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Hamatora 1


+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Jan 17, 2014 21:00 | Go to Hamatora

-> RTS Page for Hamatora 1

Hamatora chapter 1


Nice: So, what's your request?
side text: Miracles, from the edge of the town

Nice: Huh? It's not a request?
What? Kamatora? No, that's wrong.
No, no, we're not Dekotora either.
Alright, listen very well.

insert: New series - HAMATORA

Nice: We are the 'hama troubleshooters. [TN: (Yoko)hama]
Hamatora! [TN: troubleshoot = toraburu shuuto]


colour spread


sfx: clang
2013, Yokohama
box: Lucky people and unlucky people.

box: Fate has been decided since birth.
sfx: clang
sign: under construction

sfx: clang
box: Even if each is equal, life is unfair.

box: Even so
if there are small miracles in this world

side text: New series. This is a story about those whose powers can produce miracles.


box: For whom...
sfx: clang
are they needed...


sfx: clang
box: What's the purpose of their existence?

title: Chapter 1 - That man, Nice.

Murasaki: Is this where he is...


sign: Hamatora - Detective Office
Yumi: I've heard about this place...

Yumi: Anything... that others would refuse...
that you take on strange requests...

Yumi: Please, this is the only place I can rely on...
sfx: click


Murasaki: Customer?

Nice: Oh, a request?
Sorry, this might take a while. Can you come again later?

Murasaki: Nah, I'll just wait if that's okay.
text: This guy...

bubble: Nice...


Nice: You now my name?
Have I met you before?
Murasaki: No...

text: Nice... I don't know anyone with a stupid name like that.

text: That's why I came here
to know the man called Nice...

Murasaki: Wha...

sfx: munch munch
Hajime: You can't have any.


Murasaki: Uh, yeah... fine.
text: What's with her? And is that curry rice?!
For real?!

text: No, no... I wonder, but only came for Nice...

Murasaki: Even so, this office is dirty!

Yumi: And so...
I'm sure that must be a ghost...

Nice: Hmhm, I see.

text: Ghost...?
Nice: And...?

Nice: Do you have any clues?
Uh, yes. This is a photo of the ghost.


Nice: Ooh!

Nice: It's a good shot.

Yumi: Yes... then I immediately took another.
and it's not longer there.

Yumi: What... do you think?


Nice: Hmm
...big, aren't they?

Yumi: Eh?

Nice: Ah, no! I mean, this is gonna be a big case!
Yumi: Is... is that so...
text: This guy...

text: Does he intend to take his job seriously?
Nice: Leave it to me though.

Nice: Ghosts are pretty much my specialty!
sfx: batam - crash
Yumi: Ah!

Nice: Waah! Sorry! I'll get a cloth!
sfx: footsteps
Murasaki: Unbelievable...

text: Does this stupid pervy guy really...


Murasaki: hold a 'minimum'...
which means he went to Facultas, just like me?

Tachibana: Intelligence, physical ability, and minimum
Each with astonishing grades


Murasaki: Yes...
Thank you very much.

Tachibana: Your composite grade is...82
As expected of our 55th top student... we're proud to send out a model student like you.

Tachibana: So, here is your next mission.

Tachibana: A year ago, this person left high school in mid-term.
His name is Nice.

Tachibana: Bring him back to us.


Murasaki: Alright.
Let's get this case solved quickly.

Nice: Yumi-chan's room is on the 5th floor.
Yesterday, as she casually looked on the veranda, she saw a human-like figure...

Nice: On the pictures you took with your phone, one shows the ghost

Nice: while it's gone on the second one.

Yumi: That's right.

Nice: This isn't the work of a normal human being...

Murasaki: No, it's just the work of a pervert.


Nice: Oi, why are you coming with us?
Murasaki: I heard the story.
Nice: Don't listen in on people.
Murasaki: I'd have heard it, even if I didn't want to.

Murasaki: So, tell me, Yumi-chan.
This case.. could you leave it to me?
Yumi: Eh?

Murasaki: This guy is obviously trying to trick you.
Saying that ghosts are his specialty and things like that.

text: What will you do now, Nice?
Murasaki: I would do a more realistic investigation.

text: At this rate, your important case will be taken from you...


Nice: Oh, okay. Thanks!
Take care!

Murasaki: Hey! Wait - wait a minute!
You... Are you serious?
Don't you have your pride?

Murasaki: Hey!

Nobikawa : Huh? Yumi-chan?


Yumi: Ah
Nobikawa: What's wrong?
Another incident?

Yumi: No... it's that ghost, I've asked a detective for help...
Nobikawa: Ah! Is this him?
Murasaki: No, I'm...


Nobikawa: This is the block where I and Yumi live.

Murasaki: You too?

Murasaki: You are...
Nobikawa: Oh!
Yumi lives in 505, I live above her in 605.

Nobikawa: Seems I said it so it could be misunderstood...
sfx: hahaha

Murasaki: What the heck am I doing...
Nobikawa: Good luck, mr. detective!

Yumi: Ehm...
This is my room.


Yumi: Please come in... it's not much though.
I'll make you some tea!

Murasaki: Forgive me for saying this but

Murasaki: Aren't you a bit careless? [TN: instead of defenceless I picked careless, because the first is something that's a fact, not something you decide]
Inviting an unknown man into your house...

Murasaki: Besides, that...
sfx: boing

Yumi: You mean about Nobikawa?
Murasaki: No...
Yumi: He works at the beauty parlour I go to.

Yumi: We started talking since we live in the same apartment block.
He also gave me advice when that ghost showed up...

Yumi: He's a good person.


sfx: batan

sfx: shaa

sfx: clatter

Murasaki: Is the veranda the same as during the incident?

Yumi: Yes... I was afraid of the ghost, so I left it...
Murasaki: I said it's not a ghost.
Some agile pervert must have escaped to a room next door... Hm?

Murasaki: This is...


Yumi: The potted plat... I had it hanging on a hook...
Murasaki: The pervert panicked and bumped into it so it fell...

Murasaki: This settles it...
Murasaki: the culprit has a physical body.

Yumi: Eh... b-but...

Yumi: The shadow on the picture
in an instant...

Nice: Are you that interested in the floor below?


Nice: Stop looking at the veranda and turn on the TV.

Nobikawa: Wha...

Nobikawa: W-w-who are you?!
Where... where did you get in?
Nice: Where? The entrance, as is common.


Nobikawa: T-that's not possible!
I made sure I locked it...

Nice: Oh,
yeah, you did.

Nice: When we entered the room together.

Nobikawa: What's he saying...

Nobikawa: That's not possible, is it?

Murasaki: Yes... indeed
if you think about it like that, it's impossible...


Murasaki: No tracks on the scattered sand,
disappearing in a second...

Murasaki: This was no ordinary pervert...

Murasaki: That's it!
Yumi: Eh?

Yumi: What's wrong?!
Murasaki: Ghosts don't exist...

Murasaki: However...
Nice: This is not the work of an ordinary human.


Nice: I'm a 'Minimum Holder'
And so are you, correct?

Yumi: Wait up! Where are you going?

text (murasaki): The reason why there are no footprints on-site
must be


Nice: You dangled from the veranda here
and went straight into Yumi-chan's apartment.

sfx: ding-dong

sfx: ding-dong

Murasaki: Oi! Nobikawa!

Murasaki: You're in, aren't you?
sfx: bam-bam
Nice: It seems mr. detective saw through you as well.


Nice: So, what next?
Nobikawa: Fu... fufu...

Nobikawa: How did you know...

Nobikawa: This 'power' of mine...
text: This is
simply said the difference between people... a talent received with birth...


text: It was called 'individuality'...
box: year 1959
Before the year in when Tokyo would host its first Olympics...

text: National academy - Facultas

text: The purpose of this academy is to research those with 'individuality'
and train them in order to draw out their maximum potential.

text: If a person's index finger would be even only 1cm longer than average,
the state would provide funds to conduct research from a very young age...

text: Once 'individuality' was determined, they became 'special'
With polishing, 'special' turned into 'miracle'.


text: Eventually a variety of powers grew amongst the students.

text: An eyesight of 8.00.

text: Boundless flexibility.

text: Or hair as strong as steel.

text: These 'small miracles' with a uncertain use
also meant the start of man's new possibilities.

text :That's why Facultas
called these powers


text: Small miracles...

text: 'Minimum'...

Murasaki :This is my Minimum...

Murasaki: super-strong grip...


text: 'All or nothing'! [TN: literally in kanji: there's no tomorrow for us]

sfx: BAM!


Nice: Oh.

Murasaki: Nice...?!
You... why...

Nice: Let's talk later.
Nobikawa: Dammit... who are you people...


Nobikawa: Who the heck are you!!
Nice: Oops.

Nobikawa: Be a bit more afraid of me, okay...
Run... scream...

text (murasaki): Arms that can rapidly stretch and retract...
Without a doubt, with this Minimum

text: he could return right to his place when he hangs down.

Nobikawa: I want to hear your screams...


Nobikawa: Crying, struggling, asking for help...
It's your fate to be cut up by me!

Nobikawa: Isn't that good?

Murasaki: Nice!

Nice: Good grief...


Nice: A pervert as opponent is tiring.

Tachibana: His name is Nice...


Tachibana: Bring him back to us.

Murasaki: Excuse me, mr. Tachibana...

Murasaki: Just bring him back?
If so, does it have to be me...?

Tachibana: Composite grade 91.

Tachibana: Nice is the most outstanding since the start of this school...

Nobikawa: Gah!


Nobikawa: Wha - what happened...
I didn't see anything happen...

Tachibana: Murasaki... he outranks you.
He's a genius.

Nice: This is my Minimum.



Nice: Even if you get a 5 meter lead
I can run about as fast as sound.


Nice: Well then...


Nice: You're a Minimum Holder too, aren't you?

Nice: The door.

Nice: That's not how you normally open one.

Nice: Seriously...

Nice: Hand the reparation bill to the Academy, ok?


Yumi: Thank you very much
for solving my case.

Yumi: I can't believe Nobikawa was the real ghost... it was a shock.
Nice: Was it?
Yumi: Well, he usually seemed like a good guy...
Nice: Ehh...

Nice: He didn't look like one to me.

Yumi: Huh? But Nice...
you weren't there when we saw him?

Yumi: So how did you know he was the culprit?


Nice: That's easy.
It's clear from the picture. [TN: kudos for those who noticed!]
Nice: See, the number of laundry pieces...
In the second picture, there's one more.
Yumi :Ah!
Nice: What you see here is Nobikawa's foot as he returns to his appartment.

Yumi: That's how you knew the culprit was the one living above me... Awesome!
Unbelievable that you noticed!
Nice: Ahaha! Oh please~
Looking at the proof in detail is a detective's job...

Hajime: I'm sure you were just checking if it wasn't panties hanging down.


Nice :What? No! That's ridiculous
Hajime: Is it really?
Nice:I'm telling you, no!

text: Wait up!

Murasaki: You...
did you notice...?

Murasaki: That I'm from the Academy?


Nice: Let go.

Nice: You know...

Nice: from the moment you came here, you leaked menace now and then.
I don't know what the Academy told you when they ordered you to investigate me, but...


Nice: I took a liking to this way of life.
I don't intend to get involved anymore.

sfx (phone): brrrr

sfx phone: brrr

text (murasaki): Ridiculous...
Murasaki: Yes...
That guy is better than me...?


Murasaki: I got in contact with Nice.
text (murasaki): I won't accept it!
Murasaki: Also, mr. Tachibana... there's one thing I want to confirm...

Murasaki: If Nice declines to return to the Academy...

Murasaki: as according to article 3 in the school regulations,
shall I dispose of him?

text (murasaki): Next time...

text: when I get my hands on you once again...
right then...

Murasaki: Understood.


Murasaki: Whatever shape he's in
I will definitely bring him back.

Murasaki: Leave it to me.

right text: Nice and Murasaki, their meeting will be the start of a new miracle!

end chapter text: Next issue, what will Murasaki suggest to Nice...

.END. Hamatora chapter 1

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Jan 17, 2014
Oh you started this manga?
I just finished reading the first chapter since I wanted to know what it was about before starting on the anime.

Keep up the good work. Good luck.
#2. by Kinlyu ()
Posted on Jan 17, 2014

Yes, I like the anime and it's interesting that the manga is a prequel to it~ I'll continue to translate it. ^^

#3. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Jan 18, 2014
Some general tips for translating from someone who is NOT a translator (so take it with a grain of salt):
1) You don't have to translate things literally into the speech bubble it goes in. You can translate in a way so that the order of the translation sounds natural.
Ex (from p.7 of your TL):
Yumi: I've heard about this place...

Yumi: Anything... that others would refuse...
that you take on strange requests...

You could probably change it to this order instead (so it flows better):
I've heard about this place...
That you take on strange requests...
Anything that others would refuse... (I'm not looking at the raw so I assume it's from one bubble. If not, then you could make it "Anything.../ that others would refuse..."

2) Even if the Japanese doesn't use question marks, but the meaning is a question, then you should include the question mark.
Ex: p.6
Murasaki: Is this where he is...
Murasaki: Is this where he is...?
Ex: end chapter text: Next issue, what will Murasaki suggest to Nice...
end chapter text: Next issue, what will Murasaki suggest to Nice...?

3) Last tip: Try reading the translation by itself - does it flow well? Does it sound natural, like it's not from a manga?

Anyway, good luck with translating~ I hope to see more stuff from you on MH~ :)
#4. by Kinlyu ()
Posted on Jan 18, 2014
Thanks for the tips, c_k! It's true, I pay attention to bubble size xD Just because I don't want to force the typesetters to put unreadable text in one bubble, or to re-draw bubbles ^^;

Question marks and other marks are a hard one! Manga uses them very differently, so maybe I should read some English manga as reference to see how they take care of them. I mean, no one in the west uses this !!!! ... but manga does. Just like lots of dots.........

I'll pay attention to it! *A*

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