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World Trigger 48

Large-Scale Invasion ⑤

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Feb 10, 2014 17:11 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 48

World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

Reserved for PowerManga

World Trigger - [Chapter 48 : Large-Scale Invasion ⑤]

Insert : Border Headquarters, under attack!!
Kyouko : Bombing Trion Soldiers in approach!!

Kinuta : Shoot them down with all the available batteries!!

[World Trigger]

Kyouko : One down!!
One more still incoming!!

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Shinoda : Brace for impact!!

Insert Text : Disturbing explosion fumes illuminate Mikado!!
Chapter Title : Chapter 48 - Large-Scale Invasion ⑤
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Previous work “Kashikoi Inu Rilienthal” all 4 volumes are having an additional printing!!

Author : Ashihara Daisuke

Chano : Did it got…
The Base…?!

Arashiyama : …No.

Kinuta : Looks like investing our efforts in Trion Armored Enhancement was the right choice,
After what happened with the outer wall being broken through back then and all.

Kyouko : Second wave incoming!!
Three Ilgars!!

Shinoda : How many more hits can the armor endure?!
Kinuta : It should be able to withstand one more explosion!

Shinoda : All general staff is to take refuge in the shelter room!
Fill the counterattack batteries to the brim with Trion!!

Shinoda : Focus on bombarding!
Even one only is fine,
Just make sure to shoot it down!!

Netsuki : No… One only is…

Kyouko : Confirmed, one shot down!!
Two left!!

Kinuta : General Manager Shinoda!!
Two explosions won’t cut it!!

Shinoda : No problem.
There is only one left.

Kinuta : Tachikawa!!
Netsuki : Oooh!!

Kyouko : The other one will hit us directly!!
Place brace yourselves for impact!!

Shinoda : Any damages?!

Kyouko : None at present!
Shinoda : Great… Repair the outer wall at once
Staying on alert for the next wave.

Shinoda : Kei!

Shinoda : Your opponents are the new models,
Just focus on taking down as much as you can.
Tachikawa : Copy that, sir.

Tachikawa : Guess I gotta dispose of them quickly so I can continue my lunch.

Arashiyama : The Base if alright!
Tachikawa brought down a Bombing Trion Soldier!

Yuuma : Tachikawa…?
The person that uses the Kogetsu and was Jin’s rival, right?
Osamu : From the A-Class Rank 1Unit…!

Yuuma : So he managed to bring down a self-destructing Ilgar?
And with an ordinary trigger to boot…

Osamu : If even you say that then he really must be awesome, right Kuga?
Yuuma : Yep. You know, the self-destruct mode is kind of a pain to deal with.
Still, bringing them down like I did before might be much easier.

Kitora thinking : “Bringing them down”
“Like I did before”…?!
That means…
He was the one who saved me back then…!
Kitora cameo : Had it kept going, it would have definitely fallen on the city.
I was saved by someone…? The A-Class that I am was…

Shinoda : Arashiyama’s Unit,
Sorry about the comms lapping into chaos.
I assume you brought down the new models?

Netsuki : As expected of Arashiyama’s Unit.
You sure are the first to arrive to suppress the new models.

Arashiyama : No.

Arashiyama : When we arrived,
Kuga and Osamu, two members of Tamakoma’s had already begun hostilities.
My unit only took the new model out seeing it had already received considerable damage.

Kinuta : Tamakoma…!
So it was the Black Trigger then!

Shinoda : I understand now…
So the comment about a “Humanoid Neighbor” must have referred to Yuuma then?

Osamu : General Manager Shinoda!

Osamu : Tamakoma Branch, Mikumo speaking!
Please let us head go to protect the C-Class members!

Shinoda : The C-Class members…?
Osamu : I heard that the Self-Defense would only turn up later for the sectors where the evacuation is progressing!

Osamu : Our teammate
Is currently in one of these sectors!

Shinoda : …! Is that so…?
…Alright, got it.
You Tamakoma members will be allowed to take a different course of action…

Kido : Wait.

Kido : Only member Mikumo will be going to the protection of the C-Class members.
Member Kuga is to stay here.

Osamu : Eh…?!

Kido : If Member Kuga fight with the Black Trigger
Then, there is great riskiness in this causing mayhem among the other members and the citizens
Cameo Chano : I knew it, this guy ain’t from Border!!
He’s a Humanoid Neighbor!!
Headquarters!! Chano’s Unit speaking!! [partially hidden]
We’re currently fighting a Humanoid Neighbor!! [almost completely hidden]
Kido : Much like what happened when Chano’s Unit mistook him for a hostile Neighbor.

Kido : As such, I cannot allow him to go in the town areas.
Member Kuga is to move together with Arashiyama’s Unit
And eliminate the Trion Soldiers in the Danger Zone

Shinoda : However, with this…
Kido : The Black Trigger is a valuable asset to us as it can oppose the new models.
We don’t the luxury to allow him to play around.

Kido : I shall exceptionally permit you arbitrary use of the Black Trigger because this is a time of crisis,

Kido : However, you’ll have to obey my commands.

Yuuma : So I could accompany Osamu if I don’t use the Black Trigger, is that it?

Kido : This is but a meaningless assumption.
If the situation asks for it, I know you’ll definitely use the Black Trigger.
That’s the type of person you are.

Kido : You really resemble your father.

Osamu thinking : Kuga can’t come with me…
Then that means I’ll have to go by myself…?!

Kyouko : Appearance of two new models Trion Soldiers!

Kyouko : Swarm of Trion Soldiers invading!
Break through the Danger Line of one part of the Trion Soldiers in the South!

Kinuta : Haven’t the B-Class Member combined forces yet?!
We won’t be able to stop their advance infinitely!

Osamu thinking : It’s possible there are new models in that group of Trion Soldiers…
Can I really stop them using my own power…?!

Yuuma : Go,

Yuuma : I told Chika “one of us will definitely come to your help if you’re in danger”,
I’m leaving it to you.

Osamu : …Got it!

Osamu thinking : …That’s right,

Osamu thinking : I know what it is that I have to do.
It ain’t the time for me to be shitting my pants.

Kitora : Arashiyama.

Kitora : Please let me accompany Mikumo.

Kitora : I am
Indebted to the two of them.

Osamu : Kitora…!

Arashiyama : Got it,
Protect the citizens for us too.

Arashiyama : It doesn’t bother you right?
General Manager Shinoda.

Shinoda : No problems.
I’ll leave it up to your judgement.

Arashiyama : Alright,
Chano’s Unit, you are to join the B-Class Units combined forces.
Chano : Roger!

Arashiyama : As for us, we’ll eliminate the Trion Soldiers inside the Danger Zone.
We’ll primarily focus on the new models.

Yuuma / Tokieda : Roger!

Arashiyama : Kitora and Osamu will protect the C-Class Units.

Kitora / Osamu : Roger!!

Netsuki : It’s quite reassuring knowing Kitora will guard the town areas.
Kinuta : Making the Black Trigger into our ally is quite promising too.

Shinoda thinking : I thought for the enemy would try once more to deal an heavy blow to the Base…
So why aren’t they pursuing this plan?
Have the attacks used up all their Bombing Trion Soldiers?

Shinoda thinking : They’ve even released new models in sporadic numbers.
I still can’t perceive the enemy’s true objective…

Enedora : Why ain’t we dealin’ ‘em the final blow?!
2, 3 explosions more and that Base would have been a goner!

??? : Pointlessly driving the enemy into a corner would make us go through a bitter experience.
Don’t you even understand that much?

Enedora : Like I give a rat’s ass about some small fry’s theory.
Killing the enemy when we can is fine enough, ain’t it?

Hairein : Attacking with explosions was only to confuse the enemy and uncover its assets.
Our objective isn’t either
To capture nor to control Miden.
Left Insert : What is their aim?!
World Trigger …Chapter 48 / End.
Next issue, what is Aftkratol objective…?! What will Osamu’s encounter when heading to where Chika is?!

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