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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

World Trigger 48

Large-scale Invations #5

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Feb 10, 2014 09:56 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 48

Reserved for Mangaburn~

World Trigger ch 48


text: A sudden raid on the base!!

Kinuta: Bomber type Trion Soldiers are approaching!

Kinuta: Everyone, shoot them down!

Sawamura: One down!
A second one is coming in!

in between: Follow the official twitter @W_Trigger_off!!

Shinoda: Prepare for impact!


sfx: boom
text: an ominous explosion near the base!!
World Trigger
chapter 48 : Large-scale Invasion #5
Comics 1-3 received large printings, newly released vol. 4 on sale with good reception!
Previous work 'Kashikoi ken Ririenthal' 1-4 reprinted!
Ashihara Daisuke


Chano: The base...
got hit?!

Arashiyama: ...No

Kinuta: We were right to enforce the outer walls' armour
and infuse them with trion since that last attack.

Sawamura: Second wave incoming!
There's three of them!


Shinoda: What's the state of the armour?
Kinuta: It will withstand one more blow.

Shinoda: All general personnel, evacuate to the shelter!
Fill the interception battery to its limit with trion!

Shinoda: Focus on your shots!
Even if it's only one, take 'em down!!

Netsuki: No... One is not...

Sawamura: One down, confirmed!
Two left!!

Kinuta: Shinoda!!
We can't hold two hits!


Shinoda: No problem
there's only one left.


Kinuta: Tachikawa!
Netsuki: Ooh!

Sawamura: The other will be a direct hit!
Prepare for impact!!

Shinoda: What about follow-up?


Sawamura: None at the moment!
Shinoda: Good... repair the outer walls for now,
but be vigilant.

Shinoda: Kei!

Shinoda: Your targets are the new models
Destroy as many as you can.
Tachikawa: Got it, got it.

Tachikawa: Let's get this cleaned up before lunch.

Arashiyama: The base is safe!
Tachikawa took down the bomber types!


Yuuma: Tachikawa?
That guy who's Jin's rival? [TN: I have no idea what kogetsu means]
Osamu: He's an A-class rank 1!

Yuuma: He took out an Ilgar in self-destruct mode?
With a regular Trigger on top of that...

Osamu: If even you say so, he must be.
Yuuma: Cause Ilgar are really strong in self-destruct mode.

Yuuma: Dragging them down like we did before is much easier.

text Kitora: 'dragging it down, like before'...?
The one who saved me that time...


Shinoda: Arashiyama unit,
my apologies for the communication disturbance.
I suppose you took the new model down?

Netsuki: As expected,
you're the vanguard to destroy the new types.

Arashiyama: Actually...

Arashiyama: when we arrived at the scene
Mikumo and Kuga of the Tamakoma branch were engaged in combat with it.
The new type had already been heavily damaged, we only dealt the finishing blow.

Kinuta: Tamakoma?!
Is it that black trigger?

Shinoda: I see...
So the 'humanoid neighbour' they talked about was Yuuma?


Osamu: General Mangaer Shinoda!

Osamu: Mikumo of the Tamakoma branch speaking!
Please let us go support the C-class unit members!

Shinoda: The C-class...?
Osamu: I heard that the deployment to areas where evacuation is going well has been postponed.

Osamu: But that's where
our team mates are right now!

Shinoda: Is that so...
Alright, understood.
The Tamakoma branch can move independently...

Kido: Wait.


Kido: Only Mikumo will go support the C-class units.
I'll have Kuga stay behind.

Kido: In case Kuga fights using the black Trigger,
They might mistake him for an enemy, like Chano did,
risking to cause an uproar under both Border members and civilians.

Kido: I cannot allow you to go to the civilian area.
Kuga will follow the Arashiyama unit
and eliminate Trion soldiers in the danger zone.


Shinoda: But in that case...
Kido: The black Trigger is a valuable asset in the fight against the new models.
We cannot waste it here.

Kido: I will allow you to use your black Trigger at will in an emergency situation.

Kido: However you will follow our orders.

Yuuma: Can I go with Osamu if I don't use my black Trigger?

Kido: That's a moot request.
If the situation asks for it, you will use it.
That's the kind of person you are.

Kido: You resemble your father.


text (osamu): Kuga can't come along...
then I'll be on my own...?!

Sawamura: Two more new Trion Soldiers have appeared!

Sawamura: A swarm of Trion Soldiers is getting out!
In the southern area they have broken out of the danger zone!

??: Have the B-class members not yet met up?
There's a limit to how long we can hold them up with traps!

text (osamu): There might be new models in the swarm...
Can I stop them by myself...?


Yuuma: Go,

Yuuma: We said we'd help Chika if she were in danger.

Osamu: Got it...

text: That's true.

text (osamu): I know what it is that I have to do
there's no time to be afraid.

Kitora: Arashiyama-senpai.


Kitora: Please let me go with Mikumo.

Kitora: I am
indebted to these two people.

Osamu: Kitora...!

Arashiyama: Alright.
Protect the town's people for us as well!

Arashiyama: You don't mind, do you?
General Manager Shinoda.


Shinoda: No problem.
I'll leave it to your judgement.

Arashiyama: Alright,
Chano unit, go meet up with the B-class units.
Chano: Roger!

Arashiyama: We'll eliminate the Trion Soldiers within the danger zone,
prioritising to target the new models.
Yuuma/Tokieda: Roger!

Arashiyama: Kitora and Mikumo will protect the C-class units.
Kitora/Osamu: Roger!


Netsuki: It's reassuring that Kitora is joining the civilian defence.
Kinuta: Having the black Trigger as ally is also promising.

text (shinoda): The enemy could have delivered a huge blow to the base with one more push...
Why was there no follow-up?
Did they simply run out of Bomber types?

text (shinoda): They didn't release many new models either
I can't find their true purpose yet...

Enedora: Why didn't we deliver the final blow?
They would have fallen with two or three more hits!


Hayrein: Needlessly driving them into a corner won't bring us any good.
Don't you even understand this much?

Enedora: I don't follow puny logic.
Killing the enemy when you can is good enough.

Hayrein: The goal of our bombing was to reveal the enemy's strength and confuse them.
Our true purpose
is not to occupy and control Miden.

text: What is their final goal?!

Chapter 48 end - Next issue: What's the goal of Aftokrator? What will Osamu face when heads for Chika?

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#1. by DinoTaur ()
Posted on Feb 16, 2014
Kogetsu means "fox moon", but you should stick with Kogetsu.

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