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Hamatora 1

That Man, Called Nice

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Nov 22, 2013 10:12 | Go to Hamatora

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Hamatora by KITAJIMA Yukinori & KODAMA Yuuki

Read rules above on translator page before using.

Hamatora - [Chapter 1 : This Man, called Nice]


??? : …So, what kind of request is it?
…Eh? It ain’t a request?
Whaat? Kamatora? Wrong, totally wrong.
No, no. It’s not called Dekotora either.
Ready? Please, listen carefully.
It’s the Hama’s trouble shutter,
Hamatora! TN : Hama as in Yokohama and trouble is pronounced toraburu in Japanese, hence the tora.
Insert Text : New Series Hamatora.
Left Text : Miracles, coming from the edge of a town.

Yellow Circle : Details at http://hamatorapj.com/ - Anime broadcast scheduled for Spring 2014!!
Original Idea by Kodama Yuuki & Matsu Maika.
Scenario : Kitajima Yukinori
Manga : Kodama Yuuki
Left Text : New Series!!
Middle Text : Hamatora
Top Text : Bringing down trouble at the speed of sound!!!!!!!!!!!
Bottom Text : A Battle x Mystery New Series on the awesome people holders of “miraculous powers”!!

In bubble SFX : *CLANG*
Insert Text : 2013, Yokohama——
Box : Be it either lucky people or unlucky people,
Fate is decided since the time of birth.
In bubble SFX : *CLANG*
On plate : Under Construction
In bubble SFX : *CLANG*
Box : People are equal and yet life is unfair.
Given there are small little miracles in this World…
Left Text : New series!! A story on the super-powered beings concerned with “miracles”!!

On plate : Under Construction
Box : For whose sake
In bubble SFX : *CLANG*
Box : Would they be necessary…

In bubble SFX : *CLANG*
Box : What would they be existing for?
Chapter 1 : That Man, called Nice
??? : So it’s here…

On paper : Hamatora - Detective Office
??? : I am asking this detective office…
Girl : And will not… request others.
I heard you take up strange cases…
I beg of you…This is the only place I can rely on…
In bubble SFX : *OPEN*

??? : A preceding visitor?
??? : Ah, it’s for a request?
Sorry, this is gonna take a while so come back later with an appointment, would you?
Glasses : …No, if I only need to wait, then that’s what I’ll do.
??? Thinking : That guy is…
Glasses : Nice.

Nice : Hey, how d’you know my name?
Did we meet before?
Glasses : No…
Glasses thinking : Nice… I don’t care how ludicrous his name is.
After all, I only came her to know…
Who that man, called Nice is…
Glasses : You…
??? : I ain’t giving you any.

Glasses : Ok… Alright, fine by me.
Glasses thinking : What’s with that brat… Rather, is that curry?!
Is she for real?!
Ignore, ignore… It’s disturbing but I came here to see Nice…
…Still, that office is really dirty.
Girl : Also…
It undoubtedly was a ghost…
Glasses thinking : What?!
Nice : I see, really?
Glasses thinking : A ghost…?
Nice : What else…?
Do you got any clue?
Girl : Ah… Yes. Here is a picture of the ghost.

Nice : Woow——!!
It looks really firm…
Girl : Yes… And then, I took one more right away,
But this one did not photograph anything…
In bubble SFX : *BOUNCE*
Girl : What… Do you think…?

Nice : …Umm,
…I’d say… huge.
Girl : Eh?
Nice : N-no, I was saying this is a pretty huge case, you see.
Girl : Is…Is that so…
Glasses thinking : That guy…
Does he even intend to do his job seriously…?!
Nice : Still, you can count on me,
Ghosts are in my line of work!
In bubble SFX : *CLATTER*
Girl : Ack!
Nice : Oooops! Sorry! I’ll go get something to wipe it right away!!
Glasses : I can’t believe it…
Glasses thinking : Does… That dullish, lewd-looking guy really…

Glasses thinking : Hold a “Minimum”…
Meaning that just like me, he went to Facultaers…?
??? : Intellect, physical ability… As well as Minimum.
All of the latter are at astonishing grades…

Murasaki : Yes, sir…
Thank you very much.
??? : So, you total T-Score is 82…?
As expected of for the 55th top-grader… It makes me quite proud too seeing honour students like you appear.
This will be your mission this time.
A man left during a term among the Senior School First Years.
His name is, Nice.
Bring him back to the school.

Nice : Alright,
Then, let’s sort out the events roughly.
Yumi, your room is on the 5th floor of an apartment building.
Yesterday, while nonchalantly looking to your veranda, you saw something that looked like the shadow of a person…
You took pictures with your phone and the ghost was photographed on the first one.
However, it wasn’t on the second one…
Yumi : …That’s right.
Nice : This wasn’t done by an ordinary human…
Murasaki : No. It’s the work of a pervert, isn’t?

Nice : Hey, are you following us?
Murasaki : I was listening to you talking.
Nice : Don’t listen of your own volition.
Murasaki : I ended up hearing it, whether I wanted to or not.
Yumi, let me speak frankly.
Yumi : Won’t you… entrust this case to me?
Yumi : Eh?
Murasaki : That man is obviously deceiving you.
Saying that ghost exterminations is in one’s line of work isn’t acceptable.
Murasaki thinking : Now, what will you do? Nice.
Murasaki : If it were me, I could conduct a much more realistic investigation than you.
Murasaki thinking : If this continues, you’ll have your precious work stolen by me…

Nice : Ah, really? I’ll take your word for it then.
With that said, I leave the rest to you.
Murasaki : What?
H-Hold your horses!
Are… you alright with this?
Don’t you have any pride?!
??? : Huh? Yumi?

Yumi : Ah,
Nobikawa : What’s wrong?
Trouble, again?
Yumi : No… I asked a detective to help with that ghost…
Nobikawa : Ah! Is that him?
Murasaki : No, I’m…

Nobikawa : This is the apartment building where Yumi and I live.
Murasaki : You said “Me and…”
Are you guys…
Nobikawa : Not at all!
Yumi lives at the 505 and I’m right above at the 605.
I guess I told it in a way that would cause misunderstandings… - Hah Hah Hah.
Murasaki thinking : What the heck am I doing…?
Nobikawa : Well then, good luck with your investigation.
Yumi : …Umm
This is… my room.

Yumi : Come on in… Even though there aren’t much things here.
Ah, I’ll make tea.
Murasaki : I don’t really know how to say this but
Aren’t you a bit too defenceless?
Letting a complete stranger in your room…
As well as… you know…
Yumi : Ah, is it about Nobikawa?
Murasaki : No… - You’re mistaken…
Yumi : He’s only someone I know from going to his beauty parlor,
We were living in the same building so we suddenly started talking to each other,
And he even gave me advice when the ghost showed up…
He’s a good person.

In bubble SFX : *SHUT*
In bubble SFX : *CLACK*
Murasaki : Is this veranda the same as when that pervert appeared?
Yumi : Yes… I was afraid of the ghost so I left it untouched…
Murasaki : Like I said, it’s not a ghost.
A nimble pervert must have succeeded in taking refuge in an adjacent room…
This is…

Yumi : Ah…The plant pot… Even though it was hanged on this hook…
Murasaki : It must have fallen when the pervert bumped into it in his panic…
It’s definite now…
The culprit is made of firm matter.
Yumi : Eh… B…But.
That shadow on the pictures…
Really was there for an instant…
??? : Is the floor below interesting you that much?

Nice : Instead of only staring out the veranda, use the TV too.
Nobikawa : What…?
W-w-w…Who are you?!
How the hell did you get in?!
Nice : Where… Well, obviously from the entryway?

Nobikawa : D…Don’t give me that crap!
I’m sure I locked the door…
Nice : Yeah,
That’s right you put on the lock.
When I ‘entered the room with you’.
Nobikawa : What nonsense are you spouting…?!
There is no way in hell… such a thing is possible…
Murasaki : Yeah… Certainly,
Thinking like this, it seems unfeasible…

With the veranda so untidy, there isn’t even one footprint.
And there is the fact that he disappeared in an instant…
Really, this wasn’t done by a simple pervert…
That’s it…!
Yumi : Eh?
What’s wrong?!
Murasaki thinking : Ghosts and the likes don’t exist…
Cameo, Nice : This wasn’t done by an ordinary human…

Nice : You used a “Minimum”.
You’re the holder one, aren’t you?
Yumi : Could you wait a moment, please!
Where are you going?!
Murasaki thinking : There weren’t any footprints at the crime scene…

Nice : You dangled from this veranda
And went to Yumi’s room directly below…
In bubble SFX : *Ding Dong*
*Ding Dong*
Murasaki : Hey! Nobikawa!
You’re there, right?! Get your ass out of there!
Nice : It appears you’ve been exposed by that detective.

Nice : Now, what will you do?
Nobikawa : Heh…
Heh Heh…
How, did you figure it out…
That I have this “ability”…?
Murasaki thinking : …“This” is
When speaking in extremes in terms of people individual differences… An ability held from birth…

Insert Text, Murasaki thinking : Called individuality…
Box : 1959.
Insert Text, Murasaki thinking : Until the year in which the decision of the hosting of the first Tokyo Olympics was made…
Text : National Facultaers
Murasaki thinking : This school’s objective was to research people who could hold this so called individuality…
But also… to have them draw out their power to its maximum by having them undergo training.
If someone could increase his index finger by even one more centimeter,
As a research subject, National Budget would be devoted on him from his childhood…
If his individuality was carried to extremes, it’d become “unique”
And if his “originality” was refined, it’d become a “miracle”.

Murasaki thinking : Before anyone noticing it, the pupils bloomed to various abilities.
I have an 8.0 eyesight.
I have preeminent flexibility.
My hair can become as hard as… steel.
I don’t know if they are of any use whatsoever, but these “small abilities”
Might have even been the beginning for a new possible birth of people.
So in the end, Facultaers
Called this ability as follows.

Murasaki thinking : Small miracle…
Or “Minimum”…
Murasaki : This is my Minimum…
Giving me a super grip…

“All or Nothing”!!

Nice : Wow.
Murasaki : Nice…?!
Why… are you here…
Nice : Let’s talk later.
Nobikawa : Fuuuuck… what’s with you lot…

Nobikawa : What’s with youuuuu!!
Nice : Oops.
Nobikawa : Be even more afraid… of this appearance…
Run… Scream…
Murasaki thinking : His arms are agile and can stretch…
There is no doubt… Having this Minimum,
Allowed him to swing down to the room below before returning to his room above right away.
Nobikawa : I want to hear you shriek…

Nobikawa : To see you cry… To se you struggle in agony while you beg for help…
And yet, your fate is to be chopped up by me…!!
This will be so great——!!
Murasaki : Nice!!
Nice : Good grief…

Nice : Facing perverts is so boring.
Cameo, Chairman : His name is Nice…

Chairman : I want you to bring him back to school.
Murasaki : Please wait a moment, Mr Tachibana…
I only have to bring him back?
In that case, I won’t be of any use…
Tachibana : His total T-Score is “91”…
Nice has shown outstanding talent since starting school…
Nobikawa : Gaah!

Nobikawa : W…What happened…?!
I couldn’t see anything…
Cameo, Tachibana : Murasaki… He exceeds you.
He’s a genius.
Nice : This is my Minimum.
“Cannon Ball”.

Even if your starting dash is of 5 meters,
I, can move as fast as sound.

Nice : With that done…

Nice : You’re a Minimum Holder too, right?
That door,
That ain’t no normal way to open it.
Give me a break…
I’ll let the academy for the damages.

Yumi : Thank you
Very much for all your hard work.
Nice : Ah——
No, no.
Yumi : To think that ghost actually was Nobikawa… I was so surprised.
Nice : Really?
I mean… He was usually a really nice person…
Nice : Heh…?
I didn’t seem like that to me.
On paper : Detective Office
Yumi : Huh? But Nice,
You weren’t there when I met, Nobikawa, right?
In that case, how did you figure out he was the culprit…?

Nice : It’s pretty easy actually.
It was all in what was photographed on the pictures.
Look… The number of washed clothes…
Nice : There is one more on the second picture, right?
Yumi : Agh!
Nice : Assuming the culprit returned to the floor above was the only way for Nobikawa’s socks to be photographed…
Yumi : And that’s how you deducted the culprit lived above me…
Your insight even went that far…
Nice : Hah Hah Hah! Not at all.
Carefully observing evidence for detective is as natural as…
??? : At most, you only looked into this to see why her underwear hadn’t been photographed.

Nice : W… What, nonsense…
Yumi : …So it was for this after all?
Nice: No, I’m telling you that’s not it!
Cameo, Murasaki : Hey! Wait a moment!!
Murasaki : Did you…
Become aware of it…?
That I’m from the academy…

Nice: Let go.
You know…
Since you came here, your killing-intent would leak out every now and then.
I don’t care about what you were told to investigate about me by the academy but…

Nice : I’m content with the life I’m living now.
I don’t have any intention on getting involved with the school anymore.
On phone : Calling
In bubble SFX : *BZZZZZ!*
In bubble SFX : *BZZZ*
Murasaki thinking : What a screwed up joke…
Murasaki : Hello…
Murasaki thinking : Someone like him is better than me…?

Murasaki : I made contact with Nice.
Murasaki thinking : I’ll never recognise it…
Murasaki : Also, Tachibana… There is something I need to confirm…
In case Nice refuses to come back to school…
Concerning the sanction as specified in the 3rd article of the School Regulations…
How would you like me to go on about it?
Murasaki thinking : You’ll see…
When the time comes again when I can grab your arm with my hands…
That time I’ll…
Murasaki : …Copy that.

Murasaki : I’ll definitely bring him back,
No matter the method I use.
You can count on me.
Right Text : Nice and Murasaki. The meeting between marks the beginning of a new miracle!!
Chapter 1 / End. Hamatora
Next issue, what Murasaki proposes to Nice is…

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