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Gintama 694

Gorilla Comes From the Gorilla And is More Gorilla Than Gorilla

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 19, 2018 02:06 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 694

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[Gintama 694 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Big Middle Text: The Gin-sans of 3 different mediums, assembled together!
Boxes: Manga Gin-san
Movie Gin-san
Anime Gin-san
Left: The hit movie is out in theaters
A major announcement!!
Bottom: Gintama
Opening color pages!!
Right: Live-Action Movie [Yellow top]
"Gintama 2 [Black big]
Bonds are Meant to be Broken" [Black small]
now in theaters! [Red]
TV Anime [Yellow top]
"Gintama [Black big]
The Silver Soul Arc" [Black small]
Now on TV Tokyo and affiliates Every Sunday starting at 1:35 AM! [Red]

Page 2-3:
Top Right: ☆The live action movie is now in theaters! And the anime is being broadcast!! And we have a major announcement!!!
Opening color pages for the true, true climax!!
Insert: We have met many of of you, Gintoki.
But now, there's only---
5 left to meet.
Bottom Left: Gintama
Sorachi HIdeaki
Starburst: Major announcement!!! [Grey with red outline]
Only 5 chapters left until the final chapter!! [Yellow]
Please stick around for the final part of the story!! [Light blue]
Bottom Right: Lesson 694 Gorilla Comes From the Gorilla And is More Gorilla Than Gorilla
T/N: This title is a pun on an idiom "blue dye comes from the indigo plant and is bluer than indigo". Meaning "The student has become the master".

Page 4:
Gorilla: UHOooooooooo!!
Insert: ☆The live action movie 'Gintama 2' is a big hit, now in theaters!!
☆Jump Comics Volume 74 is now on sale with great fanfare!!
☆The 'Official Gintama App' is now available!!
Use coins to enjoy Gintama manga, novels, and anime! For details check page 44!!
Gorilla; UHOoooooooo!! (Call this wedding off right now!)
UHOoo!! (That woman is mine!! And Junior is my son!!)
Middle Insert: ☆The TV Anime 'Gintama' the Silver Soul Arc is now ariing every Sunday at 1:35AM on TV Tokyo and affiliates!!
Gorilla: UHOooo!! (If you won't stop this farce of a party, I'll have to smash it to pieces!)
(I'm taking back my family!)
Kon: ---For some reason
I can understand those Uhos...
Words are nothing more than ships that carry emotion.
But perhaps when those emotions overflow from those ships and spread into the ocean, those thoughts can be conveyed without any words at all.
Then if I put all my emotion in as well,
I'm sure that how I feel will get across.

Page 5:
Kon: UHOoooooo!!
Kon: I'll give you back the princess, just please bring me back to eaaaarth!!
Left: Translation: The princess is mine. If you want her, just try to take her! This gorilla's grip ain't nothing to sneeze at!!
Gorila: UHOUHO (Well said, Kondou!!)
UHOUHO (So, he loves her along with all the mistakes she's made?)
UHOUHO (Look, after hearing that, I love him even more!!)
UHOooo (Get 'im, Kondou! Somebody like that could never join the royal family!)
Kon: ...What? It looks like everybody's praising me for something besides what I was going for.
And for getting dumped in a situation like this, that's a strange look the princess's got.
Gorilla: UHOUHOUHO (That's quite some guts you got. For a guy that stole somebody's girl for her money and power, that is.)
Kon: Even that guy's giving me some applause!
Kon: I see. He's applauding me for giving up this marriage into wealth by giving up the princess.
Gorilla: UHOUHO... (But it's really too late for second thoughts now.)

Page 6:
Gorilla: UHOOOOOOO!!
(Guess I've gotta take her back by fooooorce!!!)
Kon: !!
Gorillas: !!
UHOH (Wh-What...?)
Gorillas: UHOo!! (It... It can't be...)
Kon: A...
A gorilla's grip ain't nothing to sneeze aaaat!!
Well I just managed to stop his signal of friendship, but... I feel like my body's gonna implode!!
Gorilla: UHUHOO!! (L-Let me go, you bastard!)
Kon: What?! What's he surprised about?!

Page 7:
Kon: Oh I get it. If he's making such a tough face even after having extended the hand of friendship...
must mean that's his way of smiling. Ain't that right, Kondou? No matter what the country, handshakes are always done with a smile on one's face.
Make sure you don't ever let go of her hand again.
Translation: If you think you can let go of my hand, go ahead and try. This gorilla's stress ain't nothing to sneeze at either and he gets an upset stomach pretty easily!
Gorilla: UHOOOOO!!! (Don't mock meeee!!)
Kon: GUAaaaaaa! His handshake's nothing to sneeze at eitheeeer!!
I finally got him to let his guard down around me, and now it feels like my arm's gonna come off!
Isn't there any way for me to cheat my way though this...?!!
A huuuuuuuug!!

Page 8:
Kon: If after a handshake there's a hug, that should be a really natural way to end things off.
But this is a gorilla we're talking about, if I'm half-hearted about it, my feelings won't get through.
Oh, god of GOrillas,
Kon: lend me your streeeength!!
Gorilla: (Y-You bastaaaard!!)
Kon: He kinda seems to be a bit happy about it... But man, a human's full strength really is equal to a gorilla playing around, isn't it?
Gorillas: UHOooo!!! (I can't believe this guy!! Going toe-to-toe with one of our race with such a puny body...?!!)
UHOooo!! (Get hiiiim! Now strangle him to deaaaath!!)
Kon: Everyone's so touched by this budding friendship between man and gorilla!!
Gorillas are surprisingly pleasant to hug. Relax. I won't lay a finger on the princess.
Translation: You're even more pleasant to hug than the princess. Though the sound she made was way better. A gorilla's vitality is nothing to sneeze at, and it's mating season all year 'round!
GOrilla: UHOoooooo!! (I'll kill you!!)

Page 9:
Kon: GUHAAaaa
What's happening now?!
Gorilla: !!
(Finally let go, didja? You little tick!!)
(Now, it's time for the real ceremony to start)
(Your funeral!!)
Kondou Translaton
Okay, now it's time for the banana party to start!
Go on, get eatiiiing!!
Guys: !!
Gorilla: UHOH HOH HO!! (Look at thaaaat!!)
UHOUHO UHOHOHO (He's seeing through every attack and dodging every last one of theeeem!!)

Page 10:
Gorillas: UHOHO (That's not all. This guy...
is eating bananas!!)
(Are you makin' fun 'a me, you bastaaaard?!!)
Kon: After being served all these bananas...
I feel like banana smoothie is gonna shoot out every orifice of my body!!
I can't take any mooooore!!
Now that I think about it, this guys hasn't eaten a single one, has he?
Here, have some bananas, too!
Kon: Translation
Here, have some bananas, too!

Page 11:
Gorillas: UHOUHO (WHat an incredible man! I can't believe he really did it!)
UHOUHO (You're a gorilla among gorillas!)
UHOOO (The king of the gorillas!)
Kon: Huh? Wait...
Gorillas: UHOHOHOHOHO (The king!)
UHOHOHO (Our king!)
Kon: ...Uhoh.
Gorillas: UHOoooooooooo
(Why did we go back to the starting point?!)
I am the champion!! All gorillas are blood type B!

Page 12:
Tendou: The Planet Shoujou mothership, Bahnana.
Why is such a ship in the Kuyou's airspace?
It seems that a royal wedding is taking place.
Their weddings always take place over long periods while orbiting the newlywed's planet. Perhaps it's just part of their itinerary?
Regardless, they are not anyone to have any misgivings about.
And even if that ship has caught on to our plan and is observing us,
it is impossible to capture the Kuyou...
Our target is already just under our gaze.
There is no stopping us now.
Seirei Gate, activate!

Page 13:
Guys: The phantasmal ship that cannot be detected by the naked eye nor radar, Kuyou.
And the silent weapon it is equipped with,
the Seirei Gate.
It's with that that they stole Altana from all those planets.
Gin: Seirei Gate?
Zura: To put it simply, it is a vacuum with great sucking power, yet it makes very little sound.
It's a gigantic device invented by the religion in order to collect Altana from the outside.
What's most fearsome is how secretive it's able to be.
The Seirei Gate can carry out their jobs from a height of 10,000 meters with barely any detection.
In other words, the acts of terrorism the religion has been enacting all over are no more than a diversion.
They draw all the attention onto the surface while actually...
An invisible ship far off in the sky is gathering up the planet's energy while the populace is unaware.

Page 14:
Zura: But only on that day
only at that moment when the religion targets a planet, once the decision is made here,
those false gods
that captured him...
And it's not unimaginable that he
will be invited to the surface as well.

Page 15:
Guys: Even if you can't see it,
you can bet that they
are right up there.

Page 16:
Zura: They're using smaller ships as shields...!!
Tendou: As I thought, a trap.

Page 17:
Gorillas: UHOUHO (Another one!! We just sensed another huge energy signal from earth!!)
UHOHOHO (What the hell is going on down there?)
Goirlla: U-UHOHO! (Y-Your Majesty!!)
Princess: UHO (Change course!!)
UHOUHOUHO (Land this ship on earth immediately!!)
Kon: Hm, what? Are you performing the procedure for me to leave the ship?
Thaaanks. Sorry for the trouble.
Princess: UHOo!! (Dear!! When did you get there?!!)
Kon: Ah, sorry all this happened. I seriously wanted to get married and all.
But when you've got a princess for a bride, sometimes these things happen, I guess...
I'll quietly step aside. You go ahead and find your own happiness.
Oh, I forgot to talk doing the UHO thing. UHO.

Page 18:
Princess: That way is fine...
We can talk... just for a little while.
Ever since I met you, I've wanted to talk with you.
But as soon as I learned your language, I've been depressed, having found out how you felt about me.
It's your fault that I got mixed up with a bad man like this one here, too.
But also, the reason I was able to have a family was because of you.
I didn't care about differences in status anymore,
as long as I could be with him and Junior.
But all those around me would not allow it... And so we ended up in this mess...
Please, Kondou.
Please take us, my family, down to Earth with you.
Kon: Huh? Like a honeymoon?
Is that it? Well you should've said so in the first place.
Gorillas: ?

Page 19:
Gorillas: UHOHO (Princess!)
UHOUHO (I knew it, so that man is the one that instigated you to do this, is he?!)
UHOHHO (Kondou, get out of the way.)
UHOUHOUHO (Even if you're just trying to help the princess, they won't let you off easy.)
Kon: Ah, already here to see me off?
It sure gets courteous when it's a princess, huh?
Hey, it's okay, don't worry about it.
I don't need a goodbye hug or any-
Kon: Um...
ARe they...
Kon: seeing me off to hell?!

Page 20:
Kon: Man, gorillas sure are passionate.
Are those tears? Is it that heart wrenching to say goodbye to me?
Ah, I'm sorry. But I've gotta go.
Kon: Even after thousands of hugs,
there are more here I think need one.
So, I'll hang around here as long as you guys want.
Who wants me to hug them next?

Page 21:
Gorilla: UHOoooo (I'm heeere,)
UHOooo (Daddyyy!!)
Guys: I've been looking for you! I didn't know where you were!!
Hey, knock it off!! I just changed those underpants! Quit it!!
Forget hugs, those tugs are going to tear something clean off!!
Gorilla: UHOH!! (Hurry, get this ship to Earth!)
UHOH!! (But princess!!)
UHOUHO (There's something strange happening in Earth airspace right now!! It's dangerous to get near!!)
UHO (Then let me have the controls!!)
UHO (I can't! If you don't handle them just right, something will...)

Page 22:
Guys: It looks like they predicted our plan.
We setup anti-aircraft weapons all around the terminal, but...
Sign: Kuyou
Guys: they formed walls of ships in front of the Kuyou to act as a shield and blocked our fire.
In other words...
Above them is wide open.
Insert: From even higher in the heavens than those that look down---!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 694
/ End

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