all over Edo poured everything they had into being whatever help they could be.
Maybe that's how
these miracles happened.
Except you've done nothing but been a nuisance for a while noooow!!
Gedo: Pandemoniums are all-purpose snacks that help heal injuries and illnesses as well. Here, have one.
Shin: Are you listening?! Who the hell would want one of those grotesque...
Panda: I'm sorry. I'm really just being a nuisance, aren't I?
I was worried so I just tagged along.
What a bothersome woman I've become. I'm sorry, I won't get in your way any more.
Shin: Yes, you are a nuisance! If you're going to play with my emotions any more, then you should stay by my side forever!
Kagura: You are the biggest nuisance here, yes?

Page 14:
Otae: Shin-chan. Kagura-chan. Would you quit it with the straight man act for a bit? It's time to rest.
Kagura: Boss Lady!!
Otae: Gedoumaru-san and the others have been all sorts of help to us by getting relief to everyone who wore themselves out in the battle.
Shin: !!
Otae: They've also said they've still got plenty of fight left in them,
and since they only showed up for the end of the battle they're hoping to get some more screentime.
Shin: Oh, is that all they want?!!
Otae: Gedoumaru-san and her friends have been taking care of the injured by taking care of food supplies.
Shin: It looks like they're about to be made into food supplies!!
Tae: Seimei-san and his friends are keeping a lookout and guarding over the town.
Sei: My lookout is scarier!!
Guy: What?! Mine is clearly more fearsome!!
Shin: Somebody setup a lookout for that lookout!!
Otae: And Ketsuno Ana is assisting with prayer.
Ketsuno: Tomorrow's weather will be refreshing and clear!
Perfect weather for a waaar!
Guy: Don't try to cause a battle!!

Page 15:
Otose: If everyone's doing all they can do to help right now,
then what we need you guys to do right now is rest.
You've all worked hard. Now's the time to just rest and not think about anything.
Guy: B-But I'm anxious that the enemy could come back at any time...
Tae: It's okay. We're here, so make sure to eat lots of food and get lots of rest.
Shin: Sister, that's not sleeping!! You're finishing them off!!
Tae: Ah, then if you're just going to sleep like that, how about we try just shoving Pandamoniums in their mouths?
Shin: Heeyyy!! Why are dangerous people like this in charge of the food distribution?!
Isn't there any better food around?!
Panda: So you've finally confessed? Honestly, I knew. I knew how you felt about me, Shinpachi-kun.
I just pretended not to understand... knowing we could never be together.
I guess I'll confess, too, then. I've really always wanted to be eaten by you, Shinpachi-kun. Bye bye, my love.
Shin: Bring me that Pandamonium this instaaant!!
KAgu: Shinpachi, you seriously should take a rest.
Kon: I see.
Then, I think I'll accept that kind offer and take a rest.

Page 16:
Kon: I'm dead tired
after that whole battle.
I finally made it
back to you.
I'm home,
Tae; ....W-

Page 17:
Tae: Welcome home,
Kon: Otae-saaaan!
Tae: Kondou-saaan!
Tae: Who're you calling Taeeeee!!

Page 18:
Shin: O-Otae-san, no matter how you feel, this is just too intense!! C-Come on now!
Let go of Pandamonium-saaaan!!
Tae: What is this hellscape I'm looking at?
Gedou: It seems Pandamonium's hallucinogenic effects are working too well.
Guys: Hey, what's goin' on here?
He said with the world ending and everything he might have a shot.
But it looks like everything
is the same as it's always been.
Okita: What do you mean, Hijikata-san?
That's what Kondou-san wanted.
He's always been fine with that sorta thing.

Page 19:
Otae: You come back just when the world looks like it's about to end?
You police never do change.
Somoene: Unfortunately, the police don't have a duty to save the world, but they've still managed to keep themselves busy.
By the looks of it anyhow.
I can't say for sure about the world,
but it looks like you did at least manage to protect your home, didn't you?
Zen: Though it's a pretty blunt city
with no "I'm home's" or "welcome back's".
Tae: ..........
It's not welcome back, but maybe you'll lend an ear to something a bit different.
Job well done, everyone.
Kagura: Boss Lady, wrong one.
Insert: What is she seeing there...?
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 627
/ End

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