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Translations: One Piece 917 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 656

Someone Unemployed Cannot be Stained by Anything

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 21, 2017 06:28 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 656

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[Gintama 656 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: To his wife he's separated with...
Title: Gintama
Left Insert: ☆Jump Comics Volume 70 is now on sale with great fanfare!!
☆The 'Slip Arc' of the Anime is now airing on TV Tokyo and affiliates every Sunday at 1:35 AM!! (And TV Osaka every Monday at 1:05 AM!!)
☆The 'Gintama' movie BD & DVD goes on sale and on rental November 22nd (Wed.)!!
Hase: ...Hey,
it's me.
I'm managing.
How's it with you...?
Ah. Give my regards to your mother.
...Don't be silly. Of course I've got enough money for a phone call.
Speaking of which, I got some formal-wear.
Too late to get a new job?
Well, it's a definite possibility that the world goes bankrupt before I get fired.

Page 2:
Hase: Unfortunately, that's not why I got it.
I just got sick of wearing newspaper.
I'm sorry.
At a time like this... I can't be by your side
or do anything at all.
---I was thinking.
If back then I hadn't been fired from my job as chief of the immigration bureau,
if I were still right now watching over the skies of Edo,
I wonder what Edo would be like now? Like maybe things wouldn't have ended up like they have.
Never mind... Nothin'd be any different cause of a guy like me around.

Page 3:
Hase: I'm sure we'd be looking up
at a sky no different from the one that's there now.
But that version of me looking up at the sky at a loss as to what to do,
wouldn't be... quite the same as the me looking up at it now.
Because I
met them.
Feeling at a loss as to what to do
is something I've long since gotten used to.
That's what you should be saying after all your time spent putting up with your good-for-nothing husband?
Hahaha. I can't fault you on that one. You've gotten tougher, too.
...Hah, there really are no shortcuts in life.
We're all connected together under this sky.
So, could you wait just a little longer for me?

Page 4:
Hase: Whatever kinda bendy, crooked path I end up taking,
I promise I'll come back.
So please,
let me fool around unemployed a little longer.
Insert: Beyond unemployment---
Title: Lesson 656
Someone Unemployed Cannot be Stained by Anything
T/N: A slight pun on how "unemployed" is a homophone of "colorless". So you could read this as "Something Colorless Cannot be Stained by Anything".

Page 5:
Hase: All ships,
forward at full speed!!
Someone: Progress to the front of the Amenotori Ship!!
Shi: Wh... What are they...
What are they doing?!!
Hurry and shoot this ship-
shoot us down alreadyyyy!!

Page 6:
Hase: There's no need for that.
Your entrance to planet Earth has been accepted.
And your escort will be
this former chief of the bureau of immigration, Hasegawa Taizou.
Shijaku: Are you out of your mind?!!
The Altana on Earth is so out-of-control that it's even breaking up the atmosphere!
If you allow the ship to get any closer,
both the Earth and the ship will be blown to bits before it even collides with the surface!!
There's no more time!!
Hata, if you're going to fire, you must do it now!!
Unless you shoot down this ship, an entire planet will be...
Hata: Admiral,
It was you that said he would believe in any choice, no matter what it might be,
of me, the one that loves all creatures big and small, was it not?

Page 7:
Hata: Then please, believe.
In the choice
made by this man I believe in.
is the choice
of a little brother
that loves his big brother
and the creatures called samurai.

Page 8:
Shijaku: Anti-impact shields?!
You can't be trying to...
This ship...

Page 9:
Shijaku: you're going to try to stop iiiiit?!!
Shijaku: That's absurd!!
A ship of this massive size can't be stopped...!
You'll be dragged down to earth along with the ship!!
Hase: Exactly right.
But that's okay. As long as it delays the impact by even a little.
Admiral, your plan is based around the premise that the Earth stays in the state it's in.
If that were the case, then yes, there may be no choice but to destroy the ship.
But my plan is different.

Page 10:
Hase: I know
down there.
I know that they,
that the Earth,
will definitely
bounce back.

Page 11:
Guys: Ane-san!!
Please hold on!!

Page 12:
Anemone: ...I'm sorry.
We couldn't stop him.
Even though we promised
we would see that that puppy
got back to you...
we couldn't stop him.
All we could do was entrust it to him.

Page 13:
Nobume: We'll take care of things here.
Hurry, get going!
Hase: I'm certain
they'll stop the Altana's running out of control.
If that happens, the limit of the time we have to act expands.
Until the Amenotori Ship collides with Earth's surface.
And once we've chipped away some at its momentum, you all should have the chance to flee the ship.
Also with that much time bought, the ship will start to self-destruct.
By the time it makes landfall, the energy will have dispersed somewhat.
Shijaku: That's far too reckless!!
What's more everything's just riding on your assumption!!
If the Earth remains in the state it's in, if they don't make it, do you know just how...
Hase: Admiral.

Page 14:
Hase: With everyone fighting desperately so everyone survives,
it's much more reckless to abandon someone, isn't it?
If it's gonna be reckless either way,
then I choose the reckless where we believe in our comrades.
Rather than a world where we can't survive unless we abandon our comrades,
I choose a world where there are comrades we can believe in.
That's the passport to Samurai country.
We can skip the boring paperwork like identification and such.
Whether you're a human or whatever else, it doesn't matter.

Page 15:
Hase: come back alive
with that dumb look on your face.
People: !!
People: My Prince!!
The load on the shields is passing their limits!!
Someone: We... We can't hold it!!
At this rate... all ships will be crushed...!!!

Page 16:
Old: I knew this wasn't gonna work!! I told you to stop, idiot Prince!!
Hata: Shut up, old man!! Shit. Even with all the power of my fleet, we can't stop it?
Just how much of a fleet do we need then?!!
Old: Hey, Hasegawa! You better take responsibility for this! What the hell sorta calculations did you base this plan on?!
Hase: The whole universe.
Unless we got together all the ships in the whole universe, we couldn't stop it.
Old: HUUUUH?! What kinda crazy nonsense are you spouting now, you bastard?!!
Hata: We can't get something like that together!! Don't tell me that you were just launched this plan blindly without calculating anything...?!
Someone: If it's fleets you need, we've got all you could ever want, don't we?
Did you forget?
Your planet, Earth, started a war with the entire universe.

Page 17:
Guy: But you overcame an overwhelming disadvantage, and as you approached the enemy's throat, you laid down your weapons and kept the damage to both sides to a minimum.
And now, you're willing to try to save the inhabitants of the enemy ship even if it means exposing the Earth to a crisis.
Seeing such effort to save lives regardless of friend or enemy
are not the acts of someone we could believe destroyed our planets.
Earthling, perhaps we were so blinded by hatred
that we misjudged you.
So mister chief of the bureau of immigration, will you give us one chance?
We would like to knock on the door of the country of samurai.
If you're willing to try to save our mother ship even if it means exposing your hometown to danger,
then we will use our entire fleet to try to protect your hometown.
Old: The Liberation Army...!!
Hase: Is that right?
Looks like it was worth it to sell passports so cheap.

Page 18:
Hase: Welcome
to Samurai Country.

Page 19:
Shijaku: I... I can't believe it...!!
It... It's not just Hata, the entire Liberation Army also moved?!
He didn't just open up the borders on his own judgement, making anyone free to immigrate or emigrate as they please,
but without anyone's permission, he just formed an alliance with the very same Liberation Army they were battling against just a short time ago?!!
Former Chief of the Bureau of Immigration, Hasegawa Taizou,
who in the world are you?!!
Just what sort of enormous power do you wield?!!
Hase: Ain't it obvious?
I'm somebody unbounded by any authority, somebody that possesses the freedom to act and speak as they please,
without the need to take any responsibility.
But also someone with no power, no authority, no money, uh, or even a job.
I'm unemployed.
Insert: The strength of the have-nots...!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 656
/ End

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